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Kentucky Senate Bill 8 Protects Exemptions During Epidemics

KentuckyKY Senate Bill 8 Passed Protecting the Right of Persons to Object to Immunizations Required During Epidemics Based upon Religious or Conscientiously Held Beliefs

From National Health

Congratulations to Kentucky Medical Freedom Coalition for their win on securing into law the religious and conscientiously held belief exemption for any vaccine that might be mandated by the state due to an epidemic!  The Governor did not sign the bill, but also did not veto it so it became law on Saturday, March 22nd 2021.  Great work and thank you to everyone who worked to support this legislation!

Here is a link to access the bill (Senate Bill 8):  Kentucky Legislative Research Commission Search Options

Here is the bill language that now protects the health freedom right to make your own health care decisions regarding vaccines during an epidemic:

 (2)     In the event of an epidemic in a given area, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services may require the immunization of all persons within the area of epidemic, against the disease responsible for such epidemicexcept that any administrative regulation promulgated pursuant to KRS Chapter 13A, administrative order issued by the cabinet, or executive order issued pursuant to KRS Chapter 39A requiring such immunization shall not include:

(a) The immunization of any child or adult for whom, in the written opinion of his or her attending health care provider, such testing or immunization would be injurious to his or her health;

(b) The immunization of any child whose parents or guardians are opposed to medical immunization against disease and who object by a written sworn statement to the immunization based on religious grounds or conscientiously held beliefs; or

(c) The immunization of any emancipated minor or adult who is opposed to medical immunization against disease, and who objects by a written sworn statement to the immunization based on religious grounds or conscientiously held beliefs.

(3) The cabinet shall:

(a) Develop and make available on its Web site a standardized form relating to exemptions in this section from the immunization requirements; and

(b) Accept a completed standardized form when submitted.

We are hopeful that other states will follow KY by passing legislation that protects the right of all people to make their own health and medical decisions.



Even the Islamist of Houthi rebellion in Yemen see the need of public health laws and practices which includes vaccination. That disputed government is actually doing something to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic in their country. I understand if some people want to wait or their doctors told them to wait for a Covid-19 vaccine but almost everyone will need the vaccine eventually to stop this pandemic. I was told to wait by a doctor because I already was sick from covid-19 and later receive the safer Johnson and Johnson vaccine when it is my turn.


I went to the site.
It wants me to bring to the place we renew our license with birth certificate, social security cards, a utility bill I forget what the fourth one was.

So far nothing about that vaccine card.

Maybe they are doubling down on you are who you say you are. Or setting us up? At any rate, I already did all those those thing when I moved to Michigan - I even had to dig out a highschool annual that was one of the proof of who I am that would be accepted.

And then -- I did about the same thing when I moved back to Ky. .

Boy, I got spooked easily on this one. No vaccines-- it is black star on the driver's license showing that a person has really checked out, proving they are who they say they are; and nothing about vaccines.

I spook easy these days. It is almost a crazy - I am unsettled and I hate to be that way.

I just raked a pastor - high school buddy over the coals yesterday. My gosh I went all out and explained all the details of vaccine reactions that happened, and I get the --"I have taken plenty tetanus shots and am just fine" In which I let him have it.

LOL, I think he dropped me on the friend list. But not before I told him that he did have another God before him and that was trust and faith in man could trick the immune system with no problems. And being a pastor and a friend/ God is love and all that he should have said he was so sorry and hugs. But no. So not the fist time either -- this has gone one, Several times, and I have been good, I really have.

Yeah unsettled, maybe meaner too.


My local newspaper; down in the southcentral part of the state came out today.
Citizens must obtain detailed form of ID to enter some places and to fly anywhere.

What did the article say: Well let me see.
Now that some of the COVID-19 mandates and restrictions are dwindling, the State of Kentucky is beginning to focus on the new required documentation for every Kentucky citizen.
When Ovid restrictions are lifted, you sill will not be able to board a plane enter a federal installations, (many years ago when I did to try to get SSI services which were refused of course, the guard had to touch the back of my bra ? A bomb that little bit of metal could be!) Military bases, nuclear plants, or the White House with out new detailed paperwork containing your personal information on your person.

According to officials at the Kentucky Transportation cabinet, the new REAL ID Act is scheduled to take effect in October.

The press release says the driver's license will no longer suffice for the purposes, but citizens will be allowed to use it for driving, proof of identity , age and buying alcohol or other age restricted items.

The new REAL ID will display a blak, cutout star. It cannot be used as a passprot for internation travel.

To obtain the new REAL ID, everyone is urged to visit for a list of required, specific document that you will need before you may receive your new REAL ID.

A Black Star cutout?

Bob Moffit

As I read the legislation .. I believe it only denies GOVERNMENT agencies from mandating vaccines .. it does not deny PRIVATE CORPORATIONS .. such as .. airlines, sports stadiums, theatres … the list of PRIVATE CORPORATIONS IS ENDLESS … and these private corporations can DENY anyone who does not acquire a VACCINE PASSPORT from entering or using their facilities.

I would suggest ALL STATES DENY VACCINE PASSPORT ISSUANCE TO THEIR CITIZENS .. as it will surely lead to severe restrictions on the quality of life for those who refuse vaccination.


In 2a
the bill mentions testing, but only in respect to medical exemption, an unlikely option.
testing could be used as a chinese water torture tool, to relent to vaccination.
Modification of this part of the bill should be considered, as continous testing is extremely useful for profiteering, both for test makers and data accession.

angus files

Pharma crime pays but VAX aware doesn't and they'll do anything to protect the cartel keeping the dosh flowing.!

Pharma For Prison


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