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Jiu Jitsu's Craig Jones Taps Out After Covid Jab

Craig jonesHow many hundreds of thousands of productivity and  work hours and dollars of income have been lost because of adverse reactions? Who is measuring this great loss to GDP around the world? 

Few athletes are tougher than martial artists. And yet, Jones has been sidelined.  We wish him a full recovery.


Jiu Jitsu black belt Craig Jones, 29, announced on Instagram that he is unable to fight Tye Ruotolo after suffering a bad reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine causing his stomach to build up with fluid.

Jones was set to fight Ruotolo at the Who’s Number One event on April 30 in Austin, Texas before he announced on Instagram that COVID-19 vaccine-related health issues would be preventing him from training and competing.

“I’m out guys. One of the unlucky ones that had an adverse reaction to the Covid Vaccine. I won’t bore you with all my symptoms but ended up carrying a bunch of fluid around my stomach and can’t train let alone compete,” said Jones. The post contained images and video of Jones’ bloated stomach so viewers could see the vaccine reaction for themselves.

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Here is the link in which I believe your question is answered:



Just found your comment addressed to me - apologies for not responding sooner.

The answer to your question is NO; jabs, vaccines, injections are most decidedly NOT all the same thing. I am not a healthcare professional, but if you view the Sherri Tenpenny/Dr. Lawrence Palevsky link about this subject (I don't have the link here handy for you, but you can do a quick Bitchute/Tenpenny Twitter feed search, and you'll find that info. on the recent video they did regarding same.


"Fit as get out!" but currently actively " Kaputie, and totally out of action?"

The Highwire with Del Bigtree -BitChute
Interview with three healthcare workers , Covid vaccine adverse events .
"They Don't want to see people like us"
Interview April 29 2021

Good Grief! Have these people been assesssed for Tardive dyskinesia ?

Describe in detail . What is epilepsy? , and how many types of epilepsy are there ?
Hope they all recover/improve their situation .
It is totally shocking these healthcare workers have been stamped, labeled, and branded?and made out to be "Drama Queens,? with attention seeking behaviour ?"


Bayareamom, aren’t injections, jabs, and vaccines the same thing?

It’s like trying to distinguish pollywogs from tadpoles.

Vaccine Worship + President Worship = America’s fall.

angus files

looks like liver inflammation thank God I wont be having it.

Pharma For Prison



@Laura Hayes,

Yes, Laura. That bitchute video is the one I sent to you awhile ago and it's EXCELLENT. I was wondering if this video had been placed over here in a comment prior to me sending that link to you, but at any rate I'm glad that's the link is here.

I hope everyone views this video at bitchute. These injections (NOT VACCINES) are, I am absolutely convinced, bioweapons. The warnings put out by others, including Dr. Bossche are, in my opinion, being absolutely vindicated vis-a-vis the up-to-date reactivity reports coming in from around the globe.

As Dr. Bosshche so eloquently stated in that video link I posted awhile ago -- why is it that the human race always needs to learn things the hard way.

But apparently, they do.

I would beg of you to send these links to everyone you know. These days, my family has been dealing with more than our fair share of issues on our plate, but yet it is all tied up with this issue as well. I realize we all can only do so much; all we can do is put the word out there and hope people LISTEN to us.

Unfortunately, from what I am hearing and reading, most people are only hearing and listening when these reactions happen to them.

But by then, it's too late.

Sigh. This is so damned frustrating.


@Hans Litten

Thank you for the link. A MUST SEE!
Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. clearly lays out the mechanism causing the many bad outcomes from the Covid shots. He knows what he is talking about. This field has been his life work of study. He clearly warned of these consequences BEFORE the jabs were released to the public. His explanation also may explain the violent seizure-like jerking that the 3 medical workers on the High Wire interview had after receiving the shot. This doctor is a brave and noble TRUTH TELLER.

Gerardo Martinez

Oh but the press will say Vaccines -especially the Covid 19 vaccines are safe and effective! Be patriotic! Show you have a concern for that stranger within six feet- oh now its three feet of you. How much BS can the Medical Septic system take?? What will it take for the majority of Americans to wake up and see the evil that is occurring everyday due to the "Pandemic"!!! Good Grief!!!
God help us!

Hans Litten

He is lucky to be alive #I reckon. He might need to get his affairs in order.

Perspectives on the Pandemic | "Blood Clots and Beyond" | Episode 15

In February, 2021, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. and a number of his colleagues warned the European Medicines Agency about the potential danger of blood clots and cerebral vein thrombosis in millions of people receiving experimental gene-based injections.

Since then, two of the four injections have been suspended or recalled in Europe and the United States for just that reason.

In this episode of Perspectives, Professor Bhakdi explains the science behind the problem, why it is not just limited to the products already suspended, and why in the long term we may be creating dangerously overactive immune systems in billions of unwitting subjects.

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Libby Handros & John Kirby

Laura Hayes

From this Dr. Mercola article today:

“A 36-year-old man began vomiting after his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. He was found dead on the floor of the bathroom after having been throwing up blood. The autopsy showed his stomach was full of blood.”

I also learned yesterday of a young man with autism who suddenly began having a lot of blood when having a bowel movement. Doctor diagnosed him with ulcerative colitis. However, reports of sudden and unusual bleeding are now coming in from many countries, from both women and men, in both those who have received the new injections, and in those who haven’t, but who have been around those who have been injected. To hear more about that, listen to this discussion among 5 doctors in its entirety:


Wow, that's quite a difference when you look at his flat stomach on this page and compare to the bloated stomach at the link!

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