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Covid 19 Roundup: Astra Zenica Vaccine May Cause Blood Clots and/or Pfizer Vaccine Works

BottlesWhich headline is the one that might grab your attention:

"Denmark, Austria halt AstraZenica vaccine rollout after reports of blood clots; Moderna begins testing modified boosters"


"Pfizer/BioNTech release real-world evidence of vaccine efficacy; EMA gives J&J shot thumbs up"

Pharma news outlet "Endpoints" apparently thought that their first headline announcing blood clots was a bit to eye catching, the wrong kind of eye catching, and changed the title of their Covid 19 Roundup article from the former to the latter.  They went from the vaccine unfriendly heading, to the puff piece title.  This of course had the effect of making many Twitter and facebook posts calling attention to the blood clot problem look a bit confusing.

They then bury the blood clot disclosure third in the on the subjects in the article:

"Norway joins growing chorus of EU nations halting AstraZeneca rollout in wake of blood clot reports

On the heels of some European Union members refusing to allow the AstraZeneca/Oxford University vaccine to leave their shores last week, others are now halting distribution of the shot due to reports of blood clots.

Denmark and Austria temporarily suspended rollout of the vaccine on Wednesday after an individual was diagnosed with blood clots and died 10 days after receiving the shot, while another is recovering in the hospital from a pulmonary embolism. And early Thursday, Norway joined the growing list of countries pausing their AstraZeneca vaccine rollout programs, Reuters reported.

The EMA is currently reviewing the cases, and said in a statement that there’s currently no indication that the vaccines caused the events.

“The information available so far indicates that the number of thromboembolic events in vaccinated people is no higher than that seen in the general population,” the EMA’s safety committee PRAC said in a statement Wednesday.

Blood clots are not listed as a side effect for the vaccine, PRAC added.

Danish and Austrian authorities have said they are taking these steps out of an abundance of caution. The vaccine’s use in Denmark will be paused for 14 days.

The issue, the EMA says, potentially deals with a specific batch of AstraZeneca vaccine that was shipped to 17 EU countries and contained 1 million shots. In addition to Austria and Denmark, four other nations have curtailed administration as of Tuesday: Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia.

Though the EMA has said a quality defect is “unlikely,” the batch is being investigated.

News of the suspensions comes as AstraZeneca has run into hiccups across the continent trying to distribute its vaccine, created in conjunction with Oxford University. Last week, Italy prevented a vaccine shipment destined for Australia from leaving its borders, marking the first instance of an EU nation taking advantage of new rules governing such shipments outside the bloc that were implemented in late January.

The drugmaker has also seen slow uptake around the world after fighting with the EU publicly over the doses promised in its contracts. And some people in European countries are reportedly shunning the vaccine in favor of mRNA-based shots with higher topline efficacy levels. — Max Gelman"



Well My daughter had Kawasakis 7 weeks after here DPT vaccine. That would be a long time to take that pink Aluminum lake dye Bendryl. But aspirin was the best little drug every invented.

In the tabled injuries by the HHS it says about seizures that a child will have two, but no more than that within a year of the DPT vaccine. That use to be on the tabled injures.

My son had two seizures that we knew about. But apparently more seizure activity than was showing up. I gave my son sleeping meds right before he took the EEG and it showed up on that, but he looked like he was sleeping so very sweetly to me.

Fever for both every month, right on up till 8 or 0 years old. Tylenol the biggest nothing, waste of money and a dasher of hopes where as aspirin was our savior.

But what was going on with seizures and monthly fevers? Our immune system cycles through these immune cells after coming in contact with some of these vaccine components for a very long time.

What will they do with mRNA making cells produce this protein for -- how long?

Aspirin is a wonder drug. Saved my children from something much worse than what we ended up with .


Pre-medicating anyone with diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is probably a really bad idea.

Hera makes a lot of good points about masking symptoms just long enough to miss the opportunity to receive real medical care. Additionally, this drug is nowhere near as safe as a lot of parents (and probably a lot of lazy clinicians) think it is, nor does it prevent what many people seem to think it prevents.

This article from October 2019 is illuminating:


I found it interesting at the time because I had heard people in my family comment that Benadryl had staved off hospital visits for a food-allergic relative. More likely, it reduced some of the small symptoms of a minor allergy incident (contact rather than ingestion), and would have done more harm than good in a major incident.

“The most well-known first-generation AH, diphenhydramine (Benadryl©), has been available since 1946. This drug was introduced before current licensing standards, and thus it did not pass the rigorous safety and efficacy standards required today. Since their introduction, the association between first-generation AHs and dangerous side effects, including sedation, respiratory depression, coma, and death, has become clear. However, because of their longevity, name recognition, and OTC status, both patients and practitioners continue to select older more dangerous first-generation AHs over well-studied newer, safer and affordable alternatives.”

As Kim and others have pointed out, the medical community is not behaving rationally or normally regarding this novel coronavirus or the vaccines available to try to prevent it. There is a lot of throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. Maybe that was understandable or excusable in emergent situations in hospitals one year ago, but it is reprehensible now.


I think if one vaccine kills/and or injures more people than another vaccine, it is important to know this. We have focused huge amounts of money and shut down our economy to save a comparatively small number of lives ( people are still dying of Covid regardless of the shutdown, we may have saved some) so by the same logic of shut down, it makes imo even more sense to only use the vaccines with the relatively "best" safety profile.
Re giving Benadryl
This article seems to indicate that it can delay people seeking medical treatment for anaphylaxis, instead of people getting the ephinephrine they need right away.
When people are given a vaccine, they stay in the doctors office for between 15 and 30 minutes to check if they are going to start haivng an anaphylactic reaction.. Any anaphylactic reaction delayed after that will take place without medical help, and maybe while driving or going home. So my question for a doctor would be; if I look well enough to not need ephinephrine at 15 or 30 minutes, because I took benadryl, but I need ephinephrine after I leave the doctors office, what does that do to my chances of survival?
Similarly, I would like to ask a doctor what happens if I take aspirin ( a blood thinner) before my vaccine, and instead of developing clots after my vaccine, I develop thrombocytopenia ( low platelets, can't clot, associated with a death following vaccination)
From this article
bleeding and thrombocytopenia are both regarded as contraindications to aspirin therapy.

This open letter from a group of physicians seems to suggest why, if proper testing was not done, both hyper clotting, and low platelets/ bleeding ( thrombocytopenia) could be expected to follow vaccination with mRNA vaccines.


What scare me is how long after vaccination these side effects might occur, and even more what happens when the vaccinated get re exposed to a different variant that needs a different response from attacking the spike protien....

angus files

Carry on mindless...

Experts urge Scots to continue getting AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine despite blood clot fears

A number of countries have moved to temporarily suspend the rollout of the Oxford jab following reports of four serious blood clotting events in adults who have received the vaccine in Norway.

Ireland joins a number of European countries to suspend the rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine - Denmark, Norway and Iceland have also frozen the jab from use.


Pharma For Prison



This is one of the articles in which I saw a recommendation to premeditate with Benadryl.



I saw two articles this afternoon which recommended taking Benadryl starting three days before the vacvine. Up until now I had just seen them say not to take anti-inflammatories or antihistamines before the injection, only after, as needed. I think people should be aware that some people react with blood clotting, some with autoimmune anaphylaxis, and some with excessive inflammation. I’m not saying anyone should get or not get it. But if I were going to get it, I’d take Benadryl (antihistamine) and aspirin (antiinflammatory and anticoagulatory) from three days before to maybe two weeks afterward. They might stop dangerous reactions from happening.


The suspension of the use of AZ in many countries is said to be going to last two weeks, after which they will say that there is no proof of any link etc. But AZ will have been set back, it’s reputation tarnished, which is the whole point. Also, it is not making any profits off of its vaccine as a public service. Can’t have that. I saw that leaders in the suspending countries say that they will not permit the use of a vaccine unless it is safe. I don’t know if they really believe that any vaccine is always safe. They’re stupid or cynical liars. That being said, the front runners are effective at preventing serious disease or death, and that counts for a lot. I don’t know why they can’t just admit there’s a risk, and for some it is very great.

Biden said in his speech Thursday that it was safe, and said over and over that that was the truth. And we’ll be heatring in the next few weeks what the fully vaxxed can and can’t do. Presumably the unvaxxed as well. They’re saying now that the second dose only raises you one percent in effectiveness, from 94 to 95%. Why would anyone take the risk of the dreaded second dose? If they emerge from the first dose intact, why not stop there?

In any case, Biden should bear in mind that at least half the country is against him to start with and a large segment of the country is very wary of the vaccine. Punishing them will backfire on him.



I think they’re scapegoating AZ, hoping to maintain trust in the others. But the mRNA vaccines have also caused a lot of deaths, from blood clotting or hemorrhage, or from cytokine storms. Just like the disease itself. It’s still a small percentage of vaccines given. Every person must investigate the issues and be especially cautious if he has autoimmune issues. A healthy young Mormon woman just died of liver failure after getting the second dose of Moderna. A 28 year old healthy nurse died of an aneurism after the first dose of Pfizer. A 57 year old doctor died of thrombocytopenia after the second dose of Pfizer. A 36 year old doctor died of multi-system organ failure after getting Pfizer. And hundreds, maybe thousands, more. Out of many millions. I think any of the Covid vaccines can cause any of these and I don’t think an honest count has been done yet for comparison. I think AZ was an easy target because of the problems using the simian adenovirus, its reduced efficacy at preventing any symptoms of Covid, though it is reported to prevent 100% of deaths, South Africa’s deciding not to use what it had bought for that reason, although zi think preventing death is the most important thing. Then the problems with the EU being late to the table and being delayed in buying the AZ it wanted, and being chastised for this. I think AZ is a good product with many advantages like being easier to store in hot countries. I think, again, it has been chosen for these reasons to be blamed for what are universal problems characteristic both of vaccines in general and Covid vaccines in particular.

I think that like in the IMask protocol for post-exposure, they should ask people to take aspirin after getting the vaccine to prevent blood clots. Although that would be to admit the danger.

Tim Lundeen,

Thank you for the information, my earlier reply thanking you hasn’t gone up.


I notice that in the first two links, there are obviously unrelated ICD10 codes included, which seems strange. For example;
Educational issues
Illiteracy 1 0
Pregnancy related circumstances
Breast feeding 1 0
Tobacco use
Non-tobacco user 2 0
Social circumstances SOC
It does not give the impression that the government is spending much effort on the website, or on checking into side effects at all.
Blood clotting issues, whether thrombocytopenia ( low platelets so increased bleeding) or alternatively, a disorder causing increased formation of blood clots, would potentially cause a huge range of serious effects; Strokes, for example are normally caused either by blood hemorrhage or blood clots, heart attacks could be caused by blood clots, or as this article puts it
Blood clots can travel to the arteries or veins in the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and limbs, which in turn can cause heart attack, stroke, damage to the body's organs or even death.

That seems to potentially implicate the vaccine in a lot of the post vaccine injuries like kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes , etc that we are being told are "investigated" and "unrelated" to the vaccine.

Also, it is interesting to know that Phizer seems to cause somewhat fewer issues than AstraZeneca.

John Stone

Coram Deo

This is my brief analysis of the MHRA data to 28 Feb published yesterday:

Escalating numbers of reports for the Oxford vaccine: 1 in 179 doses up from 1 in 196 last week (Pfizer 1 in 322 both weeks). Consistently, for weeks, Pfizer has been around 2.9 symptoms per report and Oxford 3.6-7, but now Oxford has more than double the listed symptoms (201,622 vs 94,809 despite fewer doses (9.7m vs 10.7m). Again the Oxford record for fatal reactions is worse (275 vs 227) despite fewer doses. Oxford has 54,180 Yellow card reports vs. 33,207 despite fewer doses. Last week the Oxford reports went up by 11,490, this week by 11,363. The Oxford vaccine generates 2.34 times as many recorded symptoms as Pfizer per dose.

Pfizer rate of reports to MHRA (number of doses to the nearest 100k)

(7 Feb) 1 in 309,(14 Feb) 1 in 310, (21 Feb) 1 in 322, (28 Feb) 1 in 322

Oxford rate of reports to MHRA (number of doses to the nearest 100k)

(7 Feb) 1 in 244, (14 Feb) 1 in 219, (21 Feb) 1 in 196, (28 Feb) 1 in 179




Angus Files

One thing it wasn't was the vaccine,and dont look at the patient or you'll end up like Dr Wakefield as he actually looked at his patients.

Pharma for Prison


Bob Moffit

I am getting a little bit tired of hearing a vaccine suspected of causing "blood clots" .. (after all .. how more serious a adverse reaction to ANY VACCINE can there be) … being suspended .. the "suspension" only taken as an "abundance of caution". No .. suspension of that vaccine is JUSTIFIED AND THE SUSPENSION WELL DESERVED .. TO NOT SUSPEND WOULD BE A RECKLESS AND OPEN TO CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. Perhaps that "abundance of caution" is to protect vaccine from future CRIMINAL PROSECTION?

Yesterday .. Del Bigtree's HIGHWIRE was positively frightening interview with pre-eminent vaccine scientist who has extraordinary resume within vaccine industry .. having served at the highest levels of vaccine development for decades .. including Gates Foundation and WHO … absolutely immune from any charges of being an ANTI-VAXXER … wherein this scientist stated and published his professional belief the covid vaccine will prove to be the worst case of medical mistake in human history … putting at risk entire human population who received the covid vaccines.



I thought Upside Down Day was an American thing but clearly it's going on in Europe too. SpongeBob wrote this for Huffington, I think it was accepted.

Blood clots are a 'feature' of Astra Zeneca's astoundingly successful and safe vaccine designed to save humanity from the dregs of covid. This side effect is extremely rare and can be overcome with hard work and a big bowl of oatmeal. It's so minor we don't even put it on the label or tell people about it since might scare them, but in rare cases, this one in a million condition, usually associated with genetic variations, may have a somewhat serious effect in that the person may expire before their time. By the way, we're all healthcare hero's putting shots in people's arms, saving grandma's across the world, and this is just another speed bump in our path to victory. Roll up your sleeves America ! And don't worry, if you pass in the doctor's office, you'll be compensated, the government will EFT funds into your estate's bank account to pay for your funeral. If you pass on the way home, you may have to pay for your own funeral, however, Astra Zeneca has programs to help those in need that require assistance. Be sure to ask about this exciting offer next time you see your doctor !

Coram Deo

GOV.UK links:
Read the shocking official MHRA vaccine adverse effects here:
1. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/968413/COVID-19_mRNA_Pfizer-_BioNTech_Vaccine_Analysis_Print__2_.pdf
2. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/968414/COVID-19_AstraZeneca_Vaccine_Analysis_Print.pdf
3. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/968416/COVID-19_vaccine_brand_unspecified_analysis_print.pdf

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