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Pi Day 2021 a Far Cry from when Autism Was In the Media in the 20-Teens


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By Cathy Jameson

I laughed when I heard someone talking on the radio last week.  I stopped laughing when I realized it wasn’t a parody story I was hearing.  I couldn't believe my ears when the announcer shared that an item, an empty vaccine vial and other “first” COVID19 vaccination paraphernalia, would be on display at the Smithsonian next year.  I don’t see how.  Typical protocol would have that used vial securely deposited in a sharps disposal container immediately after use. 

But none of what we’ve encountered in the last year has followed typical protocol. 

The timing couldn't be more appropriate, I guess.  It was just one year ago that life came to an abrupt stop for many.  Fearing that a novel virus would wipe out entire populations, many people scurried to their homes in March of 2020 promising to “do their part” to “flatten the curve” and “to keep hospitalizations down”.  Schools immediately closed.  Restaurants shuttered their doors.  Businesses transformed their brick and mortar existence to an online-only presence.  Within days of the massive shut down, restrictions across the nation and the world were in place. 

A year later, restrictions continue to hamper life as we knew it. 

Now, instead of focusing on flattening the curve, schools, businesses, and others are grappling with loss of progress, decreased customer base, and unforeseen changes in revenue and income.  Juggling too much for too long has taken a toll on both the young and the old.  In order to return to what was considered normal, promises from the top down were made to the public as the lockdown continued.  Even though less costly and less risky treatments for the recoverable illness were starting to be reported, top officials invested most of their efforts on a COVID19 vaccine instead. 

It, we were told then (and again last week) could end all of this.

While literally offering the people the world, for-profit pharmaceutical companies leaped at the chance to win multibillion-dollar contracts to create a coveted piece of freedom – liability-free COVID19 vaccines.  And true to their word, not 1 but 3 pharmaceutical companies were successful in quickly manufactured what the government said the public needed.  Completion of certain studies has not occurred, nor have any been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as of today.  Regardless, these vaccines, which are classified as countermeasures as they fall under the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, are eagerly being administered to select individuals, mainly those considered high risk.  While none of the 3 vaccines guarantee prevention of the coronavirus, just that “it may be effective”,  assurances have been made by the current administration:  all adults in the country will be eligible for a COVID19 vaccines by May 1st.  Some are patiently waiting for that day. 

Others won’t opt for a vaccine then or ever.

Vaccines are not the answer for many, especially for those who’ve experienced vaccine injury or who’ve witnessed an injury in a loved one.  They won’t risk adverse reactions, including death, with a false sense of hope no matter who is asking them to “do their part”.  But here we are just one year out being asked to get a fast-tracked COVID19 vaccine for the team while also watching a relic of it be grandly placed on a pedestal at one of the largest institutions in America.  Documenting history isn't unusual.  I would never expect an internationally recognized museum like the Smithsonian to showcase something like it though.  Unless it’s at attempt to normalize how abnormal life was last year, and continues to be, because to COVID19.   

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



That is quite astonishing right enough!
Ma cousin Donnie has oil in a glass vial ,first from Sullom Voe Terminal ,Shetland. "Black Gold from The Brent Pipeline!"

"The Leadership is always right,to free the people from the bondage of doubt" Adolf Hitler ,late 1930.s
Hail! Hail! The corona vaccines the new "Cash Cow, Religious Holy Order?"

Stan Urban, Live at Dundee Rail Station, YouTube
Hail Hail Rock and Roll!! .

angus files

Ex-foe Thomas Hearns claims Marvin Hagler died due to Covid-19 vaccine

Former middleweight rival Thomas Hearns has claimed Marvin Hagler’s death at the age of 66 was linked to the coronavirus vaccine he received recently. Hearns, known as ‘The Hitman’ during his career, took to social media to report that Hagler was ‘fighting for his life in the ICU’ on Saturday. The ex-boxer also added that Hagler was there due to the ‘after-effects of the vaccine.’ In a sad final statement, Hearns said he believed ‘he’ll be just fine, but we could use the positive energy and Prayer for his full recovery.’ Sadly, that didn’t happen, and Hagler passed away a short time later. Hearns’ revelation will be a massive blow to the continued roll-out of the vaccination program. Reports in Europe of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine causing blood clots in three patients already dealt a debilitating thud as countries have paused using the UK-based jab.

If you use this content, you legally agree to credit World Boxing News and backlink to our story Ex-foe Thomas Hearns claims Marvin Hagler died due to Covid-19 vaccine | World Boxing News


Pharma For Prison



If the only thing the vaccine does is prevent severe illness then the claim that “your vaccine protects others”, should not just be regarded as lie, it should be regarded as a crime, and people making that claim should be held to account. For years, vaccine zealots have been saying that the unvaccinated should be held criminally, or civilly, responsible for others being infected, even if the person infected had been vaccinated. Why someone who knows the vaccine does not prevent transmission held liable for allowing people to believe it does?


Put it next to the smallpox tainted blanket and first nasal swab “covid test.”

Gerardo Martinez

Good morning. It's all been one cruel sick joke. Here in Texas our governor ended the useless mask mandate and is being attacked daily by our corrupt pharma media. So the governor from New York is the covid hero and our governor the villain? As I have heard a few honest politicans say covid didn't wreck our economies, irresponsible government lockdowns did. Praying for common sense to return. Blessings to all

Laura Hayes

To complement what Cathy wrote, don’t miss this short clip by the amazing WhatsHerFace:


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