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Autism Socks


These are socks I bought my daughters for St. Patrick's Day.  Most people see cute Snooppy socks.  But autism parents? We see something else. At least I did.  Behavior. Meltdowns. Reports from school of a very bad day. Maybe a call for early pick up. Or worse, maybe a restraint or hold. Do you see it? Click the jump.

This little bugger. The stupid, plastic attachments that are all over socks. If you don't find every single one and remove it completely, it can really hurt your foot.  You or I would stop, take off our sock, pull it out and carry on with our day. Your kids, my kids, might not be able to do that. They would feel pain, an annoying scratch and not be able to tell us with simple words.

This is autism. Tiny reminders all day long of all the things that can go wrong and be harmful for our precious kids.

Who else talks about this but us at Age of Autism?



Kim you are so right that we parents of children and adults with autism have to constantly worry about all the things that can go wrong and be harmful for our precious kids. We live with the stress and constant worry about their well being especially when they are out with staff in day programs and not with us. Only parents like us know the agonizing way of life that having a son or daughter on the spectrum can cause the entire family. I don't know where we get the strength to continue in our perilous journey raising our children with autism. We do it because we love and cherish them so much and know that no one else can love them as much as we do. God Bless us autism moms and dads and our special children.

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