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Children’s Health Defense and Health Choice Announce Strategic Alliance

"Two great groups...." Who's old enough to remember?

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and Health Choice (HC) signed a strategic alliance between the two organizations to collaborate more closely and share resources. The alliance reflects recent efforts to create more unity in the health freedom movement. This alliance is a concrete example of how health freedom groups can unite to be more effective. (See

“We are excited to formalize our alliance with our friends at Health Choice. We’ve known the leaders of these groups for many years and have worked together on many issues and initiatives,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., founder and Chairman of Children’s Health Defense. “We are stronger together,” added Kennedy.

“I’ve been involved with Health Choice since its inception as Chair of its Advisory Committee,” notes CHD President Mary Holland. “They’ve built one of the nation’s most effective networks of health freedom groups, a network that is expanding and improving daily under the threat of hostile legislation and mandates. There is so much more good work we can do together to empower and enrich the network.”

“We’ve been working arm-in-arm with the Children’s Health Defense leadership team for nearly 20 years. It’s an honor to deepen our collaboration as we take on the medical-industrial complex while it works to remove health sovereignty and parental choice all over America,” said Health Choice co-founder and Chairman Mark Blaxill. “We are especially appreciative of the chance this alliance affords state groups to work alongside RFK, Jr. and his team, advancing their standing in local communities and strengthening local advocacy efforts,” added Jennifer Larson, co-founder and President of Health Choice.  “Why not reduce the redundancy in our common interest?”

“This will be a dynamic collaboration,” commented Kennedy. “We’ll get better as we learn more about each other and work together more.”

About Children’s Health Defense. Children’s Health Defense’s mission is to end the childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again.

About Health Choice. Health Choice was formed in response to a study published in Academic Pediatrics1 that represented 43% of children (32 million) in the US suffers from a chronic health condition. HC believes that these rates will continue to increase if parents are not aware of the unhealthy choices in their lifestyle such as industrial processed foods, side effects of vaccines, and other environmental and lifestyle factors.



I see so many young people online, many with neurological impairments such as autism, praising vaccines and bashing vaccine safety advocates.

What will happen if their children (if they ever have any) suffer adverse vaccine reactions?

Time to put on a Neurodiversity party hat?

What about when an autism victim is physically assaulted and drugged inside a psych ward or self contained SPED classroom? Seizures? Intense meltdowns? Etc

Is it still worth celebrating a devastating condition?

Cat Jameson

Great news!!
And great flashback, Kim, with that thumbnail image!

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