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Here's a new poster with reminders you can share with loved ones to promote health at this time. Each family is different. Some of our children with autism may not tolerate a mask.  Chemical sensitivities may have worsened over the last year. Good nutrition is always important. And for many of us in colder climates, the sun is about to return as Spring approaches. Vitamin D! Common sense in a bolus dose. We have read precious little about proactive steps that aren't fear-based.  How are you keeping your family healthy during Covid?

COVID Safe Practices Poster



Laura Hayes

Susan Welch,

Thank you for the link to the excellent article. I will be sharing it with my email group today, along with Dr. Pam Popper’s article today about Fauci.

susan welch

Another great article from Dr Malcolm Kendrick. All his points are valid and number 5 puts the 'Swedish question' into some perspective.

Tim Lundeen

@cia I hope the lysine helps!

The only safe mercury chelation with a long-term track record, afaik, is Andy Cutler's program. (But limit total Vitamin A to 5000IU/day!)

It is very easy to get really sick trying to chelate in other ways -- you can trigger a mercury dump from tissue stores.

Since Cutler's program, Boyd Haley has introduced emerimide. It is supposed to be even safer than Andy Cutler's protocol, but hasn't had as much usage. You can buy it from offshore sellers. There is a facebook group for it you could join. More info at

susan welch

Cia, this is up to date to 4th March. You need to scroll down to the chart for all countries.


Sweden has vaxxed 855,000, 35,000 since yesterday. Very cool charts, updated every two minutes. It now has a population of almost ten million. I’d have to look to see when they started vaxxing, but since the speed is picking up everywhere, that wouldn’t indicate when they will finish. I’ll look and see if they’re using Astra Zeneca (a British-Swedish company) or Pfizer.



Your link said that Sweden was expecting a surge in fall and winter. So it was written before fall. I just saw a chart at Worldometers which pinpoints the takeoff point for stratospheric explosion of cases in November. The article also differentiates between over and under 65s, saying that cor under 65s Covid was no worse than a bad flu season (which is very bad). For OVER 65s, on the other hand... I think it’s offensive to say massive suffering and death is all right if most of the victims are old to start with.

Sweden is vaxxing a lot now, I don’t think there are many Swedes now who continue to think just letting it take its natural course is all right.


Just looked up Sweden here.

834,209 vaxxed. About 50,000 a day. The figure for deaths on the first page, just now updated, was a lot higher than the one on the second page. They now have had about 7% of the population diagnosed with Covid. The US is at 10%.


Judy and Susan,

Sweden is now up to 13,003 deaths.

Far, far more than in any other Scandinavian country, the only ones it’s reasonable to compare it with. The UK, France, Belgium, Spain, US, etc., have had far more any way you look at it. But Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland have had a smidgen of the deaths of Sweden, both numerically and by rate. Sweden did not make the point it was hoping to make. Instead it enabled the preventable deaths of many thousands of its citizens. It was hoping to say that the disease wasn’t that bad, children did not get it, and it was exaggerated and unreasonable to use the containment measures every other developed country in the world did. And now it’s experiencing an epidemic that’s out of control. The reason everyone else wanted to take measures before it got so far that it would be very difficult or impossible to turn around, and you’d just have to sit back and watch the Big Burn. Pride goeth before a fall.



Thank you. I bought lysine recently but haven’t opened it, it’s in powder form and I guess I’d have to mix it in water and drink it. You’ve inspired me to go ahead and do it!

Do you ou know anything safe to do about circulating mercury? I was doing a gradual detox program, starting with kidney drainer, then after a week liver drainer, then lymph, finally adding environmental detox. I thought doing it gradually opened channels for safe detox. After ten days of taking all of them (in spray form) once a day, I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated. Constant. From mercury activated and put into the bloodstream, like many attacks from chelators five and six years ago. Nine days ago I was suddenly hit with waves of vertigo and nausea so extreme that I couldn’t stay on my feet. I was about to collapse on the floor. I considered calling an ambulance. I haven’t gone to church or to the store since then, I’m too weak and dizzy. Taking selenium and cocculus. Before, I had series of attacks lasting two months each. The first attack in this series was two weeks ago tonight. I don’t think I can take another six weeks of this. Is there a safe way to either excrete it or put it back in storage? Thanks!

susan welch

Judy, according to the above, Sweden has fared no worse than those European countries that did have draconian measures. Certainly their citizens have a better life than we have in the UK and, I imagine, their economy must be faring better than ours, too, as they have not deliberately destroyed small businesses.

Tim Lundeen

@cia I just saw a protocol that uses lysine for treating covid and especially long covid. The lead scientist for it is extremely credible, he has had prior research published in the Lancet, one of the top medical journals.

YouTube interview:

ResearchGate paper with more details and references:


Look at both the statistics and the science. King Gustav of Sweden has said their laissez-faire approach to Covid has been a total failure--to their economy and to their loved ones.

At last count, Sweden has had roughly 400,000 cases of COVID-19 with more than 8,200 deaths. Norway has had 45,500 cases and less than 500 deaths. Finland has had just over 34,000 cases and 524 deaths.

To be fair, we have to take into count the populations of each country. Sweden has 10.3 million people compared to 5.5 million in Finland and 5.3 million in Norway. So, Sweden has roughly twice the population of these nearby countries. But Sweden has almost 10 times the number of cases and roughly 16 times the number of deaths compared to its Nordic neighbors.


I got these recommendations originally from Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity last March. We both take them nearly every day. D3 5000 IU, zinc 500 mg, C 1000 mg, quercetin two 200 mg capsules, selenium two 200 mcg capsules. We wear double masks when out. We use hand sanitizer when we get back to the car. We wash hands with soap when getting home. C goes to a day program on M and F now. I tell her to put her clothes in the washing machine as soon as she gets home.

C hasn’t gotten sick in many years. I’m chronically sick from MS and think I’ve had long Covid for over a year now, from before Covid was on our radar.

Bob Moffit

Today ...NYS Governor is taking heavy .. well justified criticism for his MIS HANDLING of covid pandemic .. having issued an order … EDICT … to nursing homes they MUST ADMIT COVID DIAGNOSED PATIENTS TO THEIR NURSING HOMES .. THEREBY EXPOSING ALL SENIORS IN THOSE HOMES TO BE UNNECESSARILY EXPOSED TO COVID .. RESULTING IN THE DEATH OF THOUSANDS. Some report a CRIMINAL PROSECUTION of Cuomo's actions to COVER UP his reckless edict is underway..

I think the poster shown was produced by HHS … hard to read .. but … I am hopeful those public health officials who have maliciously attacked anyone prescribing various TREATMENTS for covid .. such as … HDC, Ivermictin and others that have been proven highly effective in TREATING PATIENTS AND KEEPING THEM FROM BEING ADMITTED TO HOSPITALS .. are also CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED for denying these life-saving treatments while insisting ONLY THE COVID VACCINE WILL ALLOW LIFE TO RESUME NORMALLY.


Laura Hayes

Just sent the email below to my email group, inclusive of the poster above.

Subject: Had enough?

More than one year into the egregious, illegal, and unconstitutional government intrusion into our lives, including the swift decimation of our freedoms to breathe, move about, work, keep businesses open, worship, access factual information, listen to informed and intelligent people, attend school, seek healthcare, socialize, dine out, shop, travel, and more, there is no end in sight...for even if one submits to, and survives, permitting a highly-dangerous new "vaccine", plus 2nd dose, plus booster, plus annual maintenance dose(s), we are being told that doing so won't negate the "need" to continue to cover one's only 2 means of breathing and to stay far enough apart from one another so that you can't hug, kiss, or properly communicate, especially when both parties are masked up.

Unbelievably, I don't think the majority has had enough, for I see willing, and eager, compliance still abounding. However, for those of us who have had enough, and who are willing to take action, I will continue to state, as I did in my article from last August, below, and as the author of the article, also below, states, the first step to reclaiming our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms is to stop wearing face masks, which are more accurately defined as smothering and identification-hiding devices, and which were formerly the attire of burglars, rapists, hijackers, and terrorists.

The Catastrophic Costs of Complying by Laura Hayes (bears rereading)

The Government Needs a Lobotomy and Humanity Needs to Grow Some Balls by Corey Lynn (a really good read, and she, too, puts forth that step one is to stop wearing face masks)

This one act of fear-based, not fact-based, submission by Americans, which is not protective or health-inducing for the wearer, or for anyone else, has made the rolling out of further tyranny a breeze for the evil doers, who have shown us time and again that they believe in "rules for thee, but not for me" and "our wealth at the expense of your health". (watch this excellent 6-min. video exposing Bill Gates for the humongous hypocrite that he is, and then consider how many people are being dangerously manipulated by believing and acting on what he puts forth)

Today's top article on Age of Autism features a poster (you have to click on the box for the poster to display) that lists time-proven and wise ways to be healthy, in great contrast to what "the experts" advise:

Lastly, Peggy Hall of The Healthy American, continues to share information on how to legally challenge that which is labelled as "mandates", "rules", and "orders". If you haven't signed up yet to receive her regular updates, and/or if you want to peruse her website filled with her helpful and inspiring videos, click on the pertinent links below:

Praying and hoping that more Americans will take that first, and most-needed, stop wearing that which covers a person's only 2 means of breathing, and which prevents full, proper, and meaningful in-person communication, the type of communication that makes for healthy and happy humans. Envision by one, in short order, Americans stop wearing face masks...and uncovered, smiling faces once again become the norm. What a healthy, wonderful, beautiful thing that would be to see and live amongst again!

In pursuit of liberty here in the "land of the free",

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