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I am not impressed with attorney Norm Pattis who has been hired to fight the Connecticut law removing religious exemption from vaccines. His Constitutional First Amendment approach has been tried in other states and failed. He actually took both Covid vaccines, but didn't know much about them. Listen to his interview with Alex Jones:

What they didn't say:
Both the EUA Covid 19 injection AND the 1986 "taxable vaccines" are a FEDERAL product. They were created by FEDERAL LAW so that the Federal government could grant liability protection to the manufacturers AND set up "taxable vaccine" injury payouts to citizens FUNDED BY A VACCINE TAX. Constitutionally, the Government can only raise money through taxation. The states have no legal authority over the EUA or "taxable vaccine" products other than to allow them to be used in their state.
As per Federal law, the EUA is experimental and informed consent only. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act "taxable vaccine" product is RECOMMENDED only. The Federal law does not mandate taking either product.

Some states have claimed Jacobson vs. Massachusetts gives them authority to mandate the current "taxable vaccines" in a health emergency, but this is a faulty assumption. The original law is archaic because the word "vaccine" used ONLY meant the cowpox vaccine used against small pox. If the citizen refused the vaccine, the law gave the state the right to impose a fine. It was upheld by the Supreme Court.

When the 1986 law was passed, it had to include a LEGAL DEFINITION of the word "vaccine" because they wanted to include all the new vaccines in addition to the smallpox vax. If the word "vaccine" was not legally defined in the Federal code, Pharma could call many of their medical products a "vaccine" and get liability protection. The original 1986 definition was later amended and made so broad that IT FITS THE DESCRIPTION OF THE COVID 19 GENE THERAPY JAB. What a coincidence!

In my opinion, by having a Federal definition, it is obvious that the current Federal product available to the states is NOT the "vaccine" referenced in Jacobson, which was ONLY for small pox. The states have no legal jurisdiction over the Federal product to change it to mandatory. They know this. Yet, they are trying to follow Jacobson by "fining" those who refuse the jab. What is their fine? Loss of thousands of dollars in public school tuition. But they go beyond even that by barring the unvaccinated child from ATTENDING both public and private school- which is paid for by the parent. The family of the banned child is left in jeopardy of violating the compulsory education law. Public schooling is not a privilege; it is the fulfillment of the law.
There is another caveat. Public schools exist ONLY because there is a state compulsory education law. In order to use law to compel a citizen to be educated, the state was compelled to provide for that education through tax funded schools. Citizens can also fulfill their legal obligation by using privately funded schools. Therefore, the State cannot take away the money provided for compulsory education and call it a tax penalty for not taking a vaccine. If the state wants to bar a child from public school attendance for not taking a vaccine, then they must still provide money for an alternative education.

And my final point is that the premise for requiring the jab is that it is safe and effective 100%. Yes, it must be 100%. Otherwise, one must follow the Nuremberg Code which calls for informed consent in order to evaluate the risk/benefit FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL. The law must be applied equally, so if it isn't 100% safe and effective for ALL students, the government CANNOT mandate it.
All of the above is my opinion. I am not an attorney.

Kathy Sincere

Laura Hayes,

Regarding the 20 year ban on Tryptophan that began in 1988 - I left out something.

Wasn't it such a COINCIDENCE that a manufacturing source of Tryptophan was contaminated at exactly the SAME TIME that Prozac was being introduced?! What are the odds? Is it possible that an agent for Pharma had a hand in that contamination? We will surely never know. Also, it was such a blessing for all the other antidepressants being rolled out over the following years.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, all of them.

Laura Hayes

Peggy Hall continues to be a beacon of light in this fight. I hope you will be encouraged and inspired by her 2 recent (and brief) videos:

Laura Hayes

Kathy Sincere,

Thank you for that background information on l-tryptophan...I had no idea of its history!

The fact that we who pay taxes fund the many government regulatory agencies that are corrupt to the core, and that put out information and make decisions that destroy the health and well-being of Americans, both infuriates me and makes me sick and disgusted.

Kathy Sincere

@Laura Hayes,

Thanks for making that comparison to herbal/natural supplements harming people vs. vaccines injuring and killing them. It reminded me of when the amino acid l-tryptophan was yanked from the market for 20 years, beginning in 1988. The Food and Drug Administration called for all supplies of L-tryptophan to be removed from the market because of continuing reports linking its use to a sometimes fatal blood disorder, eosinophilia. Tryptophan was extremely popular in the 70’s and 80’s for successfully treating depression and insomnia with no bad side-effects.

Tryptophan was produced by 5 manufacturers at the time of the ban. A contaminant that caused eosinophilia in dozens of people was traced to the Japanese company Showa Denko; the other four manufacturers did not have contaminated tanks. The problem with Showa Denko was fixed in a matter of months. So WHY was this popular effective supplement banned for 20 years?! Read on.

At the VERY SAME TIME scientists produced a new, highly targeted class of antidepressants, led by Prozac, which hit the U.S. market in 1987, followed by Zoloft in 1991 and Paxil in 1992. Everyone who previously used tryptophan for depression was eager to try these new antidepressants, and so the addiction began. Those using tryptophan for insomnia began using the new “sleeping pills”.

Why would the FDA allow tryptophan back on the market when the new pharmaceuticals were wildly popular. The fear and mistrust of an effective, natural supplement like tryptophan had to continue for 20 years. When reintroduced, it had a “black box” type of warning on it. And people forgot about it.

Does this remind anyone of how hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, benign effective treatments for Covid, are dismissed ( often banned) along with natural supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. Meanwhile the FDA and CDC band plays on for the gene-altering shots that paralyze, sicken and kill people every day. There is always an agenda for the pharmaceutical/medical/government triumvirate.

Laura Hayes

Isn't it interesting that lawmakers don't mandate that they themselves be "protected" by vaccinations?

Same with all those at vaccine-making companies, starting at the top, with the CEO and CFO.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for the link. The reporting was beyond terrible, reprehensible in fact, as the reporters and news station bent over backwards not to bite the controlling and evil hands that feed them, and worked hard to spin the story in their defense and favor.

Imagine if this woman said she became paralyzed after taking an herbal supplement. It would have been non-stop national news, the hospital would have commented, gleefully denigrating herbal supplements and all non-pharmaceutical products, the product would have been pulled from the market immediately (likely by the manufacturer, since it would be liable, unlike vaccine manufacturers), and the manufacturer of the product would have been decimated by both the media and word of mouth. And, no doubt, Pharma’s many lobbyists would be hard at work paying off law makers to initiate bills to ban herbal supplements.

But, when a vaccine is responsible for paralyzing someone, we see quite a different story.

The Conservative Woman
Marched off to the cells for preaching God's word
Article by Peter Simpson April 27 2021

Diversity ? Equity? Unity? Solidarity? or just identical sameness ?
ie as in Stasi?
What happened to people get accepted, as is their personal situation and presentation?

The giant tap-dancing noses scene from Shostakovich's The Nose Opera . Royal Opera House YouTube

"Tax it and Vaccinate it .There be money in them noses !"

Proverbs Chapter 3 v-5-7
Read it or don't read it ? that's your choices, that's your options, so you can take it or leave it?


"Gov. Ned Lamont signs bill eliminating Connecticut’s religious exemption for mandatory school vaccinations"
The Governor is not a man after God's own heart.
He calls your unvaxxed children "deadly diseases."
God is judging the faithless in Connecticut. Flee while you still can. It is a den of drug lords.


This looks like transverse myelitis, what do you think ?

Right there at Vandy with Dolly Parton and william shatner (sic)


I’d like everyone at AOA to contact the White House + CT govt. about individuals affected by this.

We are a nation of illiterate, low grade achieving, and chronically ill individuals.

How low?


the American people deserve better.



The White House literally blasted Joe Rogan for warning about the dangers of COVID19 vaccines:

Notice “White House”, not just one particular political party. The whole house.

How much will the U.S. White House have to pay in annual autism costs?


Onward the protests to the governor's office...



Senate votes to end religious exemptions for vaccines

"A crowd of about 3,000 people rallied outside the state Capitol on Tuesday to protest a vaccine bill the state Senate later voted to pass."
"They shouted into bullhorns, waved American flags and rallied around dozens of speakers who took the stage outside the Capitol building to protest the bill."

Senators heard the crowd, but they didn't have ears to hear.

Tainted blood plasma supply?

Vaccinated plasma donors can save hundreds of lives, earn hundreds of dollars

"The antibodies in a donation from someone who never had COVID, still help millions of patients with chronic illnesses like blood disorders, certain trauma victims, autoimmune disorders, and people with compromised immune systems.
The same can be said for people who have been VACCINATED.
They too have antibodies that fight off COVID-19 along with antibodies that can be used for someone with a weakened immune system who can barely fight off a common cold."

I guess there won't be warnings on the label......

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