Covid 19 Roundup: Astra Zenica Vaccine May Cause Blood Clots and/or Pfizer Vaccine Works
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Ordering Without a Menu or Choice or Way to Report Food Poisoning

Ignorance-is-of-a-peculiar-nature-once-dispelled-it-is-impossible-toFrom Utah. COVID-19 vaccine side effects & deaths: The lack of information on how, where to report With so many people getting the same vaccines all at once, most people are hearing post vaccine experiences varying from mild, to terrifying. For a growing number here in Utah and across the country, the COVID-19 vaccine taken to save a life put them dangerously close to losing their own.

By Heidi Hatch, KUTV Thursday, March 4th 2021

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Like many others, Eunjin Kim felt like she’d been hit with an instant case of influenza after getting her second shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

I was laying there with a down comforter and with the electric blanket and still shivering," Kim said.

Carissa Spencer didn’t have to wait for her second shot of the Pfizer vaccine to feel like something wasn’t right. She had swelling that moved down the right side of her body.

"I was extremely nervous, it wasn’t very attractive at all," Spencer said.

Cari Banks also received the Pfizer vaccine. Hours after getting the first shot, she was rushing to the nearest hospital. Four days and two emergency rooms later, Banks was released from University of Utah Hospital.

I got up there and coded again and they brought me back down. All the breathing and wheezing had ruptured my vocal cord.”  


Here's a car! But I don't know that brand, nor drive a steering wheel on left, stick shift car. You have to.
Here's dinner! But I don't eat pork sausage, it's against my religion. You have to.
Here's a house! But I have mobility issues and can not manage staircases. You have to.

Here's a vaccine! But I don't know anything about any of the three. I might want to choose.  You have to take what we give you. And we won't teach you how to report a problem when you leave our brief observation period.

Americans are lining up with glee for the C jab with nary a care as to which product they get, let alone any understanding of the differences. Science is so important! "We" are anti-science because we want choice, right to decline and information. They refuse to read any science other than what the media feeds them.

Reader Judy sent us this important article that may disappear. As little as Americans know about the jabs, they know less about the system to report adverse effects. COVID-19 vaccine side effects & deaths: The lack of information on how, where to report


Bob Moffit

Gee … who would have guessed VAERS is once again proving to be UNRELIABLE in monitoring vaccines for serious adverse events following Covid vaccine? Why am I not surprised that VAERS remains UNRELIABLE after decades of being the ONLY MONITORING AUTHORITY OF VACCINE INJURIES … with the entire vaccine injury safely protected from LIABILITY for the INJURIES AND DEATHS they are responsible for???

It's okay though … public health officials will maintain their usual mantra .. THE BENEFITS OF COVID VACCINES FAR OUTWEIGH THE RISKS … you can count on that .. THEY HAVE A RIGOROUS MONITORING SYSTEM .. VAERS … TO RELY UPON.

Now .. roll up your sleeves if you want to live a "new normal" life.

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