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Russia's Sputnik V On Twitter: I Must Break You

Photos From India Covid Deaths Match Footage from 2020 Gas Catastrophe

India Covid death purple

Recycling is an important way to save the planet.  Gaslight casts such a warm glow even middle aged women feel youthful.

Advocate with the initial EI noticed yesterday that the photos of the COVID deaths in the New York Post in India NY Post COVID Swallowing India  seemed to match the footage from the gas explosion in India a year ago. Take a look. 

India gas leak purple

Same clothing on the victims. An innocent mis-usage of video in the never ending hurry to get a story to "press?" Or gaslighting in the extreme to fuel fear and compliance. The extreme right often claims that our US mass shootings use "crisis actors" to play the victims.  Here we might have a real crisis victims being used as actors. 

Sky news May 2020 Gas leak -




Nurse from the VA says that her second Pfizer about did in. Really tired for three weeks - could have easily missed work and should have; she said.
Never again will she take another one. She will quit first.

I hope you are taking care of yourself.
I hope you are Looking at diets, Considering them all; and get on one for your MS.
Bulletproof diet after I read the whole book -is working great for us. It was published some time back and so it is an older book so things have changed like eating cheese is now a good thing; it is a super food..

LOL it is a good thing cause years ago I decided we are not giving up cheese. -Auspry the author of Bulletproof diet is not right about everything, but he has some great ideas on how to be lightly into Ketosis . That seems to be the key to healing brains. I think we can do this for life.


More on bleeding and Covid 19 vaccines:

Significantly more mild bleeding episodes with AstraZeneca vaccine than mRNA vaccines

"Grødeland believes this calls for a cautious approach to using adenoviral vectors in vaccines.
"I don't know where it comes from, but somehow there is a misconception out there that this is a well-known tried and tested technology. But that is wrong," she says.
The format is used in the Ebola vaccine, which has been considered a success. But other than that, this is not a conventional method, the researcher explains."
Ebola is a filovirus.

EU reviews J&J clot link, widens AstraZeneca probe


This is the research paper referenced by Greatgameindia:

"Filovirus-reactive antibodies in humans and bats in Northeast India imply zoonotic spillover"

For some reason, the symptoms described by those who recently claim to have had a bad reaction to the Covid vaccine sound like the symptoms of a filovirus:

"....producing considerable insight as to just how the filoviruses result in haemorrhage and shock. The importance of widespread injury to small blood vessels and capillaries in all organs has become clear from sequential studies (Baskerville et al., 1985). The endothelial necrosis accompanying virus replication leads to the separation of junctions between epithelial cells and detachment from basement membranes. In turn, these focal lesions result in haemorrhage and oedema. Defective platelet aggregation precedes a fall in the platelet count. .....The end result is a generalised loss of epithelial integrity leading to the rapid onset of haemorrhage and shock."



We bought millions of AZ vaccines last fall, but they weren’t authorized for use here until such authorization was given. It was just given, but not many Americans want to take it when Pfizer and Moderna are widely available and better vaccines. So we’re donating millions of what we bought to Canada and Mexico and now India. I think that’s all right. It’s a fine vaccine, just not as good as the mRNA products. Both AZ and JnJ share the blood clotting/thrombocytopenia problem in extremely rare cases, but apparently the mRNA products sometimes have it too. We’ll see, but I doubt it will be taken up much in the US. I’d like to know if Sputnik V has this problem too, it’s also an adenovirus-vectored vaccine. And I’d like to know what’s happening with Novavax. We know someone here who volunteered for the Novavax trials here. I have a feeling that Pfizer is so clearly the most effective and nearly always safe, that it may end up being the only one used in First World countries. For a while they were saying that Moderna was much more reactive, but now they’re saying that more severe reactions occur after Pfizer. Again, we’ll have to wait and see.


Let's not forget the AstraZeneca / J&J mixup at the Baltimore vaccine plant:

"The Times and The Washington Post reported that the issue was a mix-up between the coronavirus vaccine material that Emergent is producing for Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

"The two vaccines use the same technology employing a harmless version of a virus — known as a vector — that is transmitted into cells to make a protein that then stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies. But Johnson and Johnson's and AstraZeneca's vectors are biologically different and not interchangeable," The Times reported. "In late February, one or more workers somehow confused the two during the production process, raising questions about training and supervision." "


After Baltimore plant’s mix-up ruined millions of COVID vaccine doses, U.S. puts Johnson & Johnson in charge of facility

"The mix-up and the administration’s move to put Johnson & Johnson in charge is a significant setback for Emergent, a Maryland biotech company that has built a profitable business by teaming up with the federal government, primarily by selling its anthrax vaccines to the Strategic National Stockpile."

"Emergent’s Baltimore facility is one of two facilities that were built with taxpayer support and are federally designated as “Centers for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing.” Last June, the government paid Emergent $628 million to reserve space there as part of Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s fast-track initiative to develop coronavirus vaccines.

Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca both contracted with Emergent to use the space."


American CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Officers To Be Deployed In India For COVID-19 Surveillance

I guess when they want REAL data, they send in the EIS. No transparency with that group....


Interesting that Emma says there was an election in Bengal and just a few days before there are spikes in covid.

Susan Welch's article is - WOW!

Then these fake pictures besides.
I cannot help that this was a misunderstanding at Sandy Hook - in this India case it seems to be all pitifully true.

I saw them shipping out some AstraZeneca vaccines from the USA to India on the news last night. I did not know we had AstraZeneca vaccines? I thought they were going to say the Johnson and Johnson vaccines, but the didn't

Meanwhile back home all of Congress did not turn out to hear Biden speak because of social distancing. The few Congressmen that did show up; and the one, and only SCOTUS judge Roberts ALL wearing mask even though ALL there were fully vaccinated.

On top of that Biden goes down to speak in Georgia, and he gets frantic hunting for his mask.

Some one should tell him that is its the same as wearing two swim suits to keep all that urine pee off of him like was plenty in the public pool that he use to life guard at in his youth.

But they know some things that we don't I think.

I fear.

I now know of an actual person living here in my little part of the world.
An elderly (but how elderly I don't know) got covid. Got covid, then got better, and got a vaccine.
Some one brought covid back again to her, she caught it again and this time died from it.

Okay that sounds like immune enhancement like the minks and the little children that HHS killed back in the 50s to me.


MIDI should have cancelled the millions-strong gathering for the Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela. The British government years ago cancelled it several times because of epidemics. I’ve seen several videos showing hundreds of men crowded together in and next to the Ganges. India had declared the epidemic over too soon, assuming the variants wouldn’t be a big problem, and this is the result. India developed several Covid vaccines independently, but sold millions of them abroad before even a tiny fraction of their own people had been vaxxed. They stopped doing that over a month ago when this current explosion started.

I think the fault lies with both the government and the people for relaxing the measures too soon. Now we just have to supply them with as much oxygen as is needed until the pandemic ends.


I wonder how the Lady Lynn Joyful Home for Children orphanage is managing in Tamil Nadu, India?
Her husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, gave her the orphanage (through his ERANDA Foundation) for her 50th birthday. https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/sir-evelyn-de-rothschild-with-lady-lynn-forester-de-news-photo/90519609 I would think they could donate quite a few tanks of oxygen.

They aren't out of oxygen yet, but they are out of vaccines...

Won't start vaccination for 18+ from today, don't have vaccines: Tamil Nadu

"The Tamil Nadu government said due to shortage of vaccines, it won't be able to start Covid-19 vaccination drive for people in the age group of 18-45 years."

"The health secretary said there is a steady increase in the consumption of medical oxygen in the state.

"Compared to the daily consumption of 250 metric tonnes 10 days ago, the daily consumption has risen to 380 metric tonnes. The state's production is only 400 metric tonnes. We are critically watching the consumption. "

"When West Bengal went for the first of the eight-phase assembly elections on March 27, the seven-day average of daily cases was modest. At that rate, it would have taken 778 days to double the number of cases in the state.

From all indications, the virus seemed benign in West Bengal then.

But the situation changed dramatically a month and two days later. On April 29, to be precise, when the state had its eighth and final phase of elections, infections spread ferociously."

susan welch

Another report from India.

At appears all is not as reported by the BBC


I am very sorry for all who are dying in India, whatever the cause.
This follows something we also saw in Israel; a huge increase in deaths from "covid" in the first month or so after large portions of the population had been vaccinated/
Per this article,
127 million Indian people had been vaccinated with at least one shot in April. That is close to half the population of India. If India follows the same pattern as Israel in a month or so, these "covid" deaths will stop almost completely. I don't know why this phenomena is happening; whether vaccinated people are dying of clots and calling it covid, whether coupled with poor nutrition and poor health the vaccine is causing immune enhancement, or whether vaccinated people are having fewer symptoms and spreading it to the unvaccinated, but large increases in deaths following vaccination rollouts happened in January in Israel as well.


Stunning BBC report from yesterday of this terrible crisis in India. Dozens of people shown suffocating and dying just these past few days.



I just got this from Breathe India. Only give days after the launch of this project to provide oxygen concentrators for the tens of thousands in need of them in Delhi, but they will be expanding beyond Delhi and will be buying and providing other types of equipment. It makes me proud to be a member of the generous international community.



I just donated to Khalsa (a Sikh group) and Breathe India. I looked for organizations supplying oxygen concentrators and tanks for the use of people dying of Covid for lack of oxygen but unable to find a hospital which will admit them, being completely overwhelmed. Nearly every nation in the world is sending India many kinds of desperately-needed supplies. I assume that they will be supplying hospitals for the most part and wanted to help the millions dying at home or in the street. I heard a woman sobbing yesterday, begging Please, please help me! My father is dying, my younger brother died yesterday! Please let me have oxygen for my father!

Food is also much-needed, but my heart said to help give them oxygen first. It breaks my heart to see the many photos and videos of people in rickshaws, their head on a relative’s lap, struggling to take another breath. The thousands of makeshift funeral pyres in parking lots. I looked on the Internet for trustworthy agencies engaged in this battle to reduce suffering and save lives. There are many such lists and they are easy to find.


@Bob Moffit, Im so happy to see that some people , such as you, can imagine that what is shown is not the full story. I am in close touch with some people in a village in north India. In this village, as in so many others, there was no one sick throughout the past about a year and a half. No one sick with covid and no one sick with anything else also- that was the story told to myself and my friend as we enquired from so many people from villages in north India. Hmm, strange, Wasnt this supposed to be a very contagious disease ? Nevertheless the villagers got locked down- whole families with no electricity in a small room - unable to care property for their cows and their crops that they depend on for LIFE ! When they werent locked down, they sometimes thought corona was funny and made up songs and danced to those songs about corona. Some of them worried about their relatives in the city- if what they saw on tv was true. but they were reassured by their relatives in big cities, that no one was sick in their neighbourhoods
So now fast forward to the present. Near my home a man of about 40 was given a vaccine, immediately became sick and died three days later. In a village in north India, the village head refused vaccines for his village because his own nephew, employed elsewhere in India, died after the vaccine He and his male family members were taken off to "custody" ( might that be a jail?)
It is to be remembered that about two years back people of that village were told that if their cows were given a certain new vaccine, they would be safe from a disease. The cows that were given the vaccine all died. So, lets imagine that we are Indian villagers with this kind of experience with vaccines, and having no sign of corona for the duration of the world "pandemic" -would YOU want to take a Covid vaccine
and at last , finally a real epidemic has come to visit our north Indian village,as reported by one villager- Lots of people are falling sick, but they have a fever for two to four days and then they get well. Is that covid 19. I dont know Maybe it is. Are people dying in other places? Probably they are. Is it Covid 19 or is it wrong treatment or is it a downstream effect of radiation from towers. I dont know but I wish that someone would do careful case studies and give us some answers - REAL answers- not tv and newspaper answers Anonymous


Ethel Angry,

There is an agenda of the UN world government to ban guns, it is to make it harder for people to fight back against their plans of total control.
Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t like guns and keep clear of them, but the UN have a different reason for not wanting us armed.
It is important to question any event which the mainstream media pushes, the world is a stage. Anyone who knows what is going on with vaccines should also find it easier to accept that there may be other big lies, such as 9/11, and I would certain recommend people watch the investigative documentary ‘We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook’ as it raises important questions which we should not be too scared to ask.

False Scientists

The only good thing being the increasing number of people who see through this kind of gaslighting. I hear lots of context being injected in comments about the India situation. In Quebec there has been a death attributed to the AZ vaccine.

Ethel Angry

This looks like a credible accusation that footage was reused.

However the stories denying what happened to the children in sandy hook to protect the NRA were exactly like the stories denying the vaccine injury that happened to our children to protect Pharma. Both pretending shots didn’t happen and babies didn’t get hurt, some forever.

And I also feel a solidarity with victims of police violence. Yes most police are wonderful to most of us. But certain police have been harming a subset of Americans for decades just like vaccines harm a subset of Americans. And COVID vastly harms a subset of Americans.
Not all. Some get barely fazed
We need to start caring about EVERYONE whether we are part of that vulnerable minority or not. The greater good can include protecting the vulnerable. I believe that is a goal of true science; science not encumbered by profits or PR goals. This isn’t a numbers game it is actual lives.
If we had the attitude about cars and disease that we have toward vaccines there would be no air bags, no antibiotics. People hurt in an accident or medication reaction would be left to die and we would pretend it was a coincidence. We would say “oh well it didn’t happen to me” and shrug as if the choices were black and white: car or no car, can tolerate penicillin or can die. No way to make things better no middle ground. Calling for car safety would be anticar, begging for safer antibiotics to be developed for those who couldn’t have penicillin would be “not trusting science” .
I am truly blown away by the endless blindness about this. Truly . By otherwise brilliant people who see nuances in every other thing! But fot this it’s binary. On or off. Good or bad. Unreal.


I've just heard eye witness account from India (about third hand!) that their government has locked communities down in temperatures of 50 degrees c. Shops are closed and poor areas have no provisions of food or water. People are dying in their hundreds of thousands every day, but not from Covid. They are showing the footage above because the symptoms of starvation/thirst would look different from a respiratory infection.

Gerardo Martinez

Well it's like that evil Nazi leader said at his trial-" if you can promote a state of FEAR(Covid-19 is the end of the world as we know it!) then you can get the people to do anything!. It went something like that. Not fooling me!
Blessings from Texas.

Bob Moffit

Let's put it this way … IT WOULD SURPRISE ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IF MAJOR MEDIA IN OUR COUNTRY WOULD RESORT TO THIS TYPE OF "PROPAGANDA" …. as for myself .. I no longer believe in all I READ OR SEE in what pretends to be JOURNALISM TODAY.

We live in desperate times where TRUTH is no longer the measure in far too many INSTITUTIONS in our country … academia, public health, justice system, religion, military … on and on …

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