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Random Thoughts about Life with Covid

Thinker femaleBy Cathy Jameson

I have had lots on my mind but have little time to write.  So this week, I’m putting some screenshots of what others have shared into a post.  Enjoy the pictures, and share on your own platforms if you feel moved to.  These people have said things loads better than I could have ever expressed.  Where I could, I captured the name of the person making the statement.  For those images without a name, I credit the amazing Internet.  

While deleting some photos from my phone’s photo stream, I came across some images I’d saved.  Some go back to the very beginning of Life with Covid, like this one.

CJ 3 7  calories

That was back when we knew very little about the novel virus, a virus that would change every aspect of home, school, and work life.  In the beginning, I was nervous about how things would play out.  Knowing that the situation could go from bad to worse, I never lost sight of the big picture. CJ 3 7 circle

Of all the charts we’ve seen about the coronavirus, that simple chart is the most relevant one in my opinion.  Guard your rights before you lose them completely!  Covid is scary for some people.  I am not disputing that.  Seeing just how quickly our personal rights were taken away because of Covid is scarier.

Cj 3 7 blue meme

Actually, it's maddening.  Cj 3 7 woman meme

Thank God for the memes though.  For the last year, I have looked forward to the humor that others found in the dismal circumstances we were living. Cj 3 7 satan

I’ve relied on a little bit of humor and a lot of faith to help make life bearable while others prefer to freak out and trust “the science”. Cj 3 7 alex zeck

I really thought we’d be back to life as we knew it by now, but here we are marking the anniversary of taking 2 weeks to flatten the curve… Cj 3 7 santiago

Cj 3 7 issuesSome states, though, have started to lift restrictions and are encouraging businesses to open.  I find that news to be a good thing!  Apparently, scores of people are not as excited as I and several of my friends are about returning to normal.  Some people would rather we stay locked up and behind masks.  The ones who wish to live that way have every opportunity to stay quarantined, but for the rest of us who would like our freedom again…complaints must be made in writing 2 weeks in advance. Cj 3 7 butthurt

Citing all manner of demands: not till the virus is completely gone! not till all teachers are ready to come back to the classroom! not till everyone is vaccinated! will some feel that they are ready to emerge fully into the world again.  I hate to break it to them, but the virus, as much as I’d love it to completely disappear, won’t disappear quickly. 

Some think the latest vaccines are the answer to all that.  But they aren’t, including the recently emergency use authorized Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Cj 3 7 jj

Neither is forcing vaccinations on those who don’t want or need them.  People quickly forget, or willfully ignore, that all vaccines come with risk and that none of them should be forced upon anyone.    Cj 3 7 death

We can’t know long-term benefits from any of the countermeasures anyway!  The people who’ve opted for them are creating that data right now.  The unsettling thought of what health issues they may later have worries me.  I know it worries other people also.Cj 3 7 final

In one short year, COVID-19 changed lives, it changed rules and general habits.  It also change d how we conduct ourselves in public.  Because of it, schools and businesses have been restructured or shut down completely.  Some places and some people will never be the same.  Even with all the massive changes and distractions it’s brought, I am choosing to live through it.  I may not be in control of some parts of life yet like I had been before, but I’ll ride through it looking for the positive.  I’ll look to other people who believe like I do and support them and their work.  I’ll do that every day until things return to some semblance of normal. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Jill in MI

Amen Benedetta. I imagine in the future there will be an immune passport that states that the bearer of this document HAS NOT had the vaccine!

Laura Hayes


Well said. Thank you. I appreciate your comments here on AoA very much.

susan welch

Thank you, Cathy. I very much enjoyed this post and had a good laugh at some of them.

I had an immediate 7 day ban on Twitter this week as soon as I tried to post an article about adverse reactions in Israel, so I will be posting this on MeWe . I'll also try to post on Telegram, but I'm still getting to grips with that site.


We talk about face mask, we talk about shutting down schools, we talk about civil rights, and their loss; all of that -- but knowledge - not in the back of our minds, but right out in the open is now known.

We now know what always existed behind the façade of the doctors down in the trenches; and what kind of institutions stands behind them. And it is ugly. Even uglier than an older doctor telling a young doctor in front of me that vaccine injuries must never be discussed or mentioned cause it is a career killer.

It is more than just vaccines. The whole medical field is a consumer of human flesh that is there to be served, not to serve others.

It should quake us all in our boots that this whole industry would deny us early medical treatments like they did for covid. What other treatments have they denied us? What other treatments are we being denied? .

This part is crystal clear and BLANTANT

That early medical treatments for covid were denied, as they pretended to be dumb about it, and said really smart things like we needed studies for it.

Facebook and google censored the word Hydroxychloroquine; so powerful are these medical government agencies.

Even though Fauci said; said ; stated on record back in 2005 that the best treatment for SARS which is also a covid was Hydroxychloroquine they kept to the script never wavering.
LYSINE was never mentioned, vitamin D never mentioned, and zinc never mentioned.

Best of all of along came ivermectin, and again never mentioned, censored even.

Inhalers like Budesonide worked and never mentioned, but ventilators were sure mentioned.

Instead we have .

Remdesivir a new drug, a drug used as an IV, A drug used when a person is about dead, a drug used in the hospital, a drug that did not work very well, but oh the cost of using it was in the thousands of dollars.

Operation warp speed, and patents for mRNA vaccines, all connected to Fauci. and federal agencies.

Money was given by the tax payer to hospitals after they got over so many covid patients of about 77,000 dollars each.

Now last night as I laid myself down to sleep, there was on the JUDGE JEANINE SHOW - Dr. Seigel talking about we got those vaccines and now we are working on something that if some one gets covid early one, they can take a pill for five days to stop the virus replication.

Well we had that all along . That is what zinc and HXCLORQUINE did. That is what lysine did. that was what ivermectin did.

We no longer have a medical profession that can be trusted. We no longer have medical federal agencies that can be trusted.

This is taking way too long for the peasants with not much more than pitchforks.

It is a good thing that I heard a preacher talk about trusting God, and God will do what needs to be down in his own time last night too. But this is so Blatant, can it go much further with out some serious pitchforks? There sure is not justice departments opened up , no FBI, .

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