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Obese Healthcare Workers Were Not Able to Produce As Many Antibodies as Healthy Peers after Pfizer Jab

Obese nurseThere's a lot to unpack here. Yesterday, a spate of the articles appeared from foreign press. This article below is from The Hindu Businessline. A small study in Italy suggests obese Pfizer jab recipients might need a DIFFERENT "dose" or booster to develop the same antibodies as "healthy" peers.  Healthy is the term the paper used. Not us. I've been to Italy several times, I never saw lot of obese people there, it's interesting that they are found in healthcare. What personal health choice demands have been made on us since the start of the 14 day lockdown now 355 days ago? Nothing, except taking temps, asking questions, wearing masks and social distancing. Think about how much weight Americans could have lost in 52 weeks with careful planning, maybe even health apps to track food consumption? Too intrusive? Maybe Vitamin D sent to every household with an exercise program families could have used together? Why not Zoom on camera weigh ins to make sure BMI was trending down as much as positivity rates?  We could have used this year to TRANSFORM health in every area - heart, diabetes, joint , and yes, Covid.

What confidence will a population have in the result of vaccination as a method of returning to "normal" (not normal) if we learn that one of the very first tiers of recipients isn't showing the result needed to "protect" others?

For decades, we have been asking why premature infants, babies and toddlers receive the same vaccine doses as adults. This small study seems to say that body mass could make a difference in vaccination dosages.

There are a 100 questions that will beget a hundred more as this worldwide Covid vaccine clinical trial (crap shoot) unfolds.


Pfizer-BioNtech Covid-19 vaccine less effective on obese people, finds study

A new study has revealed that the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine might be less effective on obese people, media reports said.The study carried out by a group of Italian researchers, suggested that obese healthcare workers who received the COVID-19 vaccine were not able to produce as many antibodies as their healthy peers.The obese healthcare workers had only half the amount of antibodies produced by healthy workers after the administration of the second dose.According to the study conducted by Aldo Venuti, from the Istituti Fisioterapici Ospitalieri in Rome, 99.5 per cent of these healthcare workers had developed an antibody response against the virus seven days after the second dose administration. But this response was dissimilar to what obese people witnessed after the administration of both doses of the vaccine."Since obesity is a major risk factor for morbidity and mortality for patients with Covid-19, it is mandatory to plan an efficient vaccination programme in this subgroup," Venuti said, as cited in the media reports.He added: "Although further studies are needed, this data may have important implications to the development of vaccination strategies for Covid-19, particularly in obese people. If our data was to be confirmed by larger studies, giving obese people an extra dose of the vaccine or a higher dose could be options to be evaluated in this population."

Here in the USA, source: Healthcare Workers Are at Significant Risk of Obesity, Yet Employers Must Not Discriminate

Healthcare workers are at a much higher risk of obesity than the majority of occupations, according to a 2014 study by the American Journal of Medicine. In the survey, the healthcare category, overall, ranked 5th out of 20 industries with an obesity rate of 32 percent. However, analysts suggested that figure was skewed due to the inclusion of health providers, such as doctors, who have very low obesity rates.

Furthermore, ‘Healthcare support’ positions, including home health aides, nursing assistants, medical transcriptionists and other non-diagnosing positions, had the third-highest obesity rate in the U.S., at 34.8 percent. In 2014, these statistics likely alarmed leadership and HR departments of healthcare organizations. The question then becomes – are they still valid, today? The likely answer is “Yes.” In 2017, a study conducted by the University of Texas Health, found that 78 percent of Houston hospital workers, excluding physicians, were overweight or obese. The suggested cause, per researchers, was “the nurture effect.”



Ahhh we did all of that.
Grace is right, you give up sugar and find carrots are really sweet.
Best thing in the summer for all of us is when the hyssops leaf out and we get a sweet tasting anise treat. If you eat sugar, you don't get it.

But I put a few back in, and now they are out again. He just eats and snacks too much.
He is counting his calories.
Low car all that stuff.
Oh, and I am stopping buying Trader Joes - bread -- and ohhhh those gluten free bagels.

We have been gluten free for 20 years now.

Still have weight problems.

And MCT oil, coconut oil, olive oil all of that too. After all we have had seizures and know all about how MCI oil does the body good.


Laura, I was soooo happy to read about Texas. We can only hope for more states (and other countries) to do the right thing.
Benedetta, perhaps add the seed oils to Grace's list of things to avoid.
Grace, how long does it take to lose the sugar/refined carbohydrate cravings? I find that sooo hard.

Grace Green

Sorry - I do believe it is the sugar! If it helps your family who struggle with this, you may tell them from my experience that if you cut out sugar (and eat lots of your favourite savouries instead) you eventually find most fruit and veg taste really sweet. I can now make puddings with dessert fruit like apples, bananas, apricots, and no sugar. Pies, crumbles, fritters etc. (Occasionally, not every day!) We put plain live yogurt on top, and it tastes plenty sweet to us. It is something the body gets used to, and that's why we in the west have this "epidemic".
(PS. Remember, sugar includes white flour etc.)
Very interesting comments coming up on this topic.

Laura Hayes

TX, and a few other states, lift the mask mandates:


“ Japan's health ministry says a woman in her 60s died on Monday, three days after receiving a coronavirus vaccine. It is the first time in Japan that a person who has been vaccinated has died.

The ministry says the woman, a healthcare worker, received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine last Friday.

On Tuesday, the hospital that administered the vaccine filed a report with the ministry saying the woman had died on Monday.

The hospital says the woman had no underlying conditions or allergies, and is believed to have died of subarachnoid hemorrhage. The hospital told the ministry that it cannot evaluate a causal relationship with the vaccination at this point.

The health ministry says the case will be closely examined by a panel of experts.”

Grace Green

The House-arrest has meant we can't get the healthy food we are used to, but have to put up with the rather limited choices at the supermarket. So, whereas I've been "accused" by doctors of having a poor diet (which is a complete lie, and they can't even tell me what is wrong with it) I am actually being forced to eat a less healthy diet because of their Planned-emic. I think it's no coincidence that healthcare workers are more likely to be obese than the general population.


Google brain injury and obese and a lot comes up.

They like to damage hypothalamus of cats and there is a lot of research on that. On one side it causes obesity and the other side they waste away to nothing.

Seems like back in the 70s and onward as the American's waist lines expanded; there were a few of those really (lucky) (yes, joking with dark humor) : girls mostly that were starving themselves to look like pictures of Nazis concentration campers.

So we had Cass Elliot, of the Mommas and Poppas (one of my favorite singing group) who was obese as much as she tried to lose weight. . She died of a heart attack young,


Karen Carpenter of the brother, sister sibling singing pair "The Carpenters" That would not eat. She too finally died of heart failure.

My son has a belly on him. What to do. Counting calories seems to work, but is tiresome. He has the biggest appetite and gives himself big servings.

Loves sugar.

I think Kim one times said on this very same web site that she notices all those on the spectrum loves to load up their shopping cart with sweet bake goods. It is tough,
My nephew that died of covid was over weight as well. So now it is tough and scary.


Obesity whether related to getting a vaccine or not is common in those with autism and other developmental disabilities. Very few doctors, dietitian or even physical education teachers wish to talk
and try to prevent the obesity issue in those with developmental disability issue over fear of "lawsuits" and "fistfights" from "hurting someones feelings". Most with autism are obese deal with it! Get your child with autism or any disability to a competent doctor and he ask to be referred to a dietitian. An adaptive physical education teacher should as be part of the weight loss plan. The Special Olympics is doing somethings to help, but the organizations are still in denial about the obesity problem that is worse in those with developmental disabilities.

Bob Moffit

By Children's Health Defense Team

Between Dec. 14, 2020, and Feb. 18, 2021, 19,907 reports of adverse events were submitted to VAERS, including 1,095 deaths and 3,767 serious injuries.

I Harvard study of VAERS receiving only 1% of reportable injuries following vaccination ...wonder what the real numbers of adverse events and DEATHS following covid vaccine are?

I guess there is no need to worry because …. NO ONE WILL DEMAND A TRULY ACCURATE OF VACCINE INJURIES AND DEATHS … so … move on here .. after all



Usually when a booster shot is required it's means the previous vaccine didn't work (it just didn't generate the neutralizing antibodies or cellular response like they said). So Pfizer produced a 95% effective vaccine that requires a booster shot ? it. I bet it's safe too...let's go ask Hank Aaron.

Will it make me a cup of tea in the morning ? I like green tea since I take homeopathic remedies occasionally and my friends tell me coffee can interfere. In fact, as you can probably tell, I just had a cup and it was wonderful. My son is asleep and I just finished my tea at 5am.

I agree whole heartedly with the author, please send me the vitamin D instead, it's been hard to afford basic supplements since the destruction of the American way of life. I'm tired of the 24 hour loop of pharmaceutical lies and we're getting out of town again, no electronics. Dry meadow is taking a hike and you can be sure he won't be wearing a mask.

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