Connecticut Could Lose Religious Exemption Today
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CT Votes on Party Lines to Remove Religious Exemption Bills Forward

Locked out of schoolFrom CT Freedom Alliance:

Just moments ago, the CT Public Health Committee voted on party lines (all Democrats in favor, all Republicans opposed) to pass both S.B. 568 AN ACT ELIMINATING THE NONMEDICAL EXEMPTION TO THE IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENT and H.B. 6423 out of committee, two identical bills that would deny children in CT an education unless they receive every vaccination required by statute for school attendance. On a day known to Christians the world over as "Spy Wednesday," or the day that Judas set in motion his plan to betray Jesus Christ, the Public Health Committee betrayed our children. Their attack on children is truly reprehensible, as this bill will discriminate based on religious belief, and in practice will also have a disproportionately adverse effect on children of color, and children with special needs.

Both bills now move to the House and Senate floors for deliberation and votes. Please immediately reach out to every member of the House and Senate, and let them know why you oppose this legislation! For the Senator and Representative who represents your home district, please be sure to state clearly that you are their constituent. Here are the email addresses for every member of the House and Senate:





Maurine Meleck

One word


I wonder if teachers unions could be motivated to fight for kids' rights. CT's Dept. of Health said that the law was only for kids (and even barred them from virtual school if they were unvaccinated), but obviously the endgame for Pharma is that every human on earth receives every kind of shot, plus boosters.

Do CT teachers want to be shot up with HepA, HepB, and all the other stuff on the kids' schedule that they've never gotten? We've seen from the coronavirus vaccine push that teachers are in the firing line--some willingly, perhaps, but many not.

Teachers should look at the writing on the wall and take Niemoller's warning to heart, or there will be no one to speak up for them.


Do they even realise what they are voting for ?
The United Nations, UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals
The 17 Goals - Goal No 3 states -We Need Sustainable Population

New Global Public Health Cult Mantra "No one is safe- until everyone is safe ?" Unvaxed humans will now all be considered as "Thyphoid Mary's!"
Germicidal/genocidal? New Guidelines and Criteria for human segregation to animal ,farmyard fashion, "Gulags and Ghettos!"

World Goodwill is an activity of the Lucis Trust previously called Lucifer Trust.Founded in 1922
Educational Charity UK Charity No 216041.
Stated Aims include ,
To Support the work of the United Nations and it's Speciised Agencies as the best hope for a United and peaceful world .
World Health Organisation -Same Sustainable Development Goals .

Sympathy For The Devil [Official Lyric Video] The Rolling Stones YouTube


Sounds like Mexico is the place to go.....

"In Mexico, only five percent of citizens have been vaccinated and the wait time is lengthy."

"He had to get his hand on a vaccine quickly. But most of Tijuana’s limited supply was going to front-line hospital workers. So he looked for options. And the best was to get the vaccine across the border in San Diego, Calif. He has gotten both doses at a local Vons grocery store chain."


Connecticut thinks it’s a good idea to inject aluminum adjuvants, aborted and animal DNA material, potions etc into babies and children.

Connecticut is also the same state with the headlines “It’s exploding... it’s very scary” about autistic adults having to stay home until their parents die, having almost no resources for the growing autism population.

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