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Lockdown Sceptics -Stay Sceptical .Control the Hysteria.
Article 14/03/2021
"Covid Judge rules man with learning difficulties should be vaccinated " BBC item on a court case in Manchester in which a judge sided with medical specialists to say that a man with severe learning difficulties should receive the vaccine ,overriding the objections of his family .

Sounds like a conflict of Risk vs Benefit of a medical intervention ?

Fact or Fable ? Too much alcohol hand gel /sanitiser ,can shunt the so -called experts judgement
into an altered emotional state !
World Health Organisation WHO Hand Sanitiser /Alcohol hand Gel
Suggestions for safe-ish use /Fag Packet Estimation?
States- should be safe- based on approx 30 dollops a day ?
One dollop = 3 MLS Hand Sanitiser approx.

Scot Squad Breathalyser -Scottish Police Sense of Humor -You Tube

Experts will be on the spot -check list for roadside breath tests ? Assements of their own limits and boundaries .Their limits are now a priority! and an emergency!


I’ve major fears of swarms of angry college/high school aged Reddit/Tumblr/Deviantart users who’ll push vaccines, communism, public schools and atheism onto society (once they graduate).

If they saw a modern American SPED classroom and the students vaccine histories and violent/delinquent behavior, and how bad communism is...

angus files


It’s Here: First Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination: Attorney Interview


Pharma For Prison



This is funny, what isn’t funny is kids having to take toxic vaccines to attend education.

End all vaccine mandates in all 50 states.

angus files

With a friend-ly jab like that, you don't need an enema..boom! boom!

Mean time back at the Phunny Pharma Pharm

'Nobody is safe until all are safe" (YAWN)

VACCINE nationalism could allow mutant coronavirus variants to fester in unvaccinated populations, which risks overriding the UK's inoculation efforts and prolonging the pandemic, a UK virologist has claimed.


Pharma For Prison



That's funny, it's good to see censorship hasn't taken over Italy like America.

Johnson & Johnson :
No more tears.... America will need this after vaccinating
A Sprinkle a Day Helps Keep Odor Away....body odor in cancer wards is embarrassing.
I am Stuck on Band-aid 'cause Band-Aid's stuck on me......at risk of starting World War III, it's not clear to me that band-aids really work

I like these slogan better, but I don't have good one for Tylenol yet.
A Shot in the Arm does Great Harm
A Shot to your Wife will Destroy your Life

Have a great day AoA, you guys do a tremendous job !

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