Video: Unbreaking Science Presents Expert Panel on Balance of Risk in PCR Tests
Same Story, Different Year

TAKE ACTION: UK Government Public Consultation on Covid Pass, Deadline Monday 29th March 11.45PM

Action alert2From Children's Health Defense Europe. Read the full post at TAKE ACTION: UK Government Public Consultation on Covid Pass, Deadline Monday 29th March 11.45PM

Website for details of Consultation:


  1. First, sign the petition “Do Not Roll Out Covid-19 Vaccine Passports” on the Government & Parliament website
    Click here to access the Petition
  2. Secondly, send an email with your concerns about the Covid Pass to:

You will find below 2 models of letters to help you draft your response, as well as a list of some of the medical, ethical, legal and societal issues related to Covid Status Certification. Please personalise your email and express your concerns and the effect that ‘Covid Status Certificates’ would have on your life.  It does not have to be a long email.

DO IT NOW. It only takes a few minutes.
The deadline for submissions is Monday 29th March.

Read the full post with letter samples and detailed documentation at TAKE ACTION: UK Government Public Consultation on Covid Pass, Deadline Monday 29th March 11.45PM


angus files

Thanks Morag Sumption is good like him, but when we have mice voting for cats to protect them and our freedom what more can anyone expect when Pharma .Gov promises don't work out.

Pharma For Prison



Thanks Angus ,"At the peats ,it's no picnic, but at least they have perfectly poached salmon on their lunchtime sandwiches !"

See Jonathan Sumption and Simon Wesley
The Royal Society of Medicine -

RSM.In Conversation Live with Lord Jonathan Sumption YouTube
Lord Jonathan Sumption vs Simon Wesley ?

"A Lord" verses a "Sir?" Under the current circumstances ? -Dear Sir ,I don't fancy your chances much ,sorry ma wee chum !!

angus files

I see there`s a Geordie Gunn in this video Morag, cutting a peat or two..

Pharma For Prison



Thanks again Angus, the ignorance is quite incredible and truly astonishing !
Family Crofts Kilmuir Skye ,Lochinver Badnaban and Skerray Lamigo ,no longer working family crofts.
Mums cousin Agnes, Ruchill Hospital, Fever Trained Nurse, worked West Africa and Peru ,District Nursing Officer For Skerray area,would say Treatable covid ma ha , Global Public Health Leadership ?as
Their clinical Assessment- Plan Of Action - Implementation, and Lack of Review. Is gonnie get slaughtered!

Family Croft Lamigo Skerray Agnes Gunn The Last family member of the Gunn homestead after 400 years.
They can not docter the data, if they don't know about it?

Genetically inherited "Throwback" competency and capacity ! I don't think the scientific studies have been completed yet, so data not available? That is a shame right enough ,so again it is their problem not ours!
Peat Stack building Lamigo Skerray YouTube

Peat stacks For Personal family use and cow and sheep farts are totally responsible for"Climate Confusion?" therfore must be banned totally?

angus files

Your right Morag oppressing the people of Skye has been a habit also, by their own ancestral clan chiefs to this date under the umbrella of The Skye Crofting Wars.

Booster Jabs,why not!

.COVID-19: Government 'bordering on the dangerous' - MP

Pharma For Prison


Thanks Angus ,at least Sir Desmond Swane has the guts and backbone to say what he thinks! .
It is another Skye Bridge battle to remove the toll bridge charges, with no pass cash determination to get to our Croft in Kilmuir !
Skye Bridge -Wikipedia
"The wily auld bodach" Clodach MacKenzie" Charges dropped with no explanation ?


angus files

'Tyranny is a Habit!'' - Sir Desmond Swayne OBLITERATES Labour and Conservatives for Covid-19 Act

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

Email sent with comments (x2 from this house).


Is this more evidence of Global Public Health Experts interfering with our poor wee politicians, with a poverty of perception syndrome, that they still have to get to grips with ?
Sensible info at
Dr Malcolm Kendrick Covid -What have we learned 25 August 2020
Also Book Doctoring Data ---- How to sort out medical advice from medical nonsense .By Dr Malcolm Kendrick .

Government pulls ad that states joggers are "Highly likely to have covid-19" January 22 2021
Santa Has Covid-19 That TV advert was pulled and chucked in the garbage bin as well !

New Tv ad this morning showing people breathing out from their mouths suppurating ,festering ,septic,gas gangreen colour, green breath, Oh Really!
This new advert will traumatise and frighten children and adults as well !
Evidence based science from the comedy sector? ,if it was not such a serious abuse of the government's position of authority ,it would be totally laughable tosh!

What might the global public health experts con- coct up next, to try and cause trauma for the public? New covid mutants/varients with green tinged/colour complections to co-ordinate with their green breath ? Comedy imitating "Reality"
They can seriously away and get stuffed with it !



New York is a vaccine-mandating police state.

angus files

We've added your signature to the petition:

Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports

Pharma For Prison

John Stone


You will recall I wrote about this at the time

UKHSA established April 1.


This EU document was already talking about vaccine passports back in Quarter 3, 2019. They already wanted this, planned from a high level, now the Covid hysteria allows them to move forward.


It's already in the U.S. Where else but New York.......

"Nation's first 'vaccine passport' coming to New York"


According to activists in Israel, Israel is the model. It is quite alarming. Did this just pop up in the U.K., or have they known it was coming?

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