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Johnson & Johnson Halted in US

6D520DE2-002D-4215-AC18-0767651832BEBreaking news. Johnson & Johnson lives up to its reputation. And civil litigation specialists from coast to coast are weeping over the lost billions in potential lawsuit fees. The experimental Covid vaccines are exempt from lawsuits thanks to the US Federal Government’s PREP act. Operation Warped speed is a boondoggle. Haste makes waste. Period. From ABC News:

US calls for temporary halt on Johnson & Johnson vaccination over blood clot fears



Del Bigtree had on my facebook "Blood clots matter".


@ Bennedetta

Well, now they are showing concern for the unvaxxed homeless and prison population.....

As I predicted, J&J fully reinstated.
ACIP is just another Pharma business meeting.


Emma; Unlike AstraZeneca that has India as a dumping ground and will get their money back - does Johnson and Johnson have such?

The killings here in the United States may well continue. Unless it is so bad - so very bad. We will see.


ACIP is supposed to meet today (April 23, 2021) to decide on the J&J Covid 19 vax pause:

Emergency Meeting Scheduled for April 23rd Regarding J&J - Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine

"A virtual Emergency meeting of the U.S. CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will be held on April 23, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. The agenda for this ACIP meeting has not been posted.

The ACIP last met on April 14th and adjourned without taking any action on the 'pause' recommendation the CDC and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued regarding the Johnson & Johnson - Janssen COVID-19 vaccine.

Various ACIP members stated, 'They needed more information before any vote.'"

Details on the 6 cases reviewed by ACIP: (scroll down)

angus files


Macron left to rue attacks on AstraZeneca as thousands spurn jab despite soaring deaths
EMMANUEL MACRON was left to rue his attacks of the AstraZeneca jab, after thousands of public workers in Nice spurned the chance to receive the vaccine over the weekend.

Health authorities in the Mediterranean city had obtained 4,000 doses of the Oxford jab and had intended to vaccinate teachers and police over the age of 55 on Saturday and Sunday. However only 50 people signed up to the scheme, resulting in the vaccine centre closing its doors early at 1pm on Saturday. Anne Frackowiak-Jacobs, the sub-prefect of nearby Grasse, told The Sun that the low uptake was almost certainly down to fears about the safety of the vaccine, that had partly been fuelled by Mr Macron.

Pharma For Prison




43-year-old father of 7 paralyzed, can't talk 3 hours after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

"A 43-year-old father of seven children in Mississippi was left unable to speak and paralyzed on one side of his body three hours after being inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, his family says."

"the man's family says he suffered a stroke Tuesday caused by a blood clot in his left middle cerebral artery shortly after getting the single-dose shot.

The healthy man got the shot at midday, then returned to work, and within three hours, his coworkers saw him unresponsive at his desk.

"They called me and said he had that vaccine and something is wrong, we think it's a stroke,"



elaine dow

I also would like to know how this vaccine could harm a person with sickle cell anemia or hemophelia? would this condition worsen with the vaccine. I surely would think so.


Imagine what it must be like to be Fred Chopin and be convinced that, other than the 6 blood clots we've heard about, not one single person on the planet has suffered from any kind of a reaction from these vaccines.

Not even so much as a fever or headache. Just 6 blood clots and nothing else.

In short, Fred is either a pathological liar or astonishingly stupid.


@Frederic Chopin
"that age group as of 3/31/2021"

I would like to see your source. Also note that the PCR cycle rate was reduced on the day of Joe Biden's inauguration. That would greatly reduce the number of false positives, since the rate was much higher under President Trump. I would also like to know the ages of the six, since the incidence of death is highly correlated to ages 70+ and greatly drops off with younger ages. What is the difference in the rate of 18 year old women and 48 year old women? What about the percentage of deaths with comorbidities? All this info is needed to reflect the true story.


Hi All,
In Norway, one death from Covid in that age group,

Noway has had more deaths from the Covid vaccine thrombocytopenia/blood clotting in that age group than from the natural infection.

Emmaphiladelphia, do you have different figures from the ones Frederic quoted?
Frederic, what was your source, please?

Donna L provided 69! pages with 388 reported thrombosis events following Covid vaccinations reported to VAERS. Wow.
And if, we are to conclude, as previous studies have shown, that VAERS only captures 1% of reactions, then it would seem that potentially 38,800 Americans have had a thrombosis event following vaccination. And that would not include other deaths or injuries from the vaccine.
Thank you for that link, Donna!!
Donna, I also agree with you that it is not about culling. People probably have different motivations, but imo, most likely money. Vaccine mandates of liability free vaccines, with people required, say, to keep getting boosters every 6 months for the entire population of the world, for maybe the next ten or twenty years, would have be one of the best guaranteed money makers ever. And no liability, ever...
If you really don't care who you injure, so long as you do your best to make sure they can't talk about it, then its a goldmine.
And some probably believe in the vaccines, take them themselves, and will keep taking them and trying to force them on others, unless they see injury first hand.
With anthrax, for most people, it was not the first shot that caused the harm. And I hope that at the least, the companies can work to make sure these vaccines cause less harm. The fact that there has been extremely limited investment in treatments, compared to huge investments in vaccines, is also telling.
Interesting, by the way to see how the large corporations fought to keep intellectual property rights for the vaccines.

angus files

But how do they get the vaccine out of people that have had it? oh! you cant never mind, you'll all be dead in a year problem solved. Next please!

Pharma For Prison



For some reason the link didn't show.
Here is the search page with the link:

It's under "Search Results from the VAERS Database"

Frederic Chopin

Looks like overall in the US for that age group as of 3/31/2021 there were about 21,000 COVID deaths and a little over half were female.

Donna L.

Fred, it's not just six and it's not just the J and J jab.
(and I, for one, don't think it's culling at all...I think it's just typical reckless medicine and callous disregard -- the very same things that brought us the autism epidemic)


Very interesting interview with the Surgeon General today about the regulatory hold on the J&J vaccine:
It is disclosed that the "pause" in the J&J clinical trials was due to a 25 year old in the trial developing a brain blood clot. The trial was resumed. Evidently, "we (the government) were prepared for it...the data was being collected and reviewed very carefully.....that's why you continue to collect safety data and we are very sensitive about pulling the brakes then if that signal- safety data-gives us a signal that something could be wrong and needs to be investigated"
VIDEO 4:39 - 6:20

OBVIOUSLY, the "safety data" is not from the VAERS system. Who is collecting it? The EIS? Remember the 1999 Verstraeten report on Thimerosal and the Hep B birth dose? We saw how that went. Obviously because of what is happening with blood clots in the EU, many people know about this. I believe that is why they are having to "halt" the vaccine here. We'll see how long it takes to announce "no connection" and then use is quietly resumed.


Fredric Chopin;
I really don't care to address you period. You have made your bed; you got your shots and are just fine.
But I am not taking the word of some glib reporter on the news saying there are 7.2 million shots given and only six reported injuries (math made too easy for the stupid people don't you think? that is 1 in more than a million -- easy peazy - sure---- well there are lies, dam lies, and statistics and that is the whole thing in a nut shell. Stinks to high heaven.

To the rest of my dearest friends on here.
The veteran nurse visiting my Dad today said, Her second Pfizer shot about kill her. She said it was so bad that she took off for two week, and needed more to get better. That ever since she had not felt well, that she is beyond tired. She is into intermittent fasting, bullit proof coffee, told me what type of fly wheel to buy my son for his exercise bike - -cause guys his belly --- is way too big.

That said, she said that a friend of hers, here in Kentucky got his vaccine and walked out in the parking lot and died. That the Art teacher over in Lexington died a few hours after receiving a covid vaccine. .


@Frederick Chopan
"So 6 unusual blood clotting incidents and 1 death after 6 million doses"

Six million doses of what? I have given proof that fake covid 19 vaccines (saline solution) were produced and sold in different countries. The article did not say to which countries and how many doses got out before the ring of 80 criminals were shut down. That was just one incident. How many others are out there? We don't know how many doses of the actual vaccine product have been taken.
China Arrests Suspects In Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Ring

"6 unusual blood clotting incidents"
Really? This was an unknown possibility? Follow the science:
"SARS-CoV-2 binds platelet ACE2 to enhance thrombosis in COVID-19"

Also the FDA/CDC public statement on this leaves open the possibility that these particular types of blood clots have been more widespread than thought. Using standard treatment of them (improper diagnosis) can prove MORE harmful.

"both the FDA and CDC pause"
The more accurate term is "regulatory hold"- but that sounds more serious....
See definitions towards bottom of page:
Also note that J&J called a "pause" during their Covid 19 vaccine clinical trials for an undisclosed "adverse event". "Pauses" don't have to be made public- REGULATORY HOLDS do.

What is the Covid 19 death/hospitalization rate for women ages 18-48? This age grouping should be further broken down into smaller subgroups for accuracy. It is well documented that the majority of Covid 19 deaths are in the 70+ age bracket. So, even the seemingly small number of 6 could prove to be statistically huge compared to the risk of death for certain age groups.
This data is the only way to accurately determine the risk/benefit ratio.

Frederic Chopin

So 6 unusual blood clotting incidents and 1 death after 6 million doses, and both the FDA and CDC pause J&J vaccine administration to study the issue further. Why would they do that if they're trying to cull the population?


I hear you, with some people you can't take the empty hypodermic out of their cold dead hand.

Clotting disorders are clearly part of the landscape for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Further, it may be a spectrum disorder in that some people die yet most survive with injury. Sound familiar ?

If you like hematology here's clinical outcomes with ITP:


J and J also makes a machine that desolves fibroids (FDA grandfathered it in...never studied), turns out it spreads cancer. It was on last week’s dell big tree episode... the doctor lost his wife yet supports the vaccine.


This sounds more like a "regulatory hold" than a "pause".

See definitions towards bottom of page:

"Joint CDC and FDA Statement on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine
The following statement is attributed to Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research and Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy Director of the CDC"



"Once there, the children would typically be given fatal doses of luminal or morphine."

Any idea who manufactured the morphine?


Generation Z/zoomers (many of them suffering environmentally induced/vaccine induced illnesses of childhood) just keep worshipping presidents/political figures like a golden calf.

Zoomer’s golden calf/calves come in many “delicious” flavors: Bernie Sanders, Howie Hanks, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, AOC, Xi Jinping, Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx etc.

It’s hard not to worship presidents like gods, when you think humanity’s immunity depends on needles.

I also saw a disturbing People magazine cover “AOC marries tiny horse” which implies the U.S. “Democratic” party is into zoophilia.

I’ve heard of Bernie Sanders proposing the extermination of babies in developing countries via abortion 4 population control/America First supremacy.

Lots of American + British + international children now are suffering innumerable pharma/vaccine-induced diseases, mental illnesses/violence/rages, neurodevelopmental disroders, etc and shorter lifespans due to the pains these disorders cause.

Autism 1 in 35 in USA alone (or possibly 1 in 8) but the Neurodiversity/“life beyond labels” bus thinks autism is “just a quirky personality trait” which disgusts me.

But everything will be fine as long as everyone is jabbed, right? Just turn to our “lord and savior” Bernie Sanders, AOC and Howie Hanks as they both silently exterminate our own youth population with jabs, now starting in utero?

Childhoods now tell stories of psych ward torture/coercion/general abuses, vaccine reactions, special ed/self contained classrooms, room clears, special diets, innumerable psych/autism drugs, guardianship papers signed at age 18, restraints, injections, physical chronic illnesses, early death.

Is this normal?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Emmaphiladelphia | April 13, 2021 at 01:13 PM
Posted by: CJ | April 13, 2021 at 01:32 PM

It can be no accident that this has occurred back where it all started California .
The home of the US Eugenics movement.

That poor lady, they poisoned her and ruined her life in the first place and even that want enough for them.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Emmaphiladelphia | April 13, 2021 at 01:13 PM

Operation Homebound = Aktion T4


Gosh, this is shaping up to be quite the embarrassing 'pandemic', isn't it?
What will they do next, have Biden announce that the US will be donating all of its (crappy) J&J covid vaccines to poor underdeveloped countries in an act of charity?


@Hans Litten

I used to like and respect this Dad. An attorney named Don who lives in Minnesota I believe. He has a severely autistic son in his twenties and an adult daughter with an involved disability. When I saw the picture of them holding his son's arms to get him vaccinated I was sickened. His son looked terrified. I lost all respect for these brain washed parents....going right along with vaccinating those who have no voice. The poor daughter was also vaccinated. Two disabled kids...a couple of idiot parents. Their typical son....a MED student at Dartmouth. Enough said. But, but, but, but the science. People like this sicken me.



Georgia J&J victim speaks out:

"Sarah Moore of Cumming, Georgia is one of eight people who suffered adverse reactions right after taking the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at a local fairground.

“My limbs started going numb… um, my face went numb,” she said. “It’s scary because passing out once is not my concern, it’s passing out multiple times and then having a 103.5-degree fever for the remaining two days after that.”"


Operation Eugenics?

Shock Video: Cops Force-Vaccinate Special Needs Girls In Statewide ‘Operation Homebound’ Program

"“We are administering the JOHNSON & JOHNSON (1 shot only) vaccine (emph. mine) utilizing our deputy sheriff personnel who are certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians,” the website states. “LASD is working with local community based organizations like ‘Integrated Community Collaborative’ and ‘Disability Voices United’ to connect with LA County residents most in need, go to their residences, and provide them this life-saving opportunity.”


Hi Emaphiladelpia,

Six cases are just "Six cases that all made the news with the same specific, extremely rare syndrome, that was accurately identified following vaccination, so the CDC had to acknowledge them".

We know VAERS is capturing (over all the COVID vaccines) deaths in the hundreds, and vaccine adverse effects in the thousands, and previous studies show VAERS only captures about 1% of the actual issues.
Th potential issues certainly don't end with six cases.

And of course, everyone being vaccinated now has already survived exposure to COVID for over a year, and a portion already have natural immunity.

I happened to come across this tweet, someone wrote, and it seems to sum it up.

A friend of mine developed #GuillianBarreSyndrome following the J&J vaccine and is currently paralyzed from the neck down. I didn’t believe #vaccineinjury was real. I was wrong.

I have no way of verifying who this tweet is talking about, but the sentiment, people watching a person they know get injured, while the CDC says everything is "safe", is probably doing huge amounts of damage to the vaccine industry. The reason for the military failure to vaccinate (40% refusal) is almost certainly because they have already been through "safe vaccines that don't cause side effects" with the anthrax vaccine. I know some people who have been reasonably pro vaccines in the past, are horrified by twitter and facebook censoring of vaccine injury cases as "misinformation"

At least acknowledging the problem with clots, and making sure doctors know how to treat it, is a good first step for ethical vaccine administration. Identifying people at risk before they get vaccinated would be nice too. Allowing medical freedom of choice without social pressure is also still needed..

Hans Litten

Have you seen the Californian Forced Vaccination of Special Needs People ?


Operation Homebound ....Does not look like informed consent to me.

So this is how they plan to deal with the autistic children...vaccinate them anyway.


On twitter today.....people are waking up and seeing what we have all known for years. Big Pharma is one big scam when it comes to vaccines. The comments and tweets on this news today are gold.

Replying to
I knew right off the bat their shit would be dangerous, they can’t even make a gentle baby powder!! Skull and crossbones
7:27 AM · Apr 13, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
Replying to
SO DAMN TRUE - WHY in the hell would ANYONE trust J&J to make a damn vaccine??? CREEPY!!!!

Hans Litten

Two Down , Two to go .....

Pfizer & Moderna ...watch your backs we are coming for you you damn murderers


@Frederick Chopin

"The move comes as six Americans have reportedly developed a rare disorder involving blood clots, and one later died, after receiving the shot.

The New York Times reports all six recipients were women between the ages of 18 and 48, and now federal agencies want a pause in the distribution of the vaccine out of “an abundance of caution.”"

Is 6 worth pausing for? What is the Covid 19 death/hospitalization rate for women ages 18-48?

Can J&J really say they didn't know about this adverse event possibility?
"SARS-CoV-2 binds platelet ACE2 to enhance thrombosis in COVID-19"

elaine dow

I cannot say enough about this. I had TTP after a DPT at 5 years old. Many children developed thrombocytopenia and never on the news. The drug companies got covered for not paying for injuries with the co-vid vaccine. I don't think the public knew this before. Never had anyone heard of this happening to the children and it did. I believe after a DPT, Hib, and MMR it is listed as an adverse effect. Any person who has leukemia will express low platelets and "bruising" and also should not get this vaccine. Somehow all the children who experienced this were not important enough to mention.

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