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Latest Stimulus Package to Include Help for Disabled

` We are here!From SafeMinds:

Home and Community Based Services Receives Billions From New Relief Package 

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan was signed into law earlier this month by President Joe Biden.  The plan provides additional economic relief to weary American citizens hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Since the disability community was largely ignored by last spring’s CARES Act and last December’s $900 billion stimulus relief package, a recent advocacy campaign was sparked which urged lawmakers to include more financial assistance to this fragile population. The advocacy campaign proved successful. The new relief package will dispense billions of dollars to special education and home- and community-based services (HCBS). The plan will also deliver stimulus payments for many with disabilities who were previously overlooked. Specifically, the American Rescue Plan will provide the disability community with $12.6 billion for Medicaid HCBS, $3 billion for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) programs, and $1400 stimulus checks for dependents over the age of 16. Previously, only dependents under the age of 17 were eligible for stimulus payments. For more information on the American Rescue Plan’s effect on the disability community,  check out the Center for Public Representation’s comprehensive list of what the legislation does and does not include.   Read more here at SafeMinds.



Hi Benedetta,
I am not sure that was accurate information. Per the news, there is already a push to make the vaccine mandatory in the military. The military has already been through the "very safe, totally approved" anthrax vaccine, so they have some idea what to expect.
From the article, which shows the National Guard is included in vaccine requirements.
c. All Active Duty and Selected Reserve (including National Guard) personnel are required
to receive the annual seasonal influenza immunization or obtain an exemption (i.e., medical or
administrative), with a goal of 90 percent immunized by January 15th of each year. During an
outbreak, pandemic influenza immunizations will be required or recommended as appropriate,
depending on the immunization’s regulatory status at the time of the outbreak.

(It is basically in practical terms impossible to receive an exemption, either medical or administrative, which is why so many military in the past had to face a court martial and be dishonorably discharged when the first anthrax vaccine shots had already damaged them, and they were still going to be required to keep getting them.)
Also from the article
Under certain circumstances, the DoD may administer medical products for force
health protection purposes that are not FDA-approved, or not approved for the particular use
involved, in accordance with DoDI 6200.02.

VA benefits are not great, and if this vaccine has long term side effects, who will ever join the military again? The anthrax debacle already lost them many families who had been military for generations.

And everyone who has been in the military for a while knows what is going on when the studies are fudged..Making something look good on paper is a military skill, but it does not fool anyone much.

If we do end up damaging a large portion of our military with chronic fatigue, bleeding disorders etc, then those people are not going to be able to remain in the military anyway, because they won't be able to pass the physicals.
Some have suggested that by manufacturing spike proteins, the vaccines themselves may end up producing the symptoms of "long covid" in the vaccinated. I hope it is not true; if this horrible worst case scenario does happen, there may well be no military in the future..
Even if things go ok, more and more people will be made aware that they have no medical rights in the military.


I need some help!
My son needs some help!

I pray about it every night.

Today I saw outside of Krogers the National Guard is hiring.
I went over and talked to them some.

Would the consider some one 34 years old. Yes, they said they could work with him.
What about some one that did have epilepsy? I know the army never takes them. They thought if he had been off of medicine for a year it would be allowed.
Is vaccine required, and they said no!

Then I started thinking about basic training. About him having to learn to walk again, could not ride a tricycle; could he run - would they require him to run so far in a certain amount of time. I guess I should have asked. Health insurance is really good they said, 60 dollars a month if unmarried. They only meet once a month- a weekend for training.

There is something there though about walking long distances too.

You know I just don't know his limits. I don't know what he can do, what would be too much for him.

I don't think the National Guard would be a good fit though. But think of all the friends he could make.


Still, waiting for my money as a disabled person and what about opening the day programs for those with disabilities in California?


I saw disturbing videos of Kamala Harris laughing about the recent Boulder supermarket shooting.

If U.S. officials laugh and smile about tragedies, I highly doubt they’d genuinely care about those the vaccine industry maimed.

I think this stimulus isn’t enough, and it certainly won’t end the mass poisoning of children and babies via vaccination, pharmaceuticals and malnutrition.

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