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In Memoriam: Katie Weisman

WeepA sad announcement from John Gilmore of Autism Action Network on Facebook last night:


RIP Katie Weisman. We have lost a wonderful friend, a great spirit and a ferocious warrior.

It is with a very heavy heart I let you all know that our Katie passed just before midnight last night. Katie fought her illness fearlessly, as she did with every obstacle that stood in her way. She did it with grace but with passion. She suffered tremendously yet never complained. This is the only way Katie knew how to live her life.

Katie was blessed with her wonderful husband, Doug, her amazing mom, dad, brother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. But, despite only being given 5 years, Katie's heart kept beating a few years longer for the three incredible loves of her life, her beautiful sons, Nick, Alex and Don.

Katie meant so much to all of us, touching each of us in her own unique way. She was nothing short of exceptional when it came to advocating for not only her sons, but endless children and young adults on the autism spectrum. She single-handedly changed the lives of families all over in the most profound way. Katie was the embodiment of someone making lemonade out of lemons and allowed families to look at autism as a different and wonderful way to approach life, not as something tragic.

Katie was passionate about her work with the incredible Children's Health Defense and fought endlessly for vaccine safety and the vaccine injured. She was an active member of our community, especially within the Bedford Central School District, Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTO) and Bedford Autism Spectrum Support (BASS). She loved her Mount Kisco and took great pride in being a part of the Beautification Committee.

The list of Katie's achievements are endless.

Katie saw the beauty in everyone and everything and we are all the better for having had her in our lives, even for just a short amount of time. She was the ultimate warrior mom and her legacy will live on not only in her children but through all of ours. I will miss my dear, beautiful friend, as I know all of you will. If you would like to celebrate Katie, please join us at Oelker, Cox-Sinatra Funeral Home this Saturday, April 24th from 1-5pm. It is located at 262 E. Main Street, Mount Kisco, New York. The Weisman Family kindly asks that, in lieu of flowers, a donation be made in Katie's name to Children's Health Defense at https://childrenshealthdefense.org/annual-fellowship/.


Victoria Wank

My condolences to Katie’s family. I didn’t know her, but, as a clinician who has worked with children with ASD, I can only imagine the courage and strength she must have had to deal with everything.


Thank you Emma for the links.

Scott Greenbaum

Condolences to the family. Katie was of important assistance to all of us in the Myeloma support group, she will be sorely missed by myself and the rest of us. She will not be forgotten.


I had not heard of this dear woman until today. I am familiar with the work of Safe Minds, which she was also involved with. Her life has touched many for good. She was a blessed mother to her triplet sons. Here is a link to some of her many contributions:


Loosing Katie is a huge loss to our community. Prayers to her family.

Holly Bortfeld

Damn, what a loss! She really was a fearless, tireless advocate for vaccine injury and it was a pleasure to work with her over the years. Rest in peace, Katie.

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