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Video: Unbreaking Science Presents Expert Panel on Balance of Risk in PCR Tests

Unbreaking Sciience PCR Test video
Expert panel presents science on several Covid topics including the weakness of the tests used to control most everything we do....  From Dr. James Lyons-Weiler's IPAK, recently featured in USA Today. 

Watch Here

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler is the Principal Investigator, Director and Scientific Director of the Consortium. - Biosketch

Kevin Jenkins - Communications Coordinator, Urban Global Health Alliance

Prof. Dolores Cahill is the Coordinator of the consortium and will clone the studies with Consortium resources in Europe. -

Dr. Sin Hang Lee MD, F.R.C.P.(C), FCAP  is Senior Research Scientist and will oversee the laboratory processing and production of data for each of the studies being conducted. Millford Molecular Diagnostics is the performance site of data production.

Dr. Henry Ealy - Clinical Advisor

Dr. Ealy insures that patients enrolled in the study are afforded informed consent and given the opportunity to find medical care for COVID19 at each enrollment site. Energetic Health Institute 



"But can they continue when the next are the teachers and one small town loses three teachers in a short time period? They did not think so."
In my area we have lost one teacher and one professor. Sudden unexpected deaths. I wonder about their vaccine status and if whether recently vaccinated (as is likely) the deaths were reported.


Could someone please post the link for donations?
Thank you!

Grace Green

Re. my last comment, I omitted to say that in the article I read the University was reported to have stated that these small donations to Prof. Exleys' team would alienate the university's larger donators (one of whom just happens to be the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). I hope that makes my comment to Susan Welch make more sense.

Grace Green

That sounds absolutely disgraceful. I do hope you get it sorted out soon. They might as well have said straight out that money matters more than honest science! Keele - my Alma Mater, I'm ashamed of them.

That's an excellent summary. What has stayed with me from the video is Prof. Cahill saying (as she often does) these things are illegal, criminal, and we should not comply with them, either the "lockdown" measures or the testing or vaccines. A really great discussion, and I look forward to the study project progressing.


Thank you, John Stone!

Main link doesn't work anymore, so thank you for posting!


So is this about it in a nut shell?
Did I miss anything else that I should not have?

The test they are using has a 40 percent false positive test for covid 19
If you are not sick then you don't have covid.
If the PCR test shows the number of around 12 or under then you probably do have covid, but if it is getting up to 25, esp to 30, 34 it is probably false positive, and not to be trusted. . Which for some reason they are doing those high numbers. .
This PCR test was never meant to be the yes, or no test. It was suppose to follow up with antibody test, blood test, IgG, IgM.
Covid is a dry cough that feels like you are coughing glass, and a high fever, so if you are not sick - you don't have covid, and if you are mild like a runny nose, and a low fever it is not covid.
PCR test can show positive 12 weeks after getting covid, so it is not telling the medical profession if a person can transmit covid 19, so isolation just on this test is just not a good indicator to do that.
The PREP act is put on top of the 1986 child can't sue act. So, good luck if you get hurt or dead. Cause it is just another layer on top of layer of protecting vaccine companies and the people that give out vaccines, but no protection for the consumer.
This video says that all of these vaccines are still a lab experiment and you can not be forced to take it. By regular law you should be signing paper work that they told you the risk and you understand the risk.
Because the vaccines are experimental research, they are keeping better track of deaths and injuries than just the VAERS. THey are finding out the sudden death rates and injuries are high. But VAERS also is showing a five - fold increase in death after they vaccinate.
That they started with the elderly cause no one in the US cares about people in their 90s, or the elderly and if they die after the vaccine. Next to be vaccinated are the health care workers that are not allowed to say one way or the other they were vaccinated, so they are controlling the narrative. But can they continue when the next are the teachers and one small town loses three teachers in a short time period? They did not think so.
That is a few things I got out of it.


Thank you John Stone.

This is so informational packed. WOW! IT was great!

Helps me to not feel ill at ease, not to get my 90 plus year old parents vaccinated.

susan welch

Grace, As instructed by Prof. Exley, I sent an email to Keele requesting the return of donations I had sent since April 2019. I received a refusal from them because, in summary, the funds could still be used by him and his team.

I then queried whether the team would be able to use the facilities at Keele for their research and they replied that they could. This is not what I understood from Prof. Exley, so I have forwarded the correspondence to him for his instructions.

As yet, I have not heard from him. I imagine there will be many with the same questions.

Grace Green

The interview with Prof. Exley was recorded in March 2019. I hope he is going to be able to make a living out of lectures and videos, because all of his funding at Keele University, including all charitable donations, has been stopped, and his department is due to close in August 2021. Has anyone got any more up to date information?

John Stone


I have updated the link

Hans Litten

Is there an alternative link for the PCR test video.
Because there is nothing there in the link here for me.

I have searched high and low for an alternative provider but cant seem to find it. So far.

Hans Litten

A living legend, Exley : (another Video)

Interview with Professor Christopher Exley
419 views•Premiered Mar 27, 2021


And by the way Dr. James Lyons-Weiler was the first person that said the covid 19 had a spike protein
PUT on it by some lab technology. He got shouted down, but he said it right from the beginning of 2020, In Feb or Jan.

Will our justice system work? Will we have to resort to peasants and pitchforks kind of stuff, or will we all just wait for the next "gain of function" virus to keep us in our houses, under house arrest by our own governments?


Dr. Mercola's website story: Look at number three--3 -- 3 Every body knows and thanks for highlighting this.

My nephew, my sister in law has had covid twice; so she is going to get those covid 19 vaccines even though they all have had it already. Such a lie they are being fed. They have already suffered enough.

1.)The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) funded risky gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology as recently as 2019

2.) Two U.S. individuals implicated in funding and researching bat coronaviruses with human infection potential are Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIAID, and Peter Daszak, Ph.D. Both have also publicly dismissed the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 originating in a lab and have worked to suppress such lines of inquiry

3.) As early as March 2020, Fauci knew that up to 90% of positive PCR tests were false positives, yet he said and did nothing. Instead, he fueled the flames of fearmongering, perpetuating the myth that we were in a lethal pandemic

4.) The World Health Organization’s commission charged with the investigation of SARS-CoV-2’s origin has dismissed the lab-origin theory. In response, two dozen scientists and policy experts are calling for a truly independent investigation into the virus’ origin

5.)Key pieces of research that supports the lab-origin theory — by presenting a highly credible theory for how the virus became so highly adapted for human infection — are coronavirus studies done on mice genetically engineered to express the human ACE2 receptor

False Scientists

Couldn’t watch but I have many questions about PCR tests. I hope to never take that ‘pap smear of the brain’ test. If spit into something but not have the deep nasal swab test.

Grace Green

We're watching this in installments because it's rather long. Well worth it though. The most memorable comment for me so far is, Dr. Lyons-Weiler saying you know if you've got Covid, the symptoms are really bad. No need for a test. Another Dr. said there's no such thing as a non-symptomatic disease. Very inspiring.

Samuel Green

Thanks greyone, got it! Thanks also John. It's still coming up as 'no longer available' on transferbigfiles dot com. Maybe they realised there was a problem with the file. Hopefully be better on dolorescahill dot com.


It is available on the site.
Interesting discussion on different legal ramifications of US, UK/Ireland.

John Stone

We know this to be a bona fide site, although I found it kept on stalling

Samuel Green

Was interested in watching this video, but it's no longer available on transferbigfiles dot com. Also cautious about downloading files from such sites in general from a malware point of view. Might it be available on a streaming service somewhere? E.g. BitChute?

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