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Police Abuse of Teen With Autism Caught On Camera

WeepCandid camera is the way of the world now, and you'd think people would think before they act like barbarians. Especially police officers in this day and age. Our adults males with autism face grave danger with every police interaction. Non-compliance is not always disrepect or a harbinger of dangerous behavior. Often it is AUTISM.

From CBS News:

Doorbell video captures police officer punching and throwing teen with autism to the ground

By Li Cohen

April 25, 2021 / 7:38 AM / CBS News

A Ring doorbell captured footage of a police officer in Vacaville, California, throwing a 17-year-old to the ground and punching him in the face on Wednesday, according to the teen's father. The teen's father posted the now viral video of the incident on Facebook, saying that his son, Preston, has autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and that "he looks and acts younger than he is."

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon, Adam Wolf wrote on Facebook, when Preston was "aggressively approached" by a Vacaville police officer.

The video shows Preston standing with his scooter on a sidewalk in a suburban neighborhood when a police officer exits his vehicle and approaches him while aggressively yelling at him to sit down. Preston complies and sits down with his legs crossed. The officer then appears to yell at the teenager to put his legs out, and when he does not immediately do so, the officer picks up his scooter and throws several feet away.


Bob Moffit

@ benedetta

Saw that same "break my heart" video segment of the man's "meltdown" … I agree .. the individual who posted that incident was most likely the CAUSE of it and his name should be known to all


That police officer is an abusive monster! He must be sued and convicted of a vicious attack on a person with a developmental disability. Has it come to the point where our children and adults have to wear a sign, saying they have autism to prove their condition and helplessness against these horrible attacks? I hope the family pursues this to the full extent of the law!


What prompted the officer being called in the first place?
If this young man was a "normie' with the same behavior, was the officer following protocol?
If he is autistic, the victim's behavior is understandable. Throw into this toxic mix a Democrat led "defund the police" agenda. Miscommunication can be deadly. I hope something good will come of this.



A few days ago, on Tucker Carlson - I half way watch all of TV. so please help me out.

A man was harassing some guy sitting at a computer. and the man has a meltdown. He slaps himself, bangs his head into the computer, jumps up and runs away, crying and saying "You ruined my day!"

Who was the man doing the video --

That man was one of ours; and I can't get it off my mind.
That one broke my heart too.


So now every child or young adult needs to wear a tag to alert the police he/she is autistic?
What if she/he is deaf or has a speech processing disorder?
How about a Star of David?
We are paying for those thugs to abuse, injure or even kill our children?
The department must be sued, and so called "officer" convicted!
They are called "peace officers", they must be trained to de-escalate, not to "be macho"

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