Harris County Texas Sheriff's Department Honors and Helps People With Autism
Happy Easter to All the Age of Autism Country Bunnies

An Unhealthy Person Is Our Best Customer

38B03F7A-3842-4192-9B28-F6911549878EThis photo of a clearly proud and happy woman was bouncing around social media.  She looks quite proud, and I hope she is and and remains very healthy. She's holding up her Covid CDC card while chomping on a rather tasty looking donut. Perhaps she took part in the Krispy Kreme promotion. Do they have sprinkle donuts?  I have no idea, I live in Dunkin Donuts country. Everywhere I scroll, I see people waving their vax cards like wee American flags.

What I do not see, is any attention to H-E-A-L-T-H.

Our American Covid protection campaign seems not about becoming or staying healthy for one minute. How often do you see workers standing outside their offices, masks around their chins, puffing away on cigarettes? Personal responsibility is limited to masks and vaccinations.  I haven't seen any public service announcements offering to help them quit smoking to protect their lungs, have you? I see less than zero attention to strengthening the host - that's you and me - to ward off infection. In fact, there seems to be a complete disconnect between personal health responsibility and the ability to avoid contracting or transmitting Covid.  We are told that we're irresponsible if we don't get jabbed or wear a mask, but that's the beginning, middle and end our what's required of us.

The headline I wrote is a throwback to the TV commercials for an off-price clothing chain called Syms.  Now long closed, Sy Sym's daughter Marci would say, "An educated consumer is our best customer."  Those were the days. Syms is long gone, and so is our health.


NECC sucks

And the leader in pro vaccines in MA. is at it again ensuring they have forever clients. I feel for the kids that are subjected to this horrific place. Keep in mind NECC is sponsored by none other than Dunkin Donuts. Shove the kids full of junk food and constantly make sure they are vaccinated has been their motto forever.

Press Release:

The New England Center for Children is sharing some fantastic news. Yesterday, the Southborough based institute for autism received enough doses of a Covid-19 vaccine for all of its students ages 16 and older and NECC’s direct-care staff.

NECC began administering the vaccine yesterday and is continuing today and tomorrow. The institute shared the news along with some photos.

Below is the press release, followed by more pictures:


The New England Center for Children® (NECC®), a global leader in education and research for children with autism, announced today that they received and have begun administering the COVID-19 vaccine to direct-care staff and residential students over the age of 16.

“NECC special education teachers are on the front-lines caring for children with autism in group homes. Many of these children are over 16 years of age and are themselves at high risk,” said Vincent Strully, NECC Founder and CEO. “The COVID-19 vaccination will lower that risk and the Department of Health and Human Services is to be applauded for their efficiency in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to our most vulnerable populations.”

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are being administered in the school’s gym and aquatic center. More than 900 direct-care staff and students over the age of 16 will receive the vaccine over a three-day period. NECC is one of 34 schools operating 42 residential care programs in Massachusetts, which provide 24-hour supervision for special needs children in structured group homes.

“The NECC community, from teachers to students to parents, are delighted and appreciative that the COVID-19 vaccine has arrived at our school,” said Dr. Jessica Sassi, member of the Senior Leadership team at NECC. “This past year has been a challenging time for everyone, and the COVID-19 vaccine is a major step toward a return to normalcy.”

Like many nonprofit special education schools in Massachusetts, NECC has faced great challenges during the pandemic. New protocols, lost revenue, increased expenses, and staffing challenges have all added stress to a complex organization that provides intensive staffing ratios with close personal contact between teacher and students throughout most of the day.


Amen, 2021


The USA has destroyed its children with vaccines, malnutrition, Fallout-like modern public schools, psychiatry, barbaric psych wards, and pharma (where the aggression, violent behaviors, neurological impairments began in many modern disabled students via vaccines and antibiotics)

Yet many ReddIdiots (redditors), Tumblr users, etc want to ban homeschooling + wanting to force witches brews of accumulative aluminum adjuvants into each baby child and person’s brain via vaccination, now starting in utero.

Homeschooling is already too extremely authoritarian-regulated in many states like NY and Pennsylvania, too many states require homeschooled children to be killed slowly and painfully via vaccination just like public school kids.

Vaccines are all poison always.

Elise Gattacka

We should show a few vaccine card with everything visible but the name. And with an indication of what the number looks like, the format . And how lot numbers look.


So I can tell if vaccine cards someone shows me are valid, of course!

What other reason might we have?

Brian James

Jul 23, 2020 Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz

His reputation as a resolute defender of the environment and children’s health stems from a litany of successful legal actions. He received recognition for his role in the landmark victory against Monsanto last year, as well as in the DuPont Case that inspired the movie "Dark Waters" (2019).



Oh sweetie! "Covid cathartic!" Stamped- Labeled- Branded?
Is it a community immunity self licking lollypop, free at the point of the end of a needle "Don't pay now,Pay later?"
Coca Cola Commercial "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony" YouTube

Lockdown Sceptics - Stay Sceptical -Control the Hysteria
Scientific American Compares Lockdown Sceptis to Stalin and Accuses them of Causing "Mass Deaths "
Article By Peter Hotez, Baylor College of Medicine 4/4/2021 .


“I got this experimental vaccine and this 🍩 symbolizing how many people are liable for the side effects!”

A donut a day keeps the covid away

Amen to all of this! I'd only like to add, Why has the media neglected to report on all the millions and millions of people who've already had covid and completely and easily recovered without incident? Just in my own little family, we crushed covid only with frequent high doses of vitamin C. Surely the general public ought to know something that simple and helpful? And cheap and easy? (rhetorical question...we all know why)
But 'zero' summed it up best: "A fake food 'reward' for taking a fake vax for a fake pandemic declared by fake docs and fake presidents..."


and Krispy K likely taxpayer dollars from government "vaccine" marketing funds, along with employee bonuses for "shots in arms", some from state funding as well.
Some might call it graft.


I don't judge or begrudge her. Its all a mouthful of symbolism. She could be the poster person for "Science is Real".


It has been a long road for us, on what is healthy. Dr. Rhimland telling me for the first time abuout gluten, milk and me sitting there thinking even if it was true; how could I convince my family????
Yicks! Then the one hour meal a day - Protein Power, and then the surprise shock of learning the existence of a epilepsy diet that cured; the ketogenic diet. Then learning a few years later that the Atkins diet could do the same. .

Last year; I was in a really tight squeeze. I have two 97 and 93 year old parents. My father was about to die with a gall bladder, and has both a feeding tube, and a gall bladder tube. I am the care taker, he is at home, they both are still living in their home and my son gets really sick.

My sweet son starting at the end of Jan thru April that was experience altered consciousness. There was a LOT more going on that OCD. Oh, OCD was there, but there was something else going on too. All we can figure that this was after a strep infection starting late November that we thought we got rid of but did not. We think he had on going inflammation that was affecting his mind.

We could not get help because of covid. And let us face it, even with out covid there was no medical help coming for us anyway.

I finally trusted my husband to do what I told him to do with my son's diet. Plus my husband was at his wits end and willing to do what ever I said. My husband after all we have been through, having to listen to me reading him the newest studies no this and that for years, is a BELIEVER>
WE did intermittent fasting - lasting 18 hours. When he did eat it was baked salmon drenched in coconut oil, veggies, stuff like that.

One day -- just one day of that and he began to get better. Months of this crap.

Diets and what is healthy and different ways are changing again it seems -It is an on going steep learning curve for all of us since the 1990s.

In this most recent interview I see that Mercola has changed his mind on limiting the carbs so low.
There is an interview Mercola had with Grundy -- I just bought his - Dr, Gurndy's book.

We were getting ready to do another two week - 15 carb a day Atkins diet after Easter --- candy and all. .

But I think I will read through this book first.
Dr, Gurndy is talking a lot about inflammation, mitochondria, energy. Since we have a mitochondria disease, same as what Dr. Zimmerman's buddy - What Dr. Poling discovered happened in his daughter, well it sounds interesting. Dr, Gurndy says he is going to give us steps to work toward regular intermittent fasting. It sounds like inflammation can be controlled by diet, doesn't it.

Before vaccines we could eat our donuts, and now ---



A fake food 'reward' for taking a fake vax for a fake pandemic declared by fake docs and fake presidents that surround themselves with very real men with very real guns... what could possibly go wrong!


A donut, a shot, and a blood clot. No thanks.

We got off the runaway train about 16 years ago and couldn't be happier with the decision to replace advanced medicine and all their ridiculous accoutrements with relatively simple food and exercise choices. Big Pharma is clearly in the business of creating markets. They've done it with every vaccine so far and the covid vaccine is no exception. They created Covid. They exaggerated measles. They claim polio is caused by ev60. The flu vaccine is worthless and causes chronic fatigue syndrome, amongst other chronic conditions. They're apex predators in white coats.

I have no problem with informed people taking a shot, but I have a big problem with that shot being forced on every member of community, whether they want it or not, whether it works or not, or whether it kills them or not. This is discriminatory.

I love the idea of a challenge trial, they should be done for all these so called life saving vaccines.

Bob Moffit

As I understand it … a daily dose of vitamin D helps avoiding covid .. some say far more effective than wearing a mask and social distancing 6 feet .. now 3 feet .. which means Dunkin Donut offering a free donut to their customers should be accompanied by a public statement of vitamin D being helpful.

Vitamin D .. Donut … I know which I will choose.


I can't believe extremely, overweight people with underlying health conditions are immune to coronavirus because they have had the injection? Has anyone put them in a room with the virus to find out?

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