Human Sacrifice to a Volcano for the god Covaxus
Autism Socks

Abandoned in Bridgeport

WeepAutism? Something else? Well, according to ABC News, the boy was unable to answer any other identifying information. 


5-year-old found abandoned on the street in Connecticut on a rainy day, woman charged

Police said it appeared the child was left there by a Black female driving a white Infinity Q50 or Q40 sedan. The boy answered to the name "Prince," but was unable to provide any other identifying information.

— A Connecticut mother is facing charges after police say she abandoned her child in the pouring rain.

Investigators say 41-year-old Sharon Williams stopped at the corner of Burroughs Street and East Main in Bridgeport and left the 5-year-old boy, who has a disability, alone in the streets.


Grace Green

It's not popular to say it nowadays but, until Bill Gates rejigs biology it still takes a Mom and a Dad to produce a child. Shouldn't both have equal responsibility? The one who abandons the family first - usually the dad - in my experience is not blamed for doing so, or required to pay suitable compensation. If the remaining partner is unable to manage alone is it any wonder? Should she be blamed, or should others be considering their part in the problem? (eg. Big Pharma/Government?)


"A Connecticut mother is facing charges after police say she abandoned her child in the pouring rain."

Do you mean that there is a U.S. law against child abandonment???????????

All unaccompanied minors at the southern border have been ABANDONED by their parents. Is standing in the rain alone any worse than this: No parents are being charged there. Instead, we aid and abet this practice!

Governor Abbott
"Biden opened the borders & failed to plan for the influx of unaccompanied minors.
Now he must respond to allegations of child abuse & neglect on his watch.
DPS & TX Rangers are investigating.
The administration must close the facility & protect these children."

No public official or MSM focuses on the root problem. WHY are these people so desperate to abandon their minor children to another country? What is wrong with their country? Who is responsible?

We invaded Libya and killed their leader because he was not treating their people right (a false accusation). So why don't we have a military invasion of Central America and bring a regime change to these countries? Route out the drug cartels and child traffickers once and for all? Or do some in this country benefit from this peoples misery?

Bob Moffit


Greatly appreciated your column recalling the "mysterious' fire that destroyed precious … irreplaceable . research on the brains of deceased autism children … EIGHT YEARS AGO.

Not to worry .. the article reassures us that AUTISM SPEAKS is investigating origination of fire .. along with other interested parties … and ,,, surely SOON we will be receiving results of the investigations as well as assurance this critical research CONTINUES TODAY.


What's another DECADE to identify why autism is now 1 in 35 when for at least TWO DECADES PRIOR NO ONE CARED??????


angus files

COVID reactions dont exist either heard seen that about I think Autism just a glancing memory...

Scots mum left with ‘disfigured’ face and burning rash after rare reaction to AstraZeneca jab
Liz Matheson, from Dumfries and Galloway, was left unable to eat or sleep after suffering from severe side effects having received her first dose of the vaccine on March 17.

Pharma For Prison



Poor mom is probably at the end of her wits...


"Please sir, can you spare a dime to help the vaccine injured?"

Global Billionaires' Wealth Increase By $4 Trillion During The Pandemic

"Of the nearly 2.5K billionaires tracked by the Institute, 13 billionaires saw their wealth soar by more than 500%. The Institute grouped these lucky individuals in its "500% Club". It noted that all of them had investments and connections to companies that benefited the most (in terms of market capitalization) from the pandemic."


We really need to make kid friendly nutritious foods + detox/charcoal/chlorophyll soaps.

We already lost a vitamin B12 lollipop company, RevitaPop, many beloved health food companies are facing extinction due to lack of popularity.

Why should detox soaps/charcoal cleansing products/healthy foods be limited to adults?

I’d appreciate AOA making a new, larger blog called Childhood Lost.


I think this is the event you're describing, Bob Moffit, and I have not seen anything about a reboot of the study with new biological samples. I wonder if any of the organizations that funded the original study are pressing for a new one.


Bob; You are thinking it is not so much traumatic brain injuries of being hit hard and never losing consciousness as much as those flu shot?

If so, you are not alone here.

Bob Moffit

"Autism? Something else? Well, according to ABC News, the boy was unable to answer any other identifying information."

I suspect we will never learn if the boy's "learning disability" was actually "autism or something else"

However .. we can expect to learn if "something else" was responsible for a former NFL player who killed an entire family … we will learn if his inexplicable deadly outburst of murderous rage was caused by CTE .. better known as "Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy" .. a neurodegenerative disease resulting from multiple head injuries. Symptoms of CTE include behavioral and mood problems, tremors, loss of memory, depression, and suicidal rage. It also affects an individual's cognitive abilities and judgment. Many of these symptoms are not as obvious as symptoms patients experience with a concussion, and these symptoms typically do not begin until years after the initial head injuries.

Just curious … if memory serves me right .. several years ago a fire of unknown origin destroyed precious brains of children who had died and were being used in a study to identify the root causes of autism .. a study exactly like the study of CTE to determine if sudden outburst of murderous rage are caused by CTE. Has THAT DESTROYED STUDY BEEN RECONSTRUCTED???

Has that critical study to identify the root causes of autism been abandoned forever???? Shouldn't we want to learn the root causes of autism as well as the root causes of CTE???

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