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Covid 19 Roundup: Astra Zenica Vaccine May Cause Blood Clots and/or Pfizer Vaccine Works

Dr. Marc Siegel Tells Fox & Friends Viewers There Have Been Zero Deaths or Hospitalizations

NVIC C data
Below is an embedded video from the March 9 Fox & Friends show on Fox News, and a link in case your browser does not show it.  Take a listen starting at 4:15 seconds or so. Dr. Marc Siegel tells morning viewers of Fox & Friends that there have been zero hospitalizations or deaths following any of the C vax programs to date. ZERO. And the pushback from the interviewer? Also ZERO. People want to hear that there is no bogeyman. Tra la la! Walk toward the lake, maybe venture into the abandoned barn, there's no machete wielding maniac at Camp VaxALot! Siegel also says in no uncertain terms that he is looking forward to CDC compliance cards compliance as people want to be "ABLE" to go shopping, out to dinner, travel. Invisible shackles.

The National Vaccine Information Center has been compiling data on vaccine safety for close to forty years. They came up with a very different, sobering analysis. From the 2/26/2021 release of VAERS data: Found 594 cases where Onset Interval is 0 or 1 or 2 and Vaccine is COVID19 and Patient Died  Remember the power of language. "No hospitalizations." What could that mean? The definition of a hospitalization is being ADMITTED to the hospital by a doctor's orders. So an emergency room visit for a severe reaction that did not result in admission, even if the patient was under observation overnight, would not be counted. Here are just three reports of adverse reaction and/or death from the NVIC link to VAERS data:

Administered by: Senior Living Purchased by: ?
Symptoms: Foaming at mouth, Pain in extremity, Pallor, Pulse absent, Respiratory arrest, Somnolence, Unresponsive to stimuli

Administered by: Senior Living Purchased by: ?
Symptoms: Death

Administered by: Senior Living Purchased by: ?
Symptoms: Anxiety, Death, Pyrexia, Respiratory distress, SARS-CoV-2 test negative


Joe F.

Dr. Siegel is just another liar. People like him are why I turned to naturopathy some 10 years ago (and have never looked back).

I would recommend checking out Dr. Robert Morse, the naturopath. Thanks to him, I learned the ins-and-outs of the raw diet, and was able to permanently take myself off a thryroid med.

Barry E. Stern

My respect for Dr. Siegel and Fox News just took a nosedive. Although the number of Covid-19 -vaccine-related deaths reported by CDC's VAERS is a small fraction of the millions of the C-19 vaccines already administered, there still are some deaths and a significant number of adverse reactions, which no doubt are underreported since VAERS has been saying for years that only 1% of adverse reactions to vaccines ever get reported. To sweep these under the rug as Fox News has just done through its mouthpiece Marc Siegel is a complete sell out to Pharma. The American public deserves complete transparency on this issue. Yet it seems as if our major institutions - government, business and the media - would rather increase their power and profits than improve the welfare of the people who pay for it all. Dr. Siegel - while we know it would take courage to contradict the major industry that provides advertising dollars for your network, kindly apologize for your misleading and false statement that zero deaths have been reported for those receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

Paul Offit 4 Prison

I recently discovered if you try to make donations to the ICAN network, it openly accepts donations from vaccine manufacturers such as Merck/etc.

Paul Offit also did nothing to ban mandatory school vaccines in California, and he thinks it’s OK to inject innumerable toxins into children via “safer” vaccine schedules that still include toxic MMR, DTAP, etc.

AOA needs to stop promoting Paul Offit and all pro-vaccine propagandists, I was severely maimed by vaccines since I was less than 2 months old via a so called “safer” vaccine schedule still effed me up.

angus files

Outside the Pharma Phake headline no-news channels..

Coronavirus in the UK: Regulator urges people to get Astrazeneca vaccine after Denmark suspends rollout
A decision by Denmark to temporarily halt use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is a "precautionary measure" and people should continue to get their jab, the UK regulator has said.

A decision by Denmark and other countries to temporarily halt use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is a "precautionary measure" and people should continue to get their jab, the UK regulator has said.

Danish authorities paused vaccine rollout after a small number of blood clots and one death were reported, although they have said there is no confirmed link to the vaccine.

Pharma For Prison



Nothing emphasizes what a ritual (and perhaps farce) the practice of vaccination has become more so then the attempts to completely delete those whom have been injured or killed by these products. Even penicillin doesn’t have 0% adverse events.

Tim Lundeen

I have seen numerous clear-cut bold-faced lies from a number of medical sources. Breathtaking.

Bob Moffit

Hard to reconcile the information from Children's Health Defense RFK and Foxnews Dr Mark Siegel .. obviously .. someone is either LYING or simply UNINFORMED/MISINFORMED .. but .. the bottom line is BOTH CANNOT BE RIGHT .. considering … CHD claims over 1000 DEATHS reported to VAERS following covid vaccination .. Siegel claims NONE.


In any event … we can rest assured the VACCINE will be given absolute CREDIT FOR DIMINISHING COVID DEATHS .. even though covid deaths have been diminishing for months due to early TREATMENTS reducing hospitalizations.

We have seen this "miracle vaccine narrative" our whole lives .. all diseases ceased to exist AFTER a vaccine introduced … even though history has shown time and time again many diseases were decreasing long before a vaccine introduced.

As for myself .. if I had to choose between RFK and Siegel's information … I WOULD CHOOSE RFK EVERY TIME.


Fox News has sold out to belligerent vaccine manufacturers and propagandists.

Just like USA Today, CNN, ABC, BBC, etc, as the USA, Australia, Ireland and UK (among other countries) face collapse from high ASD rates and the societal, financial, medical adversities of these highly variable, difficult-to-treat spectrum disorders.

Fox News could cleverly (sadly) blame autistics who had violent meltdowns due to communication problems + medical issues on “bad choices” and “naughty children”, patient blame being the new Refrigerator Mother theory.

You’d be surprised how many people think ASD/vaccine injured youth are intentionally behaving badly to “be naughty”, ignoring/downplaying the effects of toxic aluminum and metal adjuvants, pesticides, drugs, allergies, methylation mutations, pollution, etc.

All vaccine mandates + childhood and baby vaccine mandates must be banned, because vaccine adjuvants are destroying society.


Siegal: dating, shopping ok with official vaccine passport considered. 25 % hesitancy needs to be addressed. don't want to employ these methods but it may become necessary.

I guess only the vaccinated will be allowed to have sex or go shopping at real stores. Unfortunately, the vaccinated may not be able to reproduce or hold jobs due to the side effects of Pfizer's product. That poor woman in Utah isn't doing much shopping this weekend. I feel so sorry for her kids and family. This medical genocide is atrocious and a disgrace to doctors everywhere. I can't stand to watch it.

TOB you're right on the mark as always, thank you. Rest in peace 914961 and Ogden, UT


I've spent some time reviewing the data available through OpenVAERS. I'm willing to believe that at least some of the deaths after vaccination were unrelated to the vaccine. However, that raises the question of why nursing homes were vaccinating so many people who were (some quite literally) on their deathbeds.

Adverse event report 914961 is particularly appalling. The woman was lying in bed, unresponsive, and already ill with the novel coronavirus, but they vaccinated her anyway: "they did not expect pt [patient] to make it many more days. pt [patient] was unresponsive in room when shot was given."

Who consented to these vaccinations? Who was paid? Seems as if CVS just went around the country ringing the register at nursing homes (particularly Kentucky).

I don't mean to take away from probable or possible vaccine reactions. Indeed, negative coronavirus test results are mentioned in many of the severe adverse event reports. But it also looks as if a lot of folks are goosing the stats on vaccination by running around nursing homes with needles.

The other thing about hospitalizations is that many of the folks (I'm not guessing--I know this from VAERS) in nursing homes had DNRs on file, so when they had their adverse events, they were just left to die, or given morphine and ativan to get it over with (see reports 921481 and 914690, for example). The VAERS reports are as much as an indictment of how this country treats old people and sick people as they are a warning sign about these particular vaccines.

The bottom line is that the policy of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" of coronavirus vaccines is dangerous for everyone, even if the vaccines are squeaky clean and harmless (and there is obviously ample reason to believe they are harmful to at least some people). The attitude of Dr. Siegel and the mainstream press is like a cop planting evidence because he "knows" the allerged perpetrator is guilty. Nobody wins when we give large drug companies, nursing home chains, and drugstores a free pass.

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