Photos From India Covid Deaths Match Footage from 2020 Gas Catastrophe
CT Votes to End Religious Exemption

Russia's Sputnik V On Twitter: I Must Break You

73EA6701-48FE-4007-9C82-27A1A8B8E626Russia's Covid vaccine called Sputnik V has its own Twitter page. Verified, no less. And it's trash talking the competition like Drago to Rocky, calling itself the safest and pointing out the injuries with other vaccines. I guess it's OK for Twitter, an American company, to allow a Russian vaccine to call out the American pharma products, but not Americans themselves. We're now following Sputnik V on Twitter, and had to respond to its Tweet claiming safety superiority. It's like the Pepsi Challenge meets Russian Roulette.

Meanwhile, today, in the HQ state of Age of Autism, Connecticut, 8000+ children face expulsion from school as the Religious Exemption is likely to be removed, despite a rally today with.... many of the folks who've been booted from the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Please send good thoughts to everyone speaking, rallying and telling legislators that our children, our healthy, beautiful kids, have every right to attend school.

Rally 4 27



Did Sicknick have his Covid vaccines?

Seems pretty young and fit to up and have two strokes

Laura Hayes

Another act of courageous heroism:



Article includes photo of crowd.

Senate Debates Religious Vaccine Exemption Bill Amid Protest

"State Capitol police said about 2,000 to 3,000 protesters gathered Tuesday outside for the Senate session — the second large-scale protest this session against efforts to end the exemption.

Many opponents argue the bill is unnecessary, discriminatory and an infringement on their religious liberties and parental rights.

At times during the Senate debate, shouts and chants from the crowd could be heard inside the marble and granite Capitol building, which is closed to the public because of COVID-19 safety protocols."

I continue to pray that the Governor will back down. It would be a supernatural event.....

Laura Hayes

Although not related to this post, I want to share this inspiring video with AoA readers. This man is a courageous hero:

Bob Moffit

At our advanced ages and physical liabilities … my wife and I will be with you in SPIRIT wishing we could be there in person … God bless all who attend and may the FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL.

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