Patricia Finn Wins New Battle Against NY State Over Disability, Vaccine Exemptions and School Attendence
CT Votes on Party Lines to Remove Religious Exemption Bills Forward

Connecticut Could Lose Religious Exemption Today

Leaving ctImportant update from Kevin Barry of First Freedoms on the imminent loss of the religious exemption in Connecticut, the home state of Age of Autism. Tomorrow begins Autism Action month, April Fool's for sure. With COVID, vaccines are now seen as a global savior, more powerful than any other religion.

March 30, 2021

On February 22, 2021,  three Republican members of the Connecticut Public Health Committee wrote a letter to Governor Ned Lamont detailing 31 questions regarding the proposed bill to repeal the state's religious exemption to vaccination. 

Read the letter here.

The Republican Senators had to take this step because the CT Department of Public Health (DPH) and the CT State Department of Education (SDE) did not testify in person during the 24 hour public hearing on February 16th.

On March 26, 2021, DPH and SDE responded to the 31 questions.

Read the response here.

On March 31st (today), the CT Public Health Committee will vote on the bill.  



I wish all vaccination would be banned completely, if it’s still allowed, many monsters will voluntarily poison their helpless infants and children even if it isn’t mandatory.

I appreciate AOA, but would like AOA to completely stop supporting provaxx/“safer” vaxx scammers such as J.B. Handley and Del Bigtree.

There are NO “safer” vaccines, all vaccines carry health risks.


Freudian slip!
In her answer to question #30 that so-called "acting commissioner" writes that by "removing children with religious exemptions"
"This will lead to higher exemptions rates in each school."
Verbatim. I could not believe my eyes, so I read it five times.
OK, but seriously - what I think parents could threaten, and in California - start to actually doing this, is suing for 50% of the property tax refunds. Approximately 50% of our property taxes goes to fund public schools. If for one reason or another our children are denied the right to education, the State and the Counties must refund our property taxes.
I think the threat of class action suites may deter those idiots.

Bob Moffit

Would Conn State health and education officials … the politicians who are supporting removing the religious exemption .. support parents who for decades have respectfully asked .. begged .. for a scientific … independent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations .. to ascertain once and for all time … if BOTH populations are EQUALLY suffering life-long, life-altering, life-threatening chronic autoimmune disorders .. such as … autism 1 in 35, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD .. and many other autoimmune disorders that were far less common in all LESS VACCINATED PREVIOUS GENERATIONS?

If not … why not? After all .. they have the data, they have the resources, they have the expertise to do this COMMON SENSE STUDY … and until this study is finally conducted … we will never know if vaccines have been of GREATER BENEFITS THAN RISKS to our precious children.

Indeed … absent the study .. it appears to many .. if not most parents .. we have replaced many childhood diseases … measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc .. with CHRONIC AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS … and the replacement disorders are in many instances far worse than original diseases.


"Where are the religious leaders? Where is the outcry from bishops and pastors? I guess they're too busy telling the flock not to worry about the aborted fetal cells in which the J&J coronavirus vaccine was grown."

For those who have ears to hear and trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord:

He gave me this Scripture promise this morning to share with you. Let not your heart be troubled...
Isaiah 54:16-17
Psalm 91:13-16


You're so right, taking away constitutional rights is absolutely unamerican. It doesn't help that Pfizer is a major employer and political heavyweight in Connecticut, right ? There's a research mill in Groton as I recall, something about giving old men erections and young men trojan horses. I think the facility is at 911 Paul Revere Drive or was it Thomas Paine Circle ?


It is an anomaly that they ignore homeschooling can be an enormous economic strain or financial impossibility for some, and that single parents, or immigrants may not have the option.
Wealthier families can retain religious freedoms denied to others.
This is a disparity.


Obviously troubling in the sense that the First Amendment apparently means nothing anymore. Two other parts of the Q-and-A are really scary, though:

(1) The idea that having more than 96% of kids fully vaccinated with the MMR doesn't meet the CT Dept. of Health's idea of "herd immunity." I guess 100% is now the bar for every vaccine, which means medical exemptions are the next to go. Big Pharma execs have to buy another boat. I get it.

(2) The fact that the Constitutionally protected right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (with all the jurisprudence backing it up) is so casually dismissed by the Dept. of Health--to the point where they say unvaccinated children have **no right even to virtual school**--is the sort of thing that should generate mass protests.

If this bill passes, according to the responses from the Dept. of Health, a child vaccinated against every disease on CT's list except Hep B--a bloodborne pathogen--would be denied even distance learning, merely because of his parents' sincere religious belief that discourages premarital sex among elementary school students. He poses no risk to anyone, whether he's at home or in a classroom, but noncompliance will not be tolerated.

Where are the religious leaders? Where is the outcry from bishops and pastors? I guess they're too busy telling the flock not to worry about the aborted fetal cells in which the J&J coronavirus vaccine was grown.

I guess my advice to any parent caught in this nightmare is to contact the Becket Fund. They have stood up for people's religious freedom for a while now, with some success.

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