revitaPOP B12 Lollipops Closing Their Business
Kentucky Senate Bill 8 Protects Exemptions During Epidemics

Covid Vaccine Clinic Today at Age of Autism Headquarters!

Bunny syringe

Come one! Come all!

Age of Autism is proudly sponsoring a Covid  vaccination clinic at our swanky headquarters here in Connecticut! Not local? No worries. We will send our corporate jet to your closest airfield, rush a limo to your door and then whisk you to our clinic where you will be treated with the kiddingest of kid gloves. Driving? We're at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The Last house on the left. The Easter Bunny him/her/itself will be administering both lollipops and the vaccines.

(Note: Connecticut moved one giant step toward losing the religious exemption yesterday. Soon, children may not be able to attend school not because of a pandemic but for lack of any vaccine on the ever growing pediatric schedule including flu, HPV and soon, most likely, Covid.  If you have taken any of the Covid vaccines, we respect your right to medical choice and decision making, and hope you extend the same courtesy to those who do want the Covid jab.  Thank you.  Happy April 1. Kim)



If you come at either of my three children with a Covid 19 vaccine without adequate science, without the rule of law I will fuck you up. I’m not fooling.


My kids know what OMG means. None of them care about Facebook or Instagram. They’re on Snapchat?!

Like FB & IG. I will soon hate Snapchat (aka SC).

Acronyms gaslight. IOW #AcronymsGaslight


NOT an April Fool joke....

Introduced by Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene

"In a press release Greene posted on Twitter, the .... Georgia Republican said her "Fire Fauci Act" would decrease "Dr. Always Wrong's pay to $0 and the 'We Will Not Comply Act' will 'prevent discrimination against the unvaccinated.' ""

Call your Rep and tell them to support these bills.


umm, we may have a supply side issue with the clinic today....

US Marshalls entered pharmacies across the country today, 01 April 2021, to seize all covid vaccines related to the ongoing fraud investigation. They also seized chocolate bunnies as evidence.

Anthony Fauci had no comment (for the first time ever).

Gary Ogden

What a treat, Kim! I'll let everybody I know who wants the 'Ronavax where to go. Oops, that's nobody. I could wear a sandwich board, or a costume like those tax people.
Whaddaya think?

Melissa Sue

Bahahaha, this is great Kim! Thanks for the laugh!

Maurine Meleck

Hoping you have the Astrazeneca for me. I want only the best.

you can fool me once
you can fool me twice
but with Astrazeneca
I'll pay the price.

what time do you open?

angus files

If you survive your vaccination to day April 1st, its Gods way of saying "April Fools".

Pharma For Prison


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