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Same Story, Different Year

Repeat repeatBy Cathy Jameson

Edited just a tad to make it today's Sunday post, I'm sharing something I wrote on one of my social media accounts two years ago this week.  The news I mention was about the loss of rights happening in both New York and California.  If you recall, legislative measles had been making the rounds.  The only way to stop them was with a vaccine.  I believe that the pro-vaccine measles legislation that stripped personal rights back then, stripped personal rights back then and as far back as 2014, absolutely helped open the door to the shenanigans we're witnessing today. 

Responding to the news conferences that had taken place that day, I had thought what I'd heard was bizarre.  Bizarre doesn't come close to describing the vaccine news I see coming out these days...


26 March 2019 - From NY to CA, today's vaccine news is so dang bizarre.  If you missed it, in NY...hide your wives and hide your children!  From CA, the little bit of freedom you thought you had is going to be even less.  I just watched the news conference.  All I can say is oof.  And this:

So some kids, like the immunocompromised, can't be vaccinated and are given a "free pass" from vaccines due to their individual medical needs.  Maybe they have been vaccinated previously but now cannot because of special circumstances (cancer, chemo treatment, organ transplant, etc.).  Parents of the immunocompromised are encouraged to share their kids' story and also to refuse vaccines.  I don't agree with the next thing that comes out of some of those parents' mouths -- they say that they* depend on my child's vaccines to give their child protection.   It's a nice thought, like rainbows and unicorns are nice, but our immune systems do not work in synergy like that.

That said, I have a question.  What about the other kids who were vaccinated and also now cannot be vaccinated?  Or shouldn't be?

Today, some other kids can't follow the recommended schedule, and many shouldn't follow it based on their past vaccination experience.  They may not be classified in their medical file as immunocompromised as cancer patients are, but don't these other kids matter, too?  And what of the parents of this group of children who we've been calling vaccine injured.  Those parents are constantly being beat up for telling their story, which I find odd because it's the same story:

Kid was vaccinated.

Kid cannot now be vaccinated.

Parents learned that.

Parents acted on that.

The immunocompromised parents are given sympathy.  But the vaccine injured parents are glared at in angst and accused of spreading diseases they don't even have.  Both groups of children (and some adults, I should add) have to proceed with caution with medical procedures, to include receiving liability-free vaccines.

Maybe we need to start using another word to describe a vaccine injured child, like immunocompromised.  It's what they are, and they seem to be the ones (Senator) Pan et al are somewhat willing to protect, sort of, for now at least. 

A little while later, I added these thoughts. 

If it wasn't so asinine, and believe me, this NY measles vaccine sh!tstorm is the definition of asinine, it would be laughable.  It's like they're trying to slap an already-used Band-Aid that has no adhesive on something that can't be pinned down.  I literally have been shaking my head all day about the news.  I know we'll persevere as we usually do.  I also know that pharma's faithful followers will continue to show us that don't even know what they don't even know.

If there ever was a time for civil disobedience, it's now.

Are you ready for that?

Are you??

I really don’t think we were ready.  Fast forward to 26 March 2021.  T Zone Cathy

It’s the same story, just a different year.  I see that, but so many others do not.  People have lost their ever loving minds (and even more rights) over what, for many, has been a typically recoverable temporary illness, just like the measles.  I do have the tiniest glimmer of hope, though, in some of this.  The measles all but disappeared last year when COVID19 took center stage.  I pray that the coronavirus will slip into oblivion within that same timeline or sooner. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

*And P.S.  I would never ask anyone, family, friend, or stranger, to vaccinate themselves to protect my children.  You can do it for yourself if you want, but don’t ever think you need to do that for me or my family.  My immunocompromised child doesn’t need your vaccines.  He won’t benefit from them, pinky promise. 


Gary Ogden

Still with Trump: It is the height of evil to test these poison syringes on children of any age, especially infants. And to recommend them for use in children.

Still with Trump

The US of A leads the World in Autism and SIDS, no concerns so far from any of the endless alphabet medical organizations.

I think they will soon have a glut of CV19 vaccines as 150 million plus Americans do not want any part of it. It is certainly obscene that they are testing the CV19 vaccines on infants and children.

Gerardo Martinez

Safe and effective-A Lie! Safe and Effective- A Lie! Safe and Effective A Lie- Repeat it, Repeat it, Repeat it- Safe and effective- the truth- Oh, its that easy- Vaccines are safe and effective- it's the truth, it's the truth!
Well that is how it happens. Such Commie, Nazi and sad to say now American Propaganda! So sad!


The University of Ca. system had something to do with NEWBORNS getting a Hepatitis B shot which is stop an illness they could get if they are having unprotected sex or if they are a drug addict sharing IV's or needles. According to an article in the LATimes2015-they are making Millions on this procedure. All newborns get it on arrival day along with the Aluminum contained in it plus a Vitamin K shot which Has NO Vitamin in it but is given to stop the brain from bleeding as a result. Together that is approximately 400 mcg of deadly Aluminum. The Universities are so proud of their handiwork. Senator Pan promised to keep Medical Exemptions to vaccines but alas, this year he took those away too. So kids getting multiple seizures as a result of vaccines must now get more vaccines to go to school. I read that 1 in 8 kids in Ca. are now "Special Needs?" It's just a moment in time before they accomplish their pharmaceutical goals of forcing homeschooled kids to get $hot.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Cathy. These liability-free vaccines are clearly the most unnecessary ones ever produced, even more so than flu. They may prove to be among the most dangerous. The signals so far are worrisome, but we won't know for at least two more years when the trials are completed. The dangers will be swept under the rug, although Israel will give us invaluable information about the danger of the Pfizer. And now trials on infants and children, who have essentially zero mortality risk, much less than that of flu! But we've never closed schools for influenza. It is time for a second Nuremberg trial of Gates and the rest of the sociopathic oligarchs who have committed geriatric genocide while increasing their net worth by vast sums transferred from public funds into their bank accounts. Medicine is broken, science is broken, censorship and suppression grow more draconian by the day, and our political institutions are thoroughly corrupt. God help us.

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