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Human Sacrifice to a Volcano for the god Covaxus

VolcanoFeeling Mayan? Aztec? St. Vincentian? Sick to your stomach?

This weekend, Celebrity Cruise lines announced a rescue effort in the Carribbean.  Only the vaccinated will be allowed to board and escape harm.  Is this edict from Celebrity Cruise lines or the PM of St. Vincent? No matter, it's clearly discriminatory and the fact that there's no eruption of horror in the media says the unvaccinated are lower than steerage.  And here we are. 


Read the full article at Cruise Radio

In a tweet sent out this morning, Celebrity Cruise CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo stated: “Sent Celebrity Reflection to St. Vincent to help with volcano evacuation efforts. Taking all precautions and so grateful we can help the island’s residents!”
Only Vaccinated People Will Be Able To Board The Rescue Ships

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said in a press conference that only vaccinated people from the island would be eligible to board the cruise ships to take temporary refuge on another island.

St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua have all volunteered to accept evacuees, also on the condition that they be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


Angela Warner

Well, reading the comments, I see there are still some “old timers” around. That’s good to know.

Angus and Bob, you both should remember...

While the vaccine is being used as Emergency Use Authorized. Sure, they can restrict you from things, but they can’t mandate it. Even if they fast track it, it will take upwards of two years for final approval.

I remember when this was written into the Federal Registry. We thought then that there were nefarious reasons. Today we know it was part of Obama’s Pandemic Playbook, which the 🍊 administration promptly threw out the window.

The division that’s been created, like so many others, won’t or can’t heal because no one will come to the table and hold themselves accountable. So we’ve demanded accountability through legislation that will forever change policing. We came together as one collective voice to make this happen.

I think we’ve all been thrown to the wolves because there was no plan. Had this been handled properly from day one we probably wouldn’t have needed a vaccine. But here we the middle of a pandemic.

I don’t think it’s a matter of “the vaccinated among us will rule over all”. It’s a matter of personal beliefs and holding to them whether you choose to get vaccinated or not. We know it will ultimately be mandated.

All I can say is that I think we were all blindsided...

Informed Consent & Informed Refusal.


Pass the volcanic vomit bucket!
Global Public Health Policies presenting as late stage political putrefacation!

Why the Volcano erupting in the Caribbean has such a deadly.... April 9 2021 .

As Volcano erupts in St Vincent Only "Vaccinated " Can Board Evacuation Ships YouTube

Pitiful pandemonium.
Pandemic fear and panic ? worse than a fire tornado? Wee woosie, itchy, and scratchy,"Panic Merchants" better hope The Fire Brigade ain't following new pandemic criteria and Guidelines ?
"Right Chappies, next building evacuation you attend ,just get all the skinny people rescued from the burning building first ,as we don't want any of ewes firefighters hurting yer own backs !"

Bob Moffit

@ Zero

My comment on the "Lord of the Flies" isolated and marooned children being forced to "govern themselves" was not meant to suggest that CHILDREN could not flourish given such dire circumstances .. it was meant to suggest our WORLD TODAY IS GOVERNED BY ADULTS WHO WOULD HAVE HAD DIFFICULT TIME IN THE "LORD OF THE FLIES" WORLD.

As you say … given the need .. most time children/adults would strive to "work together for the common good" .. with all given EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN DECISION MAKING POLICIES AND PROTOCOLS … but .. in OUR WORLD TODAY .. we live in what is becoming an increasingly primitive society identified by what is commonly known as CANCEL CULTURE … where only the favored FEW HAS CONTROL OF ALL THAT IS OPEN TO FREE AND UNFETTERED DISCUSSION/DEBATE .. in other words .. THERE ARE CERTAIN SUBJECTS AND DISCUSSIONS THAT ARE FORBIDDEN.

To me .. that is the LORD OF THE FLIES where the person who controlled the CONCH .. was the only person allowed to speak freely … who owned the CONCH .. owned what was allowed to be said. TWITTER, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, ARE RULED AS IF THEY ARE THE LORD OF THE FLIES CONCH.

angus files

Emmaphiladelphia I`m not any less a Christian for reading about the Ark and its origins via many sources on the web .One being the curator of the London Museum is well worth a read or listen to Irving Finkel also Paul Wallis.

Pharma For Prison



"instructed Noah to build the Ark but not to tell the rest of the population on earth of the flood coming"

Of course, that's not what the Bible says. The size of the ark, worked on for many years, was testimony that something was up and involved lots of water....

Good point about not requiring vaccines to enter. LOL!

Laura Hayes

Got worms? Those wearing masks might:

You can also do a search regarding nano worms (and more) on the nasal swabs used for "testing".

Hmm...hope more lab tests are done to confirm what is perhaps being done to people, without their knowledge or consent.


What?? The vaccines aren't approved for children or babies. Are people supposed to leave their unvaccinated children behind? or are families with children supposed to stay there with the volcano?
I wish some enterprising journalist would interview some of the families with young children that are being turned away from rescue.

angus files

The Sumerian cuneiform tests written on the clay barrels predicted the great flood and instructed Noah to build the Ark but not to tell the rest of the population on earth of the flood coming and to let them perish as they the Gods were not happy with the colonising of Planet Earth .The flood happens every 3600 years as the Sumerian planet Nibiru ( Sumerian for 12th Planet) enters our Solar system and causes a great tidal surge/flood.It will happen folks so dont worry about Gates et-al they`ve got it coming big time!

The Sumerian texts so far- don`t detail anyone asking for a vaccination passport on entering the Ark. I can only presume that Noah et-al couldn`t have been pro vaxination?

Pharma For Prison



Bob Moffit:

In these duplicitous times it is not often that I can offer hope... but children are much more sensible than in Golding's fictional Lord Of The Flies. Here's a quote for you:

“So part of the problem with children and schoolyard savagery is that we keep them in a HUGELY artificial structure and limit their ability to participate in society and contribute to it. We MAKE them savages by refusing to allow them to contribute to the group. One of the things we know about children who find themselves without adults and with a need to organize and survive (…) is that they are amazing at it. Given a chance to be competent and responsible, they usually do really really well! And children have a HUGE innate sense of fairness (it's a developmental phase), so kids under 14 or so basically IMMEDIATELY sit down as a group and hash out how they're going to make decisions and hold people accountable. Generally, they decide on a democracy -- it's not "fair" unless everyone has a say -- and that everyone will have to take turns at gross jobs, and create some kind of punishment for those who don't do their work, which is usually either an extra turn at gross jobs or having to sleep in the worst spot (where they otherwise take turns). They tend to be very conscious of what they know about safety (…) and cautiously warn each other to be careful cooking and with sharp objects, and take care to learn from each other's knowledge. If one kid knows how to build a fire, the others will defer to his expertise and will have him teach them and follow his instructions carefully. (…)
Do you remember that reality show that was meant to be "Kid Survivor" and they hoped it would turn into Lord of the Flies, and it was a SPECTACULAR FLOP? The producers had set up better and worse "houses" in the "abandoned town" set and expected the kids to race for a free-for-all to get the best stuff, and instead they arrived, explored, and then all sat down and made a group decision about how to divide it all up. A couple kids tried to be selfish and stubborn, but got shamed into compliance by the rest of the group, and one of their first concerns was that the littlest kids be buddied up with older kids because it would be too hard for them otherwise ‘and they might get scared.’ They agreed on a decision-making procedure the first night and basically stuck to it through the show. When one kid was a jerk, they would all go sit around the campfire and talk and talk and talk until the jerk agreed to stop being a jerk. The producers would create survivor-like challenges where the "winner" would get extra food or some special thing, and every single time they kids would either a) refuse, as a group, to compete, because it wouldn't be ‘fair’ or b) agree to compete because it would be fun or because they wanted/needed the reward, but the winner would share his winning equally with the group AND ALWAYS DID.
Margaret Mead said that in her opinion, the first sign of civilization was a 15,000-year-old human grave with a healed thigh bone. Which means that the nomadic group rescued that person, immobilized his femur, and then cared for him for MONTHS while he recovered and could not contribute to the group. Wild animals die if they break a bone. Humans became civilized, she felt, when the group cared for the individual and allowed them to heal from such grievous injuries. Turns out that's still how we roll.”
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 9:10 AM on May 9


So... those who can't be vaccinated due to age or medical reasons are left to fend for themselves. I thought we were in this together. What a despicable disgrace. Just disgusting.

Tim Lundeen

So they are going to require vaccination, which makes you more likely to catch COVID (from the South African variant, and likely more still to come). The non-sanity continues.

The study was for Pfizer, but I expect they are all the same, because they all target the same viral spike protein.


"St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua have all volunteered to accept evacuees, also on the condition that they be fully vaccinated against COVID-19."

Yet the U.S. welcomes hordes of unaccompanied children/traffickers to cross our border with nary a Covid 19 test. They are housed elbow to elbow behind fences too. Mexico currently has only a 5% vaccination rate. Welcome to Plandemic 1984. Theater of the Absurd rules the day.


Injecting infants and children with innumerable, neurotoxic substances that’ll later cause violence, aggression, rages, psychosis, homicide/suicide, trillions of dollars spent on therapies nationwide, neurological impairment, unemployable status, impaired social/communicative skills...

sounds like a “great defense against deadly diseases” to many young/college aged people on Reddit/Tumblr/KiwiFarms/YouTube.

America - Land of the Violent, Psychotic, Institutionalized and Chronically Ill

Bob Moffit

Our entire world has become a replay of THE LORD OF THE FLIES .. wherein a group of children are LOST and marooned on a island where they must somehow learn how to live in harmony with each other. Soon they separate into groups where those within the "warrior/hunters" gain control of all.



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