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WHO Official on Ethicial Considerations Against a Travel Pass

NBA: No Business Asking For Mandate

LeBron Twitter
Action Alert: Share the trailer for Medical Racism The New Apartheid across platforms. https://medicalracism.childrenshealthdefense.org/

Share your support for medical choice with LeBron twitter.com/KingJames and send him a Tweet. If his account gets enough Tweets, perhaps someone in his camp will take a look. Perhaps he will. Here's a sample you can use:

Hi, @KingJames. I support your right to medical privacy & choice. Check Out  https://medicalracism.childrenshealthdefense.org/ MEDICAL RACISM on targeting minorities for unethical experiments, aided by regulatory agencies & silent physicians who allow these atrocities to continue today.

Nothing but net as the USA’s NBA says the C vax will not be mandated for its players. No Covid vaccine mandate for NBA players: commissionerThe Wall Street Journal reports that all pro sports athletes are showing reservations and the leagues are "Trying to persuade them."

Perhaps they saw what happened to Hank Aaron, after his sadly ill fated public vaccination publicity opp this past winter.   He died of "natural causes" two weeks later. Perhaps someone much closer, like a child, suffered a vaccine injury. Many athletes are in "club", most not public because to express concern is also a career danger.

LeBron James, one of the the most respected Hank Aaron Gets Vaxednames in sports and a man who has not been afraid to make political statements from his heart in the past, played coy when asked whether he would get the Covid vaccine.  He knows what will happen to him if he flat out says "NO." He should not have to tell the world his medical decisions. It is his right to take, or say "no thanks" to a shot, celebrity or not.  But the Twitter world is turning on him. After all, celebs are only useful when they parrot back the official lines. But if they dare buck the flow of public health and social thinking, then they are benched, so to speak.

Just do... it - it's what your medical history and conscience tells you is right. 



good morning,
Apparently the Brooklyn Nets have cut Kyrie Irving for not taking a covid vaccine.


Wow, what a resume he has, they're losing a player. Started as point guard as a freshman under Coach K at Duke. Championship ring with Lebron in Cleveland 2016. Cut by the Nets in 2021 for not taking a covid vaccine. He knows the truth, like the people on this page, and I wish him the best in his new career, whatever he decides to do. He can play somewhere, or he can coach, or do a number of wonderful things on God's green earth, but evil Pfizer in NYC won't let him play basketball there.

Below is how Kyrie touched America ! He is a hero to me and to many, more so today than yesterday. You rock Kyrie.

In 2016, the Cavs earned a Finals rematch with the Warriors, and this time Irving was ready to shine on the big stage: After scoring 41 points to help Cleveland stave off elimination in Game 5, he delivered the winning three-pointer in Game 7 to give the Cavaliers their first championship in franchise history.


Dr. Charles Barkley has weighed in on the vaccine controversy with his deep and wide medical knowledge...he called 132 million Americans a-------.

Good luck Chuck, don't end up like Hank. He was used by the man, and so are you.


Laura Hayes

Thought AoA readers would want to know aboute this legal challenge in NM against “Covid” vaccine mandate for employment.

In this excellent interview, Spiro is joined by Attorney Ana Garner of New Mexico. Garner represents her client Isaac Legaretta, an officer at the Doña Ana County Detention Center and a military veteran, who is suing the county over its new policy for first responders to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations or face termination. 


Activist Post page:


Tim Lundeen

@benedetta Don't use fluvoxamine -- it is a fluorine-based drug, and they are all extremely toxic.

Just take lysine instead, and have a high lysine to arginine ratio in your food; don't drink coffee or tea if you get covid. The lead scientist for this is extremely credible, he has had prior research published in the Lancet, one of the top medical journals.

YouTube interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmox2RbLKeo

ResearchGate paper with more details and references: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344210822_Lysine_Therapy_for_SARS-CoV-2


thanks for explaining that about ADE in the Phillipines. I was wondering why so many were dying in the nursing homes after the vaccine was rolled out. So essentially it made everything worse for the elderly ? Let me make sure I understand this, if an 80 year person is lucky enough to survive the vaccine and is subsequently exposed to covid, the massive antibody response and ensuring inflammation can kill them suddenly and violently, similar to what we saw in the Phillipines with Dengue Fever vaccines ?
Massive coagulation events, brain bleeds, fatal heart attacks. All temporally associated with vaccine administration and subsequent exposure to the disease. Yikes.
I went backpacking with my son last weekend. He had a good time carrying his pack and sleeping under the stars. It was really run and worth doing. I'd say 10% of people on the trail were wearing masks. I met this one couple at the trailhead and after a talking a couple minutes, the gentleman announced his name and held out his hand...which I shook. My son also shook his hand. For you see, we do not fear covid. It's a nursing home disease created by Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. It kills old people and those with comorbidities. It doesn't attack backpackers. Vaccines do.

Hans Litten


Why did they start the experimental gene therapy rollout with the "most vulnerable", or the senior age groups in our society ?
And why are they working their way down slowly in incremental brackets of age groups.

The answer lies in the fact mRNA gene editing technology is experimental of course but also
the answer lies in the Sanofi Dengue Fever debacle of the Phillipines.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement was the reason for why so many young children became so ill and died after Sanofi's Dengue fever vaccine, when the vaccinated children were afterwards exposed to the wild dengue fever virus the reaction was severe violent and often fatal.
So much so the whole dengue fever vaccine had to be abandoned.

But had they started that Dengue Fever vaccine rollout in the seniors, who already had wild dengue fever exposure, the thinking goes that the vaccine rollout would not have been such a disaster.

Here in the UK, the Government has just offered the vaccine to the 55-60 year old age bracket.
They dare not rush this vaccine rollout, they are terrified of ADE.
The YOUNG are most at risk from the ADE reaction.
And getting the vaccine to the MOST VULNERABLE is another total lie.


We need all U.S. states to repeal vaccine mandates, especially stop mandating toxic vaccines on infants and children.

U.S. states are capitalist apartheids built on colonial British industrialism (as Britain slowly collapses from massive increases in postnatal disabilities and chronic illness in children)

Is there any data on autism rates in Native American children?


NAC is a glutathione precuror.
Glutathione IVs are one of the cheaper integrative therapies.
Of course, the office visits fees are sometimes prohibitive.


Bob, I love Sharyl Attkisson.

Meanwhile: On the "REAL" News, not those Fox late night news of Laura Ingraham, or someone like Bigtree, or books written, Doctors standing up in front of the Supreme Court building, but the real news brought to us and bought by the Chinese Communist Party That old show that use to be a goody

"60 Minutes" tells us that an old antidepressant can be used as a treatment for covid 19


So my really smart bloggers of this sight. What does this mean?

Is this fluvoxamine better than hydroxychloroquine? Better than ivermectin? It is a serotonin reuptake.

This fluvoxamine is suppose to be for OCD. By the way N acetyl cysteine works pretty darn good.

Last year when my son had OCD exploding the roof off the house the psychiatrist said there really is nothing that helps much on OCD as she gave him a prescription for Prozac

I am tired of trying to figure out what these lying - conniving bunch of immoral, black souls bottom line is all about.

Which one of these drugs are the best for covid?

Just because the establishment says fluvoxamine don't make it really so, now does it.

Bob Moffit

Hope you can view this horrifying "whistleblower" video of seniors in nursing homes in Germany being given Covid vaccines AGAINST THEIR WILL … accompanying article reports some have died immediately in days after being vaccinated.

It was posted on Shyrl Attkisson's site … article compares practice to PLANNED GENOCIDE of elderly




A few years ago Mr James teamed up with Nicole Curtis (of the home improvement show Rehab Addict) to remodel a home for a family. It was never discussed, however, one of the children of this single mother of three was clearly neurologically under developed. I always wondered if Mr James or Ms Curtis had any kind of conversation with the Mom about her son, and if she felt her son was injured by vaccines.

LeBron James is the basketball legend to my kids what Michael Jordan was to my brother and sister and me. I am SO grateful that he has publicly stated his right to medical privacy & freedom for himself and his family. I hope he helps other families do the same. I hope he meets beautiful Temple Ealy, and the Great Shelia Lewis Ealy and they are able to have conversation about Dr Hooker’s analysis of the data William Thompson provided. I hope this dreaded vaccine doesn’t harm any more people. I hope the world realizes (as Mr James always says) Teamwork makes the Dream work.


I am not on Twitter! Geesh.

Okay I went to his facebook.

We will see how long I am on facebook

“Aye! Fight and you may die. Run and you will live, at least awhile. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our FREEDOM!”

False Scientists

At this point we do need to support anyone speaking out for freedom of choice, even amidst some hypocrisy. My God, I cannot believe it’s come to this, all for a virus that is 99% survivable for most, and for which there are effective therapeutics . Israel will be a country to watch with its ruthless policy.


Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets, tweeted on Friday: “Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong,” in support of the territory’s months long pro-democracy protests. But the tweet, which was quickly deleted, has sparked a full-on crisis for the NBA, which has sought to distance itself from the comments as Chinese business started pulling back on commercial ties with the league.

So I will do it. Anything to stick a needle in the eye of the NBA.


I’ll clarify, and thanks for the comments from such valued readers. I’m suggesting we Support his medical privacy and choice for himself and his family. I thought I was clear that readers might disagree with some of his other stances. I think it’s critical to support this choice - his voice is mighty. Thanks. Kim

Bob Moffit

I agree with Tom on his statement that "LeBron is not a person I believe worthy of our support" … he is well known for his love of CHINA over his love for USA … does China have a vaccine that LeBron would consider???

Charles Barkley is another NBA all-star .. now retired but still out-spoken .. and HE has requested NBA players get Covid vaccine first … NBA players being 'essential" to the USA … no end to the foolishness some promote.


Lebron James is not a person I feel is worthy our support, regardless of his non-committal stance on this particular issue. As pointed out, he has a long reach when it comes to influence, yet he fails to use it when he thinks it will impact his bottom line, something else alluded to in the article. Hard pass...


Very interesting article to read at,
American Institute for Economic Research .
Do We Still Have The Will to Continue as A Free Society?
By Ethan Yang March 7 2021.

Buffy Sante-Marie & Tanya Tagoq "You Got To Run [Spirit of The Wind] " You Tube

Hans Litten

The seniors are taking the vaccine, and dying soon afterwards.
Excess deaths are being recorded in the UK and covered up.

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