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Choice_mainYesterday, my Connecticut town vaccinated 800 school staff members with the brand spanking new Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  Oh frabjous day!  That was a favorite phrase of our dear founder Dan Olmsted, from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass. Which is
exactly where we are today. 

Town social media is giddy with delight. Town 981A53E2-AC6C-4342-9750-609833B5D894with DARE drug awareness programs. Town with anguished conversations about addiction. Town riddled with cancers. 

It's as if Santa has slid down the chimney, and Jesus has returned and Elijah has sat down for the Seder meal all at once. I expect a virtual parade. No hint of worry. No mention of side effects. And it's "only one shot!" Women of all F7E41C86-F4E5-4DF4-AC2C-5DBE898D8F36ages,  including young wives and mothers, flooded the high school for their jab. Our precious babies, our injured children taught them....nothing.

I think those who are not interested in the vaccine at this time are simply keeping their mouths shut to avoid being slapped into stockades on our New England town green.  Ever watchful. And worried.

As they waited to check out, a party-like atmosphere reigned in the waiting area, with relieved laughter and occasional high-fives among the newly vaccinated.

'This is a great day:' 800 Trumbull school staff gets vaccinated at special clinic



Well said my poor banned, abused friend.

Getting the vaccine cause you "Think" you have had it for a year.

Maybe you did, maybe that was what happened to my son last year with OCD blowing up in our faces after a positive strep test. . Maybe not too. He had a covid 19 test done six months later and no antibodies found, so no covid then?

Blood clots, Cia.
and not being able to form blood clots too, Thrombocytopenia Cia; which my husband had this year after a positive strep test. But a negative covid 19 test.

The Tanzania president - Great article here; yesterday that gave them motor oil, papaya and what ever to test and it tested positive and he threw them out of his country; but AIDS -- that he takes seriously. What to think on of it all.

Fauci for sure needs to be put under a bright light and questioned.



I listened to the video you linked, but the speaker didn’t understand the mRNA products at all. He said it wasn’t a vaccine. No, it doesn’t use live or dead virus to stimulate the production of antibodies the way traditional vaccines do. No one ever said it did. There is NO alteration of genes: it is NOT gene therapy. It injects fatty nanoparticles encasing coded instructions for making a portion of the virus, not the whole virus (which might be dangerous), only the spike protein, which is emblematic of the whole virus. The nanoparticle remains intact and does not set off the immune system until it reaches a ribosome, which engulfs it and in which it is dissolved, releasing the coded instructions. The immune system then sets to work following the instructions and making the spike protein, and displaying it to all elements of the immune system, which makes very effective antibodies to the virus. The method is ingenious for several reasons: at no point is any portion of the real foreign antigen used, and this avoids some problems. The engineered mRNA is destroyed in the body within hours of injection, avoiding more problems caused by persistent antigens in the blood, like adjuvants and preservatives.

It DOES cause the production of antibodies to Covid, which DO prevent the person from contracting Covid at least 95% of the time. Several recent studies show that a vaccinated person can NOT spread the virus to anyone else.

However, it DOES have dangers, mainly from dysfunctional immune reactions in the inoculated person which can cause excessive inflammation of many different organs and cytokine storms. I am reading every day about people with autoimmunity getting it safely or not safely. I would say it’s not worth the risk for someone with my health status, including brachialplexusneuropathy,tirapboth arms paralyzed after a tetanus booster. Similar to the Guillain-Barre reaction Fauci said was a contraindication to getting the vaccine. On the other hand, I’ve read a lot about many people with long Covid (which I have), saying that the vaccine has made them feel well again. Akiko Iwasaki says that maybe because the vaccine causes the production of effective antibodies which cause virus hiding in reservoirs in the body or virus remnants circulating and periodically reactivating to be destroyed. It may be that the artificial construction of the virus means that many people’s immune systems don’t know how to kill it effectively.

The mRNA products do not touch your DNA and do not change it. I am thinking about getting it. I am afraid, but I also have had very bad health which has been largely caused by getting Covid over a year ago and never fully recovering from it. But the product itself is very impressive. Very ingenious. Highly vaccinated areas have already seen how it is preventing new cases by the hundreds of thousands. I think we should discuss it at that level. Effective, yes, saves lives which would otherwise be lost to Covid, yes. Dangers, yes, and I’m looking for information on them every day. But you’d have to balance the risks, especially for some groups, against the benefits, which are many.

Jill in MI

To Kostoff - Thank you for the video link to Dr. Steve Hotze. Short, sweet and easy to follow.

Ronald N. Kostoff

Following is the clearest presentation I have seen yet on the COVID-19 so-called "vaccine" Well worth seventeen minutes of your time.


Visitor and Benedetta,

I think we shouldn’t borrow trouble. One thing is being criticized however cruelly and another is being censored and prevented from speaking. Cruel comments are to be expected within legal limits, no physical threats are or should be tolerated, but freedom of speech must be allowed.

I have been completely banned by several sites, like Science-Based Medicine. Several years ago a certain shill had a position on many sites’ moderation boards, and he deleted all my comments on all sites sponsored by that company, D, a month’s worth at a time, amounting to many months of comments after a few days. Hundreds of comments. I was exchanging comments with someone online, but that moderator followed us from site to site, plastering black rectangles down over our comments on the screen as we were writing them. The other commenter suggested we seek harbor at a natural health site where he could not follow us. That hostile party created fake, unflattering Twitter pages in my name and several others. One of them was loaded with a certain type of porn. Another hostile party in that group sent out a shout-out to many colleagues to flood my real Twitter account with porn. I was unable to discuss this with Twitter and closed the account.

Hundreds of my comments even outside of the wholesale mowing down incident have been removed from where I posted them. Last year I had a hard time finding any site where I could comment: I had been blacklisted. Of course I don’t like it. There’s an effort afoot to establish social media platforms as the modern town square, where free speech must be permitted, even if the site owners don’t like it. I support this effort. I am against censorship, also against obscenity, porn, violence, and indecorously expressed insults.

My Facebook page was suspended in January for about a week because I posted a lot of political articles on it. Nothing obscene, nothing promoting violence. From what I consider to be decent websites, Breitbart, Redstate, American Thinker, The Federalist, and the like. Just speech which contradicted the preferred ideology of our Big Tech overlords. That should not be tolerated, and I don’t think it will be. I had recently opened a Parler account, and, again, Big Tech snuffed it out to try to keep its stranglehold on our society and impose Groupthink by force.

I think this is all part of a huge plan to compel conformity to one way of thinking, one set of acceptable opinions. I don’t think it will be successful. Their master plan is already blowing up in their faces.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep my powder dry. I don’t care at all if “they” insult me. What else are they going to do when they can see very well they have a losing hand?


Cia; How old are you?
I think young.
You have bought books, You have not been challenged cruelly and your stuff on the internet is rarely taken down. . You have not been banned from some group on the internet. because of your simple story of a vaccine injury? I sure have.

You have not had the cruelest of comments by the medical doctors when you were seeking help?
OH, honey I could tell you stories -- not fiction stories either of the many, many slurs and arrows I have had to endure from the medical professionals.

Kim, John Stone and many on here can tell you how horribly hard it has been.

And it still is not as hard as the mothers that came before us. We stood on the shoulders of Mothers that were called refrigerator moms.

Cia, try to imagine what it was like if all the medical professionals, the psych people blamed you for being aloft for your daughter's problems. That it has nothing to do with ill health, and all was dismissed.

Books that we can now buy..
I had to jump through hoops, and finally ask the town's librarian to send off to another library for the book "A Shot in the Dark" I was only able to do that cause I was a busy bee volunteer for the library. I was in there all the time with my children growing up, headed up ideas, and activities for children in the summer, all of that.

And then came Skyhorse publisher. Skyhorse was always a highly recognized publishing house and suddenly their owner says he will publish anything written about autism. His daughter was injured by vaccines and he was angry. That is why we got the books, which Adam Schiff wants to ban.

Makes me want to get out a pitchfork and a effigy of him hanging from a rope and a large mob crowd and to to Washington. Nothing peaceful in my heart.

Cia; I am glad you are finding it not so bad any more. Perhaps it is like what scientist use to say that we all stand on the shoulders of giants,

But I have watched Fauci get away with murder. I do mean murder this year for sure. We could slip easily and find ourselves back with no books, being banned, spoken to in the harshest of manners, but worse of all being dismissed.


We have not lost the right speak yet, but the assault is in progress.
Instagram has silenced Mr. Kennedy. Those with their hand on the megaphone are agitating for censoring in full. The question is if you asked people who differed with you about vaccines would most consider you antivaxxer . We can still post and not every post gets a personal response or attack, but the fomenting of distaste for vaccine safety advocates is growing, many likely have a view of your views and have held their tongues. Neville Chamberlain twitched just a little.



I have written many thousands of comments very critical of vaccines in the last ten years: many were censored and blocked or deleted, but most went up and stayed up. I have discussed our vaccine injuries with medical and school staff on many occasions and was not interrupted or silenced. I have discussed them with dozens of people and, again, have not been silenced. My daughter went K-12 with a state vaccine exemption: no one disputed it or tried to prevent her from going to school using it. I have an entire bookcase filled with books critical of vaccines, about a hundred of them. No one impeded my buying and reading them. I have read articles critical of vaccines at many websites. I don’t see the point in saying that I have been cancelled or silenced. Obviously my point of view and our relation of our experiences are not welcome to those promoting the official narrative, but that is different from being cancelled. I don’t think we should exaggerate.

Ronald N. Kostoff

Here is a link to the latest presentation by Dr. Vanden Bossche. It is relatively long, and allows clarification of issues not possible in the shorter presentations.

What I find interesting is that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (a noted anti-vaxxer who had a recent interview on the COVID vaccines ( and Dr. Vanden Bossche (by his own admission a lifelong pro-vaxxer) come to relatively similar conclusions about the potential consequences from these inadequately tested vaccines. When people from such diametrically opposite perspectives show that level of agreement, it would behoove the public to sit up and take notice!


This statement is utterly true in my view.

"If you are against one little thing, tiny, teeny, even delaying a vaccine, let alone skipping one: OR criticizing the CDC or saying there is this one little problem --- YOU ARE an ANTIVAXXER."

You can't be serious making the following statements.

"There is no one who has the authority to certify anyone else as an antivaxxer. It is a word, like many, one which anyone can use in referring to anyone else."

It is isn't about certification it is about castigating and silencing people. That is why the term was coined,. or they would be vaccine safety advocates or some such.
Merriam Webster
anti-vaxxer noun
an·​ti-vax·​xer | \ ˌan-tē-ˈvak-sər How to pronounce anti-vaxxer (audio) , ˌan-ˌtī- \
plural anti-vaxxers

Definition of anti-vaxxer
: a person who opposes vaccination or laws that mandate vaccination
As anti-vaxxers launch a campaign against a bill that would eliminate their ability to opt out of required shots, supporters of the proposal are delivering more than 21,000 petition signatures to the office of state Sen. Ben Allen …
— Alexei Koseff


Is it the suramin that she thinks will work?

Is it her thoughts that it is a mouse virus hooked on to the immune cells, like a milder AIDS

Is it the fact she was arrested, but never charged with any crime?

Is it that she might have stolen the research papers or what ever?

Is it that she thinks she was followed around and watched by goonies of the CDC?

Is it because she thinks that Fauci and his like will actually go as far as to kill people if necessary ? Keep in mind that Andrew Wakefield, and Brian Hooker actually thought that they were saving Dr. Williams' life by making him go whistle blower protection. So they think so too.

Ben Rush our founding father, signer of independence they all thought was wild and far out there when he claimed that a science based endeavor of human kind that by it's very design was suppose to be caring of the sick and ill, whose whole purpose was to relieve human sufferings could become a tyrant.

SO there was just that little crack our founding fathers were blind to.

In which our Government agencies have been able to widen. They all have become wild and speaks untruth.

I got it from two fronts Cia. I got it on the vaccine deal after being trained as a microbiologist.
The double whammy is I was an environmental microbiologist; Our government EPA is just as crooked.



I’m sorry if I misunderstood you.

There is no one who has the authority to certify anyone else as an antivaxxer. It is a word, like many, one which anyone can use in referring to anyone else. The reader or listener has to decide if it is appropriate and if it’s a bad thing. I don’t think many people would yell Antivaxxer at someone for thoughtfully accepting or rejecting one or more vaccines on their merits. But would it matter if they did? It doesn’t matter to me that many have called me both an antivaxxer and a vaccine defender. I have good reasons for what I think and often they don’t fit into a predetermined mold.

I don’t trust Judy Mikovits. I think many of the things she’s said are wild and untrue. I could say more, but I won’t.


And Cia;
I don't know what I think of Judy M. but I do know it is not about if I like or dislike her. I reserve such things of people I have to actually rub elbows with. It is more about do I trust what she says about a mouse virus is correct? Do I trust her?

I still withhold that judgement.
What I do know is:

I have known about her for years. That is a plus that she is not a fly by night and then gone.

I got her last book and read it. She is a good author, a good writer by the way. People that are telling the truth do write good books, hard to write flawless fairy tales.

As the years tick off, new and more information gets added on in my brain, and how has Judy M. held up with all this new information? Pretty darn good!

Example: in all of the covid vaccine ordeal; being denied early treatments with cheap drugs, Fauci up to his neck in "gain of function", owning the patents for the covid vaccine, giving money and knowledge to Wuhan, all that happened on his watch.

Add to that, Fauci denied good treatments that were "KNOWN" at the time for AIDS patients to help through health crisis. .

So all and all -- Judy M., had Fauci pegged long before any of us. IF she is right about that, she is probably right about how far these federal agencies are willing to go against the American people as well. May God have mercy on us.

Is she right about it all being a virus with in us that makes us react to a vaccine? I don't know
Has she found one: Yeah, she has found one, but what role it plays in all of this, is still unknown.

So, yeah, I am fussing at you a lot. You are way too judgmental.


You missed the whole darn point.
By a lot.
What we are saying in all of this is:

If you are against one little thing, tiny, teeny, even delaying a vaccine, let alone skipping one: OR criticizing the CDC or saying there is this one little problem --- YOU ARE an ANTIVAXXER.

But you missed that.
Why have you missed that?

You think you are being all fair.
You think you are being all reasonable.
You think you are not put in that group with antivaxxers cause you just witnessed a vaccine reaction. I meant an obvious reaction (and they are not always obvious), but one that sits like a big swollen zit on the end of your nose reaction. You mentioned it. You Cia; are an antivaxxer


Interview by Eric Topol of Akiko Iwasaki. She also thinks that a mucosal nasal vaccine for Covid would be better. I think there is no reason to believe that current vaccines are ineffective, however, or that they cause the vaccinated to spread the live virus. How could they?

Ronald N. Kostoff

Here is the link to Dr. Vanden Bossche's presentation at the OHIO Vaccines Summit. Very different picture of how variants will be handled from that of the mainstream media and the vaccine developers. The latter state that either the present vaccines can handle the variants, with perhaps reduced efficiency, or that a booster may be required. Either way, little cause for concern. VB's predictions are far more dire. If VB is correct, this ship needs to be turned around, and fast!

We should get some inkling by the end of this year whether VB's concerns are valid. Probably too late, especially since some countries and manufacturers are discussing possibilities of booster shots already because of the appearance of more virulent mutations.




I don’t agree that anything the federal, state, and/or local government is responsible for implementing is bad or fas-. Education, infrastructure, police and military, etc. There will always be abuses and corruption, but society has to have the working structures, which have to have the power to carry out their functions. Supra-governmental organizations like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook have too much power now and are abusing it, but I think laws will be enacted to limit their abuses.

Vaccines carry risks by their very nature, some vaccines more than others and some individuals are more susceptible than others. Everyone has the responsibility to research issues important for their families’ health. In this case, both Covid and the Covid vaccines are such issues and everyone should research both very carefully.

I don’t think it is wise to embrace “anti-vaxxer” as a personal identity, but one can and should accept or reject individual vaccines on an individual basis.

Kostoff said he wasn’t an antivaxxers, and since he said he would like to see a Covid vaccine which was designed to effect immunity at a cellular level, not just antibodies, obviously he’s not antivax per se. He shouldn’t be attacked as though he were betraying the cause when readers realize this. He didn’t align himself with any cause to start with. It’s not us against them, but what the best way is to combat Covid.

What if viruses disappeared


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary specifically defines an anti-vaxxer as, “a person who opposes vaccination or laws that mandate vaccination .”In other words, not only do anti-vaxxers not believe in vaccination, but they also oppose any legal attempts to force them to vaccinate their children or themselves. There are a few reasons why these people oppose vaccinations.

Hmmm, I wonder if it is the dictionary's job to state those reasons? Do you think maybe the dictionary is bleeding into the Encyclopedia's domain?

Yeah; Ronald I too was pretty sure he was not an antivaxxer, but he still had to take the time to make that statement, cause he was daring to mention that little problem. I suppose Ronald, that it is time for another definition

number 2. antivaxxer could also mean:
According to a new dictionary by Benedetta : Adjective (No, not a noun cause a noun implies they really exist) : Origin from bloated communist, federal agencies : Is a complicated term; slung around haphazardly with anyone that threatens power from those in charge.

It originated from the same language families and groups as the words racist Fascist , Nazis, bigot - misogynist and so forth.

In the end it is in the eye of the beholder.
HE is not according to me an antivaxxer.
He is according to those in power.
He thinks he is not an antivaxxer, even as he whines that he is not.

But in the end what matters is those in power.



I looked it up: India is developing many Covid vaccines of many different kinds. The first, Covaxin, is a traditional killed virus vaccine.


False Scientists,

I think all viruses could be considered parasites. They only live to the extent they do, and replicate, once they are inside the living cell of another organism.


Ronald Kostoff,

I spent all last year worried about antibody-dependent enhancement leading to the vaxxed eventually developing much more severe illness than if they hadn’t been vaxxed. And I’ve seen videos by various people continuing to say that. One said that three months from that time, that is, in March, now, we’d be seeing the horrible results in the vaxxed. But we aren’t, not large-scale anyway, not at all in what I’ve read, which may not be the whole truth. But tens of thousands in my city have gotten it since December, and so far nothing has happened.

At this time I’m more worried about the autoimmune dying etc. soon after the vaccine from a condition caused by hyper-inflammation triggered by the vaccine. Of great concern to me with my poor health and autoimmunity. But no one is making me take the vaccine and I doubt anyone cares one way or the other. But it’s been a year now and most of those who have gotten the vaccine have suffered no ill effects after the first few days.



You’re right about a virus not being whole-cell. I don’t know how to think about a virus. Dr. Moskowitz said you can’t even talk about the hep-B vaccine as having a safe, recombinant form of the virus. He said since viruses are so tiny, so rudimentary, not even alive as independent entities, what was in the vaccine might as well be considered a live, whole organism, such as it was, and may function as such. I may not be conveying what he said accurately. In any case, the Chinese vaccines, again, such as they are, are the only sort of traditional vaccines at play now. I haven’t looked up the Indian ones.

I think the major players are very effective. I think, but I may be wrong, that the mRNA products will give long-lasting protection. I’m worried both that long Covid is the biggest danger of Covid (sorry, didn’t mean to discount the millions of horrible deaths), and that the vaccines provoke a powerful immune, and autoimmune, response, and may be closely related to long Covid, both the disease and the vaccine causing it in susceptible people. I think I’m falling apart, looking for satisfactory answers for those of us prone to autoimmunity, but there are none, only dangers.

I don’t care for Judy Mickowitz (sp ?)

Ronald N. Kostoff


"LOL, He starts off with now I am not an anti vaxxer.
Well he is now, so he might as well own the whole ball of wax."

Actually, he's not an anti-vaxxer. I thought so initially. but if you read his pdf and recent LINKDIN article, he is pushing a vaccine to strengthen the innate immune system through enhancing natural killer cell activity.

He's still taking a gamble by actively opposing the present mainstream approach. I don't see that approach stopping until most of the global population has been vaxxed, unless so many people keel over in the short-term that makes it obvious the vaccines have problems. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny estimates serious effects will make themselves known in a few months (three months; six months; twelve months???). By that time, I suspect billions of doses will have been ordered and administered. The truth is, we don't know what's going to happen. It's all speculation, even the sources I have quoted here. There were about six months worth of clinical trials, and it's not clear to me how well the most vulnerable were represented in those trials. The seriousness of the adverse events that occurred during the trials was in the eye of the beholder.


How to kill a virus? It is not alive to begin with.
Whole cell is a bacteria, referring to a bacteria.

I suppose to use the term "kill a virus" they mean they pull that material apart and find the part that the immune system will react to, and some how discard the genetic material that will cause the cell to replicate it? Tricky biz. Even trickier To manufacturer it and have it in the pure form.

Membrane capsids; is what the birus genetic material is in

I became mixed up; it is not sheaths and sleeves that is another kind of virus; bacteria phages - virus attacking a bacteria

So, they empty out some old. but safe adeno virus capsid membranes and use that to deliver what they have decided would be a good thing to deliver to our cells in hopes of evoking an immune response for covid.

Empty it out (as far as they know they empty it out),

I wonder what kind of genetic material they will put in that emptied out the membrane capsid.
IF it is not totally emptied out will there be some reshuffling of genetic material and we got -- who knows.

DNA is a double strand of genetic material. How does that fit in? Covid is an RNA virus? I don't understand that at all either.

What is the genetic material they are choosing to focus on for the corona virus vaccine; is it that big spike protein the viral glycoprotein they are always talking about.

Corona virus has one, the Ebola viruses have one, the influenza virus has two, and herpes simplex virus has five.

What could go wrong.

I bet they were pleased as punch when they were able to "gain of function" that big spike protein.

Cia; have you read Judy Mikovits new book "Plague of Corruption"?

She list all of the Ebola outbreaks, when and where they occurred. I am with her; Ebola is not coming from the bush, or bush meat. They are coming from vaccination programs.

False Scientists

On a student curriculum piece I just saw Covid referred to as a parasite. Interestingly I had wondered if it was virus or parasite and had never seen it clearly referred to as a parasite before. Anyone have thoughts on this and any vaccine implications?



I think all the measures are designed to interrupt transmission of the virus. If you don’t, then it spreads, and infects other people.

I was reading about Brazil last night. That it is the only developed country in which the virus is now running wild. Hospitals in every state of Brazil are overwhelmed. There is no oxygen available. Like in Italy last year, patients are being sedated to spare them an agonizing death, but die they must, because there is no oxygen for them.

Bolsonaro has been blamed for not acting quickly or drastically enough. I don’t know enough to have an opinion on that. Manaus was thought to have reached herd immunity last spring as a result of its thousands and thousands of horrible deaths from Covid. Then in October it came back, infected thousands, more horror. To this day. It currently has a CDC rating of 4, which is its highest risk category. Probably because of the prevalence of the Brazilian variant. The Pfizer vaccine maybe could control the variant to some degree, but Brazil doesn’t have it. It has set to work vaccinating with AZ and a Chinese vaccine which isn’t very effective.

We are not in as bad a position as Brazil thanks to the majority willingly adhering to the masks, social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines, etc., for the past year. If we hadn’t, we would have had exponentially more cases and deaths.


"Why would you want to allow the disease to spread uncontrolled and strike and kill many more? "
your accusation is unwarranted.



I don’t know why you would be shocked at the government taking steps to reduce the infection of the population by a serious contagious disease. It always has. It enacted strict quarantines during polio epidemics, not permitting families with sick members to leave their homes. There have been quarantines during typhoid and yellow fever epidemics in the US. I don’t think many people were against them then or now. Why would you want to allow the disease to spread uncontrolled and strike and kill many more? I just read an article about a Down syndrome man in his sixties who got Covid. His sister said that his entire life he had had family members around to take care of him. But when he was hospitalized for Covid, no family members were allowed to stay with him or even visit. And he died of Covid, terrified and alone. His sister is seeking to put those with Down syndrome in a group prioritized to get the vaccine which would have prevented his death. I have no problem with that: I thought they already were. Here those with developmental disabilities are in one of the first tiers. I think that is mistaken with regard to autism: immune deficiency is not the same as autoimmune conditions, including autism and multiple sclerosis. Down syndrome people have serious heart and lung conditions which I would have thought would prioritize them everywhere.

But we’re talking about trying to protect as many as possible, especially those in vulnerable groups, from being exposed to the Covid virus. Of course that means taking measures to try to do this. Nearly everyone accepts the need to do that until the virus is controlled and beaten. Most people want to protect the weak and vulnerable. It is one of the major roles of government to do that in times of crisis.


well. ness.

"The coronavirus pandemic has been a great tragedy, there can be no doubt about that. But it has also exposed profound issues in America that now threaten the very principles of freedom and order that we Americans often take for granted.

First, I have been shocked at the enormous power of the government, to unilaterally decree, to simply close businesses and schools by edict, restrict personal movement, mandate behavior, and eliminate our most basic freedoms, without any end and little accountability.

Second, I remain surprised at the acceptance by the American people of draconian rules, restrictions, and unprecedented mandates, even those that are arbitrary, destructive, and wholly unscientific.

This crisis has also exposed what we all have known existed, but we have tolerated for years: the overt bias of the media, the lack of diverse viewpoints on campuses, the absence of neutrality in big tech controlling social media, and now more visibly than ever, the intrusion of politics into science. Ultimately, the freedom to seek and state the truth is at risk here in the United States. "
Scott Atlas



My brother and I both reacted to our first DPT at three months old with encephalitic syndrome and Asperger’s. I reacted to a dT with brachial plexus neuropathy and multiple sclerosis. My daughter reacted with encephalitic screaming syndrome to the hep-B vaccine at birth which caused brain damage. She was saying two words at 28 months, both erased as soon as she got the booster. She was diagnosed with autism two months later. I fully recognize that vaccines often disable, even kill.

On the other hand, I got many polio vaccines and did not react and did not get polio, unlike one of my college roommates, whose parents did not get it for her and she was permanently paralyzed by polio. Cecily had a tetanus booster a month before she turned five, no pertussis, and did not react. She did not react to the polio or Hib vaccines I got for her in the first year. I got a tetanus booster in 2005 and did not react.

I think you have to consider many factors in making the vaccine decision. Certainly hour risk both from the specific disease and the specific vaccine. My father saw a man die of tetanus at his father’s doctor’s office. My mother had a little neighbor who died horribly of diphtheria.

Everyone is and should be free to make his own decision. The disease Covid is serious and common enough that most people all over the world want to take the vaccine for it, and I think that for most that is a good decision. There are two sides to this issue.

Kathy Sincere


"The vaccine is a one or two shot solution. It may be dangerous to a certain number, but the disease is very dangerous, often fatal, as well. I don’t understand it: it seems dismissive of human suffering, and a failure of normal prudence."

I am never dismissive of human suffering. Our son David died 14 years after complications from his TDap booster given at age 12 in 1986. Terrible side-effects. Certainly one of those shots "dangerous to a certain number".

It was my "failure of normal prudence", allowing the pharmatrician to administer it to my sweet boy.

No Mas. Never Again, Ever. Ever. Ever.



I just saw your comment about whether JJ was like an old-fashioned vaccine, unlike mRNA. No, it isn’t. The three vectored vaccines use a novel technology rarely used before, using a killed virus of a mild adenovirus to transport the inserted spike protein coding instructions rather than a fatty nanoparticle. JJ is a DNA rather than an RNA vaccine, but I’ll have to look up what the implications are.

Some of the Chinese vaccines are old-fashioned whole cell, killed-virus vaccines. One of them, I’ve forgotten which, Sinovax?, Sinopharm?, turned out to be very low in efficacy. And Brazil had already bought quite a few. They are adjuvanted with aluminum. I don’t know what kind the Indian vaccines are, I’ll have to look it up.


Also the rabies vaccine under the right circumstances. Like being bitten by a possibly rabid animal. Also for pets, an unadjuvanted brand given at long intervals during the young adulthood of the animal. Canine distemper and parvo twice for puppies. Feline distemper with calico virus and rhinovirus twice during kitten hood.


Benedetta, what I said about the mRNA vaccines refers to Pfizer and Moderna. What I said about vectored vaccines referred to Astra Zeneca, Sputnik V, and Johnson & Johnson.

It is true that any injected substance can create an allergy to it. Also true that any injected substance can provoke a massive, inappropriate autoimmune cascade, or maybe just an annoying autoimmune condition, separate from any allergy to a particular substance. The bloodstream and neurological system were meant to be inviolate, unlike the respiratory and digestive systems, designed to process foreign substances from the outside world. Everyone should know that and decide if he wants to always, sometimes, or never allow any injection of anything. If he ever allows any, he may experience a bad, even very bad, reaction.

I think South Africa made a mistake in deciding not to allow Astra Zeneca vaccination there. It’s not as effective as the mRNA vaccines at preventing cases of Covid entirely. But, like the other front runners, it’s reported to prevent 100% of hospitalizations and deaths, and surely that’s the most important thing. The JJ vaccine is reported to cause far fewer adverse reactions than the mRNA vaccines.

The mRNA vaccines have very few ingredients. I don’t think allergic reactions are a big problem. I think it’s the jolt to the immune system that can sometimes cause fatal autoimmune cascades. Which is a function of its efficacy.

False Scientists,

You don’t know me from Adam. I have pointed out both the benefits and the risks of the vaccines, mostly of the mRNA products. While everyone should be free to accept or reject, it is understandable why most people want a vaccine to protect them against Covid.

It seems strange to me that many are completely against any vaccine ever, for anyone. Under most circumstances, for most people, I am against the pertussis, measles, mumps, chicken pox, pneumococcal, meningococcal, hep A, hep B, rotavirus, and flu vaccines. For most people under the right circumstances I am in favor of the DT/dT vaccine. Polio under the right circumstances and Hib for small children who have to be in daycare. Rubella for young women who were not able to catch the natural disease growing up. The yellow fever vaccine under certain circumstances, like living in a hot zone. The Covid vaccine under the right circumstances.

I get that nuances are not your thing, but it is what respect for human and animal life demand.


Ronald Kostoff,

We don’t know yet how the variants will affect the pandemic. The two mRNA vaccines are reported to offer fairly good effectiveness against the variants so far, even the South African variant. The others vary as to this.

You quote Bossche as saying that the vaccines need to not just cause antibodies to be produced, but also to effect immunity at the level of natural killer cells, which are similar to t and B cells, also components of the cellular immune system. The mRNA vaccines already do this. I saw them described yesterday as the gold standard. This is not to say they are always safe: obviously they are not, but neither is the disease they are very effective in preventing. I don’t see reason to believe that they will have massive long-term adverse events which we haven’t seen yet. Of course it’s possible, but it’s a certainty that millions have been killed or disabled by the disease in the past year, and these outcomes can now usually be prevented by the vaccine, millions of the recipients of it appearing to be unharmed by it. But yes, it must be taken voluntarily. I think the language of urgency and panic is inappropriate. I ran through the statistics for several countries at Covid visualizer this morning, saddened by the thousands, even hundreds of thousands of deaths. I noticed that Sweden has a slightly higher rate of deaths per million than the UK. We urgently needed a means of stopping the disease and did not have ten years to wait while vaccines were tested. A lot of good long testing protocols do anyway; most vaccines continue to be very dangerous for many no longer how long it was.

They say that the best way to stop the variants is to vaccinate as many as possible with what they have now. I’m thinking about that. I don’t know to what degree they can spread independently. Or to what degree the mRNA vaccines can stop their spread. I read that Pfizer can already, and Moderna says it can tweak the original to include the variants, one of the advantages of the new “ plug and play” technology.


Thanks Cia.
So, Johnson and Johnson is making it like the flu vaccine.
Yeah, the jacket, the sheath, the sleeve they store the mRNA in is a lipid, a fat; and that too can run into trouble like squalene in "Vaccine A" or "Peanut Allergy"

Oh and on my last post it is heel and sure is not heal.


That was “ingested” by certain cells, not infested. My cell phone thinks it knows how to spell better than I do.


Ronald N. Kostoff:

LOL, He starts off with now I am not an anti vaxxer.
Well he is now, so he might as well own the whole ball of wax.

Pandemic Blunder: Fauci and Public Health Blocked Early Home COVID Treatment Paperback – January 29, 2021
by Joel S Hirschhorn

There is plenty to write about these days.
And since there is no justice department, no FBI, no justice for the powerful elites writing for now at least is all that can be done. Although Adam Schiff is hard on our heals as a book banner, burner.

A book I have puzzled over for years - the last book of the Bible has become really scary clear to me as late.
After we have a few people(glass sea mingled with fire) standing up to the 7 headed beast with one head with a mortal wound that is healed (symbol for the medical federal agencies, and people like Bill Gates' foundation.)

The next step is the release of the plagues .

The first plague is: So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth, and harmful and painful sores came upon the people who bore the mark of the beast and worshipped his image. – Rev. 16:2

That is what I am expecting from this vaccine.

Let us see how it goes.
Plenty to write about right now for sure.



The mRNA vaccines inject fatty nanoparticles with polyethylene glycol (usually harmless when taken orally as in Smoothlax, injected raises further questions). They encase the coding instructions. They are encased to avoid setting off an autoimmune response which would destroy the coding instructions too soon. The nanoparticles are infested by certain cells and are then apart from the killer cells in the bloodstream. The coding instructions are exposed, the immune system makes the portion of the virus, the spike protein, coded for, and the immune system then makes antibodies to it.

The vectored vaccines are similar: AZ, Sputnik, and I think JJ. They use a mild adenovirus spliced with code for making the spike protein, a portion of the virus, not the whole virus. Then antibodies to it are made. Adjuvants like aluminum are used, unlike with the mRNA vaccines. AZ uses a chimpanzee mild adenovirus as a vector, while Sputnik uses a human one, and seems to be more effective. I’ll have to look up the details on JJ, I don’t have time now. Novavax will be in a different category, a recombinant vaccine similar to the hep-B vaccine.

Ronald N. Kostoff

I have appended Dr. Vanden Bossche's (VB) latest views on the dangers of mass inoculation at this phase of the pandemic. It is also available at LINKEDIN. I agree with his description of the problem (with one major exception), but think his solution is suboptimal. I hope to write a paper shortly addressing the deficiency and providing a better solution.

One question I do have for VB is why these articles are appearing after the horse has left the barn? He knew a year ago that these types of vaccines were under development. He knew ten months ago that, in the USA at least, the target for initial distribution was end of 2020. What he didn't know a year ago was whether the pandemic would be increasing or decreasing at the projected vaccine distribution time. Why didn't he make a statement at that time to the effect that if the pandemic is still in full force or increasing, the prophylactic vaccine being developed should not be administered, since it would only exacerbate the pandemic?


Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at
GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundaton.
To all authorites, scientsts and experts around the world, to whom this concerns: the entre world
I am all but an antvaxxer. As a scientst I do not usually appeal to any platorm of this kind to make a
stand on vaccine-related topics. As a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert I only make an excepton
when health authorites allow vaccines to be administered in ways that threaten public health, most
certainly when scientfc evidence is being ignored. The present extremely critcal situaton forces me to
spread this emergency call. As the unprecedented extent of human interventon in the Covid-19-
pandemic is now at risk of resultng in a global catastrophe without equal, this call cannot sound loudly
and strongly enough.
As stated, I am not against vaccinaton. On the contrary, I can assure you that each of the current
vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientsts.
However, this type of prophylactc vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous,
when used in mass vaccinaton campaigns during a viral pandemic. Vaccinologists, scientsts and
clinicians are blinded by the positve short-term efects in individual patents, but don’t seem to bother
about the disastrous consequences for global health. Unless I am scientfcally proven wrong, it is difcult
to understand how current human interventons will prevent circulatng variants from turning into a wild
Racing against the clock, I am completng my scientfc manuscript, the publicaton of which is,
unfortunately, likely to come too late given the ever increasing threat from rapidly spreading, highly
infectous variants. This is why I decided to already post a summary of my fndings as well as my keynote
speech at the recent Vaccine Summit in Ohio on LinkedIn. Last Monday, I provided internatonal health
organizatons, including the WHO, with my analysis of the current pandemic as based on scientfcally
informed insights in the immune biology of Covid-19. Given the level of emergency, I urged them to
consider my concerns and to initate a debate on the detrimental consequences of further ‘viral immune
escape’. For those who are no experts in this feld, I am ataching below a more accessible and
comprehensible version of the science behind this insidious phenomenon.
While there is no tme to spare, I have not received any feedback thus far. Experts and politcians have
remained silent while obviously stll eager to talk about relaxing infecton preventon rules and
'springtme freedom'. My statements are based on nothing else but science. They shall only be
contradicted by science. While one can barely make any incorrect scientfc statements without being
critcized by peers, it seems like the elite of scientsts who are currently advising our world leaders prefer
to stay silent. Sufcient scientfc evidence has been brought to the table. Unfortunately, it remains
untouched by those who have the power to act. How long can one ignore the problem when there is at
present massive evidence that viral immune escape is now threatening humanity? We can hardly say we
didn't know - or were not warned.
In this agonizing leter I put all of my reputaton and credibility at stake. I expect from you, guardians of
mankind, at least the same. It is of utmost urgency. Do open the debate. By all means: turn the tde!
Author: Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD (March 6, 2021) –
Why mass vaccinaton amidst a pandemic creates an irrepressible monster
THE key queston is: why does nobody seem to bother about viral immune escape? Let me try to explain
this by means of a more easily understood phenomenon: Antmicrobial resistance. One can easily
extrapolate this scourge to resistance to our self-made ‘antviral antbiotcs’. Indeed, antbodies (Abs)
produced by our own immune system can be considered self-made antviral antbiotcs, regardless of
whether they are part of our innate immune system (so-called ‘natural’ Abs’) or elicited in response to
specifc pathogens (resultng in so-called ‘acquired’ Abs). Natural Abs are not germ-specifc whereas
acquired Abs are specifcally directed at the invading pathogen. At birth, our innate immune system is
‘unexperienced’ but well-established. It protects us from a multtude of pathogens, thereby preventng
these pathogens from causing disease. As the innate immune system cannot remember the pathogens it
encountered (innate immunity has no so-called ‘immunological memory’), we can only contnue to rely
on it provided we keep it ‘trained’ well enough. Training is achieved by regular exposure to a myriad of
environmental agents, including pathogens. However, as we age, we will increasingly face situatons
where our innate immunity (ofen called ‘the frst line of immune defense’) is not strong enough to halt
the pathogen at the portal of entry (mostly mucosal barriers like respiratory or intestnal epithelia).
When this happens, the immune system has to rely on more specialized efectors of our immune system
(i.e., antgen-specifc Abs and T cells) to fght the pathogen. So, as we grow up, we increasingly mount
pathogen-specifc immunity, including highly specifc Abs. As those have stronger afnity for the
pathogen (e.g., virus) and can reach high concentratons, they can quite easily outcompete our natural
Abs for binding to the pathogen/virus. It is precisely this type of highly specifc, high afnity Abs that
current Covid-19 vaccines are inducing. Of course, the noble purpose of these Abs is to protect us against
Covid-19. So, why then should there be a major concern using these vaccines to fght Covid-19?
Well, similar to the rules applying to classical antmicrobial antbiotcs, it is paramount that our self-made
‘antviral antbiotcs’ are made available in sufcient concentraton and are tailored at the specifc
features of our enemy. This is why in case of bacterial disease it is critcal to not only chose the right type
of antbiotc (based on the results from an antbiogram) but to also take the antbiotc for long enough
(according to the prescripton). Failure to comply with these requirements is at risk of grantng microbes
a chance to survive and hence, may cause the disease to fare up. A very similar mechanism may also
apply to viruses, especially to viruses that can easily and rapidly mutate (which is, for example, the case
with Coronaviruses); when the pressure exerted by the army’s (read: populaton’s) immune defense
starts to threaten viral replicaton and transmission, the virus will take on another coat so that it can no
longer be easily recognized and, therefore, atacked by the host immune system. The virus is now able to
escape immunity (so-called: ‘immune escape’). However, the virus can only rely on this strategy provided
it stll has room enough to replicate. Viruses, in contrast to the majority of bacteria, must rely on living
host cells to replicate. This is why the occurrence of ‘escape mutants’ isn’t too worrisome as long as the
likelihood for these variants to rapidly fnd another host is quite remote. However, that’s not partcularly
the case during a viral pandemic! During a pandemic, the virus is spreading all over the globe with many
subjects shedding and transmitng the virus (even including asymptomatc ‘carriers’). The higher the
viral load, the higher the likelihood for the virus to bump into subjects who haven’t been infected yet or
who were infected but didn’t develop symptoms. Unless they are sufciently protected by their innate
immune defense (through natural Abs), they will catch Covid-19 disease as they cannot rely on other,
i.e., acquired Abs. It has been extensively reported, indeed, that the increase in S (spike)-specifc Abs in
Author: Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD (March 6, 2021) –
asymptomatcally infected people is rather limited and only short-lived. Furthermore, these Abs have not
achieved full maturity. The combinaton of viral infecton on a background of suboptmal Ab maturity and
concentraton enables the virus to select mutatons allowing it to escape the immune pressure. The
selecton of those mutatons preferably occurs in the S protein as this is the viral protein that is
responsible for viral infectousness. As the selected mutatons endow the virus with increased infectous
capacity, it now becomes much easier for the virus to cause severe disease in infected subjects. The
more people develop symptomatc disease, the beter the virus can secure its propagaton and
perpetuaton (people who get severe disease will shed more virus and for a longer period of tme than
asymptomatcally infected subjects do). Unfortunately enough, the short-lived rise in S-specifc Abs does,
however, sufce to bypass people’s innate/natural Ab. Those are put out of business as their afnity for S
is lower than the afnity of S-specifc Abs. This is to say that with an increasing rate of infecton in the
populaton, the number of subjects who get infected while experiencing a momentary increase in Sspecifc
Abs will steadily increase. Consequently, the number of subjects who get infected while
experiencing a momentary decrease in their innate immunity will increase. As a result, a steadily
increasing number of subjects will become more susceptble to getng severe disease instead of showing
only mild symptoms (i.e., limited to the upper respiratory tract) or no symptoms at all. During a
pandemic, especially youngsters will be afected by this evoluton as their natural Abs are not yet largely
suppressed by a panoply of ‘acquired’, antgen-specifc Abs. Natural Abs, and natural immunity in
general, play a critcal role in protectng us from pathogens as they consttute our frst line of immune
defense. In contrast to acquired immunity, innate immune responses protect against a large spectrum of
pathogens (so don’t compromise or sacrifce your innate immune defense!). Because natural Abs and
innate immune cells recognize a diversifed spectrum of foreign (i.e., non-self) agents (only some of
which have pathogenic potental), it’s important, indeed, to keep it sufciently exposed to environmental
challenges. By keeping the innate immune system (which, unfortunately, has no memory!) TRAINED, we
can much more easily resist germs which have real pathogenic potental. It has, for example, been
reported and scientfcally proven that exposure to other, quite harmless Coronaviruses causing a
‘common cold ’ can provide protecton, although short-lived, against Covid-19 and its loyal henchmen
(i.e., the more infectous variants).
Suppression of innate immunity, especially in the younger age groups, can, therefore, become very
problematc. There can be no doubt that lack of exposure due to stringent containment measures
implemented as of the beginning of the pandemic has not been benefcial to keeping people’s innate
immune system well trained. As if this was not already heavily compromising innate immune defense in
this populaton segment, there comes yet another force into play that will dramatcally enhance
morbidity and mortality rates in the younger age groups: MASS VACCINATION of the ELDERLY. The more
extensively the later age group will be vaccinated and hence, protected, the more the virus is forced to
contnue causing disease in younger age groups. This is only going to be possible provided it escapes to
the S-specifc Abs that are momentarily raised in previously asymptomatcally infected subjects. If the
virus manages to do so, it can beneft from the (momentarily) suppressed innate immunity, thereby
causing disease in an increasing number of these subjects and ensuring its own propagaton. Selectng
targeted mutatons in the S protein is, therefore, the way to go in order for the virus to enhance its
infectousness in candidates that are prone to getng the disease because of a transient weakness of
their innate immune defense.
But in the meantme, we’re also facing a huge problem in vaccinated people as they’re now more and
more confronted with infectous variants displaying a type of S protein that is increasingly diferent from
Author: Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD (March 6, 2021) –
the S editon comprised within the vaccine (the later editon originates from the original, much less
infectous strain at the beginning of the pandemic). The more variants become infectous (i.e., as a result
of blocking access of the virus to the vaccinated segment of the populaton), the less vaccinal Abs will
protect. Already now, lack of protecton is leading to viral shedding and transmission in vaccine
recipients who are exposed to these more infectous strains (which, by the way, increasingly dominate
the feld). This is how we are currently turning vaccinees into asymptomatc carriers shedding infectous
At some point, in a likely very near future, it’s going to become more proftable (in term of ‘return on
selecton investment’) for the virus to just add another few mutatons (maybe just one or two) to the S
protein of viral variants (already endowed with multple mutatons enhancing infectousness) in an
atempt to further strengthen its binding to the receptor (ACE-2) expressed on the surface of permissive
epithelial cells. This will now allow the new variant to outcompete vaccinal Abs for binding to the ACE
receptor. This is to say that at this stage, it would only take very few additonal targeted mutatons
within the viral receptor-binding domain to fully resist S-specifc ant-Covid-19 Abs, regardless whether
the later are elicited by the vaccine or by natural infecton. At that stage, the virus will, indeed, have
managed to gain access to a huge reservoir of subjects who have now become highly susceptble to
disease as their S-specifc Abs have now become useless in terms of protecton but stll manage to
provide for long-lived suppression of their innate immunity (i.e., natural infecton, and especially
vaccinaton, elicit relatvely long-lived specifc Ab tters). The susceptble reservoir comprises both,
vaccinated people and those who’re lef with sufcient S-specifc Abs due to previous Covid-19 disease).
So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for Covid-19 but a DISASTROUS SITUATION for all vaccinated subjects and
Covid-19 seropositve people as they’ve now lost both, their acquired and innate immune defense
against Covid-19 (while highly infectous strains are circulatng!). That’s ‘one small step for the virus, one
giant catastrophe for mankind’, which is to say that we’ll have whipped up the virus in the younger
populaton up to a level that it now takes litle efort for Covid-19 to transform into a highly infectous
virus that completely ignores both the innate arm of our immune system as well as the
adaptve/acquired one (regardless of whether the acquired Abs resulted from vaccinaton or natural
infecton). The efort for the virus is now becoming even more negligible given that many vaccine
recipients are now exposed to highly infectous viral variants while having received only a single shot of
the vaccine. Hence, they are endowed with Abs that have not yet acquired optmal functonality. There is
no need to explain that this is just going to further enhance immune escape. Basically, we’ll very soon be
confronted with a super-infectous virus that completely resists our most precious defense mechanism:
The human immune system.
From all of the above, it’s becoming increasingly difcult to imagine how the consequences of the
extensive and erroneous human interventon in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of
our human populaton. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of
efciency in turning a relatvely harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destructon.
It’s certainly also worth mentoning that mutatons in the S protein (i.e., exactly the same protein that is
subject to selecton of escape mutatons) are known to enable Coronaviruses to cross species barriers.
This is to say that the risk that vaccine-mediated immune escape could allow the virus to jump to other
animal species, especially industrial livestock (e.g., pig and poultry farms), is not negligible. These species
are already known to host several diferent Coronaviruses and are usually housed in farms with high
stocking density. Similar to the situaton with infuenza virus, these species could than serve as an
Author: Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD (March 6, 2021) –
additonal reservoir for SARS-COVID-2 virus.
As pathogens have co-evolved with the host immune system, natural pandemics of acute self-limitng
viral infectons have been shaped such as to take a toll on human lives that is not higher than strictly
required. Due to human interventon, the course of this pandemic has been thoroughly disturbed as of
the very beginning. Widespread and stringent infecton preventon measures combined with mass
vaccinaton campaigns using inadequate vaccines will undoubtedly lead to a situaton where the
pandemic is getng increasingly ‘out of control’.
Paradoxically, the only interventon that could ofer a perspectve to end this pandemic (other than to let
it run its disastrous course) is …VACCINATION. Of course, the type of vaccines to be used would be
completely diferent from conventonal vaccines in that they’re not inducing the usual suspects, i.e., B
and T cells, but NK cells. There is, indeed, compelling scientfc evidence that these cells play a key role in
facilitatng complete eliminaton of Covid-19 at an early stage of infecton in asymptomatcally infected
subjects. NK cells are part of the cellular arm of our innate immune system and, alike natural Abs, they
are capable of recognizing and atacking a broad and diversifed spectrum of pathogenic agents. There is
a sound scientfc ratonale to assume that it is possible to ‘prime’ NK cells in ways for them to recognize
and kill Coronaviruses at large (include all their variants) at an early stage of infecton. NK cells have
increasingly been described to be endowed with the capacity to acquire immunological memory. By
educatng these cells in ways that enable them to durably recognize and target Coronavirus-infected
cells, our immune system could be perfectly armed for a targeted atack to the universe of Coronaviruses
prior to exposure. As NK cell-based immune defense provides sterilizing immunity and allows for broadspectrum
and fast protecton, it is reasonable to assume that harnessing our innate immune cells is going
to be the only type of human interventon lef to halt the dangerous spread of highly infectous Covid-19
If we, human beings, are commited to perpetuatng our species, we have no choice lef but to eradicate
these highly infectous viral variants. This will, indeed, require large vaccinaton campaigns. However, NK
cell-based vaccines will primarily enable our natural immunity to be beter prepared (memory!) and to
induce herd immunity (which is exactly the opposite of what current Covid-19 vaccines do as those
increasingly turn vaccine recipients into asymptomatc carriers who are shedding virus). So, there is not
one second lef for gears to be switched and to replace the current killer vaccines by life-saving vaccines.
I am appealing to the WHO and all stakeholders involved, no mater their convicton, to immediately
Author: Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD (March 6, 2021) –



I usually feel all right if I don’t turn my head. If my head turns, I feel dizzy, even feel vertigo. So I can write comments on my cell phone. I was trying to pick up and vacuum today, but felt very dizzy and had to stop. I realized that I am having an MS attack. I hope that means that I will get better. It probably does, but may not be for a long time. The dizziness and ataxia are constant now: I hadn’t had that since the first years after I was diagnosed, before my daughter was born. Vaccine mercury was what started it, still causes it.

Fear is an important emotion for survival. I look forward to the day when the pandemic is over, which I think will be soon. In the meantime, I don’t understand why anyone would put himself in harm’s way by carelessly flouting the measures. These are not normal times and it’s foolish to act as though they were. Has everyone forgotten the horrible accounts and images of the past year? It’s not the case that everyone has the right to do anything he wants. If he becomes a disease vector through his careless behavior, even if he is not afraid or vulnerable himself, what about the people infected through his transmission of the virus? There was one man who was infected without knowing it, ate at a restaurant with friends, went to a wedding, and did something else. He infected several dozens, and seventeen of them died.

I am not paid to comment. Is denial of severe deaths and disability from Covid the only point of view worthy of respect? You think only those who are paid are afraid of Covid? Look up statistics for your town. I guarantee you that you will read of hundreds, thousands, of residents eager to get the vaccine. There are other answers: supplements, HCQ, Ivermectin, etc. But I don’t think most people have access to them, or knowledge of them. The vaccine is a one or two shot solution. It may be dangerous to a certain number, but the disease is very dngerous, often fatal, as well. I don’t understand it: it seems dismissive of human suffering, and a failure of normal prudence.


I’ve never gotten a flu vaccine, but, as you say, the tetanus vaccine has caused many cases of it. At the time, there was no Vaccine Court. Beyond that, I had never heard of Vaccine Court until I started reading about vaccine injury in 2011, years after my daughter was born and injured, and many years after I was. It’s not available here yet anyway, but I have never considered taking the AZ vaccine. I think Sputnik V looks more effective than AZ, but I’m sure more information will come to light on it and all of them as to safety and efficacy.

I think this situation is different from those involving other vaccines. The danger from Covid is still very great and ever-present nearly everywhere. Rates seem to have sunk back to October levels, but at the time those seemed very high. You can refuse most vaccines and nothing happens. That’s not the case here. I don’t think you should have to get this or any other vaccine, and I don’t think anyone is physically forced to get it. But if you don’t get the vaccine, to avoid getting and transmitting the virus, you need to take certain supplements or drugs and/or observe the measures. It’s not that you throw back your head and laugh freely, exposing yourself to catching Covid without a care in the world. That’s make-believe. We all know that a LOT of people everywhere have gotten it and almost three million have died of it this past year.


Is the Johnson and Johnson - just like the old vaccines -- not mRNA?
IF so how did they say the overcame the priming of the immune system to really turn on when they come into contact with a real live, natural corona virus and die like all those minks and the poor little children did back in the 50s?

False Scientists

Kathy, I was going to say the exact same thing regarding CIA’s prolific responses. It’s almost as though they’re designed to derail conversation. There’s something quite off about it in a way that reminds me of Dorit Reiss.



I agree about artemisia. we used in in the nineties for viruses and bacteria, but did not list it in info I have posted as originally written. At the time I felt some of these things might draw ire or cause what I was saying to appear extreme. I should have just been vocal and not worried.

Kathy Sincere


First, I think it is quite amazing that someone who is so sick is able to write these prolific loooong comments for AoA. Amazing!

Second, everything in your writings is fear-based and that is what I would like to address.

Watch this amazing video on Historical Perspectives in Medicine by Dr. Richard Pitcairn DVM. In addition to being a world-renowned Veterinarian, Dr. Pitcairn has a PhD in immunology and epidemiology and has taught at Washington State University.

Dr. Pitcairn addresses the issue of fear and disease in this video. Perhaps it will help you.

I can think of many things more frightening than Covid, mainly the cancellation of my God-Given Civil Rights. I am 73 years young, immune-compromised from 7 smallpox shots in my life (yes, really), and have a vaccine-injured adult ASD son to care for 24/7/365. I don’t wear a mask or socially distance and never will. Neither does my son or 76 year old husband. We eat organic, get lots of fresh air and sunshine, take our herbs and supplements and trust in God. Oh, and we try to LAUGH a lot! There is no room for fear in our lives.

By the way, I personally have had this lab-concocted pathogen and was well in 3 days. Ho-hum. Hint: the liquid herb Wormwood (artemisia) is a miracle worker. My family did not get sick despite sleeping/eating/laughing with me. So much for “extremely contagious”…….

My favorite quote on fear is from author Vi Keeland: “Fear does not stop death. It stops life.”

More thoughts to ponder:

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”
— Plato

“The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but it is fear.”
— Gandhi

All Covid propaganda is fear-based, Cia. Do you really want to keep spreading it?!

Ronald N. Kostoff

Laura Hayes,

"There is not one vaccine that should be on the market, as not one has been tested or approved properly or ethically".

You need to be careful with blanket statements like that. It all depends on what you mean by 'tested or approved properly or ethically" (which we can abbreviate as 'safe'). If someone gets the COVID-19 vaccine, and they don't keel over immediately after receiving the shot, is that safe? According to some of the professional arm-wavers who post on this blog, that's basically a success! If you don't keel over the next day, is that safe? The next week? The next month? The next year?

What about if you never keel over, but any children you have after the shot suffer severe disabilities, such as happened with Thalidomide? Or your children suffer no ill effects, but their children do? Is protection of effects on your grandchildren included in your assessment of safety?

I've seen reports of lab animal tests where the primary animal experiencing the toxic exposure is not affected visibly, its children are not affected, but its grandchildren, or even their children, are affected. How long do we need to track for potential impacts of a possibly toxic exposure before we can conclude it's safe?

The Gold Standard that the medical profession accepts is outcomes of human Clinical Trials. While the animal experiments may offer some indications of problems or safety, there is no replacement for human Clinical trials. If that's the case, and we set the objective of no harm to grandchildren, that could require on the order of a century of tracking, depending on what types of adverse impacts are being sought. For example, if we don't want to increase grandchildrens' incidence of Alzheimer's disease by a drug or vaccine we take when we're young, that may require a century of tracking, given our early exposure and the late incidence of AD.

I've made that argument in print. From that perspective, we are not able to state almost anything resulting from our new technologies is truly safe, and vaccines would be included under that umbrella. Now, maybe we can talk about relative safety, where we test for adverse effects for a few years in human Clinical Trials before wide-scale distribution. Vaccines are typically tested on average for 12-15 years (as we showed in a 2020 publication), but even then, as stated on the inserts, they are not tested for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, or reproductive effects. COVID-19 vaccines were developed and tested for a grand total of about a year. In my view, making any statement about safety or unsafety beyond about six months for the COVID-19 vaccines is pure speculation, as we don't have the human Clinical Trial data beyond about six months. And, even for the six months of testing, it's not clear to me how representative the test sample was of the population, especially those most vulnerable to serious effects from the infection.

Dr. Vandenbossche takes a pessimistic view of this mass vaccination we are doing currently. He may be right or may be off-base; it's pure speculation, and no more. The fact that he is a strong vaccine supporter, has spent his career on developing vaccines, and is willing to make the type of statements that he did before the world, gives him a degree of credibility on this issue in my eyes.


"getting this vaccine into arms."
yes it is dehumanizing phraseology.

"tetanus vaccine, with mercury, caused brachial plexus neuropathy"
flu vaccines have a high level of claims for brachial plexitis/neuritis in vaccine court.
I saw a chart years ago that I can no longer access, that showed higher rates of brachial plexitis from flu vaccines made from monkey kidney cells; this may be an issue with the chimpanzee adenovirus vector vaccines, but won't be easy to suss out.

I am so sorry.



I looked it up and found that Piers Morgan’s parents got the vax at the beginning of Feb and his mother had been in bed with flu-like symptoms in the following days, a vaccine reaction. I assume she’s recovered now, but don’t know for sure.

False Scientists

Thank you Ronald and Pete for the links.
Cia you seem not to have ever met a vaccine you would not take and believe all the mainstream images. You do realize the failure of PCR tests to deliver false positives? People have always died due to respiratory causes (colds, flu). I for one, do not believe in all of the images stemming from China and American media and I certainly don’t believe crippling the economy and everyone’s freedom were worth it.


Ronald Kostoff,

I watched parts of the interview with Bossche. He said that a year ago Covid wasn’t very infectious, and they should have just isolated the old and the half of the adult population with comorbidities like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., and let young people just get Covid. That could not have been done, and I think the consequences would have been much worse than they have been. From the beginning it has been very infectious and it spread like wildfire. At what point would the majority of society have been released from isolation? He said that the variants have made it much more infectious, but I think it’s by a third: it was very infectious to start with. He said that vaccinated people continue to spread the disease, but many studies st this point show that the vaccinated no longer transmit the disease. He has theories about how the vaccine will alter the immune system in terrible ways. We’ll see. A year after the first vaccine was developed, this has not been the case. I think it’s good both that natural herd immunity seems to have developed and that now we have vaccine immunity in a third of a billion, chiseling away at the disease from both ends. I think just letting the disease run wild when we could have combatted it would have been immoral and unimaginably horrible.



That’s interesting. Piers Morgan had a serious reaction to the flu vaccine but not to the Covid vaccine? The flu vaccine there doesn’t have mercury. But of course there are other factors. I’ll have to look Piers Morgan and vaccines up.


I just looked at Covid visualizer. 292,000,000 have gotten the vaccine in the world so far. I think few of them, relatively speaking, have had a severe or fatal reaction. So that’s about a third of a billion in less than three months. That’s mind-boggling.



I am thinking about it. The reason anyone gets the vaccine is to keep from having a severe, disabling, or fatal case of Covid. And to prevent others from getting it through a chain which went through your case. Those reasons continue to be valid whether or not you get the vaccine.

I should be clear that the tetanus vaccine, with mercury, caused brachial plexus neuropathy starting the same day but it was not until much later that I developed sometimes-paralyzing MS and Bell’s palsy during two severe attacks. They did not all occur at the same time.

Mercury was a factor in my vaccine reactions, but I think they were an autoimmune reaction to the inflammation provoked as well as to the mercury. In my father’s case as well, the mercury in the flu vaccine paralyzed him and robbed him of the ability to speak for about a month after the vaccine.

In this case, there is no mercury or aluminum in the mRNA vaccines. There is aluminum in the AZ, J&J, and Novavax vaccines. Doubtless the Chinese, Indian, and Sputnik vaccines as well. I would be very reluctant to take a vaccine which had aluminum. But I recognize that the mRNA vaccines have caused many cases of neurological reactions even without adjuvants.

I got a tetanus booster in 2005 when one of our gerbils but me. It was the first I had had since the paralyzing one when I was nineteen. I had no reaction to the one in 2005. I can’t say any more than that, but it makes me think maybe I wouldn’t react to Pfizer. I don’t want Moderna.

I am thinking about it all the time. The mRNA vaccines are very effective. It may be that we have been reaching natural herd immunity even without the vaccine, but it has been at great cost in lives and suffering. The vaccines have already saved many lives. I don’t know how many will have long-term adverse reactions or what they will be. It’s been nearly a year since the first group of test subjects got the first Covid vaccine. I’d like to know how they are faring now, but haven’t seen any reports. I think probably they are doing all right: at least they haven’t developed horrible conditions in large numbers.

There is a lot that I would like to know. Out of the millions who have gotten the vaccine, with at least half of people in the developed world having allergic or autoimmune disease, and this group being actively encouraged to take the vaccine, many thousands of them have gotten it. I would REALLY like to know what percentage of them had a serious reaction. I’d really like to know how many deaths have been plausibly caused by the vaccine, since certainty is not possible. I have read about many deaths, but at the same time, that’s out of millions of doses. How many with autoimmune disease have gotten the vaccine and nothing happened?

I don’t think it’s as easy as saying that the vaccine has caused deaths, therefore no one should take it. You’ve still got to consider the deaths and disability caused by the disease, and even the autoimmune may get and die of Covid.

I need more information. I said team spirit somewhat tongue in cheek, but it is still true that I would be proud to contribute to ending this scourge. It would be moving to be one of millions a day getting the vaccine, pushing the disease back little by little. But I may decide that my health is already bad enough that I shouldn’t risk further damage to it. Enough millions are going to take the vaccine that it really won’t matter if I do or not. I imagine getting the vaccine and nothing happens. Then I imagine getting it and having severe vertigo for the rest of my life, or being paralyzed. Or killed. I wish I had information which could indicate which of these outcomes was more likely. I wish I knew how many people with similar histories and family background have gotten it without incident, or, conversely, with incident. I read yesterday at Helios that they recommended taking Thuja 1000 M right before the injection and then every two to six hours. If there is any systemic reaction, oscillococcinum every four hours. And it recommended that those with autoimmune disease get an IV infusion of Myers cocktail before the injection to control inflammation and regulate the immune reaction. I had never heard of it, but googled it and found that they give it at a place ten minutes from here. A Chinese herbalist at Helios recommended reishi for controlling autoimmune reactions. So now I’m thinking about that. Would these remedies really prevent disabling vaccine reactions?

I am struggling with these questions. I don’t think it’s cut and dried.



What a brave man. As you probably know he is former Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and former GAVI. Ones expects there will already be plans to shut him down.

“We must halt all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns as a temporary health benefit to the most vulnerable groups does not justify a public health disaster of international concern”

Laura Hayes

Dear AoA Readers,

I hope you will click on the link from Dr. Mercola below and watch the 2nd video, which is a ways down in the article. It is titled "Doomed to Repeat History", and I highly recommend watching this 8-min. video.

Next, brace yourself for one tragic story after another in this listing of some of the many who have died in short order following a "Covid" vaccine, and please share this link with others. You might just save some lives by opening others' eyes to the inexcusable and deadly dangers of the new "Covid" vaccines.

Lastly, it is not just the new vaccines that are a problem. There is not one vaccine that should be on the market, as not one has been tested or approved properly or ethically. For a review of just that, please watch or read my 2018 Why Is This Legal? presentation:


Angus, Maureen
whose bringing the koolaid?
balogna in abundance with fine linens to dress it up.
candlelight too.



Let me get this say that your father was paralyzed by the flu vaccine and you reacted to one with MS and Bell's Palsy? You also acknowledge the Pfizer vaccine shows a history of TM. I am stunned, literally stunned that you would even consider another vaccine out of "team spirit?" This is the kind of thinking big pharma loves. If you already know a vaccine caused MS and Bell's Palsy why would you injure yourself even further? This is the kind of thinking big pharma loves.

The insanity never ends. People are literally sheep following big pharma and their promises. Good luck to all these sheep in 5-10 years when the cancers and other side effects take them down.

Every talk show on the radio, every article is about "getting this vaccine into arms." It's the catch phrase for all of them. If I hear that phrase one more time I am going to vomit. We truly do live in a world of insanity.

Ronald N. Kostoff

Interview with Dr. Vanden Bossche this afternoon. He is a vaccine developer, so it's interesting to obtain conclusions like he offers from someone with that background.



Those who are vaccine-injured must decide for ourselves whether or not to take the vaccine. As far as I know, no one is physically forcing anyone to take it. It just went through my mind just now that my father was paralyzed by a flu vaccine, I reacted to one with MS and Bell’s palsy, and the Pfizer vaccine has already been recorded as causing transverse myelitis. I think your sneering at me is out of order. If I took the vaccine, it would be hoping for the benefits and out of some degree of team spirit. I would be fully aware of the potential risk.

Maybe you have not been moved by the healthy people killed by the vaccine. Yes, I was saddened by them. I assume they took the vaccine to protect others, as they themselves were probably at little risk from the disease. I assume they didn’t know they had the kind of immune system which would react severely. They did not do a bad thing. For most people it is a good thing to try to end this horror hoping to get back to normal. I’m sorry we don’t have a good way to sort out who is in danger of a disabling or fatal reaction to the vaccine and who is not. I think the risk for many is being unwisely minimized. Fauci first said that those who had had a G-B paralytic reaction to any vaccine shouldn’t get this vaccine, a rare acknowledgment that it’s not only an allergic reaction which is to be feared, but just an individual hyper-inflammatory, autoimmune reaction. And then they got him to walk it back. The Multiple Sclerosis Society says people with MS should get the vaccine, that it is not believed (with no evidence) to be dangerous to us. Of course it is dangerous to us, more so than to most. I understand the desirability of vaxxing as many as possible if they freely consent to it, not wanting any more than anyone else to be disabled or killed by Covid, or to give it to 4 others, or whatever the R0 is now. I think it should be more broadly recognized that the autoimmune and those with previous vaccine reactions are definitely at greater risk of a severe reaction, and may want to refuse the vaccine.

We have all seen by now that Covid is very unpredictable. I don’t think anyone should describe it as mild or inconsequential. It has killed three percent of those who were symptomatic, caused unending long Covid in ten percent of survivors, and permanent organ damage in many others. Hundreds of thousands of the victims worldwide have been young or middle-aged. I think nearly everyone in the world hates and fears the disease. Fear of vaccines (which I share) should not prevent us from feeling fear of the disease as well.

angus files

Maurine Meleck If a restaurant had that for a menu I would go in just for the laugh or if it were a private party it would have to be R.S.V.P.?

Heres the UKs Covididiot Piers Morgan having his covid jab, the same guy had his flu vaccine live on USS TV and was hospitalized for 8 weeks after having the flu vaccine...

Piers Morgan gets Covid jab and says it's less painful than working with Susanna Reid

Pharma For Prison


Maurine Meleck

Wish I had known because I would have brought 10 pounds of Beyond Beef, 15 pounds of Japanese Salmon, 200 GMO cakes baked in aluminum pans and 200,000 paper masks collected from the Atlantic Ocean(dried off) and a Partridge in a pear tree from Chernobyl. What a celebration!

Ronald Neil Kostoff

False Scientists

Search for Geert Vanden Bossche on Twitter. You can get the full text of his article in pdf form, and much more. The main text is appended. We covered this and much more in our recent vaccine safety paper. It's only the tip of the iceberg!

Frankly, I'm appalled when I read comments to the effect that since a vaccinee didn't get immediate adverse effects, then they are alright. Would any sane person make such comments if we were talking about the introduction of cigarettes or excess alcohol? From what I have read, we should start knowing within six months to a year whether major adverse effects from this new mRNA technology will occur. What about effects on chronic diseases a decade from now, or two decades, such as occur from smoking or wireless radiation? Who knows; we will have to wait decades to see!!

"I’ve attached the slides of the keynote that I held yesterday at the Vaccine Summit in Ohio (“Why should current Covid-19 vaccines not be used for mass vaccination during a pandemic?”). Please do have a look at them. The bottom-line is that I don’t see how mass vaccination campaigns would not lead to a disastrous aggravation of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, no one else seems to realize; instead, vaccinologists, clinicians and scientists are merely focusing on the (positive) short-term results and impact at an individual level. Nobody seems to be looking at the consequences and risk at a human population level (which, according to my understanding, will become manifest quite soon).
Why is nobody worried about ‘immune escape’ whereas Covid-19 has already escaped people’s innate immunity as reflected by multiple emerging, much more infectious, viral variants (most likely due to the global implementation of infection prevention measures)? Vaccine deployment in the ongoing mass immunization campaigns are highly likely to further enhance (adaptive) immune escape as none of the current vaccines will prevent replication/ transmission of viral variants. The more we use these vaccines for immunizing people in the midst of a pandemic, the more infectious the virus will become. With increasing infectiousness comes an increased likelihood of viral resistance to the vaccines. It's not exactly rocket science, it’s a basic principle taught in a student’s first vaccinology class: One shouldn’t use a prophylactic vaccine in populations exposed to high infectious pressure (which is now certainly the case as multiple highly infectious variants are currently circulating in many parts of the world). To fully escape selective immune pressure exerted by vaccinal antibodies, Covid-19, a highly mutable virus, only needs to add another few mutations in its receptor-binding domain …
I am beyond worried about the disastrous impact this would have on our human ‘race’. Not only would people lose vaccine-mediated protection but also their precious, variant-nonspecific (!), innate immunity will be gone (this is because vaccinal antibodies outcompete natural antibodies for binding to Covid-19, even when their affinity for the viral variant is relatively low).
I’ve alerted all responsible health and regulatory authorities, including WHO, CDC, FDA etc. and have asked to consider my concern and to immediately open the discussion about the disastrous consequences any further immune escape of Covid-19 would have.
I know, of course, that current mass vaccination campaigns enjoy vigorous and world-wide support from a multitude of different parties/ stakeholders. However, unless I am proven wrong, this cannot be an excuse for ignoring that mankind may currently be transforming a quite harmless virus into an uncontrollable monster. I’ve never been that serious about a statement I made."

Donna L.

Oh boy. Well...lotsa luck to 'em, that's all I gotta say.
I swear, reading the news these days is becoming less and less like Groundhog Day and more and more like we keep re-living scenes from Dumb and Dumber.

Gerardo Martinez

You are worried that healthy people are dying from your Covid 19 Vaccine. We of the forever vaccine injured/killed community are "touched" Really? No one is buying your PHARMA GOD Philosophy. Give us a break!

False Scientists

I’m sorry I can’t link to it but scientist who used to work for Gates foundation, Geert Vanden Bossch, has written a paper imploring the immediate halt of Covid vaccine campaign. It will cause more problems than help (virus escape...)


Still with Trump,

I had read about different effectiveness rates for J and J based on testing in different places. Not very good for US, lower, 66% for Latin America, and 64% for Africa. Maybe because of the African and South American variants?

Most reports note that at least it’s more effective than the flu vaccine! And it looks like at least it’s effective in preventing Covid in the majority of those who take it. Although the two mRNA vaccines are a lot more effective. We’re all having to thread our way between Scylla and Charibdis: no one should lose sight of the extreme dangers for many on both sides.

I think the jubilation and relief felt by many after being vaxxed are important to take into account. I hope that their actions will end this nightmare soon. I am worried that healthy people are dying from the vaccines, but happy that most do not have a severe reaction and are protected.

Anna Quandt

My zoom book group decided they would meet in person but allow only the vaccinated to attend. Then they asked for a show of hands how many had one shot, how many two. When they discovered I’d had none and didn’t plan to, there was an awkward silence.
It wasn’t comfortable. I began to reflect on the Amish practice of shunning and how effective it must be. And That I had joined this group to have just one place where I wasn’t thinking about my son and autism.

Of course I can choose to take the vaccine to stay in the group and make them comfortable. Or shall I follow Martin Luther :“To go against conscience is neither right nor safe.”

Bob Moffit

Well … the good news is the VACCINE MIRICALE is being administered to those that want it .. for now it is not mandated as far as I know about Conn .. and .. it is a vast improvement over ancient "doctors" who used to SACRIFICE BABIES ON THE ALTAR TO APPEASE THE GODS … so … in that respect at least vaccines are .. so far .. voluntary.

Isn't J&J one of the drug companies fined MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for pushing the MIRICALE OPIOID DRUGS .. that led to addictions and thousands of deaths from overdose?? Let's hope J&J's MIRICALE VACCINE proves more beneficial to the world than many previous MIRICALES .. asbestos loaded talcum powder?????

jessica mcgovern

Literally takes my breath away, heart pounding, and stomach is sick.
I can only bless these poor people, they will not die in vain,
but perhaps will WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

jessica mcgovern

Literally takes my breath away, heart pounding and stomach is sick,
I can only bless these poor people, pray if they die it will not in vain,
but perhaps WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

Still with Trump

I understand that ALL the testing for the J & J vaccine was done in Africa, not ONE test subject in America or Europe.

They like to test in places where there are no telephones, electricity or internet, saves on fact checking later on.

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