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Risk of Stroke Events Cause Alarm in Europe Not USA

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Much of Europe is halting the use of the Oxford Astra Zeneca Covid jab as a precaution about blood clots. We are not employing the OAZ jab here in the USA,  but there are reports of similar events happening on our VAERS system (see graphic above) with the vaccines being administered to citizens here in the USA. Maybe your loved one.  Maybe you. You'll likely never hear about it on the news where you are being spoon fed unicorns and rainbows to ensure vaccination compliance. But we are not compliant. Nor will be complicit. We know the horror of vaccine injury and death. So many of us kiss our kids goodnight while they sing Sesame Street or Barney songs because of their early vaccine injury.  Americans and citizens around the world are learning like we did, the painful way. We're gonna need a bigger.... blog.

Doctors baffled as countries suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine over blood clot fears

Sweden and Latvia on Tuesday joined a fast-growing list of European countries suspending the use of the vaccine as a precautionary measure following reports of blood clots.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain on Monday said they would all stop administering the shot.

The World Health Organization, Europe’s drug regulator and the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis have all recommended that countries continue to use the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

“Halting a vaccine roll out during a pandemic has consequences,” said Dr. Michael Head, senior research fellow in Global Health at the University of Southampton, U.K.


By the pricking of my thumbs..

Fauci’s good nature is about as credible as a smiling neighbour who turns out to be constructing an atom bomb in their backyard.



Even apart from many labs lowering the number of cycles for the CPR test from 45 to 35 more or less, resulting in fewer diagnosed cases, DEATHS from Covid have plunged. Look at the mortality charts at Worldometers. From a peak in January, the line has plunged almost vertically, just at the same time that vaccination got going. In Missouri nearly 400 a day were dying in January. Now it’s ten. Coincidental or brought about by the vaccine? I think it’s the vaccine.



Chris Martenson made a lot of reports on the Wuhan lab a year ago. No doubt that it was a lab which received funding from the US to do Gain of Function research to alter viruses to make them more contagious and more dangerous. Purportedly in order to promote the development of drugs to treat them. No doubt that Fauci knew this was the avowed purpose of the research. I think most parties now believe that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab. Some think it was released on purpose. At this time I think it was accidental. But there’s still a great gap between that and the charge that Fauci meant to develop it and release it. I don’t believe that he did it on purpose. I don’t see what he would have to gain by doing something like that. I don’t think China did it deliberately either. I think at the very least they would have used a virus with a much higher death rate in healthy adults if it wanted to engage in biological warfare. China may harbor such a desire, I’ll have to wait and see. Its treatment of Taiwan and Hong Kong is terrible. I recognize that it’s ambition is to become the greatest world power. I don’t think Fauci has engaged in an activity to deliberately kill millions.

By the pricking of my thumbs..

Regarding Fauci - Steve Hilton (Fox news) below:



I don’t think Fauci is evil. There are a lot of people on all sides engaged in self-promotion and profit. I think they put Covid patients into nursing homes at the beginning, before they were aware how contagious and dangerous it was, often deadly. Just a cold, just the flu. There would not have been enough room for them at existing hospitals. China built a bunch of dedicated Covid hospitals in record time. Also had dedicated clinics for Covid testing and fevers. It would have been better had we done that, but that would have required recognition of how contagious and dangerous Covid was, and a willingness to radically change the structure of our society immediately. Also the recognition that old lives matter


I am very sure Cia, that you do not appreciate just how really evil Fauci is. This is not his first rodeo with keeping medicines that help under wraps.

I think that you do not appreciate just what people will do for their power, their money and their ideology.

Again why did five Democrat governors put covid patients into nursing homes? Seems like they were trying to get the bodies to pile up.



Again, there is a lot I do not know about Covid. Did you watch the Peak Prosperity videos on Covid by Chris Martenson? That’s how I learned about Ivermectin and many other things. Like most people, I am dependent on what I read and to a lesser degree what I see and hear.

I knew that SARS appeared suddenly in the middle of 2002, wreaked havoc in the countries it touched, caused a lot of horrible, painful deaths, and then suddenly disappeared nine months after it appeared. They tried to develop a vaccine for it, but were not successful, largely due to ADE. MERS was in the same family, appeared in the Middle East ten years later, and had 50% mortality. Same thing, no vaccine, it’s still around in that region.

A year ago I thought that maybe Covid would be similar and would come and go unaccountably. It hasn’t. I think SARS “only” caused a little over a thousand deaths. Covid has caused millions. I’d look it up right now but would lose this comment. I think this may well be because of its bioengineering. Chris Martenson went into a lot of detail on this. At this point I think it has been established that the gain of function research at the Wuhan lab was brilliantly successful in making the original virus more transmissible and more pathogenic. More than SARS or MERS. I read that some of the genes which were spliced in derived from malaria and AIDS. That might explain why the malaria drugs HCQ and Ivermectin have been so therapeutic in preventing and treating Covid.

The course of Covid is unpredictable. Some it touches lightly, others it pounds into the ground and tips them up. Maybe viral load? Obviously she and comorbidities play a role, but many previously healthy children and young people have been disabled or killed by it. I’ve read that those with A or B type blood tend to have worse outcomes than type O, which tends to have a favorable course. I read that those with Neanderthal genes have a more severe course. Until I read that I didn’t know that anyone these days had Neanderthal genes, so that’s interesting to think about. But it means that it’s not accurate to say that Covid is mild and no big deal. For some it is, for hundreds of millions of others it has not been, often disabling or causing a long, severe illness even when it doesn’t kill. Like most diseases: it used to be that everyone got immunity to polio as a child, and it is probable that it didn’t become a big crippled before chemicals on crops and as insecticides. It used to be that everyone had immunity to diphtheria by adulthood, but hundreds of thousands were killed by it, usually as children, but one of Queen Victoria’s daughters as an adult, along with several of her children. Same with tetanus. Well, you can see where I’m going with this. Many of the ten percent more or less disabled with long Covid had a mild or asymptomatic case of Covid, but it didn’t end.

I think Covid was designed to be a very serious and very contagious disease. At this time I believe it escaped from the lab where it had been irresponsibly developed accidentally. Maybe it was on purpose. I don’t think it’s a natural disease which we could expect most people’s immune systems to cope with adequately. Then again, the Black Plague, Spanish flu, cholera, etc., were natural and killed millions horribly.

I don’t trust any of the major players, but don’t think they are demons either.

I think it is wise to take measures to prevent the spread of Covid. If most of the world had not taken the measures it has, I think countless millions more would have died. While I am worried about political events right now, very worried, I think Covid is in a separate category, and has not been stage managed to take control of the world.

I have been even sicker than usual for the past month. Quite sick for over a year now. I think every day about the vaccines being reported by many to improve the symptoms of long Covid. Akiko Iwasaki thinks it’s because the antibodies created by the vaccine kill the virus remaining in the body, continuing to cause symptoms. I also think about the many ways in which vaccine damage could play out. I don’t think the disease should be politicized. It’s hard enough to make decisions about what to do without political meaning overlaying it.

I’m sorry your relatives have had bad cases or died of it. I have a friend whose holistic doctor said of it that it was unpredictable, and to get the vaccine. I think it is a disease to be feared, avoided, and prevented. I think that whatever decision anyone makes about the vaccine should be respected and not criticized. I am fully aware how dangerous vaccines can be (but for most people, usually aren’t). I am afraid both of the vaccine and of the prospect of never regaining even my previous level of ill health, because of unending long Covid. For the most part I believe the figures on cases and deaths are accurate to the best of our ability, though it means many confounding factors must be borne in mind.



I would like to emphasis what Jill just said. The covid virus was bad, but it was made to look much worse than it really had to be..

I would like to point out that when
SARS came out sometime back in 2005; and they had the vaccine Then SARS just disappeared. That is what I heard in an interview with Fauci; some where? I may have forgotten where I hear this interview cause Fauci is on all the time anymore. But then SARS just up and disappeared with out a vaccines. I would guess so would covid.

We have to be wary in all we read, and hear. Suspect everything.

Jill said Brosche is working on the very thing he claims is needed in the vaccine, he is not to be trusted. She hit that nail on the head, but we can listen, and then put it away in our memory as well, for the future. .

Did the numbers of covid deaths, how they went up and how they are going down; that you are telling us over and over again really have to be that high?

Jill said basically that this high death rate for covid was intended; Cia; you are bound to know this by now, surely? Cia? Don't you feel it, just look at all the odd things that have gone on?

Why did all those governors put Covid patients into nursing homes?
There are five governors that did it, and all Democrat governors, did they speak with Fauci, and came away with an understanding that the death rate needed to be high?

And was this high death rate an effort to scare everyone into accepting mail in ballots , and days and days of election counting?

Any virus can cause an inflammatory reaction in the lungs, and they have used breathing steroid treatments for that -- for YEARS in the past, but they stopped that for an entire year. Our neighbor as I said before; was ill last February in 2020, and was treated for a viral pneumonia just that way. If he had had it later and they did not treat him he would have died.

As a matter of fact any kind of treatment was stopped except for ventilator treatment, and some half baked, new expensive Drug that Fauci approved of that does not work.

You know Cia, about HCQ and you first told me about Ivermectin. IS that just not ODD?

Along with all weird things, unreasonable things that were claimed against them to keep them from the public. First the refusal by the FDA, and then by some of the governors,-- some governors, The strangeness of the Lancet publication of a study that they were dangerous and can cause heart attacks, only to be found out that those in the study had been over dosed,, and the Lancet study had to be retracted later, but not before the FDA stopped these drugs from being used.

I think back that Dad was sick all last spring because of a gall bladder. We ended up over at the University hospital. The doctor came in at 3:00 A.M. to talk with me. The doctor seem to struggle to make some decision, and he finally said that we won't even test him for covid.

Well Dad had been at home with me, and we had been very careful, with mask and all.

Did I get a feeling that if Dad had been tested for covid at that time, they would have found covid. And if they found covid; yes he was coughing from the throw- up caused by his gall bladder---would they have not provided him with the correct treatment of putting in a gall bladder drain? I think so. Would he have died and been listed as covid? I think so. Good thing I made the drive over to the University in the dead of night to be with him. They had transported him by ambulance from our local ER.

Did my nephew die of covid?
My nephew was on facebook a whole couple of months before he died, praying to God for help, He would not be specific what was wrong, except he felt very tired. When I spoke to him privately, he said he had this feeling of doom, and did not want to come off as seeming he had mental problems; he had had some problems with anxiety in the past while growing up, and had put that behind him. he had some Strabismus, when both eyes don’t look in the same place at the same time. One eye may look straight ahead while the other looks in another direction. I think he died from the results of injuries sustained from his childhood vaccines. He had been on different blood pressure meds, trying to control it for the past couple of years. They had just changed his blood pressure meds the very week he died of covid.

So I am not saying that covid should not be of concern. Fauci and Wuhan made something that is dangerous, and does need correct treatment, but they want the death rate high and that makes us all in danger don't you think?

I am just saying we may not be getting good medical treatment at this time. I am not saying every doctor is in on it either. I think they have been purposely confused by the head of the NIH that they do look to for proper protocols. But I think a lot of the doctors knows that there is something really wrong and they might be kind of powerless in all of this.

But these numbers you quote, do you really think they really mean much?


I know that I will always win!

"3Paul gathered a bundle of sticks, and as he laid them on the fire, a viper, driven out by the heat, fastened itself to his hand. 4When the islanders saw the creature hanging from his hand, they said to one another, “Surely this man is a murderer. Although he was saved from the sea, Justice has not allowed him to live.” 5But Paul shook the creature off into the fire and suffered no ill effects. 6The islanders were expecting him to swell up or suddenly drop dead. But after waiting a long time and seeing nothing unusual happen to him, they changed their minds ...." " 8The father of Publius was sick in bed, suffering from fever and dysentery. Paul went in to see him, and after praying and placing his hands on him, he healed the man. 9After this had happened, the rest of the sick on the island came and were cured as well. Acts 28:3-6, 8-9

SINACH: ALWAYS WIN | Official Video



Bossche says he is developing a Th-1 Covid vaccine which focuses on innate immunity provided by killer cells. So he is not disinterested and has a potential financial interest in discouraging people from taking the vaccines already available. The mRNA vaccines already provide both cellular (antibodies) and innate (t and B cell) immunity. They are not always safe. No vaccine is. But they have reduced Covid mortality by 98.9% where they are used.

Making references to serfs is not necessary. Are the serfs accepting or rejecting vaccines? Most people in all groups are taking them. Asking if I got my knowledge through reading is also unnecessary. Of course I did. How does anyone get their knowledge? Even doctors treating Covid would know almost nothing about it without reading reports on the bigger picture.

I was moved last summer when I read about campers, hikers, and their dogs being stranded near a lake, surrounded by a rapidly approaching wildfire. Military groups sent in helicopters to rescue them. Could the helicopters have crashed, killing all on board rather than saving them? Obviously. Kobe Bryant and his daughter, and crew, were killed when their helicopter crashed. Was anyone forced to get on the helicopters? They were not, several people refused to get on for whatever reason. I don’t know if they survived by other means or not. They exercised their right to refuse. I would have gotten on the helicopter with my daughter and dog, grateful to those who were risking their own lives for ours.



Vaccinated populations have seen a 98.9% reduction in Covid deaths. Most people do not have severe vaccine reactions. So is it not good that most people want to get and are getting the vaccines? Where there is risk, there must be a choice. That is usually used to support vaccine refusal. In this case, the disease is a terrible risk nearly everywhere in the world and the vaccines re very effective in preventing it. Should you not support those who freely choose to get the vaccine?


Good point, Jill in MI. I think people would love to believe that lower positive test numbers are the result of vaccination campaigns, but that's wishful thinking. There was a period of time when infectious disease experts admitted this to the media:
Coronavirus cases are falling in US, but experts say it's not from the COVID-19 vaccine yet
Adrianna Rodriguez
New coronavirus cases are on the decline in the United States after staggering post-holiday peaks last month, but experts say it's too early for new COVID-19 vaccines to be having an influence. .
The positive trend also is not assured to continue, because new and more transmissible variants threaten to reverse it, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.
"Although we have seen declines in cases and admissions and a recent slowing of deaths, cases remain extraordinarily high, still twice as high as the peak number of cases over the summer," she said this week.
The decline in cases is likely a natural drop after record travel followed by indoor holiday gatherings triggered a surge in infections, said Dr. Sarita Shah, associate professor at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health.

Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr, professor of epidemiology and medicine at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, said the falling case numbers can’t be attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine, because not even a tenth of the population has been vaccinated, according to the CDC.
And it's not clear when the vaccine rollout, which began in December, will start to make a difference in falling case numbers.
Experts say the forecast keeps changing as more drugmakers, such as Johnson & Johnson, seek emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, the Biden administration seeks to secure more doses from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, and states expand vaccine eligibility to speed up rollout.

Jill in MI

The Bossche interview raises several red flags. He is in the business of making vaccines. He was employed (or is employed?) by GAVI - Gates, et al. This interview by Rosemary Frei which rebuts his view is interesting as well: Rebuttal: The ‘Not-So-Hidden Agenda’ Behind Bossche’s Concern Over COVID Mass Vaccination • Children’s Health Defense. Just a other point of view.
I agree that the vaccine (or experimental gene therapy) should be halted immediately. Bossche also says in a letter that a vaccine for NK cells is what is really needed (and he just happens to be working on one!) So, lots of interesting thoughts.
We SHOULD have more information from the original trials - and where is this info?
VAERS seems to be the only working post-surveillance system. WHY? There is no mandatory reporting of adverse effects. WHY? When VAERS reports adverse effects, they are not recognized by the CDC and are severely underreported. WHY?
And Cia, just a note. The numbers are going down. After everything you have seen in the media circus, how can you just accept that it is because of the vaccine? They finally adjusted the ridiculous PCR test and it is finally Spring - not winter when the virus thrives. And where are they "widely reporting on the deaths?" What news channel is that info on? Yes, people should have the choice to get the vaccine or not, but how do you make an INFORMED choice if you only get one side of the story? And telling people that having a really strong negative response to the vaccine - "Oh that proves that your immune system is really working!" I heard that comment while standing in line at the grocery store. Wow. Like my uncle who blacked out at the top of the stairs and woke up at the bottom and is now in the hospital with two broken ribs. Perfectly healthy. Had his second vaccine last week. I am sure he is happy to only end up with broken ribs. Maybe I should tell him he should be happy his immune system is Really Working. Was he told about possible adverse reactions? Only what he saw on mainstream media, so nope.
Ronald - thank you for the Hotze interview. Clear and concise.
This is a shit show. There are effective treatments for Co-Vid that they are finally admitting to. The experimental gene therapy (vaccine) is a lot of risk and untold long-term effects that no one knows about. I think people really want to believe this is the magic bullet. It is a bullet all right, just not a magic one.


WSJ says blood clots due to a rare autoimmune reaction to the AZ vaccine.



Covid Visualizer says that 410,000,000 people in the world have been vaccinated since December. Case and death rates have plunged in vaccinated areas. In my state, Missouri, both cases and deaths, after peaking in January, have fallen to what they were in July. Two weeks ago they were back to where they were in October and November, respectively. It boggles the mind to read the numbers of deaths in nearly every country. These deaths are stopping because of the vaccine.

I completely agree that vaccines can have very severe longterm effects. Every person has the right to accept or reject the vaccine. But without the use of the vaccine, it is unlikely that the large number of deaths would have stopped anytime soon. Most of the four hundred ten million who have taken the vaccine did not react and are doing fine, and not getting or transmitting Covid. Considerable, though not complete, protection against the variants, has been seen. As you say, our current situation of large-scale vaccination campaigns in every country which can manage it, was inevitable. I don’t know what else we could have done on a global scale. I am happy to see the rolling back of Covid by both natural immunity and vaccine immunity. How could I not be?


Thank you for your thoughts Ronald. Yes, the train has left the station and now we wait. We wait for perhaps Parkinson- like diseases, paralyzing diseases. Was that not why polio was so scary.

I myself am thinking the more about the angel that poured out the bowl and caused the plague of painful sores. Well since it is about the end of the world and since it was mentioned and all.

Cia "You pointed out" How can little serfs point out much?

You pointed out? You know cause you read it some where? Or been in the labs and found the answers vs Bossche and all his Resume behind him, and he is saying he don't think so.

"the mRNA products ALREADY stimulate a strong response by the innate immune system, including t- and b- cells. As WELL as antibodies produced by the adaptive immune system. This strengthening of the innate immune system ALREADY supports a strong, non-specific response to the variants. "

Strong response -- involving a vaccine just makes my hairs stand on end; like I was on a mountain top getting ready to be hit by lightening ---- again.

Variants will be fought off with no problem vs Bossche saying the vaccine antibodies crowd out the natural ones. Would he not be one or should have been one of those writing those things you read about supporting a strong response to variants.



I have constant problems writing on my cell phone, as you could see.

I am the same person you have known for ten years. I was never against all vaccines categorically for everyone. I think maybe you used the word “adore” injudiciously. Criticism of vaccines should serve the interests of life and health. Sometimes this service calls for the use of vaccines.if you were bitten by a rabid dog, would you get a rabies vaccine? I would. The vaccine is dangerous, but rabies is 100% fatal. You always have to do your own risk/ benefit analysis. Absolutely, all vaccines (and drugs) are dangerous and have caused great harm. But then look at the alternatives. I honestly believe that Covid is dangerous and prevalent enough, the vaccines effective and usually safe enough, that when people choose to take them, it’s usually a good decision, and the way to end the pandemic. I’m still against most other vaccines most of the time. “Adoration” seems to make vaccine refusal a religion, and I am against such a pseudo-religion.

Ronald N. Kostoff


"this man is really smart.....Maybe he is just setting us all up to get some form of corona virus vaccine every year."

I assume you mean Vanden Bossche. He is, after all, a vaccine developer, and his job is to develop and sell vaccines. In his recent presentations, he is doing what any good salesman does; he is showing problems with the competition's product, and postulating how his product will be a substantial improvement.

I agree in principle with his statement of the problem, although it contains a number of assumptions that remain to be confirmed. Unfortunately, by the time data are available to prove or disprove his assumptions, it will probably be too late. Much of the damage will already have been done. Where I disagree is with his conclusions. I think there are better ways to address the problem, and my next paper (or the one after) may present some of these solutions.

My reading of the tea leaves is that this train has left the station and there is no turning back. Few people (especially decision-makers) are willing to admit, and take personal and financial responsibility for, the situation that seems to be unfolding. The short-term effects of the vaccine appear to be far greater than were predicted from the clinical trials. We have no idea what the long-term effects will be since we didn't include them in the clinical trials.

In our recent vaccine safety paper, we attempted to identify long-term effects from previous vaccines, mainly flu. The data we found (and it is sparse because very few people are conducting long-term studies on these vaccines) showed serious adverse effects on autoimmune and neural diseases occurring with a few years' lag time. We basically have no idea of the full spectrum of long-term effects of these past vaccines, and certainly not of the COVID-19 vaccines.

What would happen if we evaluated cigarette smoking and wireless radiation from cell phones the same way? Would we conclude they were safe if people didn't keel over a few days after starting to smoke or use cell phones? Why then would anyone believe the situation is different with vaccines? It takes about 20-30 years after starting to smoke before the resulting lung cancers start to emerge. It takes about a decade of heavy cell phone use before the gliomas start to appear? What happens ten or twenty or thirty years after being vaccinated, especially with a new technology such as mRNA vaccines? What are the effects on future generations? How many of our present-day diseases and genetic deficiencies result from exposures to toxic substances by our parents or grandparents? Why do some people get severe reactions from exposures to drugs or vaccines or other toxic stimuli, and others don't? How much do our ancestors' lifestyles impact our responses to these toxic stimuli today? Why are we possibly going our of our way to inflict these problems on future generations?

This short presentation by Dr. Steve Hotze presents a clear picture of potential problems with this new technology ( Is he correct? As with Dr. Vanden Bossche, time will tell. Again, when the data become available, it will be too late to do much about it.



Bossche didn’t answer my questions. I just found this:

Bossche says that Covid is a mild virus. But for many millions it has been a disabling or fatal virus in the past year. Over half a million dead in the US, almost three million dead in the world. Plus long Covid and often permanent organ damage. Saying it’s a mild virus reminds me of those who say Well, I got all MY you-know-what’s and look how great I turned out. And my children, everyone is different and has different outcomes, many of them life-destroying. Do we REALLY want to just go back to normal and let it burn through the world unimpeded? I don’t, do you? Bossche says he does.

Bossche wants to completely stop giving all Covid vaccines to anyone. Despite IMPRESSiVE figures on cases and deaths plunging in vaccinated populations. He says they need a vaccine which stimulates innate immunity, focusing on killer cells. So halt everything, go back to high levels of deaths, while they develop the kind of vaccine he would like to see? Why would they take his word geor anything? He’s a vet and has very few publications or credentials.

As I pointed out a few weeks ago, the mRNA products ALREADY stimulate a strong response by the innate immune system, including t- and b- cells. As WELL as antibodies produced by the adaptive immune system. This strengthening of the innate immune system ALREADY supports a strong, non-specific response to the variants. Why on earth would you want to rely on Nature to teach many people’s immune system how to respond to an unnatural, bioengineered virus with insertions of genes from additional deadly diseases? Many people’s, not those with profiles too undesirable to mount much of an effective defense. Such people just have to -, for the greater good?


But then again; this man is really smart, they all are including Fauci; all are a conniving bunch.

Maybe he is just setting us all up to get some form of corona virus vaccine every year.


Some times I think you are not what you say your are? Some times there are things that you say that makes me think --something is just off the level, off the kilter. But maybe you still have one foot in the world that we all once belong to; and worshiped.

But let it all slide and you can listen to him yourself and maybe he will answer those questions and you come back here and fill in those blanks to us.

angus files

The loose and fast Pollard of Oxford vaccines and chair of JVCI just to fast for the rest of Europe shows how much less liability than zero the UK has than the rest of Europe. Human rights in the UK are ground zero the humans are the lab rats the lab rats have now no use.


Pharma For Prison


Still with Trump

The very first thing to happen with the CD19 vaccine program was an endless supply of "Warp Money." To date they have used none of their own funds.

NOTHING AT ALL would have been done by the various drug companies if it was not for this form of "Fauci Capitalism" about half the funds will end up with the blessed Wall Street vaccine investors & probably many in Congress,



It is usual for vaccines to suppress the immune system for about a month after getting a vaccine. Probably longer in malnourished children.

What proof does Bossche have that vaccine antibodies to one type of coronavirus do not permit the formation of natural antibodies upon contagion with a different coronavirus? How did he arrive at this hypothesis? Would it be better to let 95% of three percent of symptomatic Covid cases die by the millions to theoretically permit those who did not die to make natural antibodies to the coronavirus du jour? Should people not be allowed to make this decision themselves? I think the death and disability statistics on the original Covid are scary enough that I wouldn’t think many people would want to just catch all of the versions naturally, trusting that their immune system can cope with bioengineered pathogens.


I’ve never been good at math and maybe there’s a serious error here. I think they’re saying there were 30 reported blood clots out of 17 million injections of AZ. Let’s say it was absolutely proven that all of them had been caused by the vaccine. Let’s round 17 million to 20 million and 30 to 35 for ease of calculation. Let’s say 20% of the population (a lot of assumptions here, would go up or down depending on a lot of variables) gets symptomatic Covid in a year. About three percent of symptomatic Covid cases die. So out of 20 million, four million would get symptomatic Covid, 120,000 would die. At least 400,000 would be disabled by long Covid, maybe around that number would have permanent organ damage from Covid. I have no intention of minimizing the suffering of those who die or are disabled by a vaccine reaction, and I would like to see risk factors for severe reaction identified to warn people ahead of time. But I think the saving of the lives of these hundreds of thousands of people who would have died or been disabled by Covid if they had not gotten the vaccine is also important and valuable. How many of them would regret getting the vaccine which saved their lives because it hadn’t been tested for several years?


A man by the name of Geert Vanden Bossche (that is kind of a well known last name in science equipment and all)

His resume:
GSK biologist: head of Adjuvant Tech and alternate deliveries, New Biotech vaccine development, Senior Project lead in Adolescent vaccine progress,

Vareco: Managein director
Novartus Vaccine Diagnostic
Solvay Biological as Global Project director influenza vaccine
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations as senior program office global health and vaccine discovery
Univac chief innovation and science officer.
German Centre for Infectious Research head of the vaccine development office.

And some where in there also with GAVI.
He has a video out where - were -- he says.

That vaccine induced antibodies will crowd out the natural antibodies so that a person will not be able to mount a natural defense against other - different kinds of corona viruses including variants of Covid 19.

Did I understand that correctly?

And then I wonder if that is what is going on with the death of African children from other diseases after being vaccinated with the DPT. Which pretty much includes my kids - not dying but catching and being sicker, and all of that.


Dr. Kostoff, I think it is an open secret that the testing was a sham.

Two points leap out at me: One is the dramatically shorter FDA review time, which has been attributed by FDA (the Pfizer VRBPAC meeting was full of laughs like this one) to FDA staffers working weekends. Working weekends? So they were able to review in weeks what typically takes months? Wow.

The second, and larger, point is that data from six months of human experiments (crummy as they are, given the unblinding that happened after EUA) for Pfizer's product should be over in April. However, according to WaPo, Pfizer won't be filing for approval (real licensing, with the no-kidding FDA review) until 2023. Why the delay? Everyone in the world will have bought all there is to buy at that point. Obviously, Pfizer was able to get away with manipulating a tiny amount of data to mask problems for the EUA, but knows that will be darn-near impossible with the full data set. And AstraZeneca's trial data must be so embarrassingly bad that they dare not even submit it for EUA to the US FDA.

A third of service members have refused coronavirus vaccines, defense officials say
By Alex Horton

About 33 percent of service members have declined voluntary coronavirus vaccinations, defense officials said Wednesday, acknowledging that more inoculations would better prepare the military for worldwide missions.

[...] The military mandates that service members receive a variety of vaccinations at enlistment, and often additional inoculations are required before deployments for typhoid, polio and other diseases. But the emergency use authorizations for the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccines prevent commanders from requiring their use without Food and Drug Administration approval, Taliaferro said.

[...] Infection outbreaks have occurred on 200 Navy ships, derailed training exercises and delaying maintenance on vehicles and vessels, said Rep. Mike D. Rogers (R-Ala.), a member of the committee.

-> -> Rogers expressed concern that FDA approval for the vaccine, which would help the Pentagon mandate inoculation, might not arrive until 2023.
“I’m not sure we can wait for two years,” he told the panel.
Rep. Mike Green (R-Tenn.), a former Army physician, said he was concerned about rewriting the statute that prevents the military from requiring troops to receive treatments not approved by the FDA.
The law was put in place because of the Tuskegee study, Green said, a cruel, decades-long experiment that began in the 1930s involving Black men with syphilis. Researchers watched them die untreated and later withheld drugs that could help, such as penicillin.
“We need the full-blown research done before we saddle our warriors with an experimental medication,” Green said.


There are two sides to this. Vaccine roll-out was fast, but the speed at which Covid was spreading around the world, killing about three percent of diagnosed cases, horrifyingly cruel deaths, meant that the development of a vaccine to stop it had to be fast. It’s been decades after the development and testing of MMR, DPT, DPaT, Gardasil, hep-B, varicella, hep-A, the flu vaccine, Hib, Prevnar, meningococcal, rotavirus... has that made them safe? It has not. Most of them are effective. Not a good reason to take it if it’s a rare or usually mild disease. What happens if it is a dangerous, common, often disabling or fatal disease like Covid? I think that changes the equation. The front runner vaccines are all very effective. We HAVE seen many cases of probably causally-linked adverse reactions. Who has the right to say that even if X number are saved by the vaccine, the probability that Y number was killed by it, means that it should be taken off the market, no vaccine being permitted to end the pandemic? People are and should be free to accept or reject, but the dangers from the disease are much greater than for any of the other VPDs. Most people everywhere are eager to take the vaccine, even with the reports of deaths etc. being widely reported on. Do they not have that right?

Hans Litten

Its always enjoyable to get rodents caught in your trap and cleanse your kitchen.
Yes its a bigger rodent than i normally come across but not by that much.

The UK voluntary uptake of the mRNA poisons has stalled so we have an orchestrated shortage.
The usual vaccine advertising methods as employed by the pharma tricksters.
First do no Pharm.

To repeat: why weren't the plethora of COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects we are witnessing now reported/predicted in the clinical trials that were conducted?
Posted by: Ronald N. Kostoff | March 18, 2021 at 11:29 AM

Because it is all deliberate Ronald ....a lockstep cull know that

Ronald N. Kostoff

I see a room full of 800# gorillas that are not being addressed. One of these 800# gorillas is the following:

The viral outbreak in Wuhan was reported sometime in December 2019. Let us assume that the pharmaceutical companies started working on a vaccine shortly afterwards, say, end of 2019. Within a year, the vaccine began initial distribution; inoculation in the West began about mid-December 2020. I don't know how long the development phase took, but let's assume half the total period: six months. That means the testing phase would have taken about six months, give or take a few months.

I don't know of any animal tests that were required or reported. Therefore, there were about six months of human clinical trials, give or take a few months. I think we can honestly conclude that we have no data as to positive or negative effects from the vaccine after six months; any predictions are more speculation than anything else. So, the obvious question becomes, how credible were the tests that were actually conducted for those six months?

It has now been about three months since wide scale vaccination started in the West (I'm not sure when Russia started; it seems much earlier with their Sputnik-V). It seems to me that substantial numbers of adverse effects have already been reported, causing a number of countries to suspend vaccination at least temporarily. Given that the main tracking tool for vaccine adverse effects is the VAERS database, and it has been shown in a number of studies to report perhaps 1% of short-term adverse effects (forget about long-term effects) from vaccines in the past, we appear to be seeing the small tip of a very large iceberg being reported for COVID-19 vaccines. But even that small tip is enough to halt vaccine distribution in many parts of the world.

Back to the question. These events that have been reported within the last three months should have been identified within the six month testing period, if the testing were done credibly. Why weren't they (or were they)? Why weren't these hypercoagulation issues (and myriad other recent findings) identified during the clinical trials (or were they)? How credible are the extremely limited clinical trials that were done? If they are not credible, and if no long-range testing was done, what exactly is it we know about safety of this vaccine, short or long-term?

To repeat: why weren't the plethora of COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects we are witnessing now reported/predicted in the clinical trials that were conducted?

Bob Moffit

Just read a newborn infant has tested positive for COVID ANTI-BODIES apparently the result of mom being vaccinated during her pregnancy. The item seemed to imply this was a positive event in this infant's life .. maybe used to proceed with developing Covid vaccines for 6 month old infants.

The possible serious LIFE LONG CONSEQUENCES of this vaccine on newborn infants is positively frightening … please for the love of God … STOP THIS 'WARP SPEED" MADDNESS NOW.

Jill in MI

“Halting a vaccine roll out during a pandemic has consequences,” said Dr. Michael Head, senior research fellow in Global Health at the University of Southampton, U.K.
So that is the takeaway from this. Let's not look at the serious adverse effects of this vaccine - let's worry more about the rollout of the vaccine (that has serious adverse effects!) Omigod. This is also the tone from the main news outlets. They are so worried about getting to this imaginary finish line (???) that "man down" or "lots of men down" has no meaning anymore. Pretty blatant that this is really not about health. Just shaking my head. WOW.

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