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Wayne Rohde Interviews The Practical Nomad Edward Hasbrouk on No Fly Lists

Right On Point logoWayne Rohde, author of Vaccine Court and host of the podcast Right On Point has an interview with The Practical Nomad, Edward Hasbrouk on the inner workings of the Do Not Fly list and how those in the vaccine choice community could find themselves grounded. What happens to families where Mom and Dad might be Co vaxxed, but one or more children might not? No more family vacations? What would happen to our  conferences (remember them?) if we were barred from flying due to our vaccination status? Pie in the sky tin foil hat musings are looming large.

Listen here at Right On Point.


Jill in MI

Fauci on the Couchie! Good one. Thanks for the much-needed laugh. So sick of the vaccine conversation - censored conversation that is. People seem to think they are really BRAVE getting this shot. Kind of like a badge of honor. Doing the RIGHT thing. Versus turning off mainstream media and using critical thinking. I have no problem with people getting a shot if they want it. Just leave me and my family alone!


Thank you ,very interesting interview,
No -Fly -List on the big "Puddle Jumpers?" based on an Asia Pacific style, social credit system /score ?
Ach well! We will not be lowering our standards to match theirs ,boarding pass fit to fly? might not qualify or meet the criteria standards for a landing permit!

Colin Campbell air traffic control - balinaheuchter air traffic control -YouTube Morag

angus files

Thank you annie much appreciated your great posts I never go past without reading.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Dropping dead in droves now . Freddie ?





See the latest: Moderna's COVID ARM. A giant ring rash at injection site and more...


Reducing the PCR test cycles is WORKING! Who needs a "no fly" list?

"The number of reported COVID-19 infections has plummeted 40% in the United States in just one week and 30% worldwide in the past three weeks.

And the primary reason is not the distribution of vaccines, contend experts, who point out that only 8% of Americans and 13% people worldwide have received their first dose..."



Dear Angus,
More to the point TOB,
Pharma for prison!

and, it’s annie, not Annie

❤️ U Sir!


The discussion of the legal case that went to trial was fascinating.
I remember when the watch lists were started people complaining that their name was similar to someone of concern, but there was no way to correct the problem, resulting in intensive scrutiny and additional airport time for those individuals.
Journalists actually reported on this for a while.


More to the point, Annie, even if everyone in the US were fully immunized (whatever that even means with the Pfizer and Moderna products), and even if that meant that no one in the US could spread whatever version is supposedly prevented by the Pfizer and Moderna products, it would have zero effect on mutations happening in other places. One of the South Africa variants happened in one local area *during a lockdown.* Then these variants from other places will come here on planes or container ships of food or what-have-you, just as the original virus did, and we're back where we started. Even if the wildest dreams of virologists about the possible efficacy of the Pfizer and Moderna products were true, this coronavirus will mutate like every other one from the dawn of time, and keep coming back, just like the cold virus that it is.

It's a multi-trillion-dollar game of whack-a-mole that will never, ever stop.

And of course the standards for the FDA to green-light something just. keep. dropping:


"For authorized vaccines, our teams are currently deliberating and discussing the types of data needed to support changes in the composition of the vaccine, either through altering the existing vaccine or through the addition of new vaccine component(s), including how sponsors could demonstrate immune response to new variants through streamlined clinical programs that still gather the crucial data the FDA needs to demonstrate effectiveness, but can be executed quickly to gather this data. To be clear, while we continue to develop an understanding of and address any impact of variants on FDA-regulated products, at this time, available information suggests that the authorized vaccines remain effective in protecting the American public against currently circulating strains of COVID-19."

I went ahead and translated it into English:

"The emergency authorized vaccines totally work against all variants of the coronavirus, even the ones we don't know exist. Because we all know that's not true, though, we're going to allow vaccine manufacturers to submit EVEN LESS DATA than they did for an EUA, for whatever kludged-together crap is supposed to handle the endless stream of new variants. Actually, we'll be doing this every six months. Forever. XOXO Janet Woodcock, FDA"


angus files

The conflicted Pollard maker and shaker-but not stirred says..

EU vaccine war: Now Netherlands bans Oxford jab for over-65s as EU turns on UK firm
THE DUTCH health council has warned against using the AstraZeneca vaccine in people aged over 65.

Despite a number of European countries moving against the AstraZeneca vaccine, its makers continue to defend the jab.

Director Andrew Pollard, of the Oxford Vaccine group, said people should be reassured that the vaccine is safe and producing a “strong immune response” for older people.

He said: “I think the first really important point is that the European Medicines Agency has approved the vaccine for use in all ages in all countries in Europe.“Our regulator, the MHRA, has approved for all ages and another 25 or so regulators elsewhere in the world have also approved the vaccine for all ages.

“But individual countries have their own committees, and they have to look at what vaccines they have available, what they make of the data and what’s best for their population. And so that’s obviously up to them.”


Pharma For Prison



Fauci’s making the (media) rounds claiming that vaccination is necessary to prevent mutation with the tag line that “a virus cannot mutate if it can not replicate”. However, if the vaccine does not prevent transmission his point is moot. More and more lately it’s becoming apparent that there is something narcissistically delusional about this person. An eighty year old man whom believes he’s going to get it over the plate in one try, the constant flip flopping with absolutely no regret, and countless other things. It shouldn’t be the Fauci Ouchie. It should be Fauci on the Couchie.

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