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And When I Die

All Smoke No Roast


They spelled “All smoke no roast” wrong. That’s an Italian version of “All show. No go.” 100% risk for recipient for 0 guarantee of safety or efficacy. And it might last 6 months Before you need another. Clinical Trials are just that. Trials... and error. CNN Link HERE.


False Scientists

Yaaaaaaassssss, Bob, the mainstream media is our greatest enemy: it is the enemy of truth. In fact this may be the thing that needs to fall, the things that needs attacking most.


I wonder if/when he had a Covid vax.....

Nolte: Corporate Media’s Brian Sicknick Hoax Debunked by D.C. Medical Examiner

"Without evidence, America’s corporate media spent weeks hoaxing the American public with the lie Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick died after an anti-vote-fraud protester smashed him in the head with a fire extinguisher during the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.....On Monday the Washington D.C., medical examiner proved once and for all that the corporate media are a vile gang of liars who need to be ignored by the American people:

The D.C. chief medical examiner has ruled that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes the day after he took part in defending the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riots[.]…"
He looked young and healthy.


A BEASTly coincidence.....

I was looking at Sheryl Attkisson's VAERS reports you posted and noticed two categories that were NOT hi-lighted but had much higher numbers: "Thromboembolism" which are blood clots- often formed in the leg veins and can break loose and lodge in other organs and can cause death; and "hemorragic disorders" which can have a viral cause and lead to internal bleeding and death. Ebola, Marburg are examples of viral hemorrhagic fevers with some similar Covid 19 symptoms: "Marburg and Ebola hemorrhagic fevers are severe, systemic viral diseases affecting humans and non-human primates. They are characterized by multiple symptoms such as hemorrhages, fever, headache, muscle and abdominal pain, chills, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea." Another one in this category is Hantan virus, found in China.
The origins and "family tree" of Hantavirus has been recently studied: Novel therapeutic approaches toward Hantaan virus and its clinical features' similarity with COVID-19

Genetic diversity and evolution of Hantaan virus in China and its neighbors
"To deduce geographic origins and migration patterns of HTNV epidemics, Bayesian evolutionary analysis sampling trees (BEAST) software was used in this study. Furthermore, the recombination and reassortment events were also detected."

"What is BEAST?"

Laura Hayes

This will break your heart:


I appreciate that Breitbart put Health in quotes.
So moderna and pfizer will be papal partners.
The Papacy is quite taken with bright shiny objects these days.
johnson and johnson is on the pope's council for inclusive cap.
Smells like money.


@Anita, & all AoA readers, here ya go, the grisly reality of 'serve&protect' by Matt Agorist ,an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project.


"The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture will host Chelsea Clinton, ANTHONY FAUCI (emph. mine), and Deepak Chopra among others for a May conference on the interplay of mind, body, and soul in healthcare."

I don't think they are there to confess their sins.....

Bob Moffit

@ Anita Sad

"Here is my point: My heart breaks in half for African Americans and POC afraid to get stopped by police. They have every reason to be afraid. Bad bully cops should be ousted out of the dept, and we need to get better procedures and vigilance. We need to study every mistake and learn how to stop it from recurring."

With all due respect … I believe the greatest threat to our society today is neither police officers or vaccines … I believe the major threat to our families and communities are our MAIN STREAM MEDIA .. who on a daily basis unleash their greatest power … THEIR POWER TO IGNORE … INCONVENIENT INFORMATION .. because the inconvenient information does not promote or support THEIR CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED PREFERRED NARRATIVE.

I do not mean to diminish the tragic loss of anyone's life due to police officer recklessness or negligence .. those officers should be CHARGED .. then JUDGED by a jury of their peers just like everyone else .. it is call "due process" .. HOWEVER … I suspect more POC are killed by other POC every week in our country .. than are killed by 900,000 law enforcement officers .. interacting with POC in millions of encounters in a year. But THAT is not the narrative the media reports.

It is that same media that ignores, shames, ridicules, demonizes .. our AoA community for warning others of the serious life-long, life-threatening, life-altering VACCINE INJURIES our most precious children have endured. Ignoring our pleas for improving an absolute disaster … voluntary .. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) which has been found to be "capturing or monitoring' less than ONE PERCENT of vaccine injuries .. and . our DECADES long plea for public health agencies to conduct a COMMON SENSE, independent study of vaccinated v unvaccinated populations to ascertain .. once and for all .. if BOTH populations are suffering the same chronic autoimmune disorders now affecting 54% of today's generation .. that 54% figure up from 12% before 1986 when the number of childhood vaccines gained PRODUCT LIABILITY PROTECTIONS increased dramatically. Even with less than 1% adverse events being reported … VAERS HAS AWARDED BILLIONS TO COMPANSATE THE VACCINE INJURED.

I suspect the media is promoting a similar narrative regarding our country being SYSTEMATIC RACIST since inception .. with police officers a daily target identified as THREATS TO POC .. a similar "broad brush attack" on officers as they apply to our community as well.

If I had to choose the greatest danger to POC .. I would chose VACCINES before I would chose police officers. But .. that's just me.


Global Public Health Policies, in the gutter ,and heading down the storm drains ?
As, assessment,plan of action ,implementation and no review? are,
"All Fur Coats- No Underpants elastic !"
"All Style -Nae Substance !"

Alliance for Natural Health ; Home
Weekly News update Week 15 2021 15 April 2021
New Study Links Autism and Gut Health ,
Jings it's taken them a long time ? exclusion diets were getting fab results in the NHS Learning Disabilities Sector in the early 1990s . Certainly not a quick fix or an easy option NHS dieticians were skilled with this intervention ,took about three months to complete , with families advised to
" Batten down the hatches" for the first 9/10 days for an expected initial increase in severity and frequency of any behavioural issues ,problems or difficulties but after the 9 days, the improvements were just fantastic ,but these exclusion diets should not be attempted without qualified professional support. Has this intervention been been dropped and censored like a hot potato or what?
Also Article .UK docs and nurses speak out .


Scalise Confronts Fauci With Migrant Detention Pics: “Does this look like social distancing to you?”

Jim Jordan challenges Fauci's weasel words at hearing. How long until we get our freedoms back?
Looks like Fauci is holding out until everyone gets the vax. Isn't he invested in Moderna? J&J's stock dropped with the blood clot issue "pause". Moderna's went up. Coincidence? Fauci needs to wear a race car jumpsuit with all of his "sponsors" names on it.

Jim Jordan Clashes With Dr. Fauci A Second Time During Fiery House Hearing

Anita as A Ghost

Also I mourn for the family of those who died from the vaccine.

Where is the caring and mourning for them ? where are their stories?

In this narrative they were heroes, right ?

Why can't we remember them?

IF the chance of vax injury is smaller than death from COVID, then why can't SCIENCE figure out who can't get the shot, and find solutions to treat and quickly recognize vaccine injury.

Had they listened to us years ago, they would have great techniques by now. But instead they chose to silence us, ostracize us, and ridicule us. This is those chickens coming home to roost.

Anita Sad

Okay, they can't have their scapegoat "unvaccinated" to blame on the fact the vax are ineffective. But I am quite sure they are working on this.

Here is my point: My heart breaks in half for African Americans and POC afraid to get stopped by police. They have every reason to be afraid. Bad bully cops should be ousted out of the dept, and we need to get better procedures and vigilance. We need to study every mistake and learn how to stop it from recurring.

We should NOT force every black person to ride by the police station with an expired license plate just to prove that this isn't true, given I can ride by the police station with an expired license plate and not end up dead.

I personally am a white woman, and I was never in danger when stopped by police. In fact, police are nice to me and have protected all of us from harm. I think they are 99.9% great people. So wow it is so much easier for me NOT to believe. It's painful to believe POC can be killed by bully cops . So I would rather not believe it, I'd rather accuse them of lying, or exaggeating, or being anti-cop. And of course, replace the word "vaccine injury victims" with POC. ANd replace the word "cop" with vaccines.

So what if I decided, like a "Karen" that because I had never been treated badly by a rogue cop:
--it can't be true
--they are hurting all of us by bringing it up, because we all want to support our police, right?
--only some of the population gets hurt, not me, so why should I care?
--the people are making it up
--it's their own fault
--if it isn't their own fault and they aren't making it up, its so rare why should we care cuz most cops are good cops?
--In fact, if they "claim" to have been traumatized by a cop, I think we should FORCE them to go back to cops and make themselves vulnerable again. After all WE never got hurt. It's very rare. And it would be a good message to all of us.
--So therefore I want African American victims to be quiet about this, and I think it's fine to accuse them of lying and misinformation and block them on twitter when they share their stories because the Police Dept told me they are exxagerating and the Police Dept and Police Union is a great authority on this.
This is how I feel day after day. The vaccine injured are a community that is hidden in plain site. Our children are just as injured as someone literally hurt by another human, they were injured by someone in authority. No one wants to believe us, and for most people, it's not their experience.
Etc Etc.
For minorities of all kinds, everywhere, when is the press going to wake up and listen and not require video evidence to believe the stories the populace shares. Also watch the movie Spotlight, about how long it took the journalists to wake up that they had cruelly silenced victims of abuse, to protect "the greater good"
Oh, twitter blocked me for pointing out an actual fact about vaccines that I have backed up by sending them a link from the CDC. They insist I let them label this as misinformation to get back on the site. That's a lie, it is not misinformation. Where is the ACLU on this?
I felt like the starving Catholics in Ireland who were not allowed to get soup from certain protestant churches unless they swore an oath of loyalty to the Protestant church and renounced the Pope. I now now that I would have starved. I refuse to state on twitter that what i know and can validate to be true, is misinformation.


Jen Psaki can just
Hold my beer and mayo sandwich while I put this to bed.....

The vaccine pushers hit a new low pitching Covid vax to Conservative White America. LOL!
The comments are priceless.


"Dr. Fauci: We May “Very Well” Need COVID-19 Booster Shots in 12-18 Months"

My prediction:
All the "blood clot risk" and "break through" incidents will be swept under the rug as "not related." CNN will now push the enviro disaster fear mongering. Pharma will focus on getting the EUA's FDA approved and make them "taxable vaccines". Covid 19 vaxxes will be added to the CDC "recommended" list, for children AND adults. Most likely, the Covid vax will be rolled into the flu vax- one shot to rule them all. By that time, some version of a vaccine passport will be in place. You will own nothing and you will be happy to get your yearly "booster."


To deny that an vaccinated person cannot get infected with any infectious disease is stupid. To deny that a vaccine does not at least greatly decrease the risk of death of any infection is also stupid. Vaccine save lives but are not full-proof. There are at least 100 million vaccinated people and 5800 or so caught it anyway about a 1 in 15,500 or so chance of serious illness or death but still better than a 1 in 100 chance of serious illness or death without a vaccine. Green the vaccines! As Jenny Mcarthy was said do not get rid of the vaccines.

Bob Moffit

So .. let's see if I understand this … we are being urged to receive one of three available Covid vaccines and the CDC is reporting instances where fully vaccinated people are none-the-less contracting Covid in addition to FDA halting J&J vaccine for causing blood clots while the other vaccines have had serious adverse reactions also reported.

Okay .. there's a RISK .. which I suspect many people would accept if being vaccinated allowed them to resume NORMAL LIFE … but … we are also being warned that full vaccinated people sharing small groups with other fully vaccinated people should still WEAR A MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCE?

Probably just silly old me again .. but .. other than being called a VACCINE … it does nothing a true vaccine is supposed to do … duh


The nurse from the veterans - the one that got sick and really, really tired after her second one; says she is not ever getting another one, ever.

Now Emma and Fredric was back and forthing here on he did not get sick after his Covid.
Emma mentioned something about placebos.

is it possible that a lot of people that are coming out just fine on these shots are not really receiving anything but saline? How would we know? How could we eer find out?

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