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Why Don't Americans Want Informed Consent?

Empty headNote: While scrolling Facebook yesterday, I came across a post from a well known, "celeb" member of our community. She was cautioning her readers to do their homework on the Covid v acc inations that are available or coming online soon. One comment caught my eye:

Please think of the fear, hesitancy and damage that comes from prematurely amplifying a potential watch on a side effect that was seen in 7 people out of a combined sample of 70,000+. (Less than .01%). Consider how many will take a riskier path and delay or avoid getting vaccinated because of the cumulative effect of these stories filling social feeds without context. The most vulnerable communities will be the most impacted.

In other words, keep quiet. Don't tell anyone about adverse reactions. It might make people think twice. No. This is not how we should operate. It's not how we are legally required to operate with drugs in the USA. I heard the most disgusting list of side effects ever on some ad on television over the weekend. But for "biologics" especially those for emergency use?  Never.

501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show

These numbers reflect the latest data available as of Jan. 29 from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website. Of the 501 reported deaths, 453 were from the U.S. The average age of those who died was 77, the youngest was 23. Read more from The Defender at Children's Health Defense.



Grenfell Tower, high rise flats, insulation cladding is as safe as houses ?

Vaccine hesitancy -Wikipedia .
anti-vax-cac . What is on the drop down menu re safety concerns ?
Lockdown Sceptics-Stay Sceptical Control the Hysteria
Inside the Zero Covid Cult. 5 February 2021 .
"Covid Community Action Summit "


I'm not sure what to make of it either, government numbers are so ridiculous. However, if VAERs records 1% of actual AEs, then I would regard a reported number of 501 deaths as the lower limit and the upper limit as 501/.01 deaths, or 50,100. They didn't count Hank Aaron and it's in their interest to lie about the numbers. My friends at work are wondering what hit them, the second shot is a real doozy. I don't think they're going to die but I'm afraid they've triggered auto immune disease.



"If at first you don't succeed....."
Three's the charm.

"Britain’s Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi has said that Britons may need to have a third coronavirus shot in the space of one year to protect against new strains of the Chinese coronavirus, adding that people may need annual boosters."

Congratulations! The West is the experimental guinea pig for Covid vaccines. All at the guinea pigs expense. Time to cash in with "boosters." Next stop: FDA/ACIP approval and recommendation to be added to the LIST. Instant LONG TERM LIABILITY PROTECTION and an open listing on the "recommended" annual vaccines list. Corona will be just an added yearly flu jab with a steady profit stream. MONETIZED FEAR.


"I just read about a Repub congressman from Texas dying of Covid. Hospitalized yesterday, died today."

I read that he already had lung cancer. Did he get a vaccine? What "treatment" did he get in the hospital?
Evidently, he was on the Education Committee. With Rep. Green, that's now two Republicans down from that committee. What do the Dems have planned for "public" education? Hmmmmm.


"I think everyone should try to give both sides."

LOL! I don't do the Devil's work. They control all MSM and get their message out 24/7. They have Federal laws written on their behalf.
Evidently they have a spokesperson on certain website as well........


Well. The UK has release its VAERS data.

Don’t know what to make of it really. I really don’t. Haven’t been able to studied it in any detail yet and got the feeling I might not... Page 13 (link below) of this COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysis, under Death and sudden death shows a total of 59 deaths of which only 53 were fatal. Don’t feel my powers of critical reasoning are up to appraising this type of data.

Somewhat easier to digest (perhaps with a bottle of Gaviscon to prevent acid reflux) is Open VAERS

Even when attempting to play devil’s advocate and say ‘well at least its data at last and some reports may be nocebo effects’, I still find myself hopeful, that tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up, and find this has all been — a dream.


At this time they aren’t giving any of the Covid vaccines to children. You have to be 16 to get Pfizer, 18 to get Moderna. They’re doing tests now on kids down to 12, no younger at this time. One of the things that means is that no one will get autism from the vaccine. Three years old seems like the cut-off age for vaccines causing autism. I knew one man whose four year old had to get the H1N1 shot for preschool, and she reacted to it with autism. They’ve always said that after you have gotten a good start learning language, vaccine reactions tend to be more seizure disorders or motor disorders like paralysis.

I just read about a Repub congressman from Texas dying of Covid. Hospitalized yesterday, died today. And I just watched five minutes of a new Duff and Dale video. One of them said he’s been against vaccines for a long time, and says he wants to allow everyone with more public exposure to get the vaccine first. He says that he has seen that it is effective and has talked to a lot of people who have had no reaction. He said he’ll eventually get it and has changed his mind on it. The other one said that he knows someone now having a reaction to the second dose, sick in bed. I support everyone’s publicizing what he has personally experienced, seen, and heard.

South Africa says AZ is ineffective against the very transmissible anymore deadly S African variant. Dr John Campbell has a new video saying But the AZ vaccine was very effective in preventing severe cases and deaths: he says thinks the S African government is making a big mistake. It will continue to give Novavax and J and J.

Getting info from all sides is the best we can do right now. And it is the right of every person to hear that someone got the vaccine and within days lost his mind, developed heart failure or kidney failure, or died ( proof of a link probably being unattainable whether or not it was true). and to decide that for that reason will not take the vaccine. To me it seems as though he should also look for how many got the vaccine and had no lasting ill effects and by a few weeks after the second dose, did not get the disease. Also consider the many severe or permanently damaging cases of Covid in his community or in the news, and how many continue to die of it. You have to consider all of these factors or you would not be giving informed consent no matter what you choose to do.


Why on earth anyone would even consider taking a vaccine when there are scientifically validated preventatives and treatments such as the hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin protocols and/or high levels of Vitamin D in one's body available, is beyond me.


I just looked at Worldometers. 476,000 Covid deaths in the US. About 10% of American adults have been vaxxed. Have there been 47,600 deaths from the vax?

We went to the dentist this morning. The dentist hasn’t gotten Covid, but one of his three sons got it in Feb last year and the other two in June. The hygienist said she had it in September: she thought it was just a sinus infection, but her neighbor had the same thing and was diagnosed with Covid, so she went and was diagnosed. She lost her sense of smell. She got the Moderna vaccine in Dec-Jan. The woman who checked us out also got the Moderna vax Dec-Jan, then got Covid a few days after the first dose of the vaccine.

I think everyone should try to give both sides. I don’t know enough about AZ to say much, it varies by the day. But it has aluminum and there will be longterm adverse reactions. Ditto for Novavax and J and J. The PEG nanoparticles encasing the mRNA may cause severe problems with the mRNA products. But it’s also true that every substance will provoke allergic or autoimmune conditions in some of those injected with it. If there is a comparable substance which would do the job while being definitely safer, sure, they should use it. But is there one? They have to use something. If you think a vaccine may be a good option to offer people, you have to accept that from the beginning. Yes, you should tell everyone about the risks and potential risks not seen yet. But also tell them that there is nothing that would always be safe for everyone. Warn those who already have a tendency to allergic or autoimmune disease that they need to weigh risks and benefits carefully, it may not be right for them, but in that case they may be taking measures like masks for a long time.

I’ve talked to a lot of people at this point who have gotten the Moderna product (more reactive than Pfizer), and have not had any reaction, not even fever. Everyone should know that as well. And they should also keep up with all the very sad accounts of very large numbers of people continuing to die of covid. A married couple the other day who held hands from their hospital beds as they died. Death is always sad, death from Covid as sad as death from the vaccine, but I’d say the autoimmune should be careful, also bearing in mind that most autoimmune vaccine recipients have not had problems with the vaccine. Everyone should compare the rates. Worldometers continues to indicate that 3% of symptomatic cases die of it. 3% of vaccine recipients have not died of it. The disease continues to be very common nearly everywhere. People should consider that and make a decision.


Americans not wanting consent - such as most Redditors, “Neurodiversity” supporters and young college age students without severely autistic children - seem to be okay with a society of exploding mental hospitalizations, special schooling, restraints, injections, seclusion, sped overspending, student violence, special diet cafeterias, dependent adults with disorders of postnatal origin and more.

If we keep parroting pro-autism propaganda like Tumblr and the Redditors do, 2020’s will be the fourth/fifth generation of chronically ill youth - speaking as someone from the second autism wave decade (the 2000’s).

How will the UK’s violent autistic children function as adults? No one at AOA is talking about the autism situation in Japan, as I keep seeing videos of intellectually disabled autistic adults in an island nation that has -in many areas- almost no resources for more severely disabled youth.

angus files

I know of an elderly friend whose mind was as sharp as a razor business and with property.He had the vaccine two weeks ago and is now putting his shoes in the fridge, coincidence ?of course, of course of course of course!

All desperate for enslavement desperate.

Pharma For Prison



Well, at least some are informed:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) February 5 data, 58,380,300 doses of the vaccination have been distributed and 36,819,212 total doses have been administered.

Shortages? What shortages?

Is that why Fauci now wants "developed" countries to vaccinate the world? Prop up sales?
"Anthony Fauci: We’ve Got to Get the ‘Entire World Vaccinated’"

Donna L.

I don't get it either. This vaccine is literally like playing Russian Roulette. When you've got a product that's so dangerous that you have to employ full censorship and shut down free speech, you've got yourself one heck of a defective product. Yeah, sign me up for that!
I guess we're supposed to give these people the benefit of the doubt, since really, there has never before been a coverup of any defective or harmful medical product foisted upon the public (oh, wait....!). And even if there were harmful side effects, doctors can fix them (oh, wait....!). On top of that, covid itself is much more dangerous than any side effects (including death) that any vaccine might possibly cause. Why, just ask the millions of people worldwide (including myself) who've already had covid and found it to be no worse than the average cold a person gets over the average winter.

All I can say is thank goodness for the ever-growing number of extremely intelligent folks out there who are waking up and calling BS on this entire 'epidemic'. That gives me great hope for humanity.


Because they do not equate autoimmune diseases with vaccinations; it is just fate.

Raise your hands:
How many wants one or two of over 100 auto immune diseases vs a few days or weeks of an illness?

We have been lead to believe that the worse outcomes of disease, death or an auto immune disease will be avoided with a vaccine.

Dr. Insel said in front of the Congress; That the worse outcomes of disease, death or mental retardation has not been improved by VACCINES.

My question at that time: Then is it the same amount, or has it become worse? He never said more than that.

My guess considering all of rise of auto immunity and mental illness, is it has increased.
What about death though? What are the stats on out right deaths of children or young adults trending? Do we count drug overdoses. Why yes, all .


thanks for the nice Pandys link.


Hmmm...isn't .less than 01% about the same number as that of deaths attributed to COVID ? Sounds like side effects are scarier to this person than death itself.

Laura Hayes

Watch the “PANDYs”!

14 excellent clips, each 2:20 or less in length, and each worth the watch (about 25-30 minutes total watch time).

Please share!

Bob Moffit

Apparently the greatest power of the media is their power to IGNORE … which just happens to be the very same greatest power of CDC AND VACCINES.

How long are we going to accept a VAERS "voluntary" system that is KNOWN TO CAPTURE JUST ONE PERCENT OF VACCINE INJURIES??????? When do public health agencies FINALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT AN ABSOLUE FAILURE OF VAERS??????


Gerardo Martinez

Good Morning to all. It is disturbing that sometimes, it seems people do not want to hear the truth! Again it is only "RARE" if injury does not happen to you, but once this "RARE" injury happens to you or a loved one, this "RARE" injury lasts a life time. Blessings to all!


Just read an article in the NY Post that said a 70 year old died after he received the vaccine at that Javits Center. He was leaving the building after the 15 minute post-vaccination observation and died. The article ends with something along the lines of public health officials say the vaccine is safe.

It seems like we are hearing of this on a daily basis.

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