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National Autism Association 2021 Virtual Conference


If you've been wondering about Letterboard Communication, as chronicled in JB and Jamie Handley's book Understimated: An Autism Miracle,  Spell2Communicate's Elizabeth Voseller, MA will be a featured speaker.


The 2021 National Autism Conference will consist of 2 concurrent tracks.

You can view the Tracks HERE.

You must register for BOTH TRACKS via Zoom and will receive 2 unique Zoom links, one for each of the tracks. Use your 2 registration links to choose which track/presentation to watch live. Switch between tracks at any time. Your links are passcode protected and cannot be shared, as you can view from only one device at a time.

All presentations on both tracks will be recorded and made available to you soon after the conference, so you will have a chance to view anything you may have missed. Please note that NAA is not responsible for technical issues out of our control, for instance, corrupt video recordings, or internet connection issues. We will do our absolute best to make sure that all of our attendees have access to the conference content in its entirety.



angus files

Tell us about it, but good to know more understanding out there ,a sign of the times The new Autistic normal everyone has one..zilch to do with vaccines, right!

"I wish there were more of this man around and I am beyond thankful."

In the post, which has been shared thousands of times, Natalie, who also has a 14-year-old daughter Eden and two stepdaughters Eva and Layla, explains how Rudy 'loves to walk but hates to turn around and walk back'.

Pharma For Prison


In Honor of Anita Coughlin (my Mom who figured stuff out)

I read JB and Jamie's book, Underestimated.
Even though my child by the grace of God and biomed, and parents like you on this site, recovered his verbal ability --and is now in community college (I'll take it!) -- I still learned a few very important things reading this groundbreaking book.

1) One of the symptoms of Autism is "the child doesn't point" and it's "because they don't have an interest in sharing things with you". A character flaw right, when you think about it. Well, after reading this book, I realized that once again, all of us have the character flaw--not our children. What if our children don't have the motor skill in eyes or in hands, to share what they are interested in by pointing? I felt terrible when I realized this. I had mourned that my child not pointing meant that he really didn't care to invite me into his world. When he finally did point, and wave goodbye, etc I now realize it wasn't like he suddenlyt started to care, it's because all the biomed work on him helped this be possible!

2) My brother in the 1960s could not talk and had many savant traits, even though they never called him autistic. A genius hearing and speech teacher treated him like he was Helen Keller, and also told my Mom to push him in a pedal car over and over and have him do crawling exercises to get use of all his motor skills. He began talking at age 4 in complete sentences, and he became quite good in high school basketball, not to mention in the top 10% of his class. IT's the motor skills, and we used to know this, and JB discovered this for Jame.

3) My Mom taught me this: The stims my brother did she was told was things his brain needed to get better. She said it was hard to trust, and it caused people to shun the family when he made motor sounds and did stuff with his hands. But with my son, I took her lead, and helped him turn his flappy hands into "Oobie" and had him use his hands to 'talk'. It was fun and socially acceptable In the books, Jamie talks about how it felt to be stopped from his attempts to communicate or self-regulate.

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