Unbreaking Silence: JB and Jamison Handley Author of Underestimated An Autism Miracle
No Means No Even with an Experimental Pandemic Jab

JB Handley Live Tonight! Underestimated No Longer

JB book event
Tonight! Monday, March 22, 2021 8:00pm Eastern Daylight time If you join the Facebook group of Dr. Teri and and Stu Warner, you can tune into a live interview with our favorite Batman of the autism warrior world, that would be Mr. JB Handley.   JB will share the story of his son Jamison, who has found his "voice" through Spelling2Communicate. 

Drs. Teri & Stu Warner and The Wellness Parenting Revolution



Yes, pogo
And then they load these kids up on drugs... 3 at a time.
It was absolutely a skull base issue with my son. Arachnoid cyst
It’s controlled by your blood pressure
He also can’t detox...MTHFR mutation
The toxins were all building up!!!!!
He was having intermittent paralysis and stroke like incidents up to age 7 until a seizure specialist told us that he should never have been put on psychoactive drugs
To this day he still stutters when he gets upset, but has HAD to learn to control his emotions, sadly!
...otherwise recovered


Love, love, love!!! Him


The thought which goes through my mind is that if this cohort of suffers have a movement disorder rather than an intellectual one, then a new category for this disorder needs to be defined and added to the International Codex of Diseases (ICD 11). The capacity they have for empathy and understanding the minds of others does not I think fit into the category of ASD. My hunch is that damage occurred in the brain-stem (medulla oblongata) at the base of the brain. The therapy is re-routing more signal fibres from the motor cortex to the muscles around this damaged area. This is why progress is slow as the brainstem is perhaps not so ‘plastic’ as the higher brain. I don’t think they would be conscious of ‘trying’ to move and the body not obeying if the motor cortex itself was damaged. I’m not sure how this could be objectively tested for. One way may be to do a PET scan of a non-speaker and a control volunteer both typing (or trying to). In both cases the motor cortex should appear to be active, showing that signals are being sent out in both test subjects but are only reaching the muscles in one in of them. The scans may also show lesions in the stem’s ‘white mater.’ This could easily be performed as a double blind trial, the hardest part is persuading a researcher to perform the tests.

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