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The Defender Reports on Oxford-AstraZeneca Adverse Events

UK-Covid-vaccine-injuries-feature-800x417The following excerpt is from John Stone at The Defender:

UK Data Show 402 Reports of Deaths Following COVID Vaccines

Government data show that, compared with the Pfizer vaccine, there have been 43% more reports of injuries related to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK, including 77% more adverse events and 25% more deaths — but no red flags from UK regulators.

Between Dec. 9, 2020 (when the first COVID vaccine was administered in the UK) and Feb. 14, 2021, 402 deaths following COVID vaccines have been reported to YellowCard, the UK government’s system for reporting side effects to COVID-related medicines, vaccines, devices, and defective or falsified products.

Britain’s regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), runs YellowCard, which is the nearest British equivalent to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System or VAERS in the U.S.

So far, only the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines have been administered in the UK. The Pfizer vaccine was deployed during the second week of December 2020, and Oxford-AstraZeneca at the beginning of January. (Moderna’s COVID vaccine is approved for emergency use in the UK, but the country has not as of yet obtained any vaccines from the company).

The MHRA has expressed no concern about the number of reports of adverse events connected with these new products, even failing to note how much worse the Oxford product has performed in comparison to the Pfizer vaccine.

Similarly, the accumulation of hundreds of deaths has failed to register a flicker of concern from them.

In January, the deaths of 23 frail elderly in Norway made international news — and raised questions about whether we should even be vaccinating people who are already near death. While it’s true that thousands of frail elderly people inevitably die every week, the lack of evidence of an active attempt to find out what is going on in individual cases is troubling.

The MHRA responded to the Norwegian report by saying “it did not currently anticipate any specific concerns,” a highly prejudicial statement. At the time The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) permitted a short on-line response from me under the title “Is the MHRA up to it?”:  Read more at The Defender.




Devi Sridhar ticks every box:- WHO, World Bank, WEF, Clinton, Rhodes Scholarship, Guardian, Chatham House and more


More real life what I know.
My niece age 30 something; on my husband's side, way out in California; her father's side is full of autism. Her mother had both diabetes, very young, and finally died of ALS. Her own youngest has mild autism. Yeah that kind of medical family history had the vaccine. Just one of the two.

All smiling in the picture labeled "I got my vaccine today.
How did she fair?

WEll, she reported a few days later that she had been to the doctor . Her neck was killing her. She could not move it hardly. She hurt all over as well. Like she had been in a car wreck. They gave her steroid shots in her neck/spine ara.

Recently -- last week I think she types, she is so tired that she cannot even make dinner for her family.
So that is how she has faired so far with just the one shot.

As for LYSINE:
I have been wondering for an entire year why no one has mentioned that little gem.
That is what we always use around here for a cold, or something that might be the flu. Although flu does not come often.
Lysine is used n chicken feed to help them fight off viruses. Well known and common use. Google it and see. IF I put it in a sick chicken's water -- a lot of time it comes back to life. Better than antibiotics, a lot of times.


Thank you John Stone at The Defender.

The Data dithers and doters need a nose to tail scopng exersise ?

Devi Sridhar -Chair of Global Public and Scottish Government's Covid-19 advisory Group along with GMC [General Medical Council] registered MSP's and others .

Zero Covid Home
Stated aims and objectives are,
We aim to build a movement to force policy makers in the UK to adopt a Zero Covid strategy to eliminate the virus .
Section -News from the Campaign
Article -Debunking Covid -19 myths, part 2
see -bottom of article-bottom of page , for info .
Debunking Covid -19 myths -Part 3 Taking a look at vaccines
Side effects MHRA -"Yellow Card "Scheme and Vaers are sites where anyone can register an event ,
with no proof they've even had the vaccine ,let alone evidence that the effect was caused by the vaccine .

Does this mean that multipe different surveillance operations -"The Health and Safety Monitors "
and their operations are not fit for their own purpose !

The old excuse used to be presented as "Oh yes, the operation was a success,but unfortunately ,the patient died "

Jelly Piece Song Matt McGinn You Tube
Jelly Piece= Jam Sandwich


From a moral point of view, I do think that if someone promotes the vaccine for others, particularly if they do so using social or legal pressure , then certainly they should be willing to take it themselves. I am not sure if Bill Gates has had his vaccine yet? He seems to have been very quiet about it, if so..
On another note, is Frederic and his family still doing ok? I am a little worried, and would appreciate a Frederic comment, just to know he is doing fine.
There seem to be cases in the news of people testing positive for COVID under routine testing having had both vaccines.

Here is one of many cases in the news. Are these asymptomatic vaccinated transmitters going to be the new "typhoid Mary's" who appear well but make others sick? Over the last year, we have been told multiple times, that asymptomatic COVID cases can still transmit the virus...

I also am looking at real life people who have been vaccinated, and am watching to see how they do, and if any short or long term side effects appear. Most people here aren't getting vaccinated. When you can't trust the spin, you have to observe the information for yourself.


Bernedetta “My sister in law and her family have all decided they are jumping off the ledge as soon as the ledge become available. Even though they all had covid. They all are convinced they can get covid again”

Fear shuts down logic, unfortunately. Most of us here are OK, as we have researched for many years and we know not to trust the mainstream media, so we are mostly immune to the fear, with the exception of Cia perhaps. It really is frustrating seeing family members falling for it and chasing the vaccine.


I am trying to consider all sides:

It bothers me that I cannot make a decision either way. I change my mind very often. At this time I think I should not risk getting the vaccine.


If the social restraints are necessary to prevent deaths, then I think we just need to permit them. Putting on double masks has become automatic when we go out. I can’t see it being brutalizing. I think everything, or nearly everything, has opened up again long since. We had a Zoom meeting today, and the woman we talked to said that remaining restrictions are ending because so many are being vaxxed.


Thank you for talking me down off the cliff. I’m struggling right now with dizziness and ataxia. I can easily imagine their getting a lot worse if I get the vax. I’m taking D3 and zinc, selenium and quercetin. I have a lot of attractive masks and wearing them is second nature now. I have found it to be an amazingly difficult decision to make. I think it’s all right if your relatives get the vax. They will probably do fine, contribute to ending this with the vaccine end of herd immunity, and probably feel proud, happy, and relieved.

It may be that taking D3 and zinc is enough to prevent hospitalization and death, but it may be that they don’t do so in everyone. I think in many the disease progresses very fast and by the time it does, it is difficult to reverse no matter what you do. We have been taking them almost every day for a year.

angus files

Great article John thanks. Evil to the core just a happy pharma crime family all in it together..

Pharma For Prison




I don’t know why some people get it and done don’t, despite probable exposure. I’d just have to say genetics and environmental influences, which is a cop out in a way, but still true. BoJo and Trump turned out to both have quite serious cases. Trump had exposure for six or seven months before finally being diagnosed with it. I don’t know the reasons, have no idea if he stopped taking HCQ prophylactically.

I saw last night that your window of almost certain vaccine immunity is short: from two weeks after the second dose to three months after it. They don’t know. No one can know yet. I think it will be much longer, maybe for life, to that strain, because the jolt is so powerful. But how disappointing if you wear yourself ragged debating pros and cons for many months, finally get it, don’t die, but it wears off after three months.


Treatment exists.
The current administration is failing to provide and encourage it.
That is an enormously tragic consequence of regulatory capture, driving unessacary vaccine risk exposure.

Social restraints are every bit as brutalizing as physical.
Sometimes in history, evil, like cream, rises to the top in human nature. Must you cheerlead it?



We will forever more be able to find all the articles saying good things about vaccines. Enough for us to pay no heed to the undercurrent of the truth. Apparently by those suffereing from previous vaccine injuries.

So I will step out of the article and news reports on the vaccines and try to find real life people.

I did.

Real life people have told me that is not how it is going down, like in your article that you shared. .
One recently was a doctor from the veterans administration.
He came to see my Dad.
HE said he did have covid.
He said his chest hurt, and he got himself checked out; and covid was causing him heart trouble.

But he got over it, still under the care of a heart doctor though. He was only 34, lean, good body weight. He is a rather handsome - sandy, on the blonde side of red headed. Ginger I guess.

He is super nice and discussed things with me. Upset about no early treatments for covid. He said that would have helped.

Now for the big thing you sharing articles about.
He has decided he will not be vaccinated ..
He said he has watched his fellow health workers at the veterans administration. . His observations have been that those that had covid, and then gets the vaccine are having pretty bad out comes when it comes to health. Worse that those that get vaccinated and did not have covid.

That is a real life person in my life. You know as well as I do, that you will never find the truth about vaccines in written literature, or on the TV. See how it was when you got injuried. When your daughter got injuried. They did not discuss it, care, put it in their pipes and smoke on it any; announce it as a cautionary tale, but hide it if they did anything. .

All they will say is RARE. But it is not rare. Look at the reactions that are being reported in VAERS and Yellow card.

I am tired of trying to talk you down off the ledge, Cia.
I got to get off of here and make sure My Daughter is not trying to jump off the ledge.
My sister in law and her family have all decided they are jumping off the ledge as soon as the ledge become available. Even though they all had covid. They all are convinced they can get covid again. They lost their son to covid, so I guess they are all going to jump and there is nothing I can do.


Pete and Gary,

Thank you. I was thinking last night that the figure for vaxxed people in Israel couldn’t be right for individuals vaxxed, since a large portion of the population is under 16 and not being vaxxed. It must be the figure for doses given, with ultimately most people getting two doses. I just looked at this interesting website, associated with Worldometers:

I just touched Israel on the globe to get its current figures: it says 8,436,312 vaccinated (probably doses given), 104,459 of them given in the last 15 hours.

There are a lot of unknowns: when someone dies, unless they fell into a canyon, it’s rarely 100% certain what the cause of death was, leaving the number of Covid deaths open to being manipulated in one direction or the other. Same goes for cases, the meaning of diagnosed cases, whether symptomatic or not, the number of real but never diagnosed cases, etc. Important differences in infection rates, which include the real but undiagnosed infections to the extent they may be accurately calculated, and case rates, meaning diagnosed cases, yielding vastly different Infection Fatality Rates and Case Fatality Rates. Case fatality rates have gone down, but seem to now be at 2.2%, which is very high, though nothing like Ebola or even the Spanish flu.

Israel had the third highest rate of diagnosed Covid infections in the world. Many cases and deaths in nursing homes. They vaxxed virtually everyone in nursing homes and cases and deaths there have nearly been reduced to zero.

I read in what you linked and elsewhere that the number of deaths caused by the vaccine are greater than the number of Covid deaths prevented in a comparable period of time. I don’t think that’s honest. The vaccine continues to prevent cases and deaths even beyond that short period of time. And you have to wonder how they were able to conclusively establish that the deaths involved were caused by the vaccine. I think many of the deaths were only temporally related and coincidental. I also think the shock to the immune system of the vaccine pushed many with preexisting vulnerabilities over the edge. But since the disease would have also pushed many of these people over the edge, it complicates the question of what they should have done.

Perspective is also necessary. The vast majority do not die if they get either Covid or the vaccine. About ten percent of Covid patients develop long autoimmune Covid upon recovery. Many of the recovered sustain possibly permanent organ damage, meaning that comparisons of deaths from Covid vs deaths from the vaccine are incomplete.

I read this morning about 15% of middle-school teachers in one town in Italy becoming ill after getting the vaccine, to the point that they were unable to work. Something similar in Germany. The point was that the writer thought that this was enough to establish that they shouldn’t have gotten the vaccine, but I don’t think that has been established. I think they must have recovered in a few days and gone back to work or THAT would have been all over the news. Presumably they are now protected for some length of time from getting a severe or fatal case of Covid, and that is worth a lot.

In my city, tens of thousands have now gotten the vaccine, most of them Moderna. Many, maybe all, of them are very happy they got it, and have not died. I don’t know how many have had a severe reaction, maybe many, maybe none: that information is unlikely to be reported.

I don’t know how the variants are going to influence the situation. I’ve read that the vaccine is a little less effective at preventing the Kent variant, but is still quite effective. The South African variant maybe much less.

This is all new, well, a year now, and there’s just a lot we don’t know. But I think that without the measures there would have been a lot more diagnosed cases and deaths, which would have caused more economic misery and more suicides, etc., in the wake of a society brought to its knees even more than has been the case.

Grace Green

As I understand it, the FDA has given only emergency use authorization for any "Covid" vaccines, because they have not been fully tested, and are still experimental. These vaccines have not been Approved (as safe and effective). For that reason, they may not be advertised, or mandated, even to the armed forces. Is the situation, and wording, the same with the MHRA? I believe the BBC has reported that the MHRA has approved the vaccines, but they may be wrong. Other websites are insisting that the vaccines are not approved, as so many people seem to believe, in which case the wording is important.


Incredible work from John as always, he is one of the best there is.

Cia “Israel has about nine million people. It has vaxxed 8,350,000 approximately”

Actually the most recent figure I saw was approx 52% of the Israeli population has received at least one dose, but there are concerns being raised by scientists about the higher mortality rates of the vaccinated. Hopefully more data and analysis will appear soon.

Personally I see the Covid vaccine program as population reduction, a part of UN Agenda 2030, it is not that the vaccine kills, but it makes you more likely to die, and probably harms fertility. We shall see.



This is the article I mentioned:

I am absolutely not trying to sell the vaccine. I read this yesterday and thought Wow. I never saw THAT coming. I’ll look for more about this. I have been constantly sick for 13 months now. I think it’s long Covid, started suddenly with severe breathlessness, tachycardia, heart arrhythmia, and all the old mercury MS symptoms, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, ataxia, but never retreating, which I have now seen described as symptoms of autoimmunity. When I saw this,I thought how nice it would be if it worked like that for me. I am at a loss. I don’t know what to do to feel well.


CIA think on this.

Trump got the Covid even after every body around him was tested

But not Biden or Pelosi which are old as dirt and look like it too. How they manage that and they are public figures plenty of people around them.

More people than will ever be in my life.

How they doing this?

Ahhh they got doctors giving em ivermectin or hydroxycholoriquine stashed in large bins. Same for Fauci. Sure he claims he got HIS patented vaccine as he wears two double mask for show. He has his stash too. Long time ago. Like he probably caught it 20 years back when he was ‘gain of functioning ‘ them and said hydroxycholoquine works fine



There is increasing evidence that vaccinated people (with the mRNA products, at least), cannot transmit the virus to others:
They have been saying for months that the vaccine eliminates the virus from your respiratory passages, so it makes sense.

You’re right. I said for months that I wouldn’t get the vaccine. All I can say is that little by little I became more afraid of the disease and inconsistently afraid of the vaccine. It seems to be safe for most people. Several people I know, a lot of people on Nextdoor, and many thousands in my city have gotten it, no one has died from it, and from what I have seen, those who have gotten it are very happy and relieved. I would really like to feel happy and relieved. And I’d like to feel part of this moment in history, feel that I had participated in bringing this dark tragedy to an end. I imagine it both ways, and that in itself is vertiginous. I get the vaccine, remain at the site for half an hour, drive home, lie down, and then scan myself constantly for signs of reaction. Today I was considering whether to take Ibuprofen beforehand despite the warnings, to head off excessive inflammation. Maybe take the nosode before and after, maybe a homeopathic Inflammation remedy, or a combination remedy for post-vaccination. And I imagine nothing happening. Then I think about my and my family members’ disabling vaccine reactions, think about my intractable dizziness, nausea, and ataxia, likely worse because I’ve had long Covid for a year. I think How many people have reacted to a tetanus booster with having both arms paralyzed starting the same day? Etc. I imagine myself having a fatal reaction and being in newspapers all over the world. I read yesterday that about a third of people with intractable long Covid feel a lot better after getting the vaccine. Will post link shortly. I was flabbergasted. If it’s true, maybe the vaccine acts like a homeopathic remedy and teaches the immune system the appropriate way to react to the virus. If it doesn’t kill you. The article gave me hope that maybe I could get better. Then I read about more deaths, and I don’t know what I should do or what chance I should take.

As for measures, I would assume they’d stay the same. Masks, social distancing, handwashing or hand sanitizer. I’d rather go back to the way things were before, but they’re really not bad. If I decide not to get the vaccine, I’d continue with the measures anyway, for my own sake. I just read the other day about a couple who tested positive and were isolating. They were found dead of Covid. Just another account like so many we’ve seen, but I’m thinking about them, wondering why they didn’t call an ambulance, for the little that would be worth.

My daughter says she doesn’t want the vaccine, and that’s fine. While I don’t think she has a good understanding of the situation, I think refusing the vax is a valid decision, especially as she’s young and healthy and unlikely to have a severe case. She’s fine with mask wearing, even double masks. And with her history of disabling vaccine reactions, I think it’s a valid decision.

Gary Ogden

Cia: There is no point in responding, but I'll make an attempt. If you think any vaccine "saves lives," especially one released in the middle of clinical trials, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in. Low interest rate. You can take possession immediately! I suggest you read "Virus Mania." The 'Rona hoax is no different than the HIV=AIDS hoax, the hepatitis C hoax, the BSE hoax, the SARS hoax, the H5N1 flu hoax, the Guardasil hoax, and the swine flu hoax. Yes people died in 2020. It comes with the territory. Fifty four million worldwide every year. But that we faced a deadly enemy is a complete lie. A lie to advance a politico-economic agenda. The agenda which requires complete control of the narrative in order to usher in complete control of the population. In the People's Republic of China they established that level of control in late 2019. All citizens must have a dumb phone. To leave the house or return, or go anywhere one must have the proper "health score," which is on the dumb phone. Is this the kind of world you wish to live in? Activate your brain and investigate the propaganda operation we've been subject to. It is the colossal stupidity of some governments, like the U.S. and the UK, which have led to many of the untimely deaths of the elderly through medical malpractice, neglect and abuse in nursing homes, and despair from isolation, and excess deaths of the younger from suicide and drugs. Countries who took a reasonable approach, such as Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea suffered few excess deaths last year.

Gary Ogden

cia: Here it is:


I saw today that a Japanese woman had died of a brain hemorrhage three days after getting the Pfizer vaccine. I’ve read of several others dying within a short time of the vaccine of different inflammatory conditions plausibly and probably caused by the vaccine: myocarditis, encephalitis, stroke, aneurysm, multi-organ inflammatory syndrome, etc. I am having severe symptoms of brain inflammation now, aka M. S. I think I’d be at high risk of being one of these people who react with too much, maybe fatal, inflammation. I’d like to take the Pfizer vaccine, but think it is very likely that it would be very dangerous for me. I were wish they would try to determine if the severely affected had signs ahead of time that they were at increased risk of reaction.

But I am very impressed at Israel’s leading the world in offering the Pfizer vaccine (so to speak), to all of its people, already having saved many lives. I was thinking about whether it was right to restrict the activities of those who refuse the vaccine, as is their right. If the Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective, as it has been shown to be by now, and there are nine million Israelis, bring vaxxed now at a rate of a hundred thousand a day (every Israeli will have been offered the vaccine within a week at this rate), then there would be maybe 45,000 whom the vaccine would not protect even though they had been vaxxed. We don’t know yet how this is going to work out in the real world. But I think it is reasonable to make the unvaxxed continue to adhere to the containment measures at a time when the vaxxed are released from them. I would love to go back to normal. I would like to take my daughter by plane to Disney World eventually. But the idea scares me as well, and I realize that if I don’t take the vax (which stands a good chance of killing me), we’ll have to wear masks and do social distancing for who knows how long? But we’d just have to do it: I want neither to get nor transmit the disease or it’s variants. And everything will eventually change, though I don’t know exactly how. They won’t force the unvaxxed to remain in lockdown for the next fifty years. The Black Death faded, the Spanish Flu faded, without any vaccine (but with many millions of deaths). Pazienza.


Hi Cia,
You have said in the past that you won't choose to get the covid vax.
What specific restrictions do you feel should be placed on you and your daughter?
For how many years?

Which of course leads to the question; If you don't have an active COVID infection, how can you give it to others?

On another note, given that vaccinated people can still spread Covid, but won't show any symptoms, is it safer for the general public to stand next to someone
who looks fine and can transmit covid for weeks if infected but asymptomatic ( ie a vaccinated person)
or someone who if they catch covid and will likely soon look sick, and be sent home, tested, and expected to isolate? ( unvaccinated)
It is also likely that vaccinated people could, as happens with the Mereks vaccine, become harbors for increasingly devastating covid variants.

It is interesting to note that Israel continued to have increasing cases of COVID despite a massive vaccination campaign, until they instituted a massive lockdown, which they are just now lifting. It seems disingenious to say that the vaccines alone have reduced spread, when extreme lockdown +vaccine were required.
And when everyone vulnerable has already been vaccinated with two shots there, they are already talking about the possible need for another lockdown, due it appears in part to worse variants spreading through the population. Are the vaccinated helping spread these variants?



What specifically are you referring to?

Israel has about nine million people. It has vaxxed 8,350,000 approximately, now vaxxing nearly a hundred thousand a day. Deaths from Covid have dropped to an average of about twenty a day. 99% of the Covid deaths they were having pre-vaccine are not occurring now.

I recognize that there are many issues involved. Which one are you referring to, which I think you are saying outweighs the lives saved?


I think the best anyone can do is offer but not force the vaccine, and I think that’s the usual practice everywhere. I agree that individuals must have agency to accept or refuse. But they should accept that maybe their activities are restricted so as not to endanger others if they refuse. That’s logical and I don’t see an issue of unfairness.


Now that you’ve seen the report, that Covid deaths in Israeli nursing homes have plunged to almost nothing now that all of them are vaxxed, what is your opinion of this? I think it’s wonderful. I saw that some Israelis are protesting, as is their right. They are enacting severe restrictions on the activities of those who refuse. As far as I know, no one is actually being vaxxed using physical force.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, John. I suspect the worst is yet to come. The data from Israel is horrifying.

Laura Hayes

Just saw this headline title:

“Just ONE dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine slashes Covid hospitalisations for over-80s by 80%, English study says“

And my first thought was, of course it did, because it killed so many.

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