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Happy Easter to All the Age of Autism Country Bunnies

Happy Easter Chick toting flowers
We each carry a heavy load.

Cathy has today off to enjoy her family. We want to wish all of our readers a Happy Spring, Happy Passover and Happy Easter. When I was a girl, I loved an old storybook, first published in 1939 called The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. It's a tale of a Mother bunny who has many, many children to tend, and who dreams of becoming one of the Easter bunnies.  The book was well ahead of its time.  There doesn't seem to be a Daddy Bunny. And the Mother Bunny is not only female, she is a brown bunny. The rich men bunnies who laugh at her dreams? They are not.

To become an Easter bunny, the wise old chief Bunny gives her a difficult task. She must complete an arduous journey to bring a basket to a sick boy.  No one supports her. No one thinks she has a chance.  How can she leave her children for an entire night to test to be an Easter bunny?  Take a few minutes to listen to the story. I think we can all relate to loving our kids so much, we can move heaven and earth. XOX 




Twitter bot didn't like this Easter greeting:

"Twitter suspends GOP congresswoman after she tweets 'He is Risen'"


Happy Easter to everyone, thanks for this wonderful story and everything you do all year !


Happy Resurrection Day!

I enjoyed that book as a child. I especially loved the drawings.
Praise Jesus! All of my bunnies are now gainfully employed (including my spouse who was laid off because of Covid).

"Easter Song"


I have this book for my kids too. I enjoyed it as a girl myself. Thanks for the memory Kim!

Bob Moffit



Happy Easter to everyone and God Bless our special children and adults on the autism spectrum. Thanks for the beautiful story Kim.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Kim. Charming story. Soon to be cancelled, no doubt!


I hope for a good easter to all on Earth.

I hope also for the total elimination of all postnatal chronic illness epidemics + vaccine injury epidemics.

I hope for a world without vaccines.

I hope for a clean, safe, happy, healthy, peaceful world.

I hope we won’t continue letting Reddit/Deviantart/Tumblr/YouTube/etc normalize and romanticize devastating autism spectrum and related disorders.

Jerry Martinez

Happy Easter to all! Enjoy the love that our children both typical and special needs radiate in abundance! Blessings to all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

angus files

Wishing everyone past and present a nice Easter day. Thanks for the fairy tail Kim I never knew about that one before now. What dreams were once made of.

God Bless.

Pharma For Prison


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