Jiu Jitsu's Craig Jones Taps Out After Covid Jab
April Never Ends

Hearts Ripped Too


Shower and hair brushing and one ripped shirt. This too is autism. The autism that was ignored this year exists every day. They autism no one talks about exists every day. The autism every President of the United States has glossed over or at best paid lip service to while a candidate. Autism is day old bread. Yesterday's news. Who ever thought we'd actually miss the days of neurodiversity feel good stories? On Wednesday night, President Biden finally spoke to Americans and especially children facing difficult circumstances....  but it wasn't us.


Goodbye "Autism Awareness Month."  Hello, T-shirt shopping.



Hollywood Glorifies Transgender people. It ignores the 1 in 20 boys with autism and the 1 in 35 kids with autism.


We’re not allowed to say vaccines come with risks because we’re not allot to say vaccines can cause autism.

Covid be damned!

angus files

I would want Biden right in front of my eyes no where near my back thanks.

Another routine day Kim what we would do for a new normal like our kids coming into the room not autistic.

Pharma For Prison



My brother went through a phase when he was a young adult where he snapped in half every wooden closet rod in the house, pulled at any threads in his clothing until they were shredded, broke or uprooted vegetable plants in the garden (seemingly when he was upset with my father), and he had to give up eating peas because he had to peel the skin off of Every. Single. Pea. in his bowl. He’s much less likely to do these things these days, but we’ll never really know if he just mellowed out with age or it was something else. I feel for you Kim.


Not signing. Signaling


I am pretty sure that vaccines are damaging the hypothalamus that cascades on down to the pituitary gland and is causing messed up sexual signing. increases in the populations.

So, I sure am glad that Biden has the back of people that have suffered vaccine adverse injuries.


Transgender treatments should be limited to those at and over 18 (the standard age of majority). Not administered to pubescent kids.

But autism treatments are limited to a certain age (like 22 or what now)?

Biden’s words are so creepy. The U.S. government is reeling in more and more president worship. President worship as America slowly collapses.

Ive seen too many Zoomers worshipping Bernie Sanders/Joe Biden/AOC/Howie Hanks/etc as if they’re Christ who’ll magically rescue the dystopian, pharmaceutical U.S.

I’ve seen far too many news stories of children as young as pre-K being sent to mental hospitals for extremely violent behaviors/mental illness (resulting in attacks against parents/demolished classrooms) and they think it’s just something to be fixed by drugs and CBT.

I’ve seen way too much stories of autistic adults who cannot function in the workplace, must live with their parents until death, are subject to even more expensive, painful and coercive autism therapies that rarely have success in an increasingly disabled nation.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, ASDs, LDs, ADHD/ADD, bowel diseases etc.


Whatever else the "transgender" phenomenon is, it is undeniably a great way to sell drugs. Hormone replacement therapy for life. Pharma's dream. I can't remember the last politician who didn't subscribe to the credo that Americans need more drugs, paid for magically by someone else.

Autism? It's non-stop work for the people who have it and their families, and because therapy and school and respite care require human beings, not drugs, everyone not immediately affected pretends it doesn't exist. I tend to vote for one party more than the other, but in general, they've both had a miserable track record when it comes to actual help for people who need it--people who have problems, through no fault of their own.

I am so, so sorry, Kim, for what must have been a rough morning. I pray that a breakthrough is still coming for your girls, and that when the opportunity arises, money is available, either from a foundation or from (I'm praying) the corporations that have profited from harming children for longer than I've been alive.

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