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JB Handley Live Tonight! Underestimated No Longer

Unbreaking Silence: JB and Jamison Handley Author of Underestimated An Autism Miracle

UnderestimatedJB Handley and his son Jamison have written a book recounting how a method called Spelling2Com (not to be confused with facilitated communication) has given 18 year old Jamison a way to share his heart, his mind, his soul. Think of all of our kids who are preverbal - how smart they are. We know. We can see it in their receptive speech. We see it in their eyes. We also see the pleading look that says, "Help me."  Many of us have spent tens of thousands of dollars, maybe more, and devoted countless hours to our kids lives. Never satisfied with the grim prognoses of ignorant doctors and inside the box therapists, we've been ridiculed, written off and reviled for wanting MORE for our kids. What kind of more? How about the ability to ask for a chicken sandwich instead of a burger. A glass of orange juice instead of grape juice.  Communication. For Jamison and many others, Spelling2Communicate has worked. For others? Perhaps S2C or HALO from Soma have not been the best route to success. Watch the interview. We are approaching the April Fool's Month. It's time to turn our eyes from the pandemic BACK to autism and our ever growing needs. For Jamison? We say AMEN, young man. We are happy for you.  Amazon: Underestimated An Autism Miracle


Mary Collins

I'm the mom of a 20 year old son who had a diagnosis of a number of things ranging from auditory processing disorder to autism spectrum. He received the autism diagnosis at age 10-11 and was seen by a specialist with a Ph.D. and added ABA training. Our son was verbal, but he has many seeming learning disabilities and difficulty in communicating his thoughts and ideas. Because we have friends who had dealt with similar and overlapping issues in a school he attended I learned a lot and was also inclined to research alternatives because I had a diagnosis of MS at age 36 by MRI and through a year of intensive research and application of this to diet, gut healing, movement, detoxing, and more I was able to reverse symptoms and became without disability, not cured, but healed to have full function.

I"ve followed Mr. Handley's journey and his son and family's triumphs in all movements and areas of concern including the work of Children's Defense and JFK, Jr., Jenny McCarthy, and Del Bigtree's films, and no doubt more. I have tremendous respect for him and am so happy to see the results. I believe people are starting to wake up to the needed self advocacy and empowerment for self and our children. One area that I've been researching in depth is the gut and how that impacts the function of the immune system, our first line of defense and how that could be key to the mechanisms behind what happens with toxin exposure, vaccines, trauma, diet and more. So many for profit systems don't really have a vested interest in our empowerment to make changes and not be chronically ill or disempowered. Go for it and thanks to all for supporting this great book!


Kate, no coincidence, look up neurofibromytosis (sp?)
My son has that too
It’s the left ear...tumor

Kate C

The idea that autism is a motor problem, not a cognitive problem, makes a lot of sense to me. For years I have watched as my son cannot get out of bed, even as he says he wants to. His aides at school often complained that they had to get his pencils out of his backpack before he would begin anything. We are lucky because he can tell us what he thinks. I hope he will watch the interview and let me know his thoughts.
Coincidentally, he is also hard of hearing, being deaf in one ear.


Good for you, JB Handley!
And yet - it is possible to teach non-verbal autistic children oral language.
I have thought my son to speak - and read and write.
He was non-verbal from 18 months to 5.5 years, but he is in community college now.
And he is also deaf as a result of DTaP vaccine injury.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is much longer for some of us.

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