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Healthy Connecticut Kids Face Expulsion With No Plan To Educate

7AC2A63D-A63A-4B64-B641-9525B808D38DHarsh. Cruel. Jarring. And true. Don’t forget leprosy. Also allowed. This includes students with autism. 

You'd think after a solid year of watching what happens to children forced out of school, and their families, the mere thought of any reason to keep kids home artificially would be wholly repugnant. But no, here in Connecticut legislators have  been voting with salivating glee to cast the dirty, not-fully-vaccinated, dangerous, non-compliant children out of education.  Soon. And then what?



What about all the Neurotypical students/neurotypical family members being traumatized by autistic violent rages/property destruction/physical attacks...


Speaking of childhood rage, violence and aggression, didn’t a lot of family/kids shows feature fair amounts of violence (such as guns, punching, fighting etc) such as cowboy movies, superhero shows and movies, etc

yet, student school meltdowns,
constant school shootings,
nationwide childhood rages,
and extreme public meltdowns remained almost nonexistent until recently. Is this true?

Society blames media for the colossal rise in childhood rages, aggression and meltdowns.

susan welch

Madness, here is the research re aluminium in brains which will hopefully answer one of your queries.


What were the levels of aluminum in deceased autism clients brains?

What is the actual autism prevalence now, without the possibly fake, underestimated 1 in 35 statistic? Is it 1 in 10 now?


Susan Welch: So you never know the amount of aluminum being given in any vaccine - way over or really low. Wow.


Connecticut: “Violent aggressive kids, all vaccinated, punching and biting teachers, unable to speak foreign languages or even their native tongue, needing expensive therapies, flipping desks are allowed in school, but not healthy, non-vaccinated, non-aggressive children.”

America is lost.

Keep injecting aluminum adjuvants into the youth and watch their childhoods disappear. What is childhood now?

susan welch


The latest research from Prof. Exley and his team re quantity of aluminium in various vaccines.

angus files

its a no brainer, better to have no vaccines than no brains ,

Pharma For Prison



I’ve heard too many horror stories of children biting, cussing at, punching, scratching, and violently attacking their parents. Especially in Indiana, Florida, even Colorado

(as with the now-deceased Kreed Joshua, who died at age 18 with extreme suffering, extreme autism rages and meltdowns, seizures, skin/toe biting to the point of biting off his own skin, he raged in the car to the point his head smashed the front window, extreme nerve pain, breathing problems and damage from an MTHFD1 gene mutation, numerous health issues, hospitalizations, special dietary needs, and countless dollars spent on ASD therapies by his caregivers.)

Especially sad to hear stories of mentally ill, violent children across America, UK, Australia and Canada being increasingly hospitalized for aluminum aftermath.


Autism Speaks made the freezers just shut down? They don’t want us to see the toxins within the patients brains?

Autism Speaks is a provaxx/neurodiversity group, right? They (and the U.S. + it’s allies) have been sugarcoating autism for a long time now.

Along with increasing violent rages/aggression/meltdowns from children, teenagers and young adults, what about aluminum’s abilities to impair language + general learning?

The U.S. is trying to strengthen its alliance with South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Ireland, etc, but what will happen when a whole generation can’t gain much fluency in foreign languages, autism or not? Can’ travel due to violent rages/sensory overload? Special diets?

The alliances will become useless if American youth can’t speak foreign languages or travel, let alone work abroad.


There were deceased autistic brains being kept in a freezer for study but suddenly the freezer warmed up for three days even though it had alarms on it. The alarms also did not go off or were not heard for Three Days. This was, I believe ,attached to a Harvard Hospital. Few believe it was by accident. It was after Autism Speaks paid a visit. The fridge was working when they were there and when they appeared interested in scientific research.
Those that have been around have WATCHED as kids and teens have become more and more violent. Starting around Columbine, mass shootings have been increasing at a fast pace. As paid for science and doctors shoot kids up with neurotoxic aluminum, the brain suffers. It's like they are trying to shoot up their souls. Certainly not all kids become aggressive or have ill effects, but many might succumb to Aluminum created illnesses like Alzheimer's as they age. All this to stop little short term illnesses like mumps or chicken pox?


My Mother says that our government has declared war on the average American citizen.
They are not even going to bother to educate our children.

My mother has 40 years of school teaching behind her. She starting out teaching one room school houses back in 1946, then later taught in the consolidated schools, and even after she retired she substitued almost every day for another 10 years in even more consolidated schools.

Kamala Harris gets into some strange, laughing fit about how "they" are going to learn to appreciate schools. I guess that is what she said. It was hard to understand her behind the mask, and the crazy laugh.

Bob Moffit

The never-ending mystery … why are unvaccinated children a risk to fully vaccinated children .. unless we believe the vaccines DO NOT PROTECT ANYONE FROM CONTRACTING THE DISEASE THEY HAVE BEEN VACCINATED FOR????

If there is any other explanation for vaccinated to fear unvaccinated .. I haven't heard it in my long life-time?



Isn’t a lot of violent behavior in youth caused by neuronal aluminum accumulation/vaccine adjuvants in general? Aluminum adjuvants also damage gut microbiota and lung tissue.

I’d like to see studies on the brains of deceased, severely autistic individuals with violent and aggressive behaviors/histories of violent rages. To see how aluminum adjuvants and general toxins affect human behavior and brain function.

Schools would rather have violent, destructive, nonverbal, neurologically impaired students (as opposed to healthy, non-vaccinated students?)

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