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Your Match Might Want You Vaxxed More than Waxed

Reports of Covid Jab Interrupting and Worsening Menstrual Cycles

StopThe article below is horrifying. Women like my three daughters will never have children, because of their severe autism. But they still have fully functional reproductive systems, and I'm not inclined to give them a potential lifetime of problems.  They have enough on their plates. Piled high. I'm sure the New York Times, Washington Post and other US daily rags (pun fully intended) will follow up to protect American women.


Women say they are having heavier and more painful PERIODS since getting their COVID-19 vaccines - as several claim it has also messed up their monthly cycle

  • Dr. Kate Clancy, a University of Illinois associate professor, said that she'd heard people had experienced changes in their menstruation since getting vaccinated
  • Her tweet prompted other women to share changes to their own periods
  • Several reported that they were bleeding more heavily and for longer than they had before getting the vaccine 
  • A few said they began menstruating in the middle of their cycles, days or weeks before they were supposed to
  • Experts aren't sure why some women might see changes to their periods, and so far there is not enough data to know whether it is connected to the vaccine
  • A small study this year found that some participants saw changes to their menstruation after contracting the virus 

By Carly Stern For

Several women say they have experienced heavier and more painful periods since getting the COVID-19 vaccine, with several also revealing that they have had breakthrough bleeding in the middle of a cycle after getting the shot.

Dr. Kate Clancy, an associate professor at the University of Illinois, tweeted in February that she'd been hearing talk of people who had experienced changes in their menstruation since getting one or two vaccine shots.

Her Twitter thread has prompted more women to share their menstrual concerns on Twitter, revealing their heavy flow, worsened cramps, and irregular timing — with one saying she spent 16 days bleeding after getting the Johnson & Johnson shot.  Read more including the COMMENTS here.



Thank you Anity , no it's just another example of Regulators failing the public apparently they knew there was problems with Vioxx appearing in 2001, but not removed from circulation till Sept 2004 ?
With one year life expectancy predicted ,she managed to keep plodding on after 2 strokes one severe and an extension of a stroke in 2010 till 2013 ,Self determination will take you the full distance as and when required!
see https/
Lockdown Sceptics -Stay Sceptical , Control the Hysteria
Article- Pregnant Women Should be offered Covid Vaccine New Government Advice Says
18/4/2021 "Totally Bonkers!"

Anity Donnelly

Morag, so sad about your Mom and Vioxx.

This is getting insane.

We are all Cassandras.

But at least the trauma we have experienced for decades is now obvious:

Deep down, people know vaccines cause harm. But they think it's okay, they are okay sacrificing YOUR sweet boy in Ohio if they think it will make THEIR sweet anyone safer. But they can't admit to that selfishness , so they will turn into a pretzel rather than admit it. And the only way to do that is the way that a defense lawyer works. They try to villainaize the victim.

Prominent Employer kills 24 year old college student and mother
Woman dead, crazy family thinks it's from a murder but the bullet from Prominent Employer's gun hit her AFTER she happened to die of a heart attack

Which one is going to help the guy get off? No one wants Prominent Employer to go to jail, that might affect their pay check. Much easier to think that the crazy family made it up.


Anita Donnelly,
I am sorry for your loss.

The number of vaxxed falls is an extremely serious signal.


After we knew hip replacement cancelled we went to see GP family dr about pain management.
Sensitive conversation , excellent Dr Amin gave me a look and a glare that could have happily knocked me into the middle of next week , "Has Vioxx affected her heart , yes he replied ,don't you even think about going anywhere near it as he eye pointed towards Donalda, you have got this to think about now," My heart sank into my boots right there and then .
Walking back to the car mum said "What on earth was that all about, he was being very serious with you, does he think Vioxx has affected my heart ? yes mum he thinks it has"
We drove home in a big long ackward silence to let that sink in !
Vioxx Ma Ha
Calum Kennedy My Mother YouTube

Anita Donnelly

Happy to see a legal team taking on AL Adjuvants.

Is it possible AL is in these shots but not disclosed?

Anita Donnelly

OOPS I mean I didn't hear about the clots until they admitted the clots might be related to the J&J vaccine., Then they suddnely realized COVID can cause clots.

Anita Donnelly

Here is what will happen:

They will attribute all vaccine side effects to COVID itself. Even on my Mom's Vaers report, she had tested postive for Covid and the nursting home told us she was negative prior to the shot. But the VAERS report does not mention that. So for all we know she is counted as a COVID death. Even though her death was 8 days after the shot. (She was 87 and fell 4 times after 2nd Pfizer. But of course she died of natural causes, more than likely. Right.)

They are already laying the groundwork for this with the idea of clots being caused by COVID itself. Perhaps it was out there, but I didn't hear this until they admitted the vaccines "might" be realted to COVID.


Here’s the thing, I am not going to allow my daughter to be injected with an HPV vaccine, until Peter Hotez tells us what Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxy Sulfate is. I’m not going to allow my daughter to be injected with a COVID vaccine until I see Fauci, & Hotez’s, Children’s injected with the same


Has there also been reports of post- menopausal women experiencing breakthrough bleeding?
As this should be considered as abnormal surely?

https/assets,publishing [PDF]
Covid-19 Vaccine Astra Zenica analysis Print -Gov.Uk

Just an example, as other Covid -19 Vaccines available ?

Just a thought My darling mum had palpatations with Vioxx summer 2004 full investigations completed , all fine ,fit as a clydesdale horse with an oblitereted hip cartilage Vioxx withdrawn sept 2004 too late for her , aortic stenosis 88hbmg? by January 2005 . Hip replacement cancelled permanently!
How can we help our regulators make better choices and decisions for relative risk versus actual risk !

Christina Waldman

Some articles:

Doctors Including Former Pfizer Respiratory VP & Chief Scientific Advisor File Petition Covid Vaccine Could Be Linked to Infertility, Dec. 6, 2020,

"To further reassure the public and increase vaccine acceptance, Ramasamy is studying the impact of coronavirus vaccines on male fertility and expects to have results soon." (unbiased?) March 3, 2021, What about a study of females?

To find evidence, you have to look for it. Pfizer says "no data" and "highly unlikely" the vaccine could cause infertility. "The Facts ...," Pfizer, Jan. 6, 2021,

In more detail: Katherine Ellen Foley, "What page 132 of the Pfizer vaccine report actually says about infertility," Quartz, Dec. 29, 2020,


Ohhh, so it is messing with hypothalamus and thus the thyroid like every other crappy vaccine.

Bob Moffit

"Experts aren't sure why some women might see changes to their periods, and so far there is not enough data to know whether it is connected to the vaccine"

So … women will continue to be EXPERIMENTED on until there is enough DATA (damaged women)) to know whether it is connected to the vaccine? Does this not sound like THOLIDEOMIDE?

Great news from Phifzer .. probably a THIRD shot will be required .. with ANNUAL shots thereafter.

Is this a great country or what???

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