Shingles Adds Another Level of Fear
Yale Robotics Lab to Pay $15 Per Day to Adults with Autism Who Participate In Study

Weasel Words From Oregon Health Authority

Pregnancy graphic
These are weasel words.  Who remembers, "Autism like symptoms" which meant, "Autism, but we can't say so and jeopardize the entire program?"

Limited data = we don’t know.

Believe = maybe.

Unlikely = could be but we only want to scare you one way.

Specific risk = we don’t have clinical trial designed outcome reports so we can generalize for bow because these are experimental products.

Glad to see that  Oregon has adopted gender neutral language regarding pregnancy, as you can read. At least they have the social science down pat. We have no short term studies, let alone long term studies on Covid vaccines while pregnant. It's a complete crapshoot.

When I was pregnant in 1994, I remember walking as far away from the office microwave as I could.  When I was pregnant in 1996, I was aghast and terrified because I had had a Scotch and soda during my early pregnancy before I knew I was expecting Gianna.  In 2000 when I was pregnant, I should have smoked crack and eaten spoiled meat.

Wat a difference 20 years makes, eh?



Imagine for a second, that you put your minivan in the shop to get the brakes repaired.

And imagine, if when you picked up the repaired vehicle, the mechanic said "I've finished repairing your vehicle, and I believe the newly installed brakes are unlikely to pose a specific risk to anyone who rides in this vehicle."

Do you think that anyone in their right mind, would ever drive away in that vehicle with their children?


@sarah kazdan isaacs

"In general, both generations were worse off when it came to "physiological dysregulation," which includes problems like elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, excess belly fat, and substances in the blood that suggest the THE BODY IS IN A STATE OF CHRONIC INFLAMMATION." (emphasis mine)

This is the important part of the article. The majority of the focus of the study were the generations born after 1987- the year of the rollout of the "new and expanded" vaccine schedule which added for the first time, a recombinant DNA vax (Hep B) given on the day of birth.


Gen X and Millennials are indeed affected, but where’s the talk about autism + chronic/mental illness rates in Generation Z/“zoomers”? Even more vaccinated than their already vaccinated, already ill counterparts.

USA has the highest vaccine schedule in the world, most healthcare costs...

are actual autism rates significantly higher than 1 in 54 kids? Is the USA media hiding the actual numbers from the public (is the prevalence 1 in 5?)

sarah kazdan isaacs

"Experts believe" - Weasels, indeed.

While this article is tangential to this post, the reality that the health of young Americans is declining should prompt folks ( including health care providers and researchers) to examine what is going on. Not surprising that ASD rates are not even part of the discussion, but clearly, ASD and other new normal health conditions are also increasingly common and terrifying.
ASD - 1:10000 in 1980 to 1:42 in 2020? Why isn't this scary statistic being discussed? I ask AOA to keep posting the rates even though it may sound like "old news" to some of us. While society and pediatricians do not want to shine a light on this data, we cannot ignore and must speak out.

Thanks for your good work.

John Stone


Sorry, you comment accidentally ended up in the spam.

Bob Moffit

Resubmitting from yesterday as my comments were not posted

It wasn't so long ago when these very same "words" were applied to THIMEROSAL/THALIDOMIDE and a whole host of other parma products .. talcum powder for instance … in those days these now proven DANGEROUS PRODUCTS were also described as … BELIEVED TO BE SAFE TO USE AND UNLIKELY POSE A RISK TO USING THEM.

These are the very same UNTRUSTWORTHY health officials using the very same UNTRUSTWORTHY WORDS that caused MILLIONS OF SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES … and … we are supposed to TRUST THEM NOW? NOT BLOODY LIKELY FOR ME.


Super hard to find this:


... while pregnant. I did find a gal that was in the army back then that they shot. She had twins. They found a lot of mercury in their teeth.


Wasn’t safe when they vaccinated me with the flu in ‘2000. They still haven’t figured out how dangerous that was to us!


Weasle Words, indeed.

Jesus, in your name, protect our children from the poison of serpents.


Vaccine worship, combined with the genderfluid trans Tumblr lunatic fringe nationwide.


I was reprimanded by a doctor friend for (nearly) eating a piece of soft cheese back when I was pregnant. What percentage of soft cheeses are actually contaminated by Listeria? Doctors behave as if 100% of soft cheese contains Listeria, and 100% of Listeria ingestion during pregnancy kills the baby. Emergency-authorized vaccines, though... no probs. Because drug companies sell the vaccines, but don't sell the cheeses. If Sargento sponsored weekends in Vegas for doctors, I'll bet soft cheese would be OK, too.

I keep wondering when the lie will be so egregious that the average guy doubts it.


Yes, definitely "weasel words" There are no "specific risks for pregnant people" Of course, nothing is said about whether are "specific risks for fetuses" or what the long term effects on the babies are.
And they can't know this, because pregnant people were excluded from the initial studies, as were people about to get pregnant.
We know there are plenty of things that are "safe for pregnant people" that are not safe for the fetuses they carry. Thalidomide, for example, springs to mind. Safe for the pregnant woman taking it for morning sickness, but linked with severe birth defects in the fetus. Or the simple, commonly used advil/ibuprofen.,kidney%20problems%20in%20the%20baby.
If taken in the third trimester, advil can cause kidney damage in the babies, and low amniotic fluid in the third trimester.

And of course, even eating too much tuna can be bad for the fetus..

We don't even have nine months of COVID vaccine data, so there is no usable science on pregnancy outcomes for the babies. pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant were specifically excluded from the trial studies.

Future fertility problems in the potential mothers will take years to show in the data.

Similarly, an increased risk of injuries like kidney problems or clotting or stroke problems in the babies will take years to collate. Depending on the issue, neurological damage won't necessarily be able to be identified until the baby is older.

We do already know from initial antibody studies in babies born to vaccinated pregnant women that for good or ill , the baby is affected by the shot. As well as the antibodies, we don't know other effects, and certainly cannot yet break down effects by trimester.

I hope these shots are safe, but all anyone can offer right now is a guess.
Science that does not exist, is not science.

Bob Moffit


What about the future RISKS TO UNBORN CHILD??? What about future RISK TO FERTILITY OF BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS???


Gary Ogden

I am of the male gender, so was never at risk of pregnancy, but I well remember a time, it seems like only five minutes ago, but surely was no more than ten or fifteen years ago, when virtually everything except wholesome food, and clean air and water were contra-indicated in pregnancy, including most drugs, and certainly vaccines. If you're a doctor in Oregon, don't question the narrative, or the standards of care brought down from the mountain, don't rock the boat or there will be consequences. Oregonians, why do you put up with this crap, with these charlatans who call themselves medical professionals, with the pharma cult which has infiltrated every government agency, local, state, and federal? By the way, I cannot too highly recommend Weston A. Price's "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration," published in 1948, but still in print. A practicing dentist, and the lead researcher for the ADA's research lab, he went around the world in the 1930's to try to understand why the dental health of children born in the 20th Century had taken such a turn for the worse. He discovered that traditional people developed their diets based upon what was locally available which promoted the birth of perfect babies. Nothing more important than healthy babies, is there?

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