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How Do You Mend A Broken Heart

Mia Heart FrontAs we approach the final days of what used to be an actively covered media month, it seems autism has been displaced. Not just by COVID, which has overtaken every conversation like the drunk Uncle at Thanksgiving. An internationally known adult on the spectrum lamented that for the first time, there wasn't a single speaking engagement during the month. I've seen the same thing. I used to speak once or twice a year as keynote and write for many publications. Often these were good paying gigs. Poof!  Autism is no longer on the radar. I think it's been replaced with kids' transgender issues. And so it goes.

At AofA, we try to tie current events directly to our lives within the world of autism. Sometimes, the lyrics write themselves. The Bee Gee's niece passed away in Las Vegas at age 56. Her Mother says she was healthy. She had a heart attack, and Mom asks if the Pfizer vaccine caused her death. She's asking the question so many of us have uttered for a very long time: How do you mend a broken heart?

Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb is found dead of a suspected heart attack days after receiving her second Pfizer vaccine

Bernice Gibb Rhoades, 56, died of a suspected heart attack last Thursday
Her husband Chino found her unconscious in bed at her home in Las Vegas
It is the latest tragedy to his the Bee Gees, who had a string of number one hits
Beri's mother Lesley Evans, 76, paid tribute to her 'beloved girl' today Mia Heart Back

By Claudia Joseph for MailOnline

The Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb has been found dead with her dog by her side as her family pay tribute to their 'beloved girl' and worry they will not be able to give her a fitting send off because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Bernice Gibb Rhoades, 56, known to friends and family as Beri, was found unconscious in bed at her home in Las Vegas by her husband Chino on Thursday, April 15.

Beri's family have paid tribute after she died of a suspected heart attack days after receiving her second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

I can think of younger days when living for my life
Was everything a man could want to do
I could never see tomorrow
But I was never told about the sorrows

And, how can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
How can you mend this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?
Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again

[Verse 2]
I can still feel the breeze that rustles through the trees
And misty memories of days gone by
We could never see tomorrow
No one said a word about the sorrow

And how can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
And how can you mend this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?
Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again




Angus ,some of our current politicians are gonnie have tae dry their eyes and grow up ?
Are they getting duff advice or what ?While the current first minister was pottering and pondering politics from Dixon Av , I gave up duffle coats and avoided feather haircuts ,although they were popular around Victoria road at the time ?
Me and my X used to have Cameron Cottage, Loch Lomond , just behind,very posh Cameron House Hotel.
My Point is what age was dear Nicola Sturgeon when your dear son experienced his vaccine injury MMR? She is not informed about it ! She was too young !
Because we were seeing these injuries in the NHS from the late 1980's onwards especially early 1990's
Politicians need to hear the whole picture, not just from paid lackies ?
Runrig -Healer In your Heart [Live in Balloch] YouTube
We got so much happy cash that weekend it was just super cash !


Hades is a gated community.
The GATES of Hades shall not prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ.
Matthew 16:17-18

Comforting to know.


India might collapse/might cease to exist due to COVID19: https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/25/asia/india-covid-fourth-day-record-infections-intl-hnk/index.html

India had the most COVID19 vaccines, more than USA and China... yet India got struck far worse? Are vaccines causing India’s catastrophic demise to COVID19?

Yet, many in Indian media keep asking for more and more vaccines.


Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake (sorry Jessica- thank you anyway) are laughing all the way to the bank.


angus files

A tragedy for sure and another vaccine pro family now to be cast as anti-vaccine at AOA we welcome them all and our ranks keep growing just ike in Glasgow Scotland UK today much to the displeasure of the SNP Prime minister Nicola Sturgeon.

A warm welcome to you all

Nicola Sturgeon blasts anti vaccine protesters and reminds them of 10,000 grieving Scots families
The First Minister has spoken out after photos of the demonstration showed hundreds of protestors ignoring social distancing measures in Glasgow's city centre.
Nicola Sturgeon blasted hundreds of anti vaccine campaigners who protested in Glasgow demanding for an end to lockdown.

The First Minister tweeted her fury as photographs of protesters holding signs declaring Covid to be a hoax went viral across the internet.

She wrote: "The juxtaposition of this and the catastrophe unfolding in India is quite upsetting.

"Covid is not a hoax - as more than 10,000 grieving families in Scotland know, it is very real.

"Thankfully, things are getting better here & restrictions are easing - but we must still take care."


Gran heartbroken by Les McKeown's death

Bradley Welsh pal's dramatic evidence

Jose Mourinho 'approached' by Celtic

Paolo's amazing duet with Rollers' Les
Hundreds of people gathered in Glasgow city centre and chanted "freedom" while holding signs that read "no mandatory vaccines" and the "vaccine is not placebo safety tested".

Crowds were not socially distanced and many were spotted without face masks.

Police mounted on horses were present at the protest.No arrests were made.
Hundreds of Anti-vax protesters descend on Glasgow’s George Square claiming Covid isn't real
India has reported a global daily record of more than 314,000 new infections as a surge in the virus overwhelms the fragile health care system there.
The latest figures for Scotland showed that 177 new cases had been identified overnight, with a further four people dying from the virus in the last 24 hours.

Read more(why would we want to)

Pharma For Prison



Chinese Doctor Let The Vaccine Cat Out Of The Bag!

Q&A's to ponder.....

"●If I get vaccinated can I stop wearing a mask(s)?
Gov: NO
●If I get vaccinated will the restaurants, bars, schools, fitness clubs, hair salons, etc. reopen and will people be able to get back to work like normal?
Gov: NO
●If I get vaccinated will I be resistant to Covid?
Gov: Maybe. We don’t know exactly.
●If I get vaccinated, at least I won’t be contagious to others – right?
Gov: NO. the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission.
●If I get vaccinated, how long will the vaccine last?
Government: No one knows. All Covid “vaccines” are still in the experimental stage.
● If I get vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?
Government: NO
● If my parents, grandparents and myself all get vaccinated can we hug each other again?
Government: NO
● So what’s the benefit of getting vaccinated?
Government: Hoping that the virus won’t kill you.
●Are you sure the vaccine won’t injure or kill me?
Government: NO
●If statistically the virus won’t kill me (99.7% survival rate), why should I get vaccinated?
Government: To protect others.
●So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with?
Gov: NO
● Do vaccine makers have zero liability regarding this experimental drug?
Gov: YES"


What about extreme/meltdown inducing sensory issues, violent rages/classroom physical assaults against teachers and students, SIB, special diets, low grades, aluminum load.


Dell Bigtree mentions at 15m 10s into the episode All Roads Lead To Wuhan April 15, 2021, The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian and suggested we read it, as it includes Haotian’s hopes for employing bio-weapons. Think you will find the full speech interesting and an eye-opener, which will help you make some sense of the current madness plaguing the World. It come right from a man whose only self esteem, seemingly only comes from the power he holds. Who see such power arising from an ideology. An ideology of which comes before all other human needs, even if it means — as he himself says plainly in his speech— killing many of its own citizens to further it and protect it. It displays total unawareness, that criminal insanity such as this, fails eventually, regardless of how many people these ideologies kill. These fail because they are not reality based, not based on true human nature — and yet he talks of learning from history. We have our own crop of powerful psychotics (and useful idiots) in the West, who see the World in the same way. Both driving us towards each other, till we meet on that narrow section of road, as General Chi Haotian allegorically puts it.

J.R. Nyquist Blog.The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian. https://jrnyquist.blog/2019/09/11/the-secret-speech-of-general-chi-haotian/ Posted September 11th 2019.

https://thehighwire.com/videos/all-roads-lead-to-wuhan/ posted April 15, 2021


Heartbreaking and frightening.

Bob Moffit

As I often repeat myself like that drunken uncle on Thanksgiving Kim mentioned … once again .. the greatest power of the press/media … is their collective POWER TO IGNORE,

Autism is "old news" … nothing new to report that does not promote their carefully constructed narrative … no one knows what causes autism .. the only thing we know for certain is VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.

And so … as autism is now reported to be 1 in 35 .. with some warning if the present ever increasing upward trend of autism continues .. the rate will be 1 in 2 by 2032.

Not to worry .. media has a new narrative to promote … the ongoing PANDEMIC OF COVID ...which has proven to provide a virtual WISH LIST of public health policies and protocols .. closing schools, businesses, travel restrictions .. with the greatest of all WISHES … that being the creation of VACCINE PASSPORTS … where EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD … will BE VACCINATED OR SHUNNED … DEMONIZED, ISOLATED, RIDICULED.

Is it really a surprise to anyone that AUTISM is no longer a subject worth talking about????

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