Police Abuse of Teen With Autism Caught On Camera
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Florida Academy Bucks the Education Trend

And now forIn Connecticut, home to Age of Autism, legislators just removed the Religious Exemption. Our local school district was jabbed with the J&J brand a few weeks ago, and you'd have thought that the staffers were about to drink from the fountain of youth, such was the giddy joy. With precious little thought to side effects or long term effects. One private school in Florida has really bucked the trend of educators' complete obeisance to any and all vaccination for the students and the staff. Of course, they are being pilloried in the media.  Schools that have put caution ahead of common sense with masks, distance, in person learning, have taken the vaccines as if mother's milk. Which might be tainted post vax.


From Anne Dachel

Apr 27, 2021, Local 10 News, Miami, FL: Miami private school warns staff about taking COVID-19 vaccine, threatening to fire anyone who does


A South Florida private school is making headlines for its vaccine policy, advising teachers not to get their shots.

There has been a firestorm of controversy over an email that went out to faculty and staff at the exclusive Miami private school Centner Academy, warning staff against taking any of the COVID-19 vaccines, saying the school will no longer employ anyone who has received a shot.

Centner Academy has campuses in the Design District and Edgewater.

It’s very pricey, with tuition starting at nearly $25,000 a year for Pre-K and elementary school students.

Co-founder Leila Centner sent an email to parents on Monday, laying out the school’s policy on vaccines, alleging, without citing any scientific evidence, that vaccinated persons may be transmitting something from their bodies that could harm others, impacting fertility and the reproductive systems of women and also the development of children.

FIU Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Aileen Marty called the school’s moves reckless.

“This is completely irresponsible,” she said. “It is spreading rumors about something that is completely unfounded. There is absolutely no basis in fact in any of the allegations that are made against the vaccine there.

“It’s just frightening that such a high level of misinformation is going out from someone who runs a school. It’s terrible.”


Laura Hayes

David Weiner,

It sure was good to see your name light up the AoA screen again! Thanks for sharing the link to the meme :)

David Weiner


Laura Hayes

Jonathan Rose,

Self-propagating vaccines and the new injections that appear to be adversely affecting others with whom the vaccinated come in contact may be one and the same, and not an entirely different matter.

I have advocated and fought for the elimination and permanent banning of vaccine mandates for 25 years now. That battle may now be a moot point if vaccines, and everything that is/will be labeled a vaccine, is covertly spread without the knowledge or consent of those exposed and impacted.

Nonetheless, I will remain steadfast in my stance that you can’t have vaccine/medical mandates of any sort, or for any reason, in a free and ethical society, nor can meaningful informed consent occur in the presence of mandates. Additionally, exemptions do not/will not suffice, as no one should have to formally exempt out of a vaccine, or any medical procedure or treatment...a simple “no thank you” should always suffice.

Jonathan Rose

Laura, self-propagating vaccines are an entirely different matter, and AoA is absolutely right to blow the whistle on them. These would in effect vaccinate individuals without their knowledge or consent, and that's why we have to hold fast to the principle that decisions about vaccinations should lie solely with the patients.

Laura Hayes

Jonathan Rose,

The technology exists to have those injected transmit to others what they were injected with:


And as we here at AoA know, those injection contents always include the ability/purposeful intent to harm, sterilize, and kill.

It appears it will continue to become harder and harder to protect oneself and one’s children from unwanted harmful agents, be it those who have been injected with that which is transmitted to others, toxic sprays in the form of herbicides, pesticides, and “cleaning” agents, poisoned water, heavy metals sprayed down from the skies, and more. But many of us will continue to try to protect ourselves and those we love, and it might involve self-selecting communities of likeminded people, including schools that don’t permit those who have been injected with that which can then be transmitted to others.

Individual and parental reports hold far more weight with me than any media account of anything. If doctors, regulators, public officials, school boards, law makers, the media, and others were not so willfully ignorant, pridefully arrogant, and/or disgustingly corrupt, reports of health and development changes and impairments, including deaths, by individuals and parents post-vaccination would prove to be more than sufficient to issue an immediate moratorium on each and every vaccine, the new injections, and countless other pharmaceutical products and medical devices. However, once bribery, blackmail, and a thirst for profits and power enter into the equation, moral and ethical decisions and treatment of others disappear.

As I recently wrote in a comments section here on AoA, if any of these adverse events (https://raysahelian.com/covidvaccinesideeffects.html), which include death, occurred following the taking of an herbal supplement, that supplement would be off the market, banned forever, and the maker of it sued, in the blink of an eye.

Pharma's many tentacles of power are far-reaching and evil.

angus files

One shot of vaccine leaves people vulnerable to new Covid variants warns new study
INDIA is currently battling a vicious new wave of coronavirus, which is thought to be driven in part by a new variant originating in the country. Amid fears the variant could spread more widely in the UK, a new study has found the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine leaves people vulnerable against new variants of COVID-19.


Pharma For Prison



CMS is Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


@ Laura Hayes

Great work by Dr. Dr. Sahelian. This should have been done by the CDC.

@Ronald N. Kostoff
You had made a post regarding the fact that an earlier government commissioned study showed VAERS only captured about 1% of actual incidents. I think VAERS is only for public consumption and the government has a disclaimer on the sight that the data is voluntary and therefore is not confirmed. In other words, it wouldn't hold up in a court of law.

I watched the live virtual ACIP emergency meeting which would to decide the fate of J&J's "paused" Covid 19 vaccine.
As expected, it is back on the market. After the decision ACIP put up a slide that included this:

-Continue enhanced monitoring in VAERS and surveillance in other vaccine safety systems (e.g., VSD, CMS, VA electronic health record)"

This begs the question, "What is the difference between "enhanced monitoring" and "surveillance"?
Do citizens have access to the "other safety systems"? I believe VSD stands for Vaccine Safety DataLink, don't know what CMS is, and I guess "VA" is Veterans' Administration. The 1999 EIS Verstraeten report on Thimerosal in vaccines utilized the Vaccine Safety DataLink, but that report was only available under FOIA request. Vaccines also fall under military use, so it is my opinion that "separate books" are kept for vaccine adverse events. Certain people have more details than others. That means citizens are not allowed to have true informed consent. This has been a long term problem with the vaccine program.


I see several legitimate reasons to allow this policy:

The vaccines are known to cause activation of pathogens, such as shingles and bells palsy

Investigations of effects on menstrual cycles due to many reported abnormalities

the shots are all warp speed, with regulatory agencies unable to provide guidance at this time, on who is susceptible to injury


Jonathan Rose,
I agree with you about free medical choice for all, without discrimination, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.
Also, it seems that according to this, the vascular problems caused by covid, are actually being caused by the spike protein, rather than the virus. So when we are vaccinating people to make them manufacture lots of spike protiens, we are potentially damaging their vascular system in the same way that covid does.And of course, for the vaccinated, the spike protiens have the potential to keep on reproducing and creating damage long term. Does anone know any studies which show how long it takes a vaccinated person's body to stop manufacturing the protiens?
Even Reuters cheerfully mentions the fact after applauding the vaccines; are these journalists not actually reading or understanding the implications of what they are reporting?
From the article
he new findings could help explain the blood clots associated with COVID-19. They could also explain "why some people have strokes, and why some people have issues in other parts of the body," Manor said. "The commonality between them is that they all have vascular underpinnings

The relevance to vaccine injuries seems to have completely escaped them. And the fact that in an infection, the body gets rid of the virus, and the spike proteins therefore also go away. With the vaccine, the body is deliberately being instructed to keep pumping out spike proteins that have the potential to damage the mitochondria in the vascular system. Maybe the bright minds who brought us the vaccine could also start working on figuring out how to tell the body to stop manufacturing the proteins; or are we going to see increasing ongoing long term vascular damage in the vaccinated?

John Stone


I haven’t seen the hammering. It seems to me some verbiage has been pasted in which is puzzling and may have existed in some other document in regard to another product/products, and doesn’t seem to quite fit. The question I suppose might be whether this is accidental or whether it is there for a purpose.

Plainly, if they did not want to be misunderstood Pfizer are to blame.

Jonathan Rose

So John, are you saying that all this was a mistake, that the Pfizer report does not suggest that the vaccinated can transmit adverse effects to the unvaccinated? I appreciate the correction, but the media is gleefully hammering us over this. Laura, you say the injections might be weaponized? Well, the media (including our small hometown newspaper) has weaponized this story to attack us. The Centners (as is prominently highlighted in these reports) have donated money to the Trump and DeSantis campaigns, so as far as most journalists are concerned, you might as well draw a bulleye on their backs. There are certainly lots of legitimate concerns about the safety and inadequate testing of these vaccines, and we can use those concerns to argue forcefully against mandatory vaccination. It is far easier to argue that a vaccine hasn't been proven safe than to prove that it is unsafe, and we are in a very strong ethical position when we insist on no-exceptions informed consent. But we have to be careful with our facts, because accuracy is important for its own sake, but also because the Dark Side will ruthlessly exploit any slip-ups on our part.


@Jonathan Rose

"Hang on, surely this is going too far. Our position should be that vaccination must be a voluntary individual decision, and that no one (teacher or student) should be booted out of school for getting vaccinated or for refusing vaccination."

You are making a false equivalency. Healthy symptomless individuals who have not experimented with experimental immune altering injections (with potential harmful side effects to themselves and others) are the GOLD STANDARD. The school has every right to bar injected individuals from the school until the safety issue is resolved. Our natural immune system lets the body know it is sick through specific symptoms. If you have them, you stay home until your body has cleared the infection. This is quite different from the current EXPERIMENTAL AND ARTIFICIAL situation created by these new injections. The same goes for the so-called immune compromised. If a cancer treatment DESTROYS someone's immune system, it is not a viable treatment. If someone chooses this treatment, it is ON THEM to isolate themselves. They can be educated through home schooling or distance learning. The burden is not on the healthy majority to accomodate them in a classroom setting. They have been exploited by pharma to force vaccines on the healthy children.

Ronald N. Kostoff

From my last comment: "It’s like the ancient legend of Achilles. His mother grabbed him by the heel, dipped him in the water, and he was invulnerable to weaponry forever after. Vaccination is just exactly like that. Lethal diseases? You just laugh. They can’t touch you."

What he forgot to mention is that the part of the heel by which Achilles' mother grabbed him was vulnerable. Does the parallel still hold?

Ronald N. Kostoff


One of Gates' co-inventors on the patent (https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2015-americas-top-inventor-lowell-wood/). From the article:

"Wood continues: “Bill Gates and I share the common viewpoint that vaccines are the closest thing to magic that human technology has come up with, because you do this terribly ritualistic little pricking of the skin or sometimes take a pill, and you’re immune to the disease forever after. It’s like the ancient legend of Achilles. His mother grabbed him by the heel, dipped him in the water, and he was invulnerable to weaponry forever after. Vaccination is just exactly like that. Lethal diseases? You just laugh. They can’t touch you.”"

Laura Hayes

U.S. patent listing Bill Gates as one of the inventors:


Laura Hayes

Comprehensive compilation of the side effects of the new injections:


John Stone

Hi Laura

I have now had an explanation of this which I accept. This is a piece of boilerplate from a standard Pfizer protocol which has got left over - the situation where someone been sent him with some pills for example, but not applicable to someone who has just been vaccinated. It does not actually make sense and should not be there.


Jonathan, I heard someone from the school saying that if a teacher did vaccinate, the teacher would not be sacked, but merely given other duties for a period of time so that they were not in close contact with the students. This may have been a backtracking move on the school's part but they believe the vaccine has not been proven to be safe to those who come in contact with the vaccinated.

Laura Hayes

Jonathan Rose,

The caveat that must be taken into serious consideration is that the new injections might be weaponized.

Jonathan Rose

Yes, granted, it may well be that the vaccinated can transmit adverse events to the unvaccinated. But surely, as a matter of principle, we have to insist that all individuals have a right to medical privacy, and have the right to make their own medical decisions, including the decision to vaccinate or not. If one school can fire a teacher for vaccinating, then any other school can (and will) fire teachers for not vaccinating.

Laura Hayes

Pfizer document admits and warns of adverse effects transmitted from the injected to those around them:



Thank you for the link, that was an interesting group of viewpoints.


Jonathan, I agree that adults should be able to get these poisons - just like they can go BASE jumping if they like.

But it should be life imprisonment to give this - or any other - vaccine to a child.


Jonathan Rose
The gov is spending enormous sums, not to convince people to take vaccines, but to convince others that non-vaccinated should be excluded from life, as has happened in Israel.
The have the excelsior pass in NY.
Forming alternative communities sees a proactive response at this late juncture.

Laura Hayes

Jonathan Rose,

You might feel differently after watching this in its entirety:


the brainwashing is everywhere

I was literally just at our local Walmart when all of a sudden over the store speaker came this announcement:

"Anyone who wants a free Covid vaccine please come to the pharmacy. There is no charge and we are vaccinating right now."

Unbelievable. What a strange and scary world we live in. They are now trying to brainwash people while they are shopping. I was so disgusted I just abandoned my cart and left the store.

angus files

I was waiting for my brother coming back from his COVID vaccine (i tried) Watching the queue you would think it was a dead cert for eternal life they were waiting in and not the dead cert for early death that the the COVID is by design going to deliver the excitement and social distancing and all correcting one another with their nappy masks on a sight truly unbelievable 3 years ago.
My brother had a sore arm and stiffness along his shoulders for a week after.

Great school bright kids will come from that school.

Pharma For Prison


Jonathan Rose

Hang on, surely this is going too far. Our position should be that vaccination must be a voluntary individual decision, and that no one (teacher or student) should be booted out of school for getting vaccinated or for refusing vaccination.


I don’t like everything FL does, but even they know vaccines are NOT safe.

Florida has been struggling with violent, aggressive, mentally institutionalized and autistic students, children and teenagers who’ve virtually all been vaccinated at least once.

Will FL finally reveal the truth about rising ASD rates and aluminum adjuvants/general toxins?

Sharon D Kistler

I'm ready to move to Florida, and as an SAT/ACT and academic tutor, I'd like to live near this school! I'd love to be working with these families. Like-minded folks.

Bob Moffit

I think INFORMED CONSENT should be the standard on ALL VACCINATIONS … it should be the CHOICE of parents of children as well as adults … if someone wants to get vaccinated I say God bless you and hope you remain healthy … if someone does not want to get vaccinated I say God bless you and hope you remain healthy.

As for myself .. personal experience has taught me to believe there is no such thing as a ONE SIZE FITS ALL VACCINE WHERE THE BENEFITS OF THE VACCINE WILL ALWAYS OUTWEIGH THE RISKS.

But then again … that's just my opinion …


I want a job at that school!

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