Krispy Kreme's "Promotion" for Pharma Promotes Obesity and Disease for Poor and People of Color
Blanket Dismissal of Assisted Autistic Communication Unwarranted.

Young Killingly CT School Staffer Dies 9 Days After Single Dose of The Johnson & Johnson

Desiree PhotoTake a look at the beautiful face of Ms. Desiree Penrod.

Yesterday, her family buried her.

She is from Connecticut, attended college in Vermont.  According to an interview she conducted with her college, she worked in a school for students with autism. (All roads lead to...)  She was an athlete in college. (See the interview at the end of this post.)

On March 10, she reported on her Facebook page that the "vaccine" was "killing her." Read the screen shots in this post. They will break your heart. Take a good look at this beautiful, young woman.

"Yesterday, I was fine...."   Desiree penrod

The Killingly, CT School District had a Special Early Release Day on March, 9.Desiree dose
They had a half day so that they could vaxsassinate their staff. My own Connecticut town vaccinated teachers on a Saturday, to buffer the side effect call outs. They got the same Johnson & Johnson vaccine that Ms. Penrod got. 

Nurses from the Day Kimball Healthcare group out of Putnam introduced syringes full of the Johnson & Johnson one-shot COVID-19 vaccine into the arms of teachers sitting on folding chairs next to long tables. Which nurse met Desiree's eyes as she injected her?

Desiree no need to be nervous
On March 17, 8 days after her vaccination,  Ms. Penrod died "unexpectedly." Just like Marvin Hagler. Just like Hank Aaron.  Just like many others whose names we will never know, unable to connect the dots. But Desiree wasn't old.  Her Facebook page indicated that she had a seizure disorder, and she posts about very rough seizures. Including one the day before her vaccine. How could a nurse vaccinate her in that fragile state?

Desiree seizure

We can't know for sure, but she was likely vaccinated to protect the students around her.  That's likely what her heart told her to do. Protect her kids. Kids like ours. She died at age 25. Unexpectedly. 

My God. Rest in peace, lovely young woman.

Posted: Sep 01, 2020

JOHNSON, Vt.- Up next on our Alumni Spotlight is 2018 graduate and member of the women's track and field program Desiree Penrod. It is our pleasure to feature Desiree!

Name: Desiree Penrod

Class Year: 2018

Concentration/Major: Pre-Professional Counseling/Psychology

Sport(s) played at Johnson: Women's Track & Field (Throwing Events: Javelin, Discus, and Shot Put; 4 by 100 Relay,) Women's Rugby (Captain Junior and Senior year), Women's Basketball Manager (Three seasons, Sophomore-Senior year).

Hometown & State: Long Beach, California; Danielson, Connecticut

Current town/city: Phoenix, Arizona

Occupation/Job Title: Teacher at a school for students with Autism.

Why did you decide to attend Johnson?

Patrick Rogers! I met Patrick during my junior year of high school at a college fair. I went over to Johnson's table and started talking to Patrick. He told me all about Johnson and even rugby. Since 2013, I knew Johnson was the place I was going to call home from 2014-2018.

Tell us about your job. What do you like most about your current role?

Before relocating to Phoenix, I worked as a Paraprofessional in Connecticut for two years. When I moved to Arizona, I was immediately hired as a head teacher for a combined class of Kindergarten and First Grade students. This school is dedicated to students on the spectrum. The school includes all grades, K through 12. So, that is pretty amazing. My work as a Para back in Connecticut taught me a lot and I have taken what I have learned as a Para and brought it to Arizona as a teacher. I honestly love my students the most. They are full of energy and everyday is a new adventure with them. They are the reason I get up and come to work everyday. They find new ways to put a smile on my face. Together, we are learning each and every day.

How did your experience at Johnson help prepare you for what you are doing today?

This is an interesting question because I received my degree in Psychology; however, I am currently working at a Private school for Autistic students. What I can say about my experience at Johnson and how it has prepared me for my current position, is that I learned a lot from everyone I came into contact with at Johnson. Everyone was a teacher in their own ways. Whether I knew you as a professor, a staff member, a coach, a boss, a mentor, or someone who I passed by and had a few conversations with; you all taught me something. Anyone can be a teacher, but it takes a special person to teach something and have that material stick.

What advice/insight do you have for Johnson alumni and current student-athletes interested in your career field?

It is okay if you get a degree in one field and end up in a career in a different field. Look at me, I received my degree in Psychology; however, I am currently in Education and loving every moment of it. If you want to teach, go for it; do not let anyone guide you in another direction.

Looking back on your time as a Johnson student-athlete, what is one of your favorite memories?

Honestly, one of my favorite memories as a student-athlete at Johnson was my senior year for rugby. That season, we went undefeated and that has never happened before. Even though we lost the championship game, that season will go down in history. As a player and a captain, I could not have been prouder of my team. As a student-manager for the Women's Basketball team, my favorite memory was when we beat Husson at home in the 2016-2017 season. Still thinking about that game gives me goosebumps. There was not a single dried eye in the gym.

Have you attended alumni weekend? If so, tell us about your experience returning to campus.

I unfortunately have not been able to attend an alumni weekend at Johnson yet. Hopefully I will be able to in the future though. I have worked many alumni weekend events due to working at CES, but since becoming an alum, I have yet been to one.




Thank you for your kind comments and support. I truly appreciate them. I had not come to this article in several weeks and just saw your comments for the first time. Enough said. You know what I am thinking. I’m at gmail, ciaparker2.


Never let a tragedy go to waste......

"Facebook 'corrects' woman's complaint vaccine 'is killing me,' then she dies
'The tech giant had the audacity to add a fact check advisory'"


Forty-plus years ago I lived in Killingly CT. One day a couple moved to my neighborhood whom I came to know well. They had two beautiful daughters ages 8 and 5. The first was profoundly, non-verbally autistic; the second closer to having what today would be called Asperger's or ADHD. It was my introduction to autism. I hadn't even heard the word before.

The 8-year-old attended a day program for children with varied disabilities at Putnam's Day Kimball Hospital - the same institution which recently held its vaxassination event. Her very articulate little sister, by contrast, was experimented on. Doctors upon doctors; drugs upon drugs. I was too new to the subject to be curious about the girls' vaccination history but I did occasionally ask a question. Such as, Why are they prescribing a stimulant, Ritalin, to an already overactive child? The parents had no real answer for that. They trusted the doctors.

Shortly after I met the family, an event in the rural village of Hampton created a state-wide sensation. A pair of twin 12-year-old autistic boys disappeared from their home, and a massive search was set in motion (they were later found safe). What an odd synchronicity, thought I. Autism was such a rare condition, after all.

I left Connecticut in the early 1980's. And a handful of years later, the vaccine manufacturers received liability-free status and the Great Autism Rollout - whose dawn I had witnessed without comprehending - began.

Grace Green

"Covid itself poses a greater risk to many than does the vaccine."
This is what I am referring to in my last comment. If you read what real scientists, like Prof. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr Andrew Kaufman and many others are saying, as well as the governments' own statistics, you will see that you are at a very small risk - about 2.26% - from Covid if you are over 82 years old, obese, a smoker or have a severe underlying condition. Otherwise, your risk is negligible. Young and middle-aged adults and children are at risk of very serious complications following the vaccine, and to judge by the only animal experiments which have been done into these coronavirus vaccines, they are at 99% risk of dropping dead the next time a coronavirus is going round. These are people who are at no risk from the current
virus. You are just believing what you see on the telly, when you should be doing lots of reading. We can get comments like yours from the BBC, but we wouldn't waste our time.


We are a scrappy bunch, at times.
Thanks to all for generosity of spirit.

Kim Managing Editor

Hi, LOL. No, it’s not exhausting, but it’s more art than science. I appreciate all who take time to engage. We’re a big family with many voices. Families can disagree and even quarrel. I’m a big girl.


It must be exhausting to moderate the comments on this site. Kim, thank you for what you do every day for this community.

Cia comments quite a bit on this site. As Benedetta pointed out, she has talked about her own health issues and her daughter's. She has also lately defended the widespread availability in the US of three coronavirus vaccines that are still truly experimental. To each his own. Debate and discussion are great, as long as we're respectful.

Where I think her comment on this post crossed the line is that this post is obviously (well, it's obvious to some of us) about a tragic event--the death of a young woman, caused by an experimental coronavirus vaccine--and Cia decided that it made sense to blame the victim: "Desiree on her FB page was very enthusiastic about getting the vaccine. She was not coerced. She said it didn’t hurt."

Whether Ms. Penrod had any misgivings about the vaccine (despite her FB post), we'll never know. That's not really the point. The point is that the vaccine killed her.

There are no pressure-free choices around this vaccine. The misinformation by the federal government has been incredible. (My favorite bit might be Mike Pence getting his shot in front of a "safe and effective" 1984-screen. None of these three vaccines is "safe and effective." The FDA decision was "the known benefits outweigh the known risks," which is true of a hell of a lot of stuff, until the injuries pile up.)

Making a comment about how "The choice should be theirs" is incredibly insensitive, when the choice--under a year's worth of non-stop pressure--that this young woman made, killed her.

To Kim and all the other autism parents and grandparents on this site, my heart goes out to you for the injuries that never went away.

To Cia, a little discretion wouldn't hurt when you're excited about promoting people's ability to choose barely-tested-yet-heavily-promoted vaccines. Maybe hold back from commenting when the post in question is about someone's death.


Cait would you please specify the nature of the group think you see are seeing. "Lately it seems that the site has been overtaken by a sort of group think." Thanks.


Cia has been telling us a lot lately that she if very unwell.
A lot for the past five or six months.
She told us first it was her MS.
She told us then that she thinks she had on going covid.
She told us that she thinks if she gets a covid vaccine that it might make her feel better.
She told us under the Krispy Creme article that she is not doing any special diet for her MS>

I am concerned for Cia.
Cia has told us about her vaccine injuries -with the DPT vaccine, she is one of us.
She gets a covid vaccine with all the reported high incidence of high inflammation it will be bad for her. Do you understand? I feel like I was trying to save her life.
I wrote a lot under Krispy Creme, that I really had to force myself to have to go through stuff again.
Cause she needs to do something to get that MS under control.


Group think here ONLY! Out here away from this sight it is not group think. . We are the ones that are not group thinking as generation after generation of children are being hurt,


@ Kathy Sincere

“I have four vaccine-injured children - one autistic, one who died of his injuries.“

I am truly sorry for your loss, and for the challenges you face. But I don’t see how this justifies or explains your hostility towards Cia.

“How would you profile her? Vaccine-injury denier? Covid vaccine zealot?”

No, that’s how YOU profile her, despite the fact that she has a vaccine-injured daughter with autism, and she herself has suffered vaccine injury. She also has MS, and has been quite ill for more than a year. She too faces many challenges.

And if she were a Covid vaccine zealot, she would be exhorting others to get the vaccine rather than simply pointing out that there are risks on both sides, and that Covid itself poses a greater risk to many people than the vaccine does.

It seems to me that you and others are turning an ally — someone who has been actively participating in and contributing to this site for 10 years — into an enemy. And that’s a shame.

angus files

The UK Passport to ill health and freedom -whats the point as you wont have your health?

Coronavirus vaccine passport trials to 'start at English theatres and stadiums next month'
Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated yesterday that the certification could 'definitely' play a role in the future amid rumours that they could be given the green light for use in England on Monday.

Pharma For Prison



@ Kim

I have learned a lot from AoA over the years, and I admire your commitment to keeping the site going after Dan’s death. Given your personal circumstance as single parent of three young women with autism, I can't even fathom how you manage your own life, let alone this site.

Lately it seems that the site has been overtaken by a sort of group think. Cia, with a different but far from mainstream perspective on vaccination, has constantly been under fire for her posts, which in my view are often misinterpreted and distorted.

In the case of this article, Cia agreed that Desirée’s death was tragic, and that it was important to cover such cases on AoA. I really don’t see how you made the leap from “she wasn’t a victim because she had agency” to “oh so you are saying our children aren’t victims”. What agency did they have? None.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t challenge Cia’s assessment. If information was withheld from this young woman that might have led her to refuse the vaccine, then I would agree with you that she was a victim. Consent is meaningless if it is misinformed. My point here, though, is that you extrapolated from what Cia said, then took her to task for something she did NOT say.

“I have asked many commenters over the years, ‘Why do you read us,’ and it's not a "code" for go away. It's a question.”

But you didn’t actually ask Cia the question, did you? What you said was: “I don’t even know why you read us or comment so copiously at this point.” Code or not, you were not exactly putting out the welcome mat, and unless I missed something Cia has not commented since then.

If I were to say to you: “I don’t even know why you keep publishing this site”, you might well assume that I think you should stop.


@ Susan Welsh

I’m sorry if you find my comments critical. In this case I felt it was Kim who was being inappropriately critical, so I intervened in Cia’s defense.

Why do I follow this site? In 2015 I was researching HPV vaccine injury, and ended up here. I stayed because I was interested in the research being published by Dan Olmsted and others, and also because I have two cousins with autism. Although vaccination was not implicated in either case (one regressed after a childhood illness and the other after infection with e-coli), I think that the childhood vaccine schedule is dangerously out of control, and that vaccine mandates are unnecessary and unacceptable.

I realize I am in the minority here, but Cia's posts are a big part of the reason I have continued to follow AoA.


Very sad and tragic situation ,this young womans life was too valuable to be described as" in line with managed expectations " with millions of vaccines being given, some people may die, said the experts?

Latest News and Comment from the Uk Column
UK Column News -29 March 2021

Very serious and important items covered today.

People will not put up with a climate of fear created from insipid wee bullies for their own self -serving gains? and wanting a climate of silence as well . Certainly explains why they are so scared of a covid -19 public inquiry !


Cait: I don't think you are coming away with the correct understanding of what was meant from the comment.

Some how this is important to you?
You like Cia?
So do I,
Cia is working through a lot of propaganda from all the life long brain washing ideas of vaccines to get to the truth. She is having her problems letting go of all the horrible lies. She is still trying to be fair with liars.

It was not that Kim was asking why Cia was here, but why she can't get it together after all the writing --she has done here.

Writing, is a good way to think things through.

But what ever Cait.

Kim Managing Editor

Hi, Cait, I have asked many commenters over the years, "Why do you read us," and it's not a "code" for go away. It's a question. We moderate comments. And we let the vast majority through. Thank you. Kim


Hi Benedetta,

“I could have missed it, but I don't think Kim ever asked why Cia was here?
I think you are mistaken about that?
We know why she is here. Her daughter.”

I guess you did miss Kim’s second comment (March 25, 4:28 p.m.).

“I don't even know why you read us or comment so copiously at this point. Simply to be a contrarian it often seems.”

By the pricking of my thumbs..

It seems to me sick to suggest that any aspect of this matter is alright, and certainly not the lying and coercion which led up to the death of this young woman. We have come to a sorry state if we think this was justifiable or for the public good.


I could have missed it, but I don't think Kim ever asked why Cia was here?
I think you are mistaken about that?
We know why she is here. Her daughter.

Kim said that what Cia said bothered her.

Now, I have asked some people on here why they were here. I have asked maybe a couple of people why they are on here. Chopin for one, I did ask.
It was obvious they had no skin in the game of being here at all.

Kim Managing Editor

Hello. I am sorry if commenters feel offended, or put off, including Cia. Allow me to share my thoughts: I commented with the name Kim Managing Editor to identify myself. There is no difference between Kim Rossi and Managing Editor Kim. I signed my comment, Kim, not Managing Editor. Why? There aren't many sites where the founders and team interact directly with readers. Elsewhere, comments are read and approved by paid staffers. Not here. You get me. Because at this point in time, I am AofA. And I too have a right to voice my opinion - and guide comments along so as to build readership and keep the AofA family together. My comment to Cia, who is prolific, detailed and descriptive and yes one might say repetitive was simple - by saying Ms. Penrod was NOT a victim because she chose the vaccine, I interpreted that as every vaccine injured child is also not a victim, because we, their parents, chose for them. I took umbrage with her point of view and politely brought that to attention. Here was my comment, in which I was neither rude nor dismissive nor discouraging.

"Cia, that is one of the cruelest comments I’ve read in a long time. You just told us that vaccine injury is acceptable unless the person is forced. I’d say there is considerable coercion for all vaccines. That would mean the thousands of readers -like me - whose kids were harmed - our kids are not victims either. I’m aghast at your train of thought. Kim"

Kathy Sincere

@Kim Managing Editor,
99.9% of your readers thank you profusely for your recent comments to Cia.

"Her posts are interesting and informative" - to whom? Dr. Pan? Paul Offit?
"I don’t believe Cia is a contrarian". How would you profile her? Vaccine-injury denier? Covid vaccine zealot? Self-righteous opinionator? The only way I can continue to read AoA is to skip over Cia's comments. I have four vaccine-injured children - one autistic, one who died of his injuries - and I find her comments offensive. Others have emailed with like sentiments.

susan welch

Cait, May I ask why you follow this site? Whilst I know that you rarely comment, I have yet to see a positive one from you. It would be a welcome change to read something from you that wasn't critical.


@ Kim Managing Editor

I don’t believe Cia is a contrarian, someone who disagrees for the sake of disagreeing. She is an independent thinker who has done a great deal of research and given a lot of thought to the issues that are discussed on this board. Her posts are interesting and informative, and she is open to changing her mind — not to oppose the majority view, but because that’s where her research and experience has led her.

You asked her why she follows AoA — could it be because she has an autistic daughter? Because she herself and other family members have also suffered vaccine injury? Because she thought AoA was a site that welcomed a diversity of viewpoints?

If you had responded to her comments as Kim the individual, that would be one thing. But you posted your rebuke in your official capacity as managing editor of the site. I sincerely hope you do not mean to officially discourage readers from commenting — or even following Age of Autism — unless they share your views in their entirety.


oh that poster!
"Sars-Cov2 antibody testing : antibody testing not recommended for vaccine decision-making or to assess immunity following vaccination"
so it's not about immunity!


The Green Passport....


"....Jack Dorsey also cited research from the Center for Countering Digital Hate and Anti-Vax Watch showing that a small number of anti-vaccine accounts are responsible for falsehoods about the safety of the vaccines..."

List the alleged falsehoods.
Show the proof that they are false.
This is called science.
Currently, none of the COVID 19 injections are FDA approved TAXABLE vaccines. Government cannot force private industry to promote them. The experimental injections are VOLUNTARY.


Herd immunity by April?


This is a tragic death- all for nothing- except to make money for Big Pharma. But the vaccine fanatics justify it for the "greater good" (literally like some kind of religious sacrifice).

Last Fall, I read Cowan/Morrel's "Contagion Myth", which is banned from amazon. That book claims viruses don't exist and it hypothesizes that COVID-19 deaths are due to 5G. I was very skeptical of this book but I've done a great deal of fact-checking the past few months and I've changed my mind. I'm on the fence still about 5G, but it really is true that viruses haven't been scientifically proven to exist.

Viruses were first assumed to exist back in the 19th century by Pasteur but the technology to prove they truly exist wasn't available until the 1970s. During the 1990s, several renegade scientists began to point out that the HIV virus (the supposed cause of AIDS) had never truly been proven to exist via filtering/purification/electron microscope. Stefan Lanka, a German virologist, is the most prominent virus skeptic and he won a court case in Germany that there's no scientific proof the measles virus exists. Dr. Thomas Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman have also been very outspoken since the COVID scam-demic began.

Even if you believe the SARS-COV-2 virus is real, then most readers of this blog know the tests are incredibly inaccurate (80-90% are false positive). But since viruses aren't real, the tests and vaccines are actually 100% useless. For those with an open mind, check out these links below:
*Dr. Kaufman also has numerous videos on his site (since Youtube has deleted many of his videos).
*Investigative Reporter, Jon Rappoport, has long written that viruses aren't real.
*These 2 articles are written by one of the authors of the "Virus Mania" book.
*Links to numerous articles +videos.


Right TOB.
But orange jumper suits would be pretty good too.

Only because you can't kill people, bring them back to life and kill 'em again. LOL.


Maybe the statement on this poster that people with underlying conditions are totally OK to get the EUA'd products made Ms. Penrod feel safe. Printed on fancy government letterhead, it looks as if it could be true. These are the moments (right, Benedetta?) when I look forward to God's justice.

"Persons with underlying conditions: May receive COVID-19 vaccine (including persons with immunocompromising conditions; autoimmune conditions; and history of Guillain-Barré syndrome, Bell’s palsy, and dermal filler use)"

Bob Moffit

@ Ronald N Kostoff

"Has anyone confirmed that Rutgers University has made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for on-site attendance? Talk about a slippery slope!"

NY Post item says Rutgers will allow requests for medical and religious exemptions. I hope Syracuse University has same exemptions for their students. It is criminal to mandate the covid vaccines to the students who are in the prime of their lives health wise … a vaccine that has never been proven safe and efficient regarding their "fertility" future …

Ronald N. Kostoff

Has anyone confirmed that Rutgers University has made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for on-site attendance? Talk about a slippery slope!


I guess it wasn't strap-you-down-in-a-chair-level coercion, but the nonstop PR campaign to get vaccinated, complete with lies about the coronavirus vaccines being "safe" and "approved" (neither of which is true), have certainly created a coercive environment in which people who have been deprived of jobs, normal human pleasures, and contact with loved ones have been browbeaten into doing anything the government tells them "so we can go back to normal."

All three coronavirus vaccines authorized for emergency use in the US are still experimental. Phase 3 trials will not be complete until sometime in April, and none of the manufacturers plans to apply for actual approval and licensure for YEARS. (Hmm. Wonder why. Maybe it's the greater scrutiny FDA puts on vaccines before it actually *approves* them and calls them *safe.*)

Nonetheless, every day, our federal government puts out messages like this:

The COVID-19 pandemic requires that we remain vigilant in our daily lives until we can safely return to everyday activities. We can each take some simple steps to help slow the spread of coronavirus disease and protect ourselves, our families, and our communities.

The steps are:

Get a COVID-19 vaccine.
Wash your hands often with plain soap and water.
Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others.
Avoid crowds and practice social distancing (stay at least 6 feet apart from others).

The FIRST "simple step" is to "Get a COVID-19 vaccine." Simple. Just sit there and let them "get shots into arms." You don't have a body attached to that arm, do you?

And obviously the full-court press is on to get as many Americans to line up for this thing before the adverse event data on the Boomers is released. It was no accident that nursing home residents and folks in their 80s were the first ones to get the shots--with DNRs on file or the patients already enrolled in hospice, there's no need for hospitalizations and no reason to report deaths. When will we see the data for the millions of active Boomers now getting these shots? Not until it's really, really late, is my guess. (OpenVAERS only goes through Jan. 11, and 70+ folks didn't get the first round of shots until halfway through January: That means the deaths, etc., *that we know about* are only from health care workers and nursing home residents in the first round.)

Rest in peace, Ms. Penrod. May your memory be a blessing to all those whose lives you touched. I hope the Penrod family finds the strength to file a CICP claim. Get it on the record that your child was sacrificed to this lunacy.

Ronald N. Kostoff

Following is a link to a second interview of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche [VB] by Dr. Philip McMillan on 20 March. It lasts about an hour and is as good a presentation/conversation on the COVID-19 vaccine strategy and its impacts as we can get. VB emphasizes his combined background of virology, immunology, and vaccinology, and says that combination is what is required to address the problem. I would suggest the addition of toxicology as well, since some/much of the immune system dysfunction that allows the virus to wreak havoc is a consequence of exposure to toxic stimuli and the practice of toxic behaviors. At about 54:00 into the video, he does address the issue of health in response to questioning, but it should be listed among the first three disciplines mentioned.

At about 24:00, there is roughly a one or two minute gliche due to technical problems, but the remainder of the conversation is flawless. Highly recommended.
(Deep Dive Q&A - Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic)

One thing is clear and VB admits it. This virus was no more harmful than the flu when it started receiving attention. Had we let it run its course, and conducted business as normal as we do with the flu, it would have passed by now. Especially if we had instituted a campaign to help the public eliminate those toxic exposures that lead to immune system dysfunction and allow serious consequences from viral exposure. Instead, politicians and segments of the 'healthcare' industry saw this as a target of opportunity, and, with the aid of the media, hyped it into a pandemic. VB believes the actions taken as a result of this manufactured hysteria were exactly the wrong ones to be taken, and that we have created a serious situation that may lead to major catastrophe!


John Stone


Partners listed here:


@EM: Soros, probably.


"I support everyone who wants the vaccine’s getting the vaccine. I think it’s the way to end this horror."

I guess you never read the "Fact Sheet"....


Hi Cia,
At the moment, given that doctors have been prosecuted and lost their licenses for vaccine exemptions, doctors and nurses are in a position where following CDC guidelines is the only safe way to be sure to be able to continue practicing.
here are the CDC guidelines.

Per these guidelines, it seems like seizures aren't even an issue, as they don't even come up as a question.
And the things that do come up as questions are mostly ask, then vaccinate anyway.
My friends daughter, young adult type 1 diabetes, wants to start a family one day and working on a teaching degree, can only work at the school if she gets vaccinated.
That is undue pressure, not informed consent. And, if there is some additional risk for people with autoimmune disorders, the only ones specifically mentioned in this worksheet are HIV and people taking immunosuppressive drugs.
In respect to the brave lady who taught children with autism, and who has now passed,
who is the imaginary person in this scenario who is going to give a person with seizures information that she was at specific risk for death?? Or that she was entitled to a medical exemption? ( Nothing I have read from the CDC says she is even eligible for a medical exemption, unless their is something I am missing?)
I think it eases the conscience of some who make money off vaccines to pretend that firing people from their jobs isn't pressure. And to pretend that there is some imaginary medical oversight, which will give exemptions that the CDC will not, even while those same people work extremely hard to make sure no one knows anything about the side effects and deaths which are happening.
( Stopping reports of vaccine injury on twitter or facebook is a campaign to silence the facts about injuries imo)
People like to believe they are good, so they don't want to think that they are actually causing people to die to make money. They want to believe there is some imaginary way that the victim should have "known better".
And so they pretend that a patient being told "you have no contraindications to a vaccine" is the same as "informed choice". "Yes dear, the CDC says it is safe, it is fine for you" is not informed choice, if the vaccine kills you.
I was talking a while ago about the horrific "liverpool pathway" that was used in the UK as it turned out, to basically euthanize elderly people by stopping giving them food or water.
My friend said "That's murder" IMO, he was right. I would say the same applies to people who need medical exemptions from vaccines, but are never told they need them, or provided with them. And the place right now, imo, who should be providing more information on medical exemptions is the CDC.

Tim Lundeen

@cia the vaccines have killed people with no obvious contraindications. And please don't blame the victim -- the propaganda and pressure is over the top. There is no way these people are giving true informed consent. They trust the authorities, or they need to work: some of them die.

Just in my circle of acquaintances (not via social media or other channels), I know one person with a heart attack, one with seizures. I know a teacher who is terrified to get it, but they won't let her work if she doesn't.

Kim Managing Editor

Ms Penrod was surely given ZERO information that would have made her take pause. It would have been a HUGE decision that goes against the grain of her school staff, those around her, the media messages and the overwhelming social media peer pressure to get the COVID vaccine. She may have told the nurse about her seizure and was assured that there was no contraindication. She was a victim of the pandemic. A recipient of an experimental, rushed injectable from a company with billions in fines for having cut corners, lied in marketing and harmed consumers for their products that HAVE liability. I think of Ms. Penrod as my own children - vaccine injured through no fault of their own. I don't even know why you read us or comment so copiously at this point. Simply to be a contrarian it often seems. Kim

angus files

Like Marvin where were the Doctors protecting their health,to busy counting the cash cow vaccine bonus probably.

The only green in vaccines is pus from the injection site..

What a waste of a healthy life albeit with some problems murder`s

Here in the Uk Boris the pharma Prime minister is rolling out a vaccine passport so you can visit the pub/diner or wherever...not at this house he ain`t, it ain`t happening murders.

Vaccine certificates could play a role in allowing the return to normality - but not until after everyone has been offered the jab, Boris Johnson has said.

The Prime Minister said a review into the viability of coronavirus health certificates could be expected by April 12, as he confirmed that ministers were considering the idea.

He told reporters: "I do think there is going to be a role for certification.

"What we said is we'll be reporting on the work of the certification group in early April, either on April 5 or April 12.

"There are lots of difficult issues because there are some people who for medical reasons can't get a vaccination, pregnant women can't get a vaccination at the moment, you've got to be careful about how you do this.

"You might only be able to implement a thorough-going vaccination passport scheme even if you wanted such a thing in the context of when absolutely everybody had been offered a vaccine."

Pharma For Prison



Cia, if you don’t totally oppose vaccination, pharma’s just going to keep damaging little children’s brains with aluminum adjuvants, pollutants, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, modern public school system, etc.

If vaccination is still allowed (even if no longer mandatory), many parents will still choose to let pharma poison their helpless little ones into neurological impairments, aggression, rages, extreme anxiety, seizures, etc.

And unemployable, prone to wandering/aggressive and violent meltdowns, homeless, abused and traumatized in psych wards, self contained SPED classes with violent/visibly disabled children, on the streets, etc.

Paying literally trillions of dollars 2 pay 4 autism/mental illness costs.



Agency is the important thing. Everyone should have the power to consider both sides and then make a choice. There are dangers on both sides. The rabies and yellow fever vaccines are reactive, even fatal, for many people. The vaccines nearly always successfully prevent the very dangerous diseases. What should you do? If bitten by a rabid animal, if you were infected by rabies (not always certain), you’re going to die if you don’t get the vaccine. However, there is a small chance that the vaccine may kill you itself.

The Covid vaccines have dramatically reduced deaths from Covid. They are themselves dangerous for a certain number of people, not most. However, nearly everyone is at risk of a serious or fatal case of Covid. Even young people are at some risk. Maybe Desiree took the vaccine to protect her elderly parents. Valid or invalid choice? Should you take the vaccines off the market, which would mean a lot of people would die of Covid? Or should you allow people to inform themselves and make a choice? I believe the latter, and that is what is being done in most places. I have said they should do a better job informing people of heightened risk factors. Maybe Desiree didn’t know her seizure disorder put her at heightened risk. But adults have a responsibility to inform themselves about many things, including vaccines.

There are risks and benefits on both sides. What do you think of the yellow fever vaccine? It is a very effective vaccine. It has prevented hundreds of thousands of people from dying of yellow fever in the last century. It has caused severe injury and death in some. Should you take it off the market to prevent these relatively rare deaths when this would mean the death from yellow fever of a much larger number? Shouldn’t you tell people of the risks on both sides and then let them choose? Is there a way to define a certain person as being incompetent to decide whether or not he wants to get a Covid shot? So you say No, he or she may not get it because she is incompetent to decide. Then who bears the guilt if they get and die of Covid? Something like 70% of Americans said last September that they wouldn’t take the Covid shot, most because they feared vaccine damage. And I think the other 30% were aware of vaccine damage, but wanted the vaccine regardless. Now it’s down to 23% hardcore refusers and 20% who are wait and seers. That job is done, everyone is aware of the possibility of vaccine damage. Everyone knows the decision is ultimately in their hands. Whose else should it be in? My roommate’s parents refused the polio vaccine for her. She got and was permanently crippled by polio. Who must bear the responsibility for making that decision? It was a valid decision and she was not damaged by the polio vaccine, but she was crippled by polio for life.


how ghoulish!
art antithesis.

Kim Managing Editor

Cia, that is one of the cruelest comments I’ve read in a long time. You just told us that vaccine injury is acceptable unless the person is forced. I’d say there is considerable coercion for all vaccines. That would mean the thousands of readers -like me - whose kids were harmed - our kids are not victims either. I’m aghast at your train of thought. Kim


I agree that Desiree’s death was a tragedy. But I don’t think she was a victim. She freely chose to get the vaccine and was enthusiastic about it, said it didn’t hurt and there was a nurse to answer all questions. She may not have known that having a seizure disorder was a factor which raised her risk of a severe reaction. Here, at least, you have to fill out a health form before they vax you. They recommend that people with autoimmunity, previous vaccine reactions, and they should include neurological conditions like seizure disorder, should talk to a doctor before getting the vaccine. I think that’s the best you can do. Did Desiree tell staff at the vaccination site that she had a seizure disorder? I have no idea. Benjamin Goodman knew of his family’s history of severe vaccine reaction, but got it anyway, and died of it. But he had the right to choose to take the vaccine. Many young people his age have died of Covid. They’re certainly doing so right now in droves in Brazil, primarily from a variant.

I think we need to publicize these cases, as you have done. I think the problem is that it’s hard to believe that there’s such a difference between individuals who otherwise seem to be the same. My friend in Bulgaria, in response to the warnings I’ve sent him, said How could a mild vaccine do that? Millions and millions have gotten a Covid vaccine with no problem, they walk away unharmed. But then there are the others, thousands of deaths, permanent disability, ER, etc. Like Covid itself, mild for most, deadly or disabling for others.

Thinking about getting the Covid vaccine for myself, I think about my disabling vaccine reactions far in the past, think about a tetanus booster I got in 2005, which I didn’t react to, and think I’d be fine. A moment of discomfort from the needle, possibly bearable reactions, then it’s over. I can’t visualize me having a severe reaction, despite my and my family’s history. And that’s knowing a lot about vaccine damage. But now, reading the details of Benjamin and Desiree’s fatal reactions, I can better visualize its happening to me.

I support everyone who wants the vaccine’s getting the vaccine. I think it’s the way to end this horror. But everyone needs to be aware of and think about the very grave risk for some and if they may be a member of those some.


Not directly related to this post, but this just came across my desk. Wonder who's the money behind it?


Desiree on her FB page was very enthusiastic about getting the vaccine. She was not coerced. She said it didn’t hurt and there was a nurse available to answer all your questions, encouraging others to get vaxxed as well.

The other day I looked at her FB page and saw that in October she said she had a seizure and came to on the floor of the bathroom, with blood on the floor. So she had a seizure disorder, probably originating in a vaccine which she got at some point.

I think people should be warned that those who have allergies or autoimmune conditions, or who have reacted to a vaccine before, are at increased risk of an adverse, even fatal, reaction to the Covid vaccine. The choice should be theirs.

Benjamin Goodman, 32 years old, died last week from a reaction to the JnJ vaccine. His stepmother said they had been worried when he said he had gotten it, as severe vaccine reactions ran in the family, as in my family. He got the vaccine voluntarily, I think at Walgreens, earlier this month. He worked in stage management at a theater in NYC.

Vaccination for Covid is not going to stop and I don’t think it should stop, although I don’t know what’s going to happen with the variants. But receipt of vaccination must be voluntary, as it usually is, most people are very enthusiastic about it, but there should be increased warnings of preexisting conditions which increase the risk of the vaccine. Millions with allergies etc., have gotten the vaccine without incident, but those at highest risk should be aware of the danger.

I just read that the Brazil variant is killing large numbers in Brazil, with a very high death rate in those 30 to 50 or even younger. Manaus had a second wave last fall which killed a lot of people who had had and recovered from the original strain of Covid. It as well as the other strains will doubtless spread across the world. We are in a very difficult situation. They will modify the vaccines to cover the variants, and then after that I think they will have to leave it up to individual choice. I can’t think of another way to bring it under control.


Trying to “green vaccines” is ridiculous, there’s no safe vaccines.

America will collapse from having to pay trillions of dollars in autism costs (along with incessant, nationwide chaos, unrest from other problems).

All while more youth are now mentally and chronically ill.

They’ll just keep damaging little children’s brains with psych drugs + vaccines until everything collapses.

Bob Moffit

"On March 17, 8 days after her vaccination, Ms. Penrod died "unexpectedly."

All together now … CORRELATION DOES NOT MEAN CAUSATION" … after all .. if autism … once so rare it was thought to affect 1 in 10,000 and not taught to medical students … then 1 in 500 .. then 2500 .. then 110 .. then 1 in 35 .. now reported if left to continue it's alarming, frightening trend .. it will be 1 in 2 by the year 2032.



As long as the vaccine industry and public health marketers of vaccines can dismiss all serious injuries including death as mere CORRELLATION to vaccines .. the future damage done by COVID vaccines is terrifying.


I'm feel so sorry for Desiree. She looks so vibrant in the photo and to play rugby in Connecticut is just brilliant. 9 days after J & J, death. Thanks for reporting about her tragic and avoidable vaccine injury - don't the drink the kool aid.

A dozen state attorneys general on Wednesday called on Facebook and Twitter to take more aggressive action against conspiracy theories, hoaxes and lies that are undermining public confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines.

“The people and groups spreading falsehoods and misleading Americans about the safety of coronavirus vaccines are threatening the health of our communities, slowing progress in getting our residents protected from the virus, and undermining economic recovery in our states,” the letter from Connecticut Attorney General William Tong and 11 other Democratic state attorneys general said. “We call on you to take immediate steps to fully enforce your companies’ guidelines against vaccine misinformation.”

The letter to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey also cited research from the Center for Countering Digital Hate and Anti-Vax Watch showing that a small number of anti-vaccine accounts are responsible for falsehoods about the safety of the vaccines that have reached more than 59 million on Facebook, Instagram, Google’s YouTube and Twitter.

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