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New Show from Dr. Paul Thomas Against The Wind

Scrambled1Check out a new website from Dr. Paul Thomas called DoctorsAndScience.com featuring his new show Against The Wind.  Or in today's climate, the hurricane.  Dr. Thomas is a pediatrician who has been penalized for using his medical expertise on behalf of his young patients' health.  His crime? Writing books and discussing vaccination from ALL angles, including the risks.


anonymous from NY

I’m permanently disabled and unable to live independently due to vaccine induced brain damage. I’m high functioning enough to use a computer, yet not enough to hold a job or care for anybody.

I was physically restrained by doctors and given numerous painful vaccines in New York (which felt like cold stinging knifes in my skin since infancy). I suffered chronic stomach flus, ear infections, staring spells, extremely repetitive interests, academically slow, proneness to crying, lack of empathy, inability to attend school so I was homeschooled, etc.

Where is liability for vaccine manufacturers and doctors who still give kids these toxic shots?

Bob Moffit

The world needs doctors with the courage of Dr Paul Thomas now more than ever … as public health officials .. such as Fauci … and others with absolutely no education or experience .. such as Gates .. have been GIVEN enormous power over our lives and families.

God bless him .. our country will forever be in his debt.


I am so sorry, Dr. Sears.

ISome times I think it will have to end badly with a mobs complete with pitchforks, effigies hung by a rope, either that or they keep damaging little children's brains, so that they later end up unemployable, maybe living in tents in public parks on drugs.

That is down at the individual level. Put this population all together, it will be the end of America. Put all the countries together the ruination of the human race.

So bad the hurt that no amount of later justice could make it all right again. So bad the hurt that wee can only turn to God for real justice. Only God as he throws their worthless black souls, dark minds in a pit, will they finally realize that at the end of it all; they were the real failures in life.

Anna Quandt

I love Dr Paul.

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