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Best Of: Vaccination and Segregation

Sneetch unvaxedNote: This is a BEST OF Cathy wrote back in 2016, and relevant in a more shocking way in 2021.

By Cathy Jameson

It isn’t often that I can’t come up with a topic to write about for a Sunday’s post, but this week, after days of brainstorming, nothing satisfied me.  Not wanting to waste any precious time, on Friday morning I cruised through Google news to see if anything there grabbed my attention.  Something did.  But it wasn’t the pro-vaccine article that grabbed my eye and got my wheels spinning.  It was someone’s comment that piqued my interest. 

Paraphrased, an obviously very pro-vaccine individual told another commenter, who happened to have a vaccine-injured child, that Parents like you who choose to not vaccinate should not be allowed to mingle with the public. 

As terrible as that comment sounded, I wasn’t shocked.  I kept reading. 

Other pro-vaccine commenters began to leave similar messages.  They were in agreement and clarified that The Unvaccinated should be barred from public schools, from stores, and from society in general.    

They continued: 

The Unvaccinated should be corralled into their own society. 

With the hopes that child protective services would soon pay a visit. 

And maybe the sheriff, too. 


To take unvaccinated children away and to arrest The Unvaccinated’s uneducated parents who willingly choose to expose the public to disease. 

Because it’s unfair for vaccinated people to be subjected to The Unvaccinated, that’s why! 

Even though The Unvaccinated cannot magically infect other humans no matter how fantastical an idea that is. 

Cat 9 18

Image source: Natural Mother Magazine FB page

The belief that The Unvaccinated are icky and selfish and enchanted spreaders of disease is off-base especially when it’s the vaccinated who are not as immune as they have been lead to believe.  Just last week, we learned that once again, another “outbreak” of a vaccine-preventable disease - this time the mumps, has included individuals who were vaccinated for…wait for it, wait for it…the mumps!  Despite that undeniable fact, comments toward The Unvaccinated continued to be full of unwarranted accusations. 

Ironically, the vaccinated and unvaccinated have been living and breathing alongside each other for quite some time.  I’m sure it wasn’t all peace and harmony in the past when the topic of vaccines was broached, but they’ve lived side-by-side.  Not only that, somehow they survived.  Sure, people likely had strong opinions about disease and vaccines then as they do now.  And sure, people also more than likely disagreed about those topics then as they do now.  But now, with multiple social media platforms and countless online article comment sections open to anyone who has access to the internet, everyone can share their thoughts wherever and whenever they want, nice or otherwise. 

Many do share their thoughts.  Sadly, it isn’t just a random thought or a strong opinion being offered; it’s a vicious attack. 

It’s too bad that that happens because many who chose to maintain an unvaccinated status clearly have well-thought out reasons supporting their choice.  Likewise, those who wish to fully vaccinate themselves or their children have their own supporting reasons as well. 

Each side, for lack of a better term, is so very passionate.  It isn’t too often that I see it, but I think that each side could quite easily meet in the middle.  How? 

By sharing personal stories.

By having discussion.

By reviewing studies together.

By listening to opposing viewpoints. 

By trying to agree to disagree.

All that’s been done before and continues to be done as I witnessed late Friday morning while reading.  Sometimes exchanges end with positive results.  Other times - like that recent thread of comments left on that random article I chose to read - not so much. 

Knowing it was a pro-vaccine article even before I opened the link, I told myself not to go near the comments, but I was curious.  So I read them.  All of them.  Now, I could have been all sorts of sad and frustrated knowing that a handful of pro-vaccine commenters continued to have zero respect for parents like me, but when I reread their posts, I thought, Hey! These guys might actually have a good idea. 

Hear me out. 

Remember one of them suggested that The Unvaccinated should be corralled into their own society?  Knowing what I know about The Unvaccinated and how they’re years ahead of Science and also so very knowledgeable when it comes to natural health options, I don’t think kicking us out of society is a bad idea. 

I think it’s a great idea! 

After we’re shuttled off and settled in, I imagine the space that The Unvaccinated would be calling home would evolve into a ‘green’ initiative.  With all of us working together, it would be holistic, therapeutic and cultivated for organic gardening.  It would be free of what ails The Unvaccinated – things like gluten, dairy and toxic chemicals.  It would be free of other things, too, like situations of having to defend my stance on a particular topic that’s now constantly referred to as controversial.  I’d be free to have respectful conversations about vaccines and such, but I don’t think I’d spend too much time on that. I would instead focus my efforts on other topics like healing my child.  With the help of some of the hardest working parents I’ve ever encountered, who are also not allowed to mingle with the public, I know that healing really could happen. 

Free to be in a place to think and do what’s best for my vaccine-injured child isn’t terrible.  It would be an oasis.  Would I miss anything from the real world though?  Of course. 

If ever I do find myself sent to a concentration camp-like setting that one the pro-vaccine commenter suggested I and other parents belong, I’d miss those closest to me who don’t view vaccines as I do.  I’d love nothing more than to have them join The Unvaccinated.  Our opinions differ.  Our vaccine statuses differ, too.  That could happen but not until our major differences in opinion ceased.  Unlike the pro-vaccine commenters, though, at least my friends are respectful of my opinion that vaccines are not entirely safe or entirely effective. 

Friends I have may not like my opinion, but they respect it.  So, yes, if I became a castoff, I’d miss them dearly.  But after reading the hateful, negative comments online the other day, and after the week of vaccine-injury and autism-hell that Ronan’s been through – the seizure activity, the public meltdowns, the unfortunate communication struggles – well, if pro-vaccine commenters are willing to send me away to a community where parents like me and families like mine can live in peace, I’ll take it.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Thanks Age of Autism,thanks Angus, nice place as well, but bottom up suppurating standards meet top down festering forensics of care standards" Criteria and Guidelines "
Care Inspectorate Report -Millport Care Centre -Sanctuary Report 4 December 2019 .
Regulatory oversight not fit for purpose? CQC or The Health and Social Care Ombudsman Service ,simply don't have, [1] The required toolkit or [2] The What Withs, to deal with that level of abuse, with physical assault and battery, to get a medical procedure, forced without consent?
I'm sure that's gonnie gie even hardy police, a topsy turvey tummy ,with or without the dry balk !
thinking about that situation.
Would they get away with the same situation in Barlinnie Prison ? All out of sight, out of mind ?
That's not community care, that's caged containment ,community care, gulags and ghettos?

The police may want to consider making more fruitful use of their time, training ,skills and abilities ?.
My friends daughter,the vet's wife , got stopped by police on her way to a hairdressers appointment in Edinburgh ,travelled from Hamilton . On the spot fine £60 for being outwith her own area ?,so she just kept her hair appointment anyway , Stopped again on the way home ,numberplate recognition , wallopped with a £1000 fine ,for not going straight home when advised to do so !
after £60 fine?

https/>history >fun stuff
12 Old street songs you'll know by heart if you grew up in Glasgow


thanks for the references Tim,
they do point to mad cow and other neurodegenerative disorders.
The prion stuff was a real eye opener too....I just don't know what's going to happen to this extremely large cohort of doesn't look good so far.


I've been wondering how many disabled kids there could be on the tiny island of Cumbrae. I fear if the school is closed they may have to travel to the mainland. I've also read that everyone on Fairisle has been vaccinated twice! Is this going to be another Gibralter?
What a clever horse that was. My sister reacted the same way when we went for our polio jabs. Perhaps she remembered the really nasty one - Yellow Fever - we had when I was a baby. I couldn't understand why she made such a fuss. I only found out in my fifties!


Autism to increase by 112% in just eight years - in Barnsley alone:

angus files

My wife`s friend is from Millport all her relations come from there she`ll be shocked when we show her this unlike its portrayal and what the barmaid in the story called it,she refers to as a 'a scabby wee town on a scabby wee island" its meant to be a really nice place and safe for kids but probably like all these places they become retirement places and the locals are forced out as they cant afford the inflated house prices..nobody should be having to be forced into having untested vaccines into their body.

We had a horse called Saxon who if a vet appeared within a mile of him he could sense it and would start behaving annoyed` ears back etc as he thought he was going to be vaccinated. We could not get a vaccine into him during our ownership before he sadly died but we reckon he had a bad vaccine when he was younger and remembered it and who did it -vets. This poor person forced vaccinated probably thought the same that's the cause of all my problems and resisted as much as she could she put up a brave fight well done her and got attention on them I hope the place closes.

Pharma For Prison



As in the beautiful and hilarious comedy series, "Millport" by Lynne Ferguson. I believe this talented lady has had to give up writing because of having a disabled child. So much sadness, even on the islands.

angus files

Scots care home resident ‘held down and vaccinated against her will’ as two workers suspended
The Care Inspectorate warned that unless there is marked improvement at Millport Care Centre it will cancel the home’s registration

Pharma For Prison


John Stone




When pressed I simply smile and say I'm participating in the experiment too. I'm in the control group.

Tim Lundeen

@drymeadow Re mRNA vaccines and prion disease, it looks like a real possibility. It's possible that people getting them already have prion disease, which takes 10-12+ years to show symptoms, with death 1 year after symptoms.

Why might mRNA vaccines trigger prion disease, while the natural covid infection does not?

It has to do with the extremely clever engineering that goes into mRNA vaccines. Normal RNA uses a uricil nucleotide as part of its coding, but our immune systems recognize uricil-contining foreign RNA and just destroy it. The vaccines hack this by replacing uricil with 1-methyl-3’-pseudouridylyl, denoted by Ψ. This replacement Ψ calms our immune system, and is accepted as a normal U by relevant parts of the cell when the RNA is used to make proteins. Problem solved! Brilliant!
The problem is that the fake uricil can turn into a prion. Prions are self-replicating and just need enough "ammunition" in their environment to continue to grow. The vaccines can give you mad cow disease.

Risk of prions:

How the mRNA vaccines work:


Why are both the Democratic and Republican party OK with childhood vaccines?


Forrest Maready has put out a bunch more videos - called "My incredible opinion"

The episode called "Circle the Wagons" It think that is right; he says we may have to gather togeter our own communities for protection like the amish. THat is what he thinks is coming.

Who thought that I would think, thoughts like this just a few years ago. But boy, I have had my world turned upside down so many times already.


Just a little place outside of Show Low. Organic food and unconditional love. I'll take it too.
Some days I've had enough and today is one of them. We have a housing crisis with my son, too many bills to pay, a government that looks like China, and my vaccine injured colleagues are putting pressure on me to take a dangerous vaccine. Oh, and my mom took the vaccine and my sister thinks she had a mini stroke. Fubar. No mask for me today. No masks at that place outside of Show Low. Have a great day you guys, and if you have a good link on the prion disease, please post again, thank you !

Bob Moffit

As a parent and grandparent of TWO VACCINE INJURED CHILDREN .. one having her spleen removed to begin a life-long battle … her autoimmune system seriously compromised .. the other diagnosed autistic at two years of age and today at 21 remains non-verbal and not independently self-sufficient .. I will reconsider my personal aversion to VACCINES …. ALL OF THEM .. when a truly independent scientific openly transparent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations to ascertain .. ONCE AND FOR ALL .. if vaccines are responsible for 54% of today's generation suffering chronic autoimmune disorders … a COMMON SENSE STUDY THE VACCINE INDUSTRY REFUSES TO DO.


Nah .. I'll pass on the covid vaccine .. but .. thanks for asking

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