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revitaPOP B12 Lollipops Closing Their Business

RevitaPOP_grid_6My goodness, how time flies. How many AofA readers remember the launch of the B12 revitaPOP at Autism One? They have announced the end of their road, and are closing out their remaining inventory. The pops gave a terrific "ping" of focus and energy and tasted great. In 2021, we are so separate from one another, the biomed community that thrived and supported each other closely has been replaced by Facebook's tenuous connections. The old Yahoo groups are gone. The very "thing" joined us as a family because of the harm it caused is now the savior of the world. It's a sharp kick in the gut. The old timers are now... fossils, this dinosaur included, who is revitaPOOPED out.


After 14 Years It's time to wrap up revitaPOP. The current inventory is expiring and will not be refreshed. All product has been tested and is still meeting full standards of new product. This is our final sale until the inventory is gone. 34.99 for each set of 3 bags. (3 for the price of 1) Please feel free to stock up and use them as long as you'd like.
We are so grateful for have served this amazing community. We thank all of our customers, all of you for the many years of support, all of your thank you notes and pictures. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love you.


Carolyn Barolyn

These were awesome. This is sad to hear.


Hopefully, another company like Zollipops will make wonderful B12 + Vitamin D pops.

They already make kid-friendly, natural, sugarless pops. Just contact them about “we want Zollipops to make B12 pops!”

Really sad, but Zollipops might provide hope.


Very sorry to hear this.

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