Florida Academy Bucks the Education Trend
Jiu Jitsu's Craig Jones Taps Out After Covid Jab

Simple And True


Thank you the National Autism Association for a simple, powerful message. As the nation takes a hard look at both policing and policy, we must never forget that people on the spectrum, particularly adults males, are at risk of danger because of their diagnosis.   Please copy and share.  Thank you.



Sorry tight....loose...big problem when he complained! Yes,,I didn't understand!


Well, shit, my son thought inside meant outside....so there you go!! in...out shoe is tight ....loose


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Weekly News Update [Week 17 2021]
Date 28 April 2021
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About the response to police -- even from NT types -- the explanation in the Malcolm Gladwell book "Blink" is useful.

He didn't do the research, but explains it. Basically when someone is frightened or otherwise suddenly high-adrenaline, their field of vision narrows, their hearing is pretty much shut off, and . . . (forgot the rest).

What it means is, an officer saying, "Put your hands up" or "Lie down on the ground" (or whatever -- may not get cooperation from NT, non-criminal, law-abiding, non-autistic folks. Because suddenly they have become very similar to those with autism? Sounds like it.


Bristol man with autism shot by police with stun gun /police
Article 31 Jan 2018.

Have the police had their fast-track-training- module on how to professionally deal with this type of situation yet ? because if not, their training deficiency is equivalent to throwing a bucket of water onto a chip pan fire !.


Watch the latest High Wire. The three Covid vaccine injured nurses' stories are gripping. They now have no job and no medical coverage for injuries. They now sound just like parents of autistic children.

Still with Trump

Did not seem to be any Wednesday night Presidential comments for the care of the 2+ million Autistic children in the American pipeline.

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